Go, go, go when it comes to your career Libra, and as far as personal goals or agendas these are on fire as well. That is because you are still on the wave of the New Moon energy that is propelling you into new territory or the next chapter with these themes through the 11th of July. Add to this Jupiter’s influence in his last few weeks here pushing for bigger and better, well you can see you have a winning hand. This is also holding sway over your dealings with power people like the boss, parent or judge so reach up to those who may be able to help you achieve your aims, the time is now.

After all this effort in the first part of the month, Mercury moves into the field on the 13th and will be here through the 31st so you may enter into new talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing or speaking opportunities, field offers, or make some fresh decisions about career, goals or authorities. If you are waiting on news to come through this is when it should arrive. This period may also bring siblings, neighbors, short trips, electronics, or transportation topics to bear in helping you move ahead.

Venus, your ruler, gets into the picture starting on the 18th and once she arrives a woman who can help may also show up on the scene. Venus on board will definitely help you with women, help you attract the love or income more easily, smooth things out, and make the whole thing more enjoyable.

Speaking of Mercury, he ends his June Retrograde on July 1st. This means you may wish to take extra care on this day around communications and mechanical breakdowns since mix-ups and glitches are more possible now. For you this would play out around travel, media, educational, wedding, or legal matters, not the day to sign documents if you can wait a day without hurting your situation. Once past this day you have between now and the 13th to head into new choices with these themes so set up those meetings, field those offers, talk, sign, sell, it’s all moving ahead. You have most likely been building to something on the home front, with a real estate deal, a move, roommate, parent, the family, a renovation, or that has a bearing on your sense of security.

Expect this to peak by the FULL MOON on the 12th as things come through, wrap up, end, or are reason to celebrate.

The big news for July is all about Jupiter changing signs. He’s been doing his best for the last year to help you achieve something that would bring you more happiness or prosperity, to reach for a goal, broaden your career horizons or find a better place with your boss, parent or other authority figure.

Now, on the 16th of July, Jupiter moves into Leo to spend the next year touring this energy field. For you this means something bigger on the horizon with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, your aspirations, causes, independence, freedom, inventions, original ideas, gatherings, parties, events, and social networking. You may make a new friend or associate or see something big happen with or through one already in your circle, join or form that group and see it hit some real high, take your website to the next level, learn about the internet, teach what you know, travel for social reasons or charitable causes, through parties or events that focus on your giving nature or soul group, free yourself from something that is holding you back, you get the idea. Look to the gifts Jupiter brings: legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, weddings, politics, and religious interests and apply them to ways you can open up the social interests or further your aspirations.

The last time Jupiter resided here was between Aug. 2002-Aug. 2003, before that was between Aug 1990- Sept 1991, before that between Sept 1978- Sept 1979. Of course there are different circumstances to your life now and the outer planets are not the same as they were each of these times but Jupiter is still trying to open things up for you in the areas mentioned as he did then. Make a list of what you would like to achieve, copy and paste this blessing to your desk top, make a vision board, put it where you will see it all the time, so you may manifest the best of what it offers up ahead.

The Sun will join the party on the 22nd illuminating your friendships, group activities, internet interests, astrology, charities, events, and aspirations for the next 30 days. This puts a light on you, gets you noticed, asks that you take the lead, shine your light, and pour more personal and physical energy into these themes.

The NEW MOON on the 26th opens up the best 2 week window in these areas of the year to further propel you out into the scene so you may shine, grab hold, make it count!

Saturn has been Retrograde since the first week of March and now on the 20th is going to go Direct. That means the tests and self-mastery are back on when it comes to earning money, dealing with possessions and making purchases. Saturn showed up to help you grow up and be more self-sufficient here starting back in 2012. He wraps up this cycle this December but will return for a last 4 month stint next summer between June and September. Once he passes this he will move on not to return to these themes for another 29 years. That means it’s time to get real, now. What can you end, commit to long term, structure, take the lead on, shoulder more responsibilities, or concentrate more ambitions on with these matters? Do it now.

Mars has been in your sign since last December, a very long time for him here. That means you’ve felt his fire for months now, spurring you on in some personal manner. Now, on the 25th Mars moves into the same territory Saturn just began Directly affecting again, your income, possessions and purchases. This means from now you have a fire under these needs. It will fuel you to motivate, bring more passion and may stir anger if you’re not careful. It will help you to make things happen so watch what comes up on and around this day as the energy propels you towards the next chapter.

Uranus has been Direct since last December bringing ups and down, surprises and shocks, in your most important relationships. This energy is meant to awaken you, bring more spontaneity, and help further your original interests. It is only with you through relationship from 2011 to 2018 and then it won’t return here for another 84 years. That means that as it Retrogrades on the 21st you are being given a bit of easement from the erratic energy with romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, opponents, competitors, and other players.

You will now be allowed to go back to past relationships or interests, issues or opportunities brought about by them to see if you want to take a different approach to them. It is also about letting the months ahead work on you internally to find that unique spark within linking you to others so you are ready to jump back in with the crazy stuff once Uranus goes Direct this December.

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June begins with lots of energy behind any efforts you are making on a legal front, with media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, publicity, educational pursuits, wedding plans, a trip, or with someone at a distance, and in religious or political themes.  That is because you still have a huge boost from last month’s NEW MOON that will give you added mojo through the 13th in these areas.  You want to take things to the next level or into new territory while you have the Cosmic backing. Interestingly enough, as you move forward into the month, Mercury Retrograde in his second chapter will back into these topics between the 17th and July 1st.  That means you will get a chance to go back over this new territory and get things right or revamp them, release them, or in some other way have a do-over. During this phase you will want to look at old thoughts and beliefs, agreements, sales, writing, meetings, talks, short trips, and decisions in the mix and rethink them. You will want to double check all information since transportation and communication glitches can occur, in other words double check passports, airline tickets, your wallet or luggage on the plane, your transportation to and from the plane, any legal documents or agreements, your school information or trips, wedding invitations or dates, media or marketing adverts, etc.  As with all Mercury Retrograde periods you are best off when it comes to signing documents, purchasing electronics or mechanical items, to wait on the new until after the Retrograde ends and instead focus on the old. If you can’t wait buy the warranty, keep receipts, give yourself loopholes, or enter into it knowing something will likely change.

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The New Moon Solar Eclipse that ended April is still in full force as you begin May and will propel you forward into new territory or take you to the next level when it comes to your sex life, reproductive needs, divorce proceedings, mortality issues, power struggles, third party situations, or in any major financial interest you wish to pursue. This is 3 times stronger than your typical once a year boost in these areas so whatever you would like to ‘eclipse’ out to make way for this fresh start and whatever you need to start now to see better results in these areas, do so between now and the 14th.  Two days will stand out over these themes; the 10th and the 28th. On the 10th you will be one-on-one with someone regarding any serious income, possession or purchasing need. You want to get real about commitments, endings, structures, or ambitions in the mix. On the 28th Venus moves into this arena and will begin to smooth things out over your sexual, divorce, financial, third party, and power needs. A female may benefit your aims here now or there may just be easier access to the love or money flowing around these themes in the weeks ahead.

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It’s all about the balance you are seeking, justice you pursue, or anything important you have on your slate involving romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other key players. That is because the month begins with New Moon energy pushing you into new territory here or helping you take things to the next level. You can expect more information to arrive or some special meetings, negotiations, pitches, offers, agreements, sales, writing, or decisions regarding these people or topics from the 7th onward.
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