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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly October 5 - 11, 2015

All times given are EDT


Monday the 5th

This week has some large spans of time where the Moon is Void of Course (VOC)… so what is that? VOC patterns happen somewhat often as the Moon finishes with one sign and prepares to enter to the energy of the next. Sometimes it can be minutes and other times it can extend longer than 24 hours, like it does this week.

When we have VOC, there is a feeling of drifting and a challenge to lock things down. Its an optimal time for meditation, reflection and tapping into receiving downloads from your Source. When it happens during work days (like today) we can experience a slower pace and we may find that our agendas are not manifesting as we might like.

The Cancer Moon is VOC today from 7:05 AM until tomorrow morning at 4:32 AM EDT. Cancer is all about experiencing the power of our emotions… they are tickets to take us places. 

Where will your inner journey take you today? 

What nurtures you? Where 

do you protect yourself from others by shutting down? 

How can you allow the receptive every of the Divine Feminine to sooth your Soul?

Tuesday the 6th

This is one of those Big Energy days!
We wake up with a fiery Moon in Leo trining Saturn and sexting Mercury; quite a different energy than yesterday! We are ready to move and find creative solutions. But we can run into resistance… as the bigger news is a stepping stone (square) between the Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn that we will feel throughout the day.

The Pluto/Sun square tends to bring up stuff so we can transform it and many people can be reactionary today. As we love to say… stay mindful and don’t be one of them! The resistance can be remedied by choosing to love what we think are the dark/ugly parts. If you try to control a situation, well lets just say “good luck with that!” Remain neutral and see what is revealed.
If something pushes your anger button, love the part of you that is angry.

Mercury sextile Saturn at 6:58 PM, providing resources for clarity about making a decision. Mercury is retrograde and goes direct this Friday and will reconnect with Saturn next Tuesday. This is an opportune time to review what your working on and gain a new perspective. By next Tuesday the choice will be clear.

The day winds up with a bridge between Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces at 10:53 PM, another one we could have felt all throughout the day. This connects the physical body and how we are motivated to take actions to the limitless field of dreams and spirituality. Our bodies may feel lethargic and we could find motivation hampered. It is a time for realigning with our deepest inner being and could bring fantastic downloads in our dream world. get ready to record your dreams.

Wednesday the 7th

We get some recovery time today, after the intensity of yesterday. The Leo Moon sextiles the Sun early… time to let your heart shine. How can you celebrate with your inner child? A special morning treat or a generous hug with a loved one can be just the ticket.

The Leo Moon forms a fire trine with Uranus at 5:11 PM and you can bet that some surprising playfulness will be afoot. This is a day to lighten up, play and don’t take life so seriously!

The Moon is VOC ( see Monday’s reference) from 5:11 PM until tomorrow at 3:51 PM EDT. All the more reason to take it easy.

Thursday the 8th

The day starts with a VOC Moon in Leo ( lasts until 3:51 PM) what a great time to write a list of all we are grateful for; let generosity and appreciation set the tone.

The Moon and Venus enter Virgo later today; a shift to earthy, focused energy. traditionally, Virgo is all about the details and practical, realistic applications. In this new paradigm, Virgo adds a new quality of “wholing” ourselves back together. It’s all about service and healing with choosing accuracy over speed.

Venus, now out of her retrograde shadow, will be in Virgo until November 8th. Our hearts will get a boost from a job well done, spending more time in nature and being of service to others. Ask how you can refine an approach or a project. Also, its a great time to tend to reforming some health habits… just don’t go self-critical, keep it loving.

Friday the 9th

Here we are at Mercury Direct! So much hype about Mercury retrograde and to think it happens 3 to 4 times a year and lasts 8 weeks each time (when you include the shadow period). We certainly can’t shut down important decisions that often! It’s really a recalibration, regrouping time and Mercury will not leave the shadow until October 24th. So look to see what you have revisited and reviewed and what new forms of clarity are starting to emerge.

Mercury has just hooked up with the North Node at a very powerful point, indicating that we will be moving forward towards our lives calling with greater velocity and metal clarity.

At 3:42PM, Mercury and Venus form a harmonious aspect that refreshes our heart/mind connection. It’s been an intense time inside this Eclipse Wormhole and we could all use some warm hearted thinking.

