October holds promise for everyone after all the crazy energy of September shook things loose and turned us around a bit. For your sign, Libra, it begins with some magic going on behind the scenes. You may find that this plays out when you pull back and get in touch with your muse via painting, poetry, film, music, museums, sculpture, or dance, that it might be flowering this month around a private romance or Karmic relationship, that there is something aimed at your meditation, yoga or psychic interests, or that it is about the research you do, the addictions you face, or any healing or hospital needs you might have. Whatever path you go down with these themes remember that you are in one of the best months ever to see some good beginnings and attract what you want here.

You can thank the combination of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all gathering steam in these areas. Venus shows up on the 8th and from then onward will help attract the love, income, women, or beauty in the mix. Jupiter has a big day planned on the 11th when some personal growth, luck or happiness opens up your horizons, (especially at home or involving real estate deals, moves, renovations, family, or roommates). Mars shows up on the 17th getting things amped up energetically, bringing the action and passion, while Venus and Jupiter embrace on the 25th adding the last over-the-top potential to take it further. So partner with this energy, choose a few things you'd like to take further in these areas and go for it now.

The other major area of interest for you this month is going to be about your own needs. You should ask yourself what you want to do about your image, name, title, body, brand, or personal desires this month and then reach out to partners, clients, specialists, representatives, or other key players to gain momentum here. Until the 9th this will mean going over old territory to help clear the way so you might still be connecting with past relationships or topics around artistry, spirituality, romance, healing, addictions, hospitals, or research, or you may be rethinking things with current situations. Once Mercury goes Direct you should have wrapped up any fine-tuning, releasing, rekindling, or rethinking here and be ready to move onto the next chapter. Right on cue the NEW MOON in your sign kick starts this on the 12th and in the 2 weeks that follow. So launch now on personal or physical interests and any key players that can help you meet your goals.

By the 23rd the Sun exits your sign and moves into Scorpio for the next 30 days. This is your cue to start getting into making money, dealing with your possessions or making purchases. You'll start to show up, get more personally or physically involved, and perhaps tie in your name, signature, brand, or image in the pursuit of goals. It's a good time to stand out above the crowd so take advantage of that spotlight.

The FULL MOON on the 27th this month is going to impact your sex life, reproductive needs, divorce, mortality issues, a birth, or some major financial matter like the loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, investments, settlements, alimony, child support, or a partner's money. Expect to see things wrapping up, ending, coming through, celebrated, or achieved at this point and work towards what conclusion you would like to see.

As far as Halloween this year, it is one of the more magical than we've seen in some time with a Grand Trine putting you in the spotlight somehow and highlighting the work you've done or are doing and helping you with purchases, possessions or income. So you may want to step out in fantasy attire and take center stage with the props you've bought for the kids or with a career move involving co-workers and earning money, either way you'll shine.

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Well Libra, you've possibly been a bit out of whack with your ruler, Venus, in Retrograde motion since the end of August and now you head into September with her still facing the past, turning you round and round about certain women, income scenarios, love interests, or items of beauty. Of course for your sign it's played out with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, your own aspirations, or original ideas so you've had plenty of time to go back to the drawing board or witness that walk down memory lane via these other people and situations and to see if you want to reconnect, release or rework something with this woman, income, love, or beauty theme. So do you? You will have the first 6 days to do whatever else you feel you need to here and then on the 6th Venus goes Direct and you are now ready to move on, with or without them/it.

A NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE arrives at 2:41am eastern on the 13th/11:41pm pacific on the 12th. New Moons offer us 2 weeks with added cosmic support to go after something new or to take current themes to the next level. Solar Eclipses magnify their power by about 3 times and help 'eclipse' out anything that might be blocking that fresh start or next level. This one is going to focus on several topics for you Libra. One, your healing, addictions or hospital needs. Is it time to launch into something healthier here by eclipsing out the junk food, illness, bad habit, or other blockage? What can you do over the next 2 weeks to give this the best shot you have at it? Two; research and development. Is it time to eclipse something out by doing the research and then acting on what you find or by starting to develop your ideas or projects now? Three; Romance. Do you want to plan a romantic getaway or put the clandestine romance on new terms? What would you need to eclipse out by way of your thinking or choices? Four; artistic projects. Is it time to move forward on the film, music, art, poetry, dance, sculpture, or other muse related interest and what needs to be 'eclipsed' out to make it happen? Five; spiritual practices. Is it time to get serious about your yoga, meditation, magical interests, or psychic abilities? Could you eclipse out bad health or mental states by moving forward on some of this now? Six; Karma. Where are you on the karmic wheel with a certain someone or situation? Is it time to set off in some new direction here by eclipsing out the old? God is in the details on this one, figure out what you want and go for it.

