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Merrily’s Weekly Weather for August 18th – 24th

All times are written for E.D.T.

Monday the 18th
We start the week out with a very fortunate conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Leo at 1:22 AM. When the planet of Love (Venus) joins Jupiter (wisdom and expansion) in the sign of Leo (consciousness and creativity) it’s a great opportunity for us to experience a heart opening on a brand new level. Today is a great day to count blessings, bath in appreciation and focus on gratitude with loving expression. This is planting seeds for more abundant love and wisdom in our future.

The Moon is in Gemini for the entire day and early in the morning she forms sextiles to Jupiter and Venus, further emphasizing the love connection. Let people know how you feel with a creative appreciation for life and all its many blessings. There is a bump in the energy in the late afternoon that we can rise above. The Gemini Moon hooks up with Pluto in Mars in a way that can bring up old power struggles, so let’s do our best to stay out of knee jerk responses.

The night is colored by a Mercury/Neptune bridge that will heighten our imagination and creativity. The mind is focused on inspiring ideas that can lead us to a spiritual expansion. Just know that it may be hard to think in practical terms and let your dreams lead the way for now.


Tuesday the 19th
While we slept (hopefully), the Sun contacted Pluto in a challenging way and this may have stirred up some frustration or issue around personal power and confidence. If something comes up from that, just realize it’s an opportunity to clear away a belief that could be holding you back.

The rest of the day is relatively quiet astrologically and we can enjoy a pleasant connection between Mercury and Jupiter that enhances communications after 2:00 PM. At 10:54 PM, The Gemini Moon sextiles the Sun and we can experience good feelings and share in harmonious conversations.

Wednesday the 20th
The Moon moved into Cancer (her home sign) at 4:46 AM and the energy shifts to a more sensitive, intuitive focus. As she flows along, she bumps into Saturn at 9:31 AM, possibly bringing up insecurities and tempting us to go on the defensive. This is not a time to push, instead we can catch a glimpse of what needs to be adjusted in our own emotional field and move forward consciously. Resist the temptation to make someone else responsible for your own well-being.

The Cancer Moon trines Neptune in Pisces at 5:30 PM, sending us deeper into intuitive, nurturing waters. Overall, we have an opportunity to flow in this soothing steam that bring comfort and pleasure to our home and hearts. Share the love!

Thursday the 21st
The morning starts with a slight hiccup at 7:49 AM, when Venus and Pluto find it hard to dance together and we could experience some relationship stress. Just take it in a productive direction that clears the air by adjusting your thinking and choose empowerment and cooperation over any power struggle that might be revealed. If it won’t be important way down the road… don’t make such a big deal of it now.

This day is mostly about a powerful trine between Mercury (communications, the messenger) and Pluto (the transformer, re-birther) in earth signs. Our ability to put our minds to a task and concentrate with laser like focus is heightened today. It’s a great day to do research, get to the bottom of things and have powerful communications that are transformative. The Moon trines Saturn at 3:35 PM and practical planning can serve us well, as we see how to take all the imaginative ideas that have bubbled up recently and make them tangible in our reality.

Friday the 22nd
Energies shift around as we are headed towards the Moon’s entry into Leo at 4:50 PM and the Sun entering Virgo just after midnight. Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Leo are busy this morning; analytical mind and passionate heart are growing together in new ways. Positive communications about desire and what you value are on the table… leave criticism out of the equation for the benefit of all!

At 4:08 PM, the Leo Sun and Cancer Moon present another chance to shine brightly from the inside out, supporting self-expression that generously nurtures ourselves and others. The Sun leaves the fiery, playful world of Leo and grounds the solar energy in the realm of earthy, feminine Virgo late tonight. Virgo doesn’t shove and push, she allows and receives with dicernment. It’s back to school season for many and the Virgo energetic assists us to focus on details and practical issues, while staying connected to divine feminine energy (goddess, virgin mother) as we begin to say good bye to the summer festivities.


Saturday the 23rd
Around 2:30 AM, Mars and Uranus stirred up some unfinished business that may have had us feeling like we were in an agitation cycle. Sometimes when aspects like this happen in the middle of the night, we get to process them out in dreams, or we just have a restless sleep. Either way, we swiftly move to a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Leo (starting at 9:47 AM), that is bound to feel pleasant and full of warm fuzzy feelings that stimulate romance, creativity and generosity.

The Lunar connection to Pluto around 3:30 PM may challenge some of us to a dance of wills. As long as you keep focused on looking for empowering solutions, we can cruise past conflict. Stay on the high road and it will guide you directly to the Moons conjunction to Venus in Leo tonight, which is sure to leave us feeling uplifted and optimistic. Let your heart speak your truth tonight.

