There are some wonderful new trends kicking in this month Pisces and it starts on the 2nd with energy showing up around travel, people at a distance, legal interests, media, marketing, education, weddings, religion, or politics. These higher minded arenas will have the benefit of more talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, or decisions over the next 18 days that put you in the driver's seat. To back this up even more the NEW MOON on the 11th opens up your best 2 week window of the year to launch into new opportunities or take current interests to the next level in these matters so be proactive and make things happen.

Next, both Venus and Mars are going to show up in the sexiest and most financially powerful part of your chart on the 8th and 12th respectively. Over the weeks ahead this bodes well for Venus bringing love and money flow more easily to you, helping to smooth out issues that you might have in these areas, bringing women into the mix who can help, and helping you enjoy yourself more. Mars will heat things up and kick them into action so you are going to be busier in your sex life, with reproductive interests, divorce proceedings, any big financial interest like with loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, investments, settlements, commissions, alimony, child support, or a partner's money, and any third party interest that might merit action. Between the two you are pretty much unstoppable so motivate!

Now let's talk about Destiny and Karma. For the last year and a half you've been dealing with these areas in the same way but that changes this month on the 12th. First, the North Node of Destiny is entering into your relationship zone and will now travel here for the next 18 months. This means that it will be through your romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, and even situations involving opponents or competitors, that Destiny is calling you. The door is open and not only should you be able to find the right situation but opportunities that are future oriented may start to arrive via these types of people starting now. The Karmic South Node on the other hand is arriving in your sign where it will also travel for 18 months. This means you yourself will be experiencing any Karma that you may have accumulated in this or a past life. To that end things that involve your body, image, brand, name, title, or personal desires may experience loss or lessons now, you may find that you feel drawn to do for someone else out of a need to pay off Karmic debt or you may have a past life soul re-entering your life to pick up where you left off, in this case you would likely pursue this. So pay attention to your instincts about any of this and do be certain to present yourself in an honest manner that keeps you in the light over this period so you don't create new Karma, and do by all means reach out and rely on those key relationships because with this paradigm it is more likely that you will do better when involving others rather than going it alone. Timing wise, if you are trying to figure out when this might occur, it's most likely to come when these points are on and opposite your Sun, so if you are born in the first third of your sign, expect this in the next 6 months, if you are born in the middle of your sign, expect it between mid-May 2016 and mid-Nov 2016, and if you were born in the last third of your sign it's more likely to peak between mid-Nov 2016 and May 2017. If you need a past illustration of what this can be like for you, look to the period between Jan. 1997 - Oct. 1998, that is the last time that the North Node and South Node traveled these pathways.

Your ruling energy, Neptune, has been in Retrograde for months and now on the 18th he turns to go Direct again. This means you are also ready to get back out there, perhaps to head into something new or step things up when it comes to your body, image, brand, title, name, or personal needs moving forward. Since the Karmic South Node just entered this picture on the 12th it may be that the period between the 12th and 18th holds special significance for you and your needs moving forward. Note that Neptune themes include healing, hospitals, research, retreat, romance, artistic interests, and spiritual development, so these are now on board with new potential as you start to feel this shift occurring for you.

Personal goals, career, reputation, fame, and dealings with authority types like the boss, parent or judge, gets a boost from both Mercury and the Sun between the 20th and 22nd. Over the weeks ahead they will both tour these topics opening up more talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, and decisions about it. It will be a good time for you to step up, get more personally or physically involved and take the lead, you will definitely be noticed and that should be a good thing now.

Do note that it is going to get intense between the 25th and 26th thanks to the FULL MOON on the 25th and the first of 3 Saturn/Neptune squares on the 26th. First, the Full Moon is bringing something to a climax at home, with a move, a renovation, the real estate deal, your family, a parent, or the roommates. This is when things will be celebrated, achieved or you will be marking endings. As this peaks it will stimulate an opposition that involves someone else in a serious way about your goals, career or that authority figure/parent, boss, judge, etc. so you'll need to consider what is going on here as part of this big climax. By the 26th Saturn takes that serious goal, career need or what's going on with the boss, parent, judge, or other authority type and again in a serious way pushes you with Neptune in your sign. This means you are challenging yourself today or being challenged over Neptune themes of healing, hospitals, addictions, deception, boundary issues, clandestine romance, romantic getaways, artistic projects, spiritual practices, research, or Karmic ties. It will play into your identity, body, image, brand, title, name, or personal needs in the mix. So work towards what you'd like to see peak and give yourself some leeway for the challenges that might arise now at this epic peak.


