Two major background themes to your life are shifting in August Pisces. First, Saturn is going Direct on August 1st/2nd depending on your time zone and you head into the last big push forward with all financial matters, your sex life, reproductive needs, a divorce, mortality issues, any births, and third party situations. For your sign you will see this play out in legal arenas, with trips or people at a distance, through educational pursuits, weddings, media, marketing, publishing, religious interests, or political themes. From now through Sept. 17th you are being asked to quit things that don't serve you here and to commit long term to what can help you, to get real, take on responsibilities, set limits, deal with limits, say or hear 'no', get your supporting systems into place, get ambitious, deal with authority types in the mix, and grow up. Saturn won't come back again to these matters until the year 2041 so you can see it's wise to get serious now about what can be structured, ended, committed to, or mastered.

It's possible that you may be challenged in one of these areas or that you decide to push things thereby challenging yourself to meet the next level and if so it will happen by the 3rd. Expect it to tie into something big going on with work, a co-worker, the people you hire, any paperwork, health needs, the pets/animals, or the details. Interestingly, these areas are about to be spotlighted in the month ahead as well. This begins now at the challenge point and escalates with Mars moving into these zones on the 8th. You haven't had Mars energy here in 2 years so it will heat things up on the job, in pursuit of work, with organizing, co-workers, people you hire, your health interests or concerns, the paperwork, and your animals. This will help you bring on the passion, motivate, deal with any anger issues, and move things forward. As if this weren't enough the NEW MOON on the 14th is in the same arena so you now will have the best 2 week window of the year opening up before you to help you take things to the next level or enter into new territory. It's time to start things! Since Venus remains in Retrograde the entire month over these same themes you can expect that a past woman, love or income matter is playing it's part in what you are trying to now further. Take the time to reconnect, release or rework in these areas.

Mercury moves into your relationship zone on the 7th and thoughts turn to romantic partners, business partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, competitors, and any other significant players at the forefront now. Mercury will help you to open up talks, meet, interview, audition, field offers, sign agreements, make sales, negotiate terms, pitch ideas, write, make short trips, propose, or make some important decisions regarding them in the weeks ahead. You may hear something if you've been waiting. This leads me to the second important theme for this month; Jupiter is moving into this same relationship zone on the 11th, the first time he's been here in 12 years. Jupiter is bringing the luck and working over the next entire year that he's stays here to help you find happiness, prosperity or ways to protect you via these significant players. Look at Jupiter themes of legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, religious, and political themes to apply with or through these relationships. Look at the Virgo themes of work, paperwork, health, pets, people you hire, and co-workers for ways to move things forward. It's one of the biggest growth cycles you get so seek others out, the ones who can bring good to your life will want to be there for you.

The Sun moves into this relationship zone on the 23rd followed by the Sun/Jupiter embrace here on the 26th so these days are super lucky or growth oriented for you via that partner, rep, client, specialist, or other key player. The Sun will tour here for 30 days pushing you to get more personally or physically involved with these relationships, making it about your needs, body, image, brand, title, name, or signature on something. It's time to step up, show up and take the lead, you will be noticed.

Mercury moves into Libra on the 27th and kicks in several weeks of talks, meetings, agreements, news, offers, sales, writing, and decisions focused on sex, divorce, the big financial needs, mortality issues, reproductive matters, or third party situations. Others may approach you over these topics or you may just find you have more to say about it, either way it's on.

The FULL MOON on the 29th is in your sign and will be bringing a climactic peak around something going on with you. This may be an ending, achievement, celebration, wrap up, or something coming through about you, for you, with you, involving your body, name, title, image, brand, or signature. Work towards what you would like to see culminate in the days leading up to this moment.

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July opens with a FULL MOON on the 1st bringing something to a peak with a friend, group, the internet, a charity, gathering, or your aspirations. This is when things come through, wrap up, end, are achieved, or celebrated in these matters. Venus embraces Jupiter today bringing a lovely and expansive energy to something going on at work, with a co-worker, person you've hired, the health interest, paperwork, or pets, enjoy.