Sunday the 24th
Make a concerted effort to dial your energy to a positive place that is prepared to roll with the unexpected today. There are opportunities to have breakthroughs in healing, if we are willing to go for it. The overall energy today can feel unpredictable and unstable as the Sun and Mercury and Uranus stir up the celestial pot. Uranus in Aries can be brilliant and somewhat restless and impulsive, delivering surprises that can illuminate the higher mind, if we stay flexible and open-minded.

Mercury in Virgo (detailed communications) forms an opposition to Chiron (wounds and healing) with a quincuncx to Uranus (great awakener), so commit to witness what you can heal and release. Why hold onto an old story that you keep retelling that is painful! What new story would you like to feed?

The agitation that potentially exists today can be viewed as a catalyst for growth that can lead us out of aggravation into a new sense of mental liberation. It’s a day to remember we always have a choice in our perspective and that perspective forms our personal reality.

We are headed for a very positively, power-packed Monday, so clear the decks and rest up! Tally Ho :D

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
― Frank Zappa

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 Merrily’s Astrological Weekly Weather for August 11th – 17th
All times are written for E.D.T.

Monday the 11th
Today and tomorrow the Pisces Moon reflects a kindness we can utilize to help keep our focus clear. If any victim thoughts enter your perspective or someone’s around you, choose to tap into the higher vibration of Pisces… healing, compassion and potent creative connections to your intuition. This whole day is bathed in the oceans of Piscean waves and we may find it challenging to focus on mundane tasks and responsibilities.

Daydreaming will feel like the easiest place to be. Here’s the trick… use the creativity generated by this vibration (via your intuition) to infuse your work with broader strokes and a perspective that opens you up to a new potential. Neptune will be in his own sign of Pisces until June of 2025! Every month the Pisces Moon comes around to join nebulous Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) as it does this evening at 7:27 PM. This is not a time to push for anything! Allowing things to flow right now will be the best way to go.

Tuesday the 12th
Venus changes signs at 3:24 AM and enters Leo. She will be in the sign that rules the Sun until September 6th. When the planet of love and attraction dances into the sign of Leo, it’s time to shine and play… be romantic and courageous with your heart. Be aware that we can go overboard with dramatic displays and some will zero in on the need for acclaim or approval. Generosity and gratitude will wisely keep us in a good place.

The Pisces Moon makes amenable connections to Uranus (awakener) and then Saturn (inner authority) early in the day, supporting us to “color outside the lines”. We could find a newly inspired perspective that can be integrated into a current, solid foundation. Dreams and future visions are expanding and we can dare to take notice.

Wednesday the 13th

Today feels very different from the last two. It starts with a Moon in Aries that gets us up and running like the energizer bunny. Often, Aries likes to act and then think about it after. The fiery Moon trines Venus at 11:44 AM adding a softening agent to the impulsive, action seeking Aries Moon. It’s a great time to see if you can tap into your higher mind.

At 3:44 PM, Mercury and Pluto form a sesquiquadrate that can derail our communications if we are not mindful enough. Keep all discussions above board and steer clear of undermining and mistrusting thoughts. We can successfully navigate through this testy part of the day by choosing the high road in our conversations, speak from the heart and leave doubt and withholding out of the equation. The evening provides harmonious aspects between the Aries Moon and Jupiter and then Neptune, setting the tone for a pleasant night when inspiration can fuel our joy.

Thursday the 14th
Before sunrise, Uranus and the Moon form a parallel that could leave our nervous system feeling a little over cooked, so easy on the caffeine! I say that because the next aspect the Moon makes is a conjunction to Uranus and this fired up energetic can bring sudden surprises and awakenings that can be jolting, if not exciting. A strong drive to act independently can conflict with a knowing that team work will garner better results. Inspiration is fired up and looking for a place to plant seeds.

There is a tricky connection between Jupiter and Neptune forming very late tonight, when logical thinking can be undermined by dramatic responses. It’s best to stay grounded in remembering that kindness matters and is usually more effective.

After lunchtime it calms down quite a bit and we are headed for a trine between the Aries Moon and the Leo Sun at 10:24 PM. Let the late night reveal your heart’s revelations and enjoy the good feeling of “being on fire” with this pure energy. Play time :D

Friday the 15th
This can be a very productive day! Mars and Pluto join in a sextile, encouraging us to plow through the debris and get to the core of the matter to find solutions. We have an easy trine between the Aries Moon and Mercury in Leo right around noon, sparking lively, agreeable conversations that feel uplifting. Just 8 minutes later, the Moon enters earthy Taurus and practicality takes the helm, directing us to bring the new found inspiration into the realm of workability and practicality.

