July starts off all about your lover, love life, child, children, creative projects, or recreational interests thanks to New Moon energy still working hard to propel you into new territory here or help you take things into the next chapter until the 11th. Not only do you have this boost from the cosmos but Jupiter is giving it his all in the last weeks of his stay here to help you open things up and find more happiness or prosperity through these topics. Look at Jupiter themes here, legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding plans may influence the opening you have with the lover, child, creative project, or fun, put in the efforts now and push forward.

Once you’ve done all of this Mercury joins in on the 13th and will stay until the 31st so this period may bring the meeting, talk, offer, proposal, agreement, sale, siblings, neighbors, move, writing, or decision into the mix that helps open things up further.

Venus comes on board on the 18th so from now forward women may show up and benefit what you are aiming at here or things will smooth out with your love life, kids, creative projects, or fun, or you will find you are attracting the love or money through these situations/people more easily.

Speaking of Mercury, he ends his June Retrograde on July 1st so watch this day for mix-ups or breakdowns involving home, family, moves, renovations, real estate, roommates, or parents. Double check information and take care with vehicles and electronics. Once Mercury passes this day he is in Direct motion here through the 13th so you have a green light to enter into new agreements, sales, writing, talks, meetings, offers, or decisions involving home, real estate, family, parents, or roommates.

If you’ve been waiting on news or an offer here it may arrive during this phase. It seems you’ve been working to achieve something involving a personal aspiration or with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, your freedom, or original ideas, and now it is going to peak around the 12th with something coming through, wrapping up, ending, or reason to celebrate. To this end you may wish to work towards this in the days leading up to this date since it seems the achievement or ending is near.

The big news this month is Jupiter is changing signs. He is moving into Leo on the 16th for the first time since the last year he spent here between Aug 2002- Aug 2003, before that between Aug 1990-Sept 1991, before that between Sept 1978-Sept 1979. So think back, anything special stand out during those periods? Your life has changed since those periods and the outer planets are in new positions so it won’t be identical but Jupiter is still going to do everything he can to open something up again in a big way through your job opportunities, big work projects, something happening with a co-worker or through someone you hire, through paperwork that is signed, with your health or interests in health, with animals, organizing, and services you provide others. Jupiter says you can open these things up through education, media, marketing, publishing, travel, foreign interests, weddings, or legal means. In Leo he is saying your love life might open here or your creative potential or children may benefit. So, what big thing would like to have happen with work, health, paperwork, animals, or the rest? Make a list, copy and paste this one to your desktop, put it on your vision board, post it where you’ll see it every day so you can co-create with the flow of the universe right now, aim high, you have a whole year to make it so!

Saturn has been Retrograde since the first week of March and now on the 20th Saturn goes Direct. Saturn began his tests and lessons in self-mastery for you back in 2012 and will wrap them up this December, dipping back in for one last hurrah next summer between June and September, and then not returning for another 29 years. He has aimed this at your legal matters, educational pursuits, media, marketing, broadcasting, or publishing interests, wedding plans, travel, import/export, foreign interests, politics, religion, and sense of adventure. It’s go time, time to get real, what do you need to end, commit to long term, where do you need to set limits, structure things better, take on more responsibilities, or shine more ambition in these matters?

Mars has been touring Libra, the sign of relationship, since December, a very long time for him in one sign. He has been trying to involve you with people who can do something about your intimate needs, sex life, divorce, mortality issues, reproductive needs, third party issues, or big financial topics since then, stirring actions, passions or anger here. Now, on the 25th he moves into the same arena Saturn just went Direct, effectively lighting a fire under taking action with that trip, legal matter, educational pursuit, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, or publicity topic, wedding, religious or political agenda, or grand adventure. Again, a straight forward sign from the cosmos that it’s time to act or react and how to do it.

Finally, Uranus has been Direct since last December, doing his part to shake things up, bring ups and downs, shocks and surprises, to your income, possessions or purchases. He first showed up here back in 2011 and will leave in 2018, then he won’t be back for 84 years. So this period, although erratic at times, is a great awakening, meant to bring events and opportunities that will call you out of complacency when it comes to the money you earn, what you buy or how you handle your possessions, and to bring some excitement back into the mix. The Retrograde starts on the 21st and during the months ahead you should go back to deal with anything still out there that needs tending and do your internal work to awaken that original seed within you and develop it towards ways to make money, buy or tend objects once Uranus goes Direct this coming December. You can get a private reading with Zoe based on your unique birth chart and find out a whole lot more!

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June kicks off with lots of activity around your 4th house matters which means you will be amped up over home interests, real estate deals, property matters, family, parents, roommates, moves, and renovations.  This is because the NEW MOON at the end of May gave you a mega-boost in these matters that will propel you through the 13th of June! Focus in on what you want for your year ahead and then do what it takes to launch into new territory or take things to the next level in these matters. You may be able to sign agreements or make sales, have some important meetings or talks, field some offers, take a few beneficial short trips, or make some big decisions now about it.

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Getting those meetings underway, entering into talks, fielding offers, writing, interviewing, auditioning, making proposals, signing agreements, making sales, negotiating terms, taking short trips, getting more locally involved, or amping things up with brothers, sisters, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and decisions will be what pushes you forward the first 2 weeks of May. That is because these areas are where the New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end of April gave you a major boost and will help you ‘eclipse’ out the old to move into this new territory or help you move to the next level in matters that are still working for you. Two days will stand out when these themes are important and they arrive on the 10th and 28th. On the 10th you will be one-on-one with someone over serious legal, travel, educational, wedding, media, marketing, publishing, religious, or political themes. Look at commitments, endings, structures, or ambitions here and get real. On the 28th Venus moves into these areas so a woman may step up who is beneficial or you may just see the love or money flow more easily around travel, legal, wedding, educational, media, marketing, publishing, political, or religious needs.

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April is really going to push you from day one to move ahead on money making opportunities or to create some of your own, to do something about possessions or purchases, and to set things up so you are feeling valued. That is New Moon energy pushing you to take things to the next level here or to launch into new territory. By the 7th the offers, agreements, sales, writing, meetings, talks, and decisions will begin to flow around these themes.
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