Things are looking up Pisces and it is going to highlight two areas of life in the month ahead. First, you have a lot of very beneficial energy amassing around key relationships for you so expect to spend considerable time in enjoyable pursuits with partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, or other key relationships as soon as the 8th as Venus arrives on the scene. With her participating you may have a woman who can help or you may start to attract the love or income you desire via one of these relationships. It will help smooth out rough edges and bring more pleasure over the weeks ahead. Jupiter, which is already here trying to point you in the RIGHT direction with these relationships has something big planned for you by the 11th. At this point you may see something powerfully aligning for you with this other person involving your aspirations, purging of what's limiting, sexual intimacy, financially shared needs, and anything social going on. So you might experience this at a party, with friends, groups, online, or via a charity. By the 17th Mars meets up with Jupiter to bring more action to the forefront with these partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, or opponents. mars adds passion back into the mix, something that has been riding on energy that began 2 years ago. It may bring an ardent, youthful male energy into play or help you fight the good fight or motivate about what you want. By the 25th Venus and Jupiter come together to take it over the top, go big or go home.

The other area of life about to amp up is your powerful 8th house. This may mean you have a lot going on with your sex life or reproductive needs, with mortality issues or a birth, with the divorce or alimony, or with any major financial themes like investments, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, commissions, settlements, child support, or a partner's money. Up until the 9th you are reviewing something that is already ongoing or from the past in these themes. It's important to talk about it, rethink what was said or decided, rework agreements or sales, rewrite it, or get real about releasing or rekindling things. By the 9th when Mercury goes Direct you will be ready to take things out there, having figured out who or what goes forward and what does not. Right on cue the NEW MOON on the 12th opens up a 2 week window that will help you launch out there into something new or boosting current situations to the next level with intimacy, sex, reproduction, mortality, a birth, the divorce, or the financial needs, work it!

The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd kicking off a 30 day cycle that puts a spotlight on you with any 9th house matter. What are these, you ask? Well they involve the higher mind so anything educational, religious, legal, involving media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, weddings, travel, people at a distance, or your beliefs. So note that at this time you can take the lead, stand out above the crowd, further your agenda, and get more personally or physically involved in these matters.

The FULL MOON arrives on the 27th bringing some kind of epic peak in the communications part of your sky. So you might have a big decision to make now or hear some big news, there may be an important talk, meeting, proposal, interview, offer, agreement, sale, writing project, speaking role, idea, or decision coming to a head. For some of you there may be something big in the wind involving a brother, sister, neighbor, move, vehicle, local activity, short trip, or the electronics. Whatever it is for you, this period is marking a major ending, what's wrapping up, coming through, achieved, or a celebration here. Work towards what you'd like to see happen in the days leading up to this peak.

Halloween is slated to be more magical than we've seen in some time thanks to a Grand Trine between the Sun, Moon and Neptune. For you much of this is aimed at the lover, the kids, a creative venture, or just having fun! So decide to throw yourself into something fantastical or mystical for the kids, with the lover, in pursuit of love, in creative projects, or pursuing recreational interests, and know that the area you are shining in right now with educational, legal, travel, distant, wedding, media, marketing, religious, or political themes may be your best bet for costuming ideas!

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Venus Retrograde has been taking you back or slowing you down with women, income, beauty, and love since the end of August and it's been playing out on the job or with work you are doing, with health situations, paperwork, people you hire to help, co-workers, and animals for your sign. So you may have hired someone to help you and a lover dig into past issues or reignited a flame with an old co-worker or seen a woman co-worker exit the scene or a past one return. You could have been rethinking your income situation and reviewing how you feel about your job or the need to land a job. You could have gone back to reconnect with a woman or love interest from the past over health needs or concerns or ended some situation that you were ready to leave. There were lots of ways this could have given you time to work things out and now as you enter September you have until the 6th to wrap that up. Venus goes Direct on the 6th and at this point you will be ready to either move forward with past people or situations under new terms or move into brand new situations regarding these themes. The good news is that if you feel as though you just couldn't get things moving with earnings, women or love, this starts to pick up steam again in the days and weeks ahead.

A NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 13th at 2:41am eastern/on the 12th at 11:41pm pacific and you are now in a 2 week wind tunnel that can help you push yourself into some major new stage or situation with a partner, agent, attorney, client, specialist, competitor, or other key relationship. Since this is in Virgo and Virgo rules the same things as the 6th house where Venus has been going you have some overlap here that will likely make even more powerful. In other words, what you start or take to the next level now with one of these key players can help you move things forward with health, work, co-workers, people you hire, paperwork, or the pets. You will be 'eclipsing' something out to gather up this new steam and move on this next level so that may be a bad habit, old way of viewing things, attitude, or something as extreme as a relationship or situation. Whatever is eclipsed is about giving you the room you need to move forward with the right people. So if you have a doctor close up shop, this specialist eclipsed from your life will push you to find a better one that can help you launch forward on better health terms. If you have one therapist move away, you could start up new with a new therapist who could help you with that co-worker, your job or the health needs. You could hire an attorney to help with paperwork and this eclipses out the fear you've had about it. You could hire an agent who eclipses out your dry spell and lands you work. You could eclipse out the criticism that broke you up and start fresh with a new understanding with your romantic partner. You could eclipse out the relationship and go looking elsewhere for someone else. You could start a business partnership or take your current one to the next level, eclipsing out the past business mojo. You get the idea. Look for the right people, release the wrong ones, and focus on work, health, pets, paperwork, organizing, cleaning, simplifying, people you hire to help, and co-workers in the scenario.

Mercury has been in his shadow since the month began and so things have been slowing down regarding talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, offers, and decisions that are about your sex life, divorce, reproductive needs, any mortality issues, a birth, the third party situations, and finances. Now on the 17th Mercury Retrogrades so you are officially heading back over these topics for a do-over. Time to rethink things. Time to reconnect with the partners, specialists, clients, competitors, or representatives about these matters. You see how important these key players are this month?! So, do you want another shot at the sexual partner or reproductive specialist or tax attorney or divorce opponent? Do you want to see if you can rework agreements or decisions? Are you ready to rethink it to the point of ending things? You have until Oct. 9th to work through ideas with or about them and I suggest you give it the time to talk it out, meet up, send the note, or in some other way communicate so you know exactly what is possible and what it not. Balance is a key word so if it is about your reproductive needs talk to your client or specialist or partner about balance, eating right, rest and exercise, etc. If it is about sexual attractions you need to ask if you feel balanced in this relationship, is it fair and equitable? If you have had misunderstandings how can you find that balance in the way you communicate? If it's about divorce or attorneys how do you revise things and restore balance or let go or reconnect for the same reason? If you are to suffer any of the typical MR maladies then they would play out over these themes so double check facts and figures, do your best to hold off on purchasing new electronics or signing new agreements if you can wait until after Oct. 9th without hurting your situation, and give each other the benefit of the doubt when you can since misunderstanding can happen on either side.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius on the 17th where he will now tour for 2 years, 3 and a half months. Saturn is going to test you and challenge you. He's going to insist you grow up and get serious about your goals in life, the direction your life is taking, what structures you need to support your goals, what goals need to end for good and what goals you should commit to long term. He is going to test you to step up and take on more responsibilities and be ambitious when it comes to your career and reputation. He is going to push you to end anything that will not support you here long term. He will ask that you master something new and take the lead. Saturn is going to push you over parents, bosses, judges, mentors, directors, or any other authority type figure that is part of your life. Saturn wants you to set some limits or deal with them, look at no's, endings, long term commitments, duties, and goals here as well. What needs to be structured, wrapped up or set up for the long haul? This is about the efforts you put in over this period being able to then have you back over the next 29 years until Saturn returns here again so you really have to get real about what is needed. Saturn is in Sagittarius so these themes are ways you can work on this so let's break that down. 1)Law. Saturn rules things legal so do you need to hire an attorney, incorporate, file a law suit, get a patent, or in some other way legally structure things for goals or career? Is there legal needs that should be handled on behalf of your parent or because the judge has ordered it or the boss needs it? 2) Media. This means media outlets, marketing, advertising, publishing, broadcasting, and publicity. How can you master some new level here so that your goals are obtained or your career soars? How can you cement something by walking away or making a commitment here so that you reach these goals or have solid foundations up ahead? 3) Travel. This means traveling on long trips, people at a distance, foreign interests and people, multicultural interests, and import/export. So what needs to end, what needs a better support system, what can you master here, what could you commit to long term, so that your goal, career, parents, boss, or other authority figures are secure and strong? 4) Education. Could you get training, supply training, get certified in something new, go back for your degree, or start to teach something? Would this help you reach goals, further career or deal with parents, the boss or other authority types? 5) Weddings. Is your goal to wed? Do you need to end something in the way of this or show up, do more work and commit to making it happen? Do you want to have a career in the wedding industry? Is it time to call off a wedding? Is your parent remarrying? Do you need to grow up about that? These are Saturn's tests and I'm sure you could think of some other scenarios out of these combinations but overall it is about you getting ahead and for now that means there is some hard work to do and some real leadership abilities that will get honed over the next couple years so that when you come out of the other side you feel like you are on solid ground and have long term rewards up ahead.

