Saturday, January 23, 2016

8:45pm EST, 5:45pm PST, 1:45am (1/24)GT

3 Leo 29

The Full Moon in Leo is a bright light in an ever-changing world and always uncertain future. Full Moons carry the energies of integration and flowering. With this Moon we are integrating the qualities of the Leo/Aquarius axis, bringing our talents into the world to make it that much brighter and offering ourselves in service to humanity. Goddess asteroid, Pallas Athene, conjunct the Sun in Aquarius, speaks to the unconditioned expression of gender and to the genius potential within us all.


Leo invites us to embrace our unique gifts and follow our heart's desire through to creative fulfillment. We co-create with the source of all things through the form we have been given. Each of our lives is immensely and equally valuable. Each individual contributes to the whole, be it on a very large stage or from the privacy of the home. We all have an effect on the space around us, on the beings we come into contact with, and on the collective.


I can't help but mention David Bowie, for the beautiful example he offered of a fully actualized Leo Moon integrating strong Aquarian energy (including Pallas on his Aquarius ascendant and Uranus on the North Node). Just as he served as a beacon of confident and revolutionary self-expression we each can play this role for ourselves and others. We are stepping more fully into the unconditioned expression of our uniquely beautiful beings.


The Moon in Leo holds the potential for big heart opening. Leo leads into the next sign Virgo, the sign of service and to it's polarity, Aquarius, the sign of the collective. Heart opening guides us to greater service. If a heart-opening experience doesn't lead to greater desire and capacity to serve, perhaps it would useful to look at what is standing in the way.


Bringing our true essence into the world can be scary. At some point in our evolution we've likely faced rejection or opposition in response to self-expression. These memories live within the soul and some can be quite intense. We also may have the accurate yet unarticulated sense that to be ourselves more fully means shedding parts of lives that no longer resonate. This letting go, gives us the opportunity to grieve those parts, another real experience of being human. On the other side is a life of greater truth and creative fulfillment.


The Full Moon forms a grand trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Goddess asteroid, Vesta, in Aries. It is our duty to tend to the sacred flame within. We are not the source of that flame, just as we are not the source of creativity or love and yet they permeate our beings. We have been given the gift of this life not to create from scratch, but to channel the creativity and purpose that are already flowing through us. Leo is the sign of royalty. We have been given sovereignty over our own lives. If anything it seems the work of individuating is in the process of clearing up the channels within and tending to the inner flame so that our unique expressions of love and creativity can flow forth. We must also value ourselves enough to develop our talents.


The ruler of the Full Moon is the Sun in Aquarius, squaring Mars in Scorpio. There's not a lot of ambivalence in this aspect. Certain limits are being encountered and we're called on to dig deep to find the courage to transform them, and to be ourselves even in the face of old fears. Use your energy constructively, knowing that sometimes destruction is the first creative step. Sometimes a period of relative seclusion provides the space for an emergent potential to flower.


It can take stepping back to notice a limitation to our full self-expression, but once we know it is there, we can free up a lot of energy by engaging with it. This can be challenging, but the effort is worth it. Is there anger coming up associated with a limitation to self-expression? See if you can't find the source of that limitation within and channel the energy of the anger or frustration into positive action. Mars is in Scorpio for some time to come, instructing us to choose our battles wisely.


Obstructed creativity can lead to a buildup of tension that may manifest as anger, frustration, depression or anxiety. Find creative channels for self-expression. More than say, simply exercising to tire the body out, channel the unexpressed energy into a form that is fully engaging and aligned with your essence. At the same time don't get hung up on the form - it's more about allowing your unique soul essence to flow through. Affirm with the light of the Full Moon that you will follow the call from within.


The Art of Poetry


I don’t speak for myself.

I don’t speak in my own name.

It’s not about me.


I am nothing but

a little life, a lot of pride.


I speak for all that is,

for what has form and no form.

I speak for what weighs heavily

and what is weightless.


I know everything around me

wants to go further, to live more fully,

to die more deeply,

if dying must be done.


So don’t think you hear within you

my words, my voice.


It is the voice of the present moving toward the future,

a voice approaching from beneath your own skin.


Eugène Guillevic (tr. from French by Paul Weinfield)…/eugene-g…/


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2016 Capricorn New Moon

Saturday, January 9, 2016

8:30pm EST, 5:30pm PST, 1:30am  (1/10)GT

19 Capricorn 13


Welcome to the first new Moon of 2016. This one is potent, in close connection with powerful Pluto and trickster, Mercury retrograde. As the year begins, you are invited within- Deep within - to re-connect with your natural gifts and heart-centered purpose.


Over the next couple of weeks, Mercury takes a trip to the underworld. Connecting with Pluto on his retrograde journey he'll bring messages from your soul that will become loud and clear by the light of the full Moon. Powerful intentions can be set. It's a choose your own adventure new Moon.