The Virgo Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn at 6:12 PM and drifts off to a very long VOC that lasts until Sunday at 4:46 Am.  This earthy trine is fantastic for slowing down and taking some time to tune into your inner world and allow some transformation to take place. 

How do you speak to yourself when you are trying to get something right? How can you take greater care to “author” your life story from a place that is inspired by a loving inner being? Where do you need to do a rewrite? Take some time over this weekend to see what comes up if you ask yourself these questions.

Saturday the 10th

The Virgo Moon is VOC for the entire day, accenting the need to handle only what is infant of us and give up trying to forge ahead. Virgo is excellent at handling mundane, daily tasks ad as long as we don’t go into a perfectionistic overtone, somethings will get done.

Venus is now at 1 degree Virgo and she forms a stepping stone (square) to Saturn in Sagittarius late tonight. Traditionally, this speaks to a stressful scenario in relationships. All squares are opportunities for growth and if we consciously choose to own our own patterns (without blame and shame) and love ourselves enough to face our fears… great new beginnings can start from here. Be very honest with yourself without being brutal!

Sunday the 11th

The Libra Moon sets us on a pleasant path with harmonious aspects to Mercury, Saturn and Venus this morning. Conversations reestablish a new balance and being kind goes along way.
This morning helps us to integrate all the shifts of this past week, so take time to find inner peace and happy connections.

The Sun’s connection to Chiron today suggest some great healing is possible. We are at the end of a lunar cycle, suggesting a letting go is appropriate  and will open doors to new levels of well being.

Jupiter and Pluto form a powerful, exact earth trine to day at 7:52 PM … bringing to a peak a manifestation energy that is bound to bring good fortune of some kind.

This is the first of three times these two powerful planets will join in this manner during 2015,while Jupiter is in Virgo. This might be a strong indication of what we can restructure and rebuild in our lives, especially in the areas of health, work and writing our life script. Habits, behavior patterns and connections begun or ended at this time will most likely have profound and lasting influences. This is big cycle, fortunate energy. What will we do with it? Anything that involves better care of our environment (internal and external) will be supported.

"You attract what you judge until you no longer judge what you attract.” Matt Kahn



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Astrological Weekly Weather for September 28th - October 4th

All times written for EDT

Monday the 28th

Last week was so massive, it’s still ringing through our DNA, as it will for a while. Courageous choices and renewed independence can percolate for weeks to come, as we move further into uncharted territory.

This day can bring up some emotional challenges, as the Aries Moon gets frictional … 1st with Pluto midmorning, then with Saturn late afternoon, followed Mars at 6:58 PM and winding up with a lunar conjunction with Uranus that can bring a surprise at 9:31 PM.

Lets just say we need to lean into this day with some patience… roll with it and see what you learn. Challenging angles are designed to bring us strength and provide a leg up to facilitate growth.  Even if circumstances feel uncomfortable, Remember how powerful you are!

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” 

Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday the 29th

The Moon is in Aries and Void of Course, until she lands in Taurus at 2:58 PM. Until then we are still fire walking through the embers of the Full Moon Eclipse, so step lightly and keep looking inward.
Mercury (still retrograde) forms a semi-square with Venus and conversations that are heart related need special care. Retrograde Mercury loves to review, rethink and redo … just make sure you don't get stuck in history… once you discover the insight, let the past go and take the new gem of wisdom you plucked and apply it to the next step forward.

The sensuous, Taurus Moon forms an earthy trine with Mars at 7:52 PM, providing a strong sense of support and stability… something we can all find some comfort in. Let your senses bath in something soothing.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Wednesday the 30th

Our morning brings an earth trine between the Taurus Moon and Jupiter in Virgo. We can trust our inner voice to guide us to some refined perspective. This is a practical, get it done kind of energetic. Get to that to do list early and watch it shrink.

A retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun at 7 degrees Libra mid morning. A retrograde Mercury puts us way more in our subconscious, thats one of the reasons things get confusing.