The Jupiter/Neptune opposition on the 18th is interesting because it ties back into past lives and is going to show you a reflection via another person that can help you turn a corner if you want to. First off, Jupiter is doing everything he can in the days around the 18th to open up a door for growth, more happiness or prosperity and he is focusing it on your relationships with romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, opponents, and other key players. Again do you see how important this all is this month? He is saying you can find this better place via this person through legal, travel, wedding, educational, or media channels. That you have to do the work, hire the help, deal with the paperwork, any criticism, co-workers, pets, health issues, and being of service to get there, but he has that door wide open for you to make the connection. Neptune is showing up as the reflection so someone is going to be there for you as A) Inspirational or B) Delusional. What do you need to see to walk through that door? I have to tell you Pisces that of all the signs you are the tough case with this because you are the one with Neptune in their sign so what you are seeing is definitely about you and your journey. So look. Is there something you do to retreat, deceive, hide, escape, self-sabotage, or a bad habit or addiction you fall prey to? Do you see this in them? Is there something artistic, spiritual, romantic, healing, or about the research that you see reflected back that could help you on your path? Where is this within you? This is a soul turning point, address what is within you that could in any way limit the luck Jupiter has for you to find the best possible relationships and then choose to go towards that open door with or without this person.

The Fall Equinox arrives on the 23rd as the Sun enters Libra for a 30 day stint. This may add a physical quality or make it quite personal for you when it comes to what Mercury Retrograde has been up to because it is highlighting the same part of the sky! So expect to get in there and contribute something of yourself to the sex life, reproductive needs, divorce, or financial interests. It's important to show up, sign things if it is still tied to the past and forward movement, speak your mind, make it about your needs, and if it applies, involve your brand, image or title while you're at it. So you could get pregnant or go back to some hormone treatments, kick start your menopause, sign the divorce papers, or sit back down with the banker, tax man, insurance agent, clients who pay commissions to you, or anyone else that might have a hand in your financial future (from the past).

Mars moves into Virgo on the 24th, joining Jupiter who is already making waves about opening things up, bringing more happiness or prosperity and seeking growth, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse that is giving you that 2 week boost to enter into new territory or take things to the next level. That's a WHOLE LOT of heat that is now aimed at what you want to make happen with romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, or the competition. Mars hasn't been here in 2 years and he is the instigator so the combination if pretty much either going to motivate these people to move that mountain for or with you, stir up passion to new heights or bring up the anger so you can fight it out. Much of what this boils down to (again, read MR above) is work, health issues, paperwork, being too critical, simplifying, being willing to hire someone to help, and being of service. So time to light that fire or fire that cannon (of course not literally).

The 25th is going to be intense. For everyone. You are welcome to hide if you want. Pluto has been Retrograde for months and he's now stopped in the sky to turn around and go Direct today. That's major power energy changing direction and you will feel it. Mercury Retrograde is going to square Pluto so that is some issue, news, talk, or decision that is at odds with this change of direction or show of power or transformational moment, you dig? For your sign, it's weighted in what is changing around your aspirations, personal freedom, original ideas, and anything social: friends, groups, the internet, a party/gathering, astrology, a charity, or your social networking interests. Mercury brings news that challenges tied to this involving sex, death, birth, divorce, or some financial matter. So you could hear about a friends divorce, a friend facing their own mortality, a friend being pregnant, or there could be some shared financial situation with a friend, group, charity, or online that is in play now with issues to be addressed. There are obviously other combinations you could make in these two lists, these are just a few examples, but it's a bit challenging so deep breath and one issue at a time.