The new Moon is forming an auspicious angle to Jupiter retrograde and the North Node in Virgo. Powers of intuition and discernment are high. Rigid thinking gives way to the power of the truth. Jupiter is known to remove obstacles from the path and to bring abundance. It is your destiny to step into your work more fully and be a living example of the wisdom you hold.


Though Jupiter and Mercury retrograde indicate a shift in direction and in thinking, they don't imply stopping short. Before expansion, contraction, and before an outer manifestation, an inner change takes place. Sometimes you must go back before you go forward. Take time to reflect on your achievements and perhaps reassess goals, use of time, responsibilities, contracts and commitments.


One step always leads to another. You may need to switch routes or modes of transportation, but  if the desire is strong enough, you can always get there from here. Hold consistently to the feeling essence of a vision or goal as your most trustworthy guide. Follow the path that feels joyous and spacious.


Ruling the new Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius is making plans for the future with loving Venus, and also linking with ease to liberating Uranus. We are ever expanding, evolving beings. We need relationships, homes, and jobs that are flexible enough to grow and change as we do.


A core Capricorn teaching tells us that it takes a lot of energy to repress what is natural. As much as there is an invitation this new Moon to take yourself seriously and to quietly reflect, there is also an invitation to lighten up. Is there something you want to express but haven't felt ready to, or are afraid of bringing forward? Prepare to try that thing that scares you to death, but calls to your soul. Courageous effort made now will have lasting results. Celebrate your victories and keep moving to the beat of your own drum. The adventure is what you make it.


You are free to let go of a false identity; to let go of who you think you are supposed to be. The new Moon invites less thinking and more pure being. You may notice that when you begin to live from a place of greater truth and authenticity it might actually feel a bit unnatural, because it is new. Give your wings time to unfold.


To let go of the past and live in the present is a continual process of letting go and opening up, so that letting go becomes opening up. The new Moon brings up the past so you can let it go and open to the year ahead with renewed spirit and faith.





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2015 Cancer Full Moon

Friday, December 25, 2015

6:11am EST, 3:11am PST, 111:11am GT

3 Cancer 19


Days after the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the light of the Sun is returning and the Moon is shining in her fullness in the sweet sign of Cancer. The Moon is at home here; full from within, knowing she is safe and she is held. The Moon is held - aloft in her orbit and consistently moving through her phases. We are also each held aloft by invisible forces. Whether with others or on your own on this Full Moon, she fills you with love and compassion. Secure from within and standing in your truth, your relationships come into a better balance. The Moon in her power can stand on her own, and also fluidly open to others. She is the nurturer and she is nurtured.

Emotions may be rushing like a river, bringing healing of the highest order. The Cancer Moon can bring quick changing emotional currents and keen insights into emotional patterns. Uranus moving direct on the day of the Full Moon emphasizes detachment and observation; being able to step back, yet not deny, what you are feeling. The Moon trine Neptune connects you with the emotional energy of the collective. There can be increased intuition and psychic sensitivity. Love and compassion are saturating the atmosphere. There is also a bittersweetness connected to the end of the year and tragic losses. The Full Moon in Cancer brings the invitation to surrender to the waves of emotion; to let them move through you. There is peace in yielding and letting yourself be moved.

The heightened emotional energy of the Cancer Full Moon is a blessing. It is taught that emotions are sacred guides. They are course correctors; helping you feel your way into your heart and into your truth. To stay centered in your heart is stop arguing with reality. It is to radically accept what you are experiencing and feeling in each and every moment. Negative emotions hold powerful messages. Allowing emotions to run their course brings you back to the heart. This doesn't mean acting on them all, but staying with them, not jumping up into your head to analyze them too quickly, or at all. Holding the space to feel your emotions fully brings you to a vulnerable, open, heart-centered space.

Listening and aligning your actions with the truth your emotions guide you to, may yield some unexpected decisions. More and more people are celebrating the holidays in ways that resonate more with their actual needs than a cultural or familial expectation.

Uranus direct on the day of the Full Moon can symbolize the light returning with a flash. This is a powerful turnaround for the planet of transformation. The Full Moon in Cancer supports an inner integration so strong that you are joyfully compelled to begin a new cycle of extending into the unknown future. The year is ending but momentum is picking up.

It is said that we hold on to painful emotional imprints and memories more strongly than those that are positive. There can be a natural fear of the unknown, and a tendency to project the worst fears onto it. The powerful flow between the Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces helps bring closure where it is needed, and loving presence to emotional wounds, so that you can move forward free of fear and full of courage. The Full Moon trine Mars can stimulate the desire for peace-making in a tense relationship, but not at the expense of over-compromising your true needs. Jupiter and Mercury are also trine on the Full Moon bring an easy flow to communication and solidity to your trust in your inner guides.

Love is everywhere, all the time. You don't have to do anything to be worthy of it. You can think you are separate from it, but it's always there, readily apparent when you surrender the struggle, or rather, love and embrace the struggle with your divine heart.