Here is possible Clarity concerning internal mechanisms… coupled with the need to say what’s on your mind! Our next New Moon will be in Libra… what have you discovered about the way you relate in relationships, what have you needed to shift to establish a better balance with who you have become. Today brings this into a sharp focus. Remember Listening is as important as speaking. Be diplomatic.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” 

Winston S. Churchill

Thursday October 1st

The early morning hours can feel a bit rocky on this 1st day of October… yes, it is October!

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be on the planet, the illusion of time is speeding up tremendously. It’s not always smooth and easy, but so worth the ride!

Life is better when we take a moment to get centered and choose the frequency we emanate… make it conscious and dial it up! This sends a direct line to the Law of Attraction to bring you more of the same.

We can hear it a thousand times, but all that matters is the moment we are in… we attract what we emit. If we are worried or negative… we get more of the same. If we are open hearted, kind and loving… we get more of that. Pretty simple, THANK GOODNESS!
The Moon is Void of Course much of the day (always tap into allowing and receiving from your inner world during a VOC), until she enters mercurial Gemini at 4:04 PM EDT. Once in Gemini, she will form a bridge to Saturn, a semisquare to Uranus and a square (stepping stone) to Mars before the day and night is done. We could meet with some stubborn resistance in ourselves or others… either way, allow lots of room and choose to be the observer instead of the reactor, so you can see what’s behind it all.

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” – Swami Vivekananda

Friday the 2nd

The Gemini Moon trines the Libra Sun as the day dawns, inviting a playful perspective to energize the day with balance and harmony. Its a very different feel from yesterday. We can use this to enhance some needed communication. Mercury is still retrograde, so take your time and think about what you want to say 1st.

Mid afternoon and into the night, retrograde Mercury and Mars provide a helpful connection with an inherent opportunity for utilizing a resource that involves details. Work with it and remember the details and the big picture are equally important.

“Alice:How long is forever? White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.” 

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Saturday the 3rd

The Gemini Moon will sextile Venus at 1:19 PM and then go Void for 7 hours, giving us another (much needed) break… a great time to rest, reflect and integrate all the changes. So get your busy work and errands done before then and stay with the flow.
The Moon will move into Cancer ( her ruler) at 8:23 PM EDT and our focus turns more feeling oriented and less mental. The Cancer Moon is highly intuitive and all about the feminine and our emotional body. Where do we feel the most secure, at home and nurtured??? go there!

"With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.” Oprah

Sunday the 4th

Our Sunday morning swims in a dreamy water trine between the Moon in Neptune. This is one of those Sunday mornings where we love to stay in bed late and dream. Relish this time and let the day unfold intuitively, gently and with kindness as your strongest intention. Families can flourish here.

The Moon will form a stepping stone (square) to the Sun and shift our focus at 5:07 PM EDT. We will be posed to work something out. The solution will most likely come swiftly as the Moon will sextile Jupiter in a very supportive way just 40 minutes later.

We get a bridge between The Cancer Moon and Pluto at 8:14 PM EDT. Cross this bridge to find empowerment and nurturing. If you stay polarized on one side, defensiveness and power struggles could result. So go for seeing both perspectives form either side and avoid projections. Sometimes we need to nurture ourselves and not demand it from our “Mirror” in the “Other.” I’ll most likely take a hot bubble bath!

For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.” 

Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay




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Astrological Weekly Weather for September 21st - 27th, 2015

All times are written for EDT

Monday the 21st

Our Week begins with the Moon’s entry into Capricorn at 8:33 AM EDT. This is a sign of ultimate authority and inner integrity with our connection to the highest Source. We tend to get serious and goal-focused when the Moon is here. Our life structures become central as the Moon harmonizes with Saturn this morning.

Fiery Mars (still in Leo) challenges Pluto in Capricorn by mid-afternoon and many of us could feel the push pull of strategizing our next move. A creative flare has to finds it’s expression within the confines of a traditional, conservative atmosphere.

Venus and Chiron form an inconjunct and we are posed to make a choice concerning our hearts need for healing and wholing. Choose a different perspective than you normally would.

Remembering that we are in the middle of Eclipse Season and inside a Wormhole… can help us keep things in perspective. We are surfing big waves in unknown territory and we really won’t know where we are headed until we get there. Wormholes take us to unexpected places that we couldn’t get to otherwise. This is not the time to fight the current.