The month wraps with a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE that brings a major ending, achievement or celebration involving your income, purchases or possessions. So you could end one source of income as it runs its course or you could be celebrating some big boost in income now. There could be an eclipsing out of something tied to how you earn money and you are wrapping up that portion of what is going on as you reach this high point. You could be tossing out the old vacuum cleaner (eclipsed) as you celebrate having the one your significant other dropped off to you (sorry couldn't resist the homemaker reference) or you could be calling Good Will to donate furniture you're over. It could be about celebrating buying the house or cutting up your credit cards so you don't make any more purchases. You get the idea, big things, after eclipsing out, endings or celebrations.


Two major background themes to your life are shifting in August Pisces. First, Saturn is going Direct on August 1st/2nd depending on your time zone and you head into the last big push forward with all financial matters, your sex life, reproductive needs, a divorce, mortality issues, any births, and third party situations. For your sign you will see this play out in legal arenas, with trips or people at a distance, through educational pursuits, weddings, media, marketing, publishing, religious interests, or political themes. From now through Sept. 17th you are being asked to quit things that don't serve you here and to commit long term to what can help you, to get real, take on responsibilities, set limits, deal with limits, say or hear 'no', get your supporting systems into place, get ambitious, deal with authority types in the mix, and grow up. Saturn won't come back again to these matters until the year 2041 so you can see it's wise to get serious now about what can be structured, ended, committed to, or mastered.

It's possible that you may be challenged in one of these areas or that you decide to push things thereby challenging yourself to meet the next level and if so it will happen by the 3rd. Expect it to tie into something big going on with work, a co-worker, the people you hire, any paperwork, health needs, the pets/animals, or the details. Interestingly, these areas are about to be spotlighted in the month ahead as well. This begins now at the challenge point and escalates with Mars moving into these zones on the 8th. You haven't had Mars energy here in 2 years so it will heat things up on the job, in pursuit of work, with organizing, co-workers, people you hire, your health interests or concerns, the paperwork, and your animals. This will help you bring on the passion, motivate, deal with any anger issues, and move things forward. As if this weren't enough the NEW MOON on the 14th is in the same arena so you now will have the best 2 week window of the year opening up before you to help you take things to the next level or enter into new territory. It's time to start things! Since Venus remains in Retrograde the entire month over these same themes you can expect that a past woman, love or income matter is playing it's part in what you are trying to now further. Take the time to reconnect, release or rework in these areas.

Mercury moves into your relationship zone on the 7th and thoughts turn to romantic partners, business partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, competitors, and any other significant players at the forefront now. Mercury will help you to open up talks, meet, interview, audition, field offers, sign agreements, make sales, negotiate terms, pitch ideas, write, make short trips, propose, or make some important decisions regarding them in the weeks ahead. You may hear something if you've been waiting. This leads me to the second important theme for this month; Jupiter is moving into this same relationship zone on the 11th, the first time he's been here in 12 years. Jupiter is bringing the luck and working over the next entire year that he's stays here to help you find happiness, prosperity or ways to protect you via these significant players. Look at Jupiter themes of legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, religious, and political themes to apply with or through these relationships. Look at the Virgo themes of work, paperwork, health, pets, people you hire, and co-workers for ways to move things forward. It's one of the biggest growth cycles you get so seek others out, the ones who can bring good to your life will want to be there for you.

The Sun moves into this relationship zone on the 23rd followed by the Sun/Jupiter embrace here on the 26th so these days are super lucky or growth oriented for you via that partner, rep, client, specialist, or other key player. The Sun will tour here for 30 days pushing you to get more personally or physically involved with these relationships, making it about your needs, body, image, brand, title, name, or signature on something. It's time to step up, show up and take the lead, you will be noticed.

Mercury moves into Libra on the 27th and kicks in several weeks of talks, meetings, agreements, news, offers, sales, writing, and decisions focused on sex, divorce, the big financial needs, mortality issues, reproductive matters, or third party situations. Others may approach you over these topics or you may just find you have more to say about it, either way it's on.

The FULL MOON on the 29th is in your sign and will be bringing a climactic peak around something going on with you. This may be an ending, achievement, celebration, wrap up, or something coming through about you, for you, with you, involving your body, name, title, image, brand, or signature. Work towards what you would like to see culminate in the days leading up to this moment.

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