Mercury Retrogrades for the last full Retrograde of the year on the 17th and will be in backwards motion until Oct. 9th. This is the first time in a while that it's happened in your sign so it's really about you Libra. You may have noticed things starting to slow down or people, thoughts and situations from the past coming back around. You may have had some urges to reconnect with someone or perhaps to let go of someone current or it could be that it's about reworking something that has gotten off the tracks. So notice what is consuming your thoughts about now, is there something about your body, image, brand, name, title, or personal needs that you want to review? Is there a way to go back and hit up that past person and give it another shot? Is someone around you now really not jiving with who you've become or are becoming and you feel the need to release them? What about reworking that body, image, brand, or title, what can you go back over and revise? As always, anything Libra related may have to do with key relationships so part of this may be about reconnecting with or releasing a romantic partnership, thus affecting the direction of your name/identity. It may be about seeking out that old specialist or letting go of the wrong one so that you can get fit or get out there in the way you want to be. It may be about a business partner and reclaiming someone of your old title or releasing a current one. It may be about the attorney or agent and how they can help you advocate for your needs. It may be about an old competitor or opponent and wanting to go back and get a do-over with them. It's your time to revamp things so ask yourself the tough questions and listen to what you are focusing on so intently now. If you are to be bedeviled by any of the prankster Mercury Retrograde themes it would have a personal or physical affect so do take care around miscommunications, mechanical breakdowns and agreements. You might find yourself at the wrong office for a mis-scheduled appointment or pissing someone off by misrepresenting your real intentions (perceived or otherwise) just slow down, be clear and double check facts and figures. It is important to go back but try not to make final decisions or sign new agreements until after the 9th if you can wait without harming your situation.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius on the 17th where he will now tour until the end of 2017. This gives you 2 years and 3 and a half months to work out everything he wants you to master. Saturn tests us where he goes so he is about to test your way of thinking and communicating, your agreements and sales, negotiations and pitches, interviewing and auditioning skills, how you handle responsibilities and ambitions in your local activities and with short trips, with vehicles and electronics, your brothers, sisters and neighbors, your writing and speaking roles, and any offers or decisions that can have a long term affect on your life. So it's simple, really, you just need to look at how to learn more, where to set limits or how to deal with the ones you find here, what to do about responsibilities and duty in any of these areas, how to handle any permanent endings or no's in the matter, and how to grow up, take the lead and put your ambitions forth here. So for instance, you may need to learn how to say 'no' in negotiations or meetings and Saturn will provide you with the situation to help you get a handle on this or perhaps you need to hear 'no' in meetings and negotiations so you can learn more masterful ways to put your ideas forward. It may be that during this time your writing matures and lands you an ambitious new gig through the process or that you need to redefine responsibilities with siblings, or your car burns out on you and you have to face that limit so you become more skilled at negotiating a new car deal or fixing issues before they become issues up ahead. Saturn really points out where you weaknesses are so that you can shore them up and so that once he leaves you are on more solid ground. So in areas that you've already got working for you there may be little testing from him but in situations where things could easily fall through on you, Saturn will shove it in your face and say, 'Grow up and do something about it.' Since this is happening in Sagittarius we want to apply these themes to helping us get where we're going so look at the legalities of things, do you need to get an attorney to help with the agreements, sales, neighbors, siblings, vehicles, etc or do you want to incorporate or learn more about your legal rights here? Is there something educational you can pursue, do you want to starting writing a 'how-to' book or broadcasting your teaching skills or learning something new at a local class? What about media or marketing, is there something here that could help you cement things with the sale, vehicles, electronics, writing, agreements, or meetings? This area is also about travel and foreign interests, is there a way to get your message out to a wider audience or should you buy a foreign car? It's also about weddings so you may attend a siblings or neighbors wedding or hold one at their house or you might start writing about weddings or take on a speaking part about it. So note what comes up for you as this begins to kick in now, it's time to get real about what you can end, set in place long term, structure, or get ambitious about.