Fortunately, the evening is full of good vibes… we could even feel we are progressing closer to a goal.

Tuesday the 22nd

Early this morning (8:05 AM EDT) the Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn and our emotional body is in alignment with our sense of purpose… goals are infused with grounded, patient energy. This is a strong energy, utilize it for yourself and leave others to do the same as subsequent lunar aspects swiftly challenge us to keep our Ego’s in check.
The rest of the day has hints of “fussiness” all through it for those who don’t set the tone up front.. If we are aware of this… it can be circumvented as we stay in the observer mode and out of reactionary responses.

On the other hand … the entire day is leading to an exact fire trine between Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries at midnight. Peasant surprises and ah-hah moments are possible and romance gets rejuvenated in some unique way. Allow playfulness and spontaneity to lead the way.

Wednesday the 23rd

Here we are at the Fall Equinox and the aspects for this seasonal shift are auspiciously good. This sets a theme for the entire Fall Season and as it happens inside the Wormhole… opportunities can appear to have come out of the blue.

The Sun aligns with the North Node and Juno while forming a sextile to Saturn …and the Aquarius Moon trines the Sun and sextiles Saturn as well. That is undeniably supportive and creative energy ! Partnerships and connections can choose to deepened, when they support your life purpose.

This speaks to our consciousness as we hear the call to rise to our Soul’s Destiny. When we head the call, assistance from all over is provided by Universal forces in unexpected and miraculous ways. The bottom line is : We can no longer resist stepping up to be who we came here to be. Resistance is not only futile, but too painful to be worth it.

A grand fire trine between Venus, Uranus and Pallas Athena indicates ongoing, intuitive downloads and inspirations are readily available from the sacred feminine stream that is opening up and rebalancing how we use the sacred masculine to create and make things happen.

Thursday the 24th

We have a stepping stone - square forming between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The current Mercury retrograde asks for reflection and contemplation concerning relationships and the “mirrored self”. This powerful leg up opportunity is made even stronger by the fact that a retrograde Pluto turns direct tomorrow… so pay attention today!

What can you learn about power and cooperation when it comes to communications? Where do you you unconsciously give your power away or where do you try to dominate to feel safe?

Many of us are in the throws of getting something big off the ground, even if it isn’t fully defined yet… now is the time to notice where we are holding back and what we can gain by enlisting a sense of camaraderie and cooperation to the mix. This is not to dilute our ambitious goals, but rather to fortify them.

Mars enters Virgo tonight at 10:18 PM EDT and our physical connection to health and well being    will become front and center. Mars is the ruler of our physical body and the trigger to get things moving and he will be in Virgo until November 13th! Discernment and refinement and realignment are key words here.

If you have been trying to get motivated to change your diet or exercise program, Mars in Virgo will help to refine a system that will work for you and ground you for better consistency. Its time to put ourselves back together in a brand new way, but leave perfectionism and criticism out of it! :)

Friday the 25th

The Aquarius Moon is Void of Course until 3:44 PM, brilliant thinking is internalized. This is a great opportunity to reprogram our self-talk to be more unconditionally loving to Self.

Pluto turned retrograde on April 17th and today … he goes direct.

Pluto is all about a doorway to transformation and the death of the old and the rebirth of the new. We have had months of shadow work and clearing, purging… releasing… an ongoing process of making space for the new. This direct motion reflects our next phase… one of bringing our most recent, transformed understanding to the light of day, where we can create and regenerate from a new infusion of personal power..

Walk softly this morning and ease into the afternoon when the Moon swims off into Pisces at 3:44 PM.  Imaginations are activated.

Strong angles forming between the Moon, Saturn and Mars are an interesting mix that may reflect the need to build a stronger container for manifesting goals… delays can actually serve us, even though we want to push forward.

Slow down and look to see what you might have missed (always a good policy while Mercury is retrograde) - It can be vital to ensure the success of what you want to build at this time.
Saturday the 26th
Ahhh, it’s a bit more mellow today with another Void of Course Pisces Moon from just after midnight last night, all the way until 3:30 PM today.  Translation: take it easy, be artistic, compassionate, connect with the vastness, meditate, follow your intuition, rest… just be.