Blessings and Love

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2015 Sagittarius New Moon

Friday, December 11, 2015

5:30am EST, 2:30am PST, 10:30pm GT

19 Sagittarius 03

The New Moon in Sagittarius infuses you with renewed spirit and faith. It invites you to expand a particular vision, to grow beyond limiting beliefs, and to know on a deeply intuitive level that you are connected to everyone and everything. The high energy of this New Moon can indicate an inner adventure, as much as initiation of outward action. New Moons are powerful times to set intention. With this one it may feel like those intentions are shot up into the sky like fireworks and met with immediate divine assistance. In trine to Uranus in Aries, the New Moon has an edge of unpredictability and holds the possibility for quick change, insights and illumination. Are you ready to set a clear intention? What are you ready to go for?


Knowing the essence of what you want counts for a lot. You don't have to know all the details of how it will come to pass. With Jupiter, ruling (and squaring) the New Moon, in Virgo, you may be feeling an inner tension building around a change that you need and want to make. There may be a lot of mental energy spent on details or unknowns. Relatively small issues can seem like major problems. Minor imperfections can trigger massive guilt. It's all perspective and you can shift it. The New Moon invites shifting your vibration to openness and awareness of the possibilities at hand, and gratitude for them. Can you identify one opportunity; one step you can take towards your goal that feels good? One step can be all it takes to set something in motion. If you can't find an enticing opportunity, wait five minutes, and a new one will likely show up! It's that kind of Moon.


There may be a heightened awareness of imperfection or of things not feeling quite right. The intention behind this is simply to point out where you can focus on self-improvement, or where you might be living out of alignment with your truth. Jupiter in Virgo and the Sagittarius New Moon help you to know from within what is true for you and what is not. There is a discernment process wanting to take place.


The New Moon comes at a time when you may already be in the midst of a powerful transition or a crisis. These situations always come paired with the opportunity for healing and growth. Along with connecting with loving and trusted others, cultivating a personal connection with nature can help you contain and assimilate the expansive new energies coming through. If you are struggling with a sense of contraction, overwhelm, or helplessness, nature is always there for you. This New Moon invites you out into the wild - to experience your physical nature, to connect with the elements, and to expand your perspective.


If you are feeling stuck, you might find a place to expand your view beyond the everyday visual limits of buildings or a busy landscape. If you live near one, you may want to go to the top of a mountain or the ocean and breathe as you let your eyes rest on a distant point. You could also simply go outside and look up at the limitless and expansive sky. Sagittarius is connected with nature and the cosmos - it may serve to go out into the night and meditate on a star or constellation.


Expansion and growth in any area of life takes time to be digested an assimilated. The New Moon may spark an exciting journey, but it also speaks directly to digestion and assimilation of information and experiences along the way. Digestion and assimilation of food are transformative processes in which nutrients are separated from waste, and energy completely changes form; food becomes part of your body. Like physical digestion, you likely desire for personal transformation to be as smooth as possible. Part of this means separating the nutrients from the waste; being discerning about what serves your highest good and what you let go of to make space for the next golden opportunity.


If digestion and assimilation are optimal, you receive many nutrients, and much energy from your food. Physical digestion takes time, relaxation, a little energy to fuel the process, and a pretty hands off approach. The same could be said for personal growth. Though we might think we are in control, there is much value in making space for grace to guide us. Some questions to contemplate: Are you taking time to integrate and assimilate the changes you are making in your life; to receive their gifts? If you are a student, are you sorting through all you are learning, allowing what matters most sink in deeply? Are you putting what you learn into practice? If you are working, are you doing so with intention and meaning? Are your actions coming from an assimilation and authentic expression of your own inner wisdom?


In a stressful state, the body is less capable of tending to daily maintenance and repair. Stress can also limit the ability to digest experiences and tune into intuition. Stress tends to melt when we form a loving relationship with it - acknowledging it for it's good intentions - but not buying into it. Can you find a thread of trust and faith that allows you to rest, attend to your needs, and ease into the future?


The flow of this unpredictable and beautiful life continues to speed along with the New Moon. Let it flow. Let it in, let it out, and trust the course it takes.


Many Blessings!


Flower Essences:

Flower essences are natural remedies that offer gentle energetic support. The essences below may be relevant based on the astrological activity at this time. For more information on the essences and how to use them, visit


Aspen - confers "trust and confidence to meet the unknown".

Blackberry - supports those who have difficulty translating ideals into concrete action.

Buttercup - for those who "undervalue themselves, their career, or vocation".

Clematis - encourages clear, focused presence in the now, when avoidance is the dominant pattern.

Dandelion - when there is great enthusiasm but too much activity, and an over-structured schedule, leaving little time for rest; helps relieve stress.

Filaree - when energy is being wasted on worry and over-attention to details; helps contain energy so it is available for more productive pursuits.


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