The Jupiter/Neptune opposition on the 18th is interesting because it poses a turning point on a much longer evolutionary scale and brings it about via the reflection you are getting from someone else. So on the one hand, you have Jupiter and the promises he is giving you to see some growth if you put in the effort with any art, film, music, poetry, meditation, yoga, magical interests, psychic abilities, healing, addictions, hospitals, research, or romance. It's a year when the more you believe in yourself and then take action to show the universe that you do in these areas that you may be rewarded in ways you would not so easily be at other times. Then there is this other person and they are reflecting this topic to you via the work, health, co-worker, pet, paperwork, or hired help situation. Now with this reflective energy/person, you can choose to let it inspire you, to push you forward on your own journey or you can get caught up in the boundary issues, deception and addictive nature of what's going on. The truth is, it's your lesson and in the end it is your turning point, so where is the growth for you and how can you put some distance between you and the lower vibration here while embracing it's heights?

The Fall Equinox arrives on the 23rd as the Sun moves into your sign for a 30 day stint. This puts a lovely spotlight on you Libra and will help you to stand out in a crowd and put your own needs forward. You should start to get more personally and physically involved with your own well-being. Use this time to start getting healthy or fit on a physical level, to see doctors if your body needs a tune up, to work on your image or brand, to pursue anything that lures you involving your name, title or identity. It's your time to shine, so shine!

Mars moves into Virgo on the 24th where he will now tour for the next 7 weeks. You haven't had Mars energy firing things up in this part of the sky for 2 years! So now with Jupiter doing his best to broaden your horizons and a New Moon Solar Eclipse trying to open things up while eclipsing out what is yesterday's news, you now have Mars to bring the action to bear. This will help you motivate on making things happen with artistic projects, romantic interludes, spiritual practices, healing or hospitals, research or development, and any karmic situations. Mars may stir passions here to a higher level or help you bring out any anger issues or fight the good fight. It's time to move on this, just do it.

The 25th may be an intense day as Pluto has stationed to go Direct after months in Retrograde while Mercury Retrograde comes up to square him. So it's going to be about powerful changes or feelings stirred over what's going on with home, real estate deals, moves, renovations, parents, roommates, or family. Since Mercury squaring this is from your sign you will be the one with something to say or hear about the changes going on here. Note that whatever this is for you, once Mercury goes Direct on the 9th things will shift a bit more.

The month wraps with a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE that arrives on the 27th. This one is about relationship so it's a time surrounding this date when you can see a major ending or something hitting its stride by way of celebrations or achievements and it is going to be about the romantic partner, business partner, agent, attorney, client, specialist, opponent, competitor, or other key relationship. So what do you want to 'eclipse' out and what do you want to see end or come through, wrap up or be celebrated? Put energy towards this climactic high-point.


Two major background themes to your life are shifting in August Libra. First, Saturn is going Direct on August 1st/2nd depending on your time zone and you head into the last big push forward with all financial matters, your sex life, reproductive needs, a divorce, mortality issues, any births, and third party situations. For Libra this is focusing in on income needs, purchases, feeling valued, and your possessions. So do you need to pay off debt or take out a loan, get the right insurance, or work harder at commissions to help you with purchasing power or income? Is there a divorce/financial need to settle or something about sex and purchases to help you deal with issues? Look at the above lists and figure out what you need to get real about now. From now through Sept. 17th you are being asked to quit things that don't serve you here and to commit long term to what can help you, to get real, take on responsibilities, set limits, deal with limits, say or hear 'no', get your supporting systems into place, get ambitious, deal with authority types in the mix, and grow up. Saturn won't come back again to these matters until the year 2041 so you can see it's wise to get serious now about what can be structured, ended, committed to, or mastered.

It's possible that you may have a challenge or push yourself harder over these themes on the 3rd. If so it will likely involve a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, gathering, your aspirations, or freedom. How can you get serious and be responsible with money, purchases or possessions and also see growth or more happiness and prosperity in these social fields?

Note that a lot of energy if pouring into these social matters this month. You'll have this push on the 3rd followed by Mars arriving in this zone for the first time in 2 years on the 8th. At this point you will have more energy and motivation to go after what you want and make things happen with friends, groups, online, with astrology, charities, gatherings, social networking, your aspirations, freedom, and original projects. Not only does Mars stay the rest of this month but a NEW MOON on the 14th is also in this zone so you get a major 2 week boost from the cosmos to help you take things to the next level or head into brand new friendships, group activities, internet interests, or fresh starts with any of the topics included. Since Venus is Retrograde in this same area all month do realize that some of this new momentum involves either releasing/letting go of past women, love or income needs here, going back to past people and situations and revising things or reworking current situations.