Mercury moves into Cancer on the 8th and thoughts turn to true love, the kids, your creative projects, and recreation. This will be a trend over the weeks ahead and will help you to talk, meet, hear from others, field offers, sign agreements, make sales, write, interview, get busy locally or in short trips, and make decisions about these themes. The NEW MOON on the 15th is about the same themes of love, creativity, children, and fun so over the next 2 weeks you have this added momentum helping you take things to the next level or enter into new territory.

You've been experiencing Venus in Leo since June 7th, a four month trend that lasts until Oct. 8th. This has helped you through women, in love or making money on the job, around health matters, paperwork, with co-workers, hired help, or the pets and will continue to as this plays out. However, for 2 weeks between July 18th and 31st Venus is detouring into Virgo. This means this window is about true love, income opportunities and women who can benefit you when it comes to partnerships, clients, specialists, representation, or other key relationships. So if you want to connect with someone over love, money or women, or you want their backing to help you reach this objective, now's the time. Venus is Retrograding in the middle of this 2 weeks on the 25th so the second week here is about retracing things, reconnecting with past people, situations, over issues or opportunities. On the 31st Venus Retrogrades back into Leo to finish out her journey through Oct. 8th, she'll be Retrograde until Sept. 6th here and then go Direct and finish out so again you will be back focusing on work, health, pets, paperwork, co-workers, or hired help when it comes to love, income, or women.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd kicking off several weeks that push you to show up, get involved, take the lead, stand out, get into talks, meetings, writing, agreements, sales, offers, and decisions aimed at your job, the work, health needs, paperwork, pets, co-workers, and people you hire. This is your turn to shine and you will be noticed.

Uranus is going to shake things up between the 24th and 26th. This means something surprising, exciting, shocking, or changing when it comes to your income, possessions or purchases. To this end you may land some sudden opportunity to earn or you could misplace your wallet or purse, it could go either way, so keep an eye on your valuables but do be spontaneous when opportunity arrives. Mars is triggering this through action, anger or passion so something involving a child, lover, creative project, or recreational pursuit is in some way linked to what occurs.

The month wraps with a second FULL MOON on the 31st that will bring closure, celebrations, endings, or achievements that are Karmic, involve romance, artistic projects, spiritual practices, magic, psychic abilities, healing, hospitals, addictions, research, or projects in development. It's likely that a friend, group activity, internet interest, charity, gathering, or aspiration will color what comes through or wraps in these areas now.

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Lots of attention on your home, the real estate deals, a move, the renovation, your family, a parent, your roommates, or your security needs are driving your thoughts and decisions as June gets underway thanks to the ongoing Mercury Retrograde that is asking you to rethink things, rework any past situations that look good or release anything that is blocking you, and to wrap things up and get them right now. You have until the 11th to figure it out and then Mercury goes Direct and you are ready to move forward again. NEW MOON energy on the 16th is in the same arena so you will have 2 powerful weeks that help boost you out there into new territory or to take things to the next level in these matters so plan accordingly.

The first couple days of June will also be emotionally charged as some goal comes into sight or wraps up, a career matter hits a peak or something going on with fame, reputation, a boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure in the mix reaches a climax. So expect to wrap things up, mark endings, achieve, and celebrate in these areas and for Sagittarius themes to play a part, meaning something legal, educational, media, wedding, or travel/foreign related is at the core of what culminates in these matters.

Venus moves into Leo on the 5th so you will experience her blessings on the work front, through co-workers, people you hire, your health, pets, and any paperwork from now through the end of the month. This means key women may show up to help in these areas, you may see potential to earn money through tackling these themes and find it goes smoothly, you may attract new situations or smooth out current ones, or see the love flowing in these areas. Note that on the 22nd you might have a stand-out day tied to these themes.

Between the 12th and 14th two major energy shifts may leave you feeling a bit dizzy as you adjust to the new direction. First, Neptune Retrogrades on the 12th and this is your ruling energy so it will affect you personally, physically, or tied to your name, title, image, brand, or signature. Things should slow down and give you time to catch up to what has happened so far involving Neptune themes with you, in other words, healing, hospitals, research, romance, spirituality, or artistry. You may have people or situations return from the past to give it another shot or revisit past inspiration or boundary issues to figure out what you need moving forward. Note what comes up around this date for clues about what you should be focusing on and do take added care of yourself.