We are resting up for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (the last of the 4 Blood Moons) that occurs tomorrow at 10:50 PM EDT.

Sunday the 27th

With the Pisces Moon building through the morning, its another opportunity to tap into the creative, intuitive aspects of our inner being. We will be feeling the energy building towards the Eclipse that happens tonight … but for now, do your best to chill, after all, it’s Sunday!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happens at 10:50 PM when the Aries Moon and the Libra Sun form that perfect opposition (polarity - bridge) of the mirrored Self. Again, not only is this an Eclipse (a full Moon on steroids) but it is the closest Super Full Moon of this year.

Relationship dynamics and imbalances will be front and center and ripe for a new level of awareness. My needs verses the needs of others; how do we navigate this territory in a more balanced and evolved way?

Venus trines Uranus and Saturn trines the Moon… revolutionary awakenings to the heart and the capacity to build wiser structures to nourish and support the emotional body are part of the dynamic.
The Sun is hand in hand with Juno (sacred partnership) and Black Moon Lilith (inner feminine knowing) while the Moon aligns with Vesta (passion and dedication). There is tremendous Goddess Energy activated in this Eclipsed Full Moon! We will see gender rolls being completely transformed even beyond what has currently happened.

The Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine are forging a connection way beyond what has existed in the past.

This mirror of Self via the Other can show us where we stand with our own internal relationship of feminine (allowing, receiving)  and masculine (action and creativity)… it’s worth a look!

As is true for all Full Moons, its a time of completions, release and for purging anything that is no longer serving our highest good. Eclipses can be very emotional times and it helps to get still and allow yourself to discover what is coming up from the subconscious depths to be revealed. How the Eclipse connects to your personal birth chart can be even more telling… something a private reading would reveal.

What will you gain from an honest assessment at this time? Stay present and listen.



Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $145. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024


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Weekly Weather for September 14th - 20th, 2015

All times are written for EDT

We have entered the wormhole... embarking on a wild ride in a sideways elevator that takes us to someplace we wouldn't normally get to... (thank you Stephanie Azaria for that great image).

Eclipses work in pairs and the New Moon eclipse from yesterday will feed into the Full Moon Eclipse that occurs on the 28th in the sign of Aries. This time period has a 6 month influence and with Jupiter in Virgo for the next year… balancing the details with the big picture (trees / forrest), will be a recurring theme concerning our daily habits, health patterns and how we are of service to others.

The eclipsed Virgo Sun is directing energy inward for a personal check up. How are you attending to your well being? your physical health? Have you been ignoring messages from your body?These next two weeks can act like a reset... we can reboot into a zone where our self care is renewed. It can be a wild ride in the process, so fasten your seatbelt and hands in the air…. again :)

The Eclipses will help to clarify more relationship doubts… as we all will be continuing to sort out and recognize the importance of our personal needs and how to balance them with what the other half wants and expects from us. Its more mirror work :)

“How puzzling all these changes are! I'm never sure what I'm going to be, from one minute to another.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Monday the 14th

On the heels of the Solar Eclipse, the Libra Moon invites us to seek balance and beauty in our daily experience. Self soothing and self care is an on going theme right now. We may shift our relationship to food, exercise, sleep and play… some of the ways we nurture ourselves.

With Ceres turning direct today, we will begin to find it easier to self-nurture in all the ways that matter. It’s a good day to take stock on where you may have become too dependent on someone else for your well being. Ceres in Capricorn reminds us that we can best discover our ability to feel nurtured by fully stepping into the truth of who we really are.
Tuesday the15th

The Libra Moon is very busy today, providing opportunities to restore balance in many areas and the early morning presents an open door for harmonious communications while sharing those good-loving feelings.

Around 2:30 EDT, the Moon forms a bridge to Uranus in Aries and situations and relationships can take surprising turns… roll with it. Later tonight, the energy supports greater ease and creative expression.

Wednesday the 16th

It’s a quiet day as far as Lunar aspects are concerned. The Moon enters Scorpio at 11:43 AM EDT and any kind of research and deep analysis will reveal powerful truths.