Second on the major life-changing energies this month is that Jupiter, the bringer of luck, growth opportunities, happiness, and prosperity, is going to move into Virgo for the first time in 12 years on the 11th. You will now have this expansive energy at your side for a year in this field helping you to apply the bigger picture to art, film, music, dance, poetry, sculpture, time alone, in development, through research, with romantic getaways or clandestine romance, with mediation, magic, yoga, psychic interests, or other spiritual pursuits, through healing, rest, hospitals, or other institutions, and on a Karmic level as you work through any cycles you have with others. Apply Jupiter themes to Virgo themes in these matters: legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, wedding, political, religious, work you do, co-workers, people you hire, paperwork, health needs, environmental concerns, and animals.

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd followed by the first embrace between Sun and Jupiter here on the 26th in 12 years! So this energy will begin to pull you into getting more personally or physically involved in these healing, hospital, research, romance, artistic, spiritual, developmental, or karmic areas. You will stand out in these matters now and can show up, step up and take the lead. If you want to sign your name or tie in your title or identity in something here, now's the time. It can also be stellar for your image, body or brand in these areas.

Mercury enters your sign on the 27th so at this point thoughts turn to your needs and you may hear from someone important or start to get into talks, meetings, writing, agreements, interviews, auditions, sales, field offers, or make decisions that are aimed at pleasing you or promoting your desires. It's also possible that you can now involve siblings, neighbors, short trips, local activities, vehicles, electronics, or big ideas in what you are going for, make it about you!

The month wraps up energetically on the 29th with a FULL MOON in Pisces. This is about something wrapping up, coming through, ending, or achieved and celebrated involving your job, health, paperwork, pets, people you hire, or co-workers. You could also have a big clean-up or organizing situation peaking at this moment. Work towards what you would like to see resolve as you approach this date.

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July opens with big things possible in the home, with a move, a real estate deal, renovations, the family, a parent, or roommates, thanks to the FULL MOON on the 1st and the big celebrations, endings and achievements that it brings in these areas. The Venus/Jupiter alignment on this day is stellar and involves lovely and expansive things with your friends, groups, the internet, gatherings, charities, or your aspirations, so you may find it to be the ideal time to host a party or gathering in your home or for the family, or a great time to involve friends for a move or renovation, etc.

Mercury moves into Cancer on the 8th and highlights goals, career and dealings with authority figures like the boss, parent or judge. You will have Mercury here for weeks ahead helping you to make plans, talk, meet, sign agreements, interview, make sales, write, field offers, and make decisions so jump in. The NEW MOON on the 15th is about the same topics of goals, career and authority figures so starting now and over the 2 weeks ahead you get an added boost from the cosmos to take things to the next level or enter into new territory here, be proactive.

You've been hosting Venus in Leo since June 7th and will have her here through Oct. 8th giving you lots of love, income and women influence on your social interests that are good for you but this month she does take a 2 week detour into Virgo between the 18th and 31st. For your sign this means, starting on the 18th, the love, income and women interests will be playing out more behind closed doors, in secret, in development, with artistic, spiritual or romantic pursuits, or around healing and hospital needs. Venus Retrogrades one week into this on the 25th and from then until the 31st you go back over things, see some pulling back or return to past people or situations for review in these matters. On the 31st Venus moves back into Leo for the duration of her Retrograde through Sept. 6th, then goes Direct there and finishes out her tour in Leo by Oct. 8th so you will have plenty of time then to review and then move ahead with friends, groups, gatherings, the internet, charities, and your aspirations with the love, income or women themes between July 31st and Oct. 8th.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd so over the weeks ahead this will put you more personally or physically involved with friends, groups, the internet, gatherings, charities, astrology, your aspirations, freedom, or original ideas. The Sun's light will help you stand out and take the lead here while Mercury will help you get into talks, meetings, receive invitations, offers, sign agreements, make sales, write, take short trips, and come to some decisions regarding these themes.

Uranus is going to shake things up between the 24th - 26th so get ready for something exciting, surprising, shocking, or changing involving a business partner, romantic partner, agent, attorney, client, specialist, the competition, or some other key relationship. Mars will jump in to bring action, anger or passion around a goal, career need or dealing with an authority figure like the boss, parent or judge in the mix so be on your toes.

The month wraps with a second FULL MOON, this one on the 31st and about your love life, lover, children, creative projects, or recreational pursuits. At this point you will see something wrap up, come through, end, or note your achievements and celebrate. It's likely that something social or involving a cherished aspiration is tied into this peak moment.

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