Mercury leaves showy, ‘look at me’ Leo and enters the discerning, earthy domain of Virgo at 12:44 PM, where he will reside until September 3rd. Communications will be more toned down and efficiency will take priority over grandiose ideas. We will have an opportunity to pragmatize some of those flamboyant ideas we danced with over the past weeks.

The evening takes on a more relaxed quality after a potentially eventful day, as the Taurus Moon makes lunar connections to Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. We spend the rest of the night, looking for new levels of comfort concerning our expanded experience of love, spirituality and wisdom. Soft fabrics, tasty food, smooth skin and sweet nectars sound just about right.

Saturday the 16th
The Taurus Moon trines Pluto at 8:12 AM and we feel strong in our convictions as we start the day. About an hour later the Moon will oppose Mars in fixed signs (Taurus/Leo) and adjustments may need to be made, so let’s not close our minds and dig our heels in just yet. The Taurus Moon and Uranus in Aries can add to the need for changes that support growth at 5:09 PM, so keep your options open and remain respectful.

The Moon and Saturn form and opposition (a bridge) around 7:00 PM, indicating it’s a time to look within for answers concerning management of resources. Get quiet and turn inward. Listen for what your inner teacher says to you, not what some external authority is repeating and you can find strength in your inner knowing that will override the appearances of assumed limitations.

Sunday the 17th
Hello Sunday… help me find my rest today. Let me enjoy Mother Nature and ignore petty grievances that will soon pass. That’s how I would greet this day!

Yes, we have energies today that bring up insecurities and stubborn responses may be tempting… but we do not have to go there. Take time to get centered and trust the ride gets smoother at 6:42 PM when the Moon enters malleable Gemini. Just after midnight Venus and Jupiter form a conjunction (they are one) that is bound to delight us all. Optimist, expansive, hopeful, romantic, fortunate… these are some of the buzz words for this alignment. It’s a perfect time to free your heart and let love and the wisdom inherent in appreciation, send you over the top into sheer joy. Go for it!


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 Merrily’s Astrological Weekly Weather for August 4th – 10th


All times are written for E.D.T.

Monday the 4th
Very early in the morning the Scorpio Moon and Saturn join together and they set a serious, deep-focused tone to the early morning hours. It will go smoothly when we let people have their privacy and we stay in our own process to witness our inner truth. Meditation is rewarding.

The focus shifts from structure and responsibility in the morning to embracing our hearts passion after lunch. It’s a harmonious afternoon and ripe for discussing our deepest discoveries and feelings and we may find that loved ones can appreciate our perspective. The rest of the day marinates in positive energy and we look to see what manifests.

Tuesday the 5th
The Moon shifts from the intense waters of Scorpio, to the expansive – inspirational world of Sagittarius at 6:19 AM. That’s a noticeable energy shift that lightens up our perspective and fires up our need for truth. Patience and lots of deep breaths work well for this fast paced energy.
Watch out for some crisis of faith or self-doubt that could muddy your waters when an unsettling Venus/Neptune connection occurs at 10:23 AM. We may not see very clearly during this time, so take it easy on yourself and others, as imagination overtakes practicality.

During the afternoon and evening the Sagittarius Moon is very busy interacting with Jupiter (wisdom), Mars (action) , Neptune (dreams) and finally… Venus (love). It’s a great day to see how hope and belief play a significant part in our lives. Optimism will carry us the farthest.


Wednesday the 6th
Today Pluto (Capricorn) and Mercury (Leo) start the day out in an unsettled connection that suggests we have some adjusting to do around our communications. Have we been using our intellect to hold ourselves back? Are we headed down a path that doesn’t feel right? Are we out of touch with our own inner authority and instead, relying on approval? If so, we can choose to make the needed course corrections that will empower us.

We ride the upbeat energy that the Sagittarius Moon emits and it makes the journey today a bit easier. At 10:52 AM the Moon trines Uranus and there is potential for an awakening, a surprise that can be both pleasant and revolutionary. We are headed to a Mars/Neptune trine tomorrow morning that will calm any crazy waters that have been stirred up, so let it all be.

Thursday the 7th
Here is a smooth morning for our emotional bodies as Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. This energetic aligns the power of taking action (Mars) with our dreams and visions (Neptune), resulting in some fantastic, creative energy we can use to nurture our soul. Trust your instincts now.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 9:39 AM, bringing some grounding and structure to the intuitive, watery trine that engulfs the day. After dinner, the Capricorn Moon will sextile Neptune and then Mars, adding to the connectivity and productivity available today. Feeling pretty nice

Friday the 8th
Lots going on today… all very awakening, liberating and empowering!  At 12:22 PM, Mercury and the Sun come together in Leo and minds and hearts are confidently aligned… we are on fire with love and generosity. Self-expression is flowing and creative ideas are popping; we want to celebrate.