We have been headed towards a bridge between Jupiter and Neptune and it will become exact today and tomorrow. Wisdom meets dreams and spiritual understanding is expanded.
Dreams, meditation and spiritual realizations can facilitate a return to greater emotional stability and some tension relief… we could all use some of that. Utilize this energy to explore your highest vision and allow yourself to connect to the limitless field.

Imagination is powerful today… don’t let your dependency on factual data cause you to close the door to infinite intelligence and massively expansive ideas. Look up and reach into the vastness … see what downloads.

Thursday the 17th
This day is so huge and I couldn’t begin to share my take on it all. Here is the lineup:
The Jupiter in Virgo - Neptune in Pisces bridge
Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius
Mercury turns retrograde

I wrote some about the Jupiter/Neptune bridge yesterday. There is another view of this bridge…one where clarity can emerge from the fog, as we drop old stereotypes and venture forth into unknown territory. Inclusive energy - not exclusive.

Something nebulous and over the top can be part of this on a global scale… bringing humanity to the call for greater wisdom and compassion. With Jupiter in the Earth sign of Virgo… spirituality can become more grounded and practical and show us asin how we choose to be of service to the greater whole.
Quantum physics could deliver even more discoveries about our vibrational reality. Virgo can represent the tiny, as it did when the microchip was invented. There is something here about the innate connectivity between the smallest of units to the large, endless vastness. Micro/Macro
Saturn has been swimming in the deep waters of emotional Scorpio for 2 years and today he moves on and will not swim there again for another 30 years or so. It’s a big shift. With Saturn moving into Sagittarius for the next 2 years, it will be a time for truth telling and clearing the decks of the life patterns that keep us slaves to the little ego mind.

Sagittarius is optimist and expansive, it’s ruled by Jupiter and with all the shifts today, I know we are stepping into a new world where we all have to choose as individuals … what kind of world are we creating form the inside out. Saturn in Sagittarius can write a very positive story for this planet if we are willing to be responsible for all our projections .

Mercury turns retrograde today and then go direct on October 9th. Mercury's shadow period began August 28th and endsOctober 24th. We will have many days with the planet of the communications and our mental faculties in the relationship balancing sign of Libra. the Full Moon Eclipse on the 27th lights up the bridge of the mirrored self… all relationships. So this theme will go for awhile. It’s review time!

I suggest using this retrograde period to discover how to further refine the balancing act that we all have in relationships. Agreements can be renegotiated and redefined. It’s dynamic and ever changing in nature and every incident is an opportunity for us to see ourselves in the other and gain a greater perspective of truth… that we are all one on the highest level.


Friday the 18th

The morning allows us some moments to reflect in that deep, Scorpio Moon kind of way. Take your time implementing plans; after yesterday’s big-wheel shifts, it’s best to pace yourself and give everyone some breathing room.

The Moon sextiles the Sun at 2:26 EDT bringing creative solutions and resources to the foreground; its a good time to discuss options. Then, Mars will form a square (stepping stone) with the Scorpio Moon just an hour later. Another reason to give everyone lots of breathing room. It’s not a time to push an agenda.

The Moon rockets off into Sagittarius at 11:32 PM EDT and our emotional body gets a lift as well. Dreams take asset there.

Saturday the 19th

The Sagittarius Moon will connect to the Jupiter/Neptune bridge (opposition) in a way that will bring up some of what we discovered on Wednesday and Thursday. Look for the truth in your own heart and avoid trying to convert others. This is not about being right, if you find yourself wanting to make someone wrong, perhaps you could take another approach that would be more empowering and stabilizing.
With Mercury retrograde this is a journey to go within and reconnect to your Source. Go there for greater peace and more ease in your day.

Sunday the 20th

Our Sunday morning is filled with harmonious understanding and an enthusiasm to share love and laughter.  Its a great day to get out and play! Join friends and family and allow yourself time to look up and see the world from a positive “the cup is half full” perspective.

Yes, there is crazy stuff going on and the old ways are falling apart, as is needed for a new world to emerge. There is way more magic and goodness here in our world as we transition to a brand new life… please celebrate that today.

"Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof." 

- Kahlil Gibran


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $145. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.769.6279…