Next, Saturn takes his Retrograde back into Scorpio on the 14th and will tour here through September 17th. This is important because this 3 month period is the last time Saturn will tour Scorpio for another 29 years. During this phase it is vital that you get serious about anything involving legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, wedding, religious, or political themes. Think about the Scorpio themes in the mix; sharing, control issues, triangles, sexual needs, reproductive needs, divorce, shared financial matters, and personal empowerment. Then think about Saturn's needs here; to cement something, mark an ending, make a long term commitment, take responsibility, grow up, set or deal with limits, structure things to support, deal with 'no's', or be ambitious. It's your life, what do you want here, get serious about it now.

The Sun and Mars move into Cancer on the 21st and 24th kicking off a 30 day and 7 week cycle respectively. This means more energy and activity occurring in your love life, with a lover, over the kids, with creative ventures, and anything recreational during this period. The Sun asks that you get more personally or physically involved, that your name, title or signature be involved, that your image or brand be considered in the mix, and that you step up, show up, take the lead, and shine your light here. Mars is going to bring the passion, motivation and fighting spirit to make things happen and you haven't had his help here in 2 years. So get ready to get busy, the heat it on.
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The month of May is going to give you the cutting edge in a few areas, Pisces, and they are as follows; your home, real estate deals, moves, renovations, family matters, your parents, roommates, history, your country, or childhood interests. It is about to get a whole lot busier in at least one of these areas for you starting on the 11th with the arrival of Mars. He is showing up for the first time in 2 years so motivate action in these areas, to stimulate more passions and to give you the fighting spirit you need about any of this. He can trigger anger as well so keep a handle on the short fuse if you feel it about to ignite, otherwise, this energy is going to propel you forward and make things happen. You will have Mars here until June 24th.

If there is something serious to work out with someone over one of these subjects expect it to arrive on the 14th or 15th when the support, structures, limits, endings, commitments, responsibilities, or ambitions will peak involving this person. Look at goals, career, reputation, or the authority figures in the mix and anything legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, or wedding themed that may impact what you choose now.

Mercury Retrogrades over these home, real estate, family, parent, roommate, renovation, and moving themes starting on the 18th. This is your do-over, to go back over any old agreements, meetings, people, situations, and decisions and rethink things. You can reconnect and see if there is potential with them or the situation or you can purge, release or let go. So you could have a roommate move out or an old one return, a family matter resurface or a visit from the parent, you could move back to an old home or sell your current one, you get the picture. It may help to rework it by talking out the needs and reframing what you want in the home, with the family, parents, roommates, real estate, move, or renovation. Do double check facts and figures since miscommunications will play out over these topics. Take care with mechanical or electronic malfunctions, double check fire alarms, small appliances, lighting fixtures, as well as lease agreements or mortgage payments. You will have until June 11th to figure out what stays and what goes.

The Sun moves into these matters on the 21st kicking off a 30 day cycle that will ask you to get more personally and physically involved at home, with real estate, the family, a parent, the roommate, a move, or the renovation. It's time to show up, make it about your needs, shine your light, or tie in your name, title, signature, brand, image, or body. You will stand out.

Other energy at work this month are as follows; first, the FULL MOON on the 3rd brings a peak experience around a legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, wedding, religious, or political theme. This is when things come through and are celebrated or when you wrap them up and mark endings. Scorpio themes drive it so the sex life, divorce, mortality issue, reproductive need, financial aspect, or third party players will be behind what peaks now.

Next, Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th so the rest of the month will see things start to smooth out and go better when it comes to your love life, the kids, a creative project, or the fun you are having. Women may benefit what you do here or you may also find ways to earn money while doing your creative projects or what you do for kids. It's is a more enjoyable time and one where you can go with the flow and make strides.

Finally, the NEW MOON on the 18th opens up a 2 week window that helps you to enter into new agreements, talks, sales, meetings, short trips, local activities, interests with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, writing, interviews, auditions, or decisions. You can also take current situations here to the next level. If making money, dealing with your possessions or making purchases is behind it, so much the better.



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