Stoke the fires with added inspiration when Mercury moves to trine Uranus in Aries, at 4:14 PM. Surprises and innovation are all part of the atmosphere and we can find gems within the flames. The higher mind is activated to bring clarity so pay attention and see what you get. It doesn’t stop there…

The Leo Sun trines Uranus in Aries at 8:36 PM and enthusiasm can go over the top. Egos may be hard to contain with all of this energy and we will all need to check that. If we focus on the higher aspect of expressing newly, innovative and playful aspects of ourselves, we can refresh ourselves in a very enlivening way. Having a project to direct this energy into can be very helpful and productive.

At 10:50 PM Mercury will square Saturn and all that enthusiasm meets up with your inner teacher, the one that tells you the real deal. No need to go to fear based thinking or belief in limitation, instead listen for you inner guidance to clarify and support what you allowed to show up today. We are all learning in a brand new way about what works and what doesn’t.

Saturday the 9th
At 9:53 AM, The Moon enters Aquarius and a need for independence drives us forward towards a Full Moon on Sunday. At 11:11 AM the Leo Sun squares Saturn and we are reminded by the tension to choose wisely. Stephanie Azaria speaks of squares providing a “leg up” in 5D, as opposed to it just feeling like a difficult challenge in 3D. I like this a lot… realizing that we can use our wiser, more evolved self to experience the strength we have built from traversing the squares of our past 3D experiences. The awareness of the strength we have gained creates the “leg up” and I find it very enlightening to view it this way. Thank you Stephanie J

Around dinner and into the night, the Aquarius Moon will oppose Jupiter and then square Mars. When the Aquarius Moon is engaged with the planet of expansion and the planet of action in this manner, its best to keep discussions light-hearted and refrain from any attachment to proving who is right. Taking anything to an extreme is unwise at this time; it’s best to adapt a sense of humor and appreciation for originality instead.

Sunday the 10th
The Full Moon at 18 degrees of Aquarius, occurs at 2:09 PM, E.D.T. today. This is another one of the 5 Super Moons that occur this year, where the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit. Super Moons produce greater gravitational fields that tug at the tides and result in stronger electromagnetic fields that effect the Earth’s alignment within herself, as well as our own inner alignment, physical bodies and emotions.

In this cosmic dance, the Moon in Aquarius is directly opposite the Sun in Leo (joined by Mercury) and Uranus in Aries sextiles the Moon and trines the Sun. Also Saturn forms a T-Square to the Moon and the Sun. This is a very dynamic configuration. So what does all of this mean?

I can only share my interpretation and as you may have noticed by now… I always attempt to put it into positive terms. Dynamic in my head just means there is a lot going on and it’s powerful and we need to give extra attention to integrating the energy. This is a very creative and auspicious cycle where we are looking to find balance and it’s imperative that YOU take good care of YOU! We are living in extreme, changing times and we can lose balance easily.

Dynamic aspects challenge us to look at our fears, to observe what motivates us and how we can be more loving to ourselves. So many of us are so passively aggressively disapproving of ourselves and it’s a time to move past that behavior and let it go… just say no to it from now on. Show up for yourself and trust your instincts and let your intuitive divine nature lead you to Self-Love of the highest kind. Strive to be the example of the change you wish to see in others by doing the inner work and discovering that loving your Self is an enlightening act.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for July 28 – August 3, 2014


All times are written for E.D.T.
Monday the 28th
We start this week with a powerful bridge (opposition) that forms at 2:36 AM between Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. There can be a bit of a balancing act needed as relationships, family connections and questions of personal power come into play. Why not use this energy to raise your own and go for empowering your higher heart with a good dose of self-love. Being Self-Centered (in the true sense of knowing your Self… not the Ego) is actually a very healthy way to empower others; when your vibration resonates higher, it supports others to shine as well. Be aware that passion and fear are up for examination and choose to be the observer, rather than the engager.

The Moon in Leo can help us to find clarity concerning issues that need clearing from the Venus/Pluto reveal. Remember Leo is all about inner gratitude and the creative juices that flow from a happy heart. Self-care will serve you well at this time. The Moon enters Virgo at 11:37 PM providing a grounded energy that we can use to implement some of the big plans that have emerged from a grandiose New Moon.

Tuesday to 29th
The Virgo Moon leads us out in the morning with some strong mental focus and the ability to get that “to do list” handled in a practical, efficient fashion. Use the morning to get things done before the Moon opposes Neptune at 1:48 PM. This bridge between the Moon and Neptune could leave us feeling a bit unfocused with a case of what I call blurry brain. I usually just want to day dream when this happens.

It’s good for inspiration and creative endeavors that can lead to fantasy filled dreams tonight. This is intensified as just after midnight, the Sun and Neptune come together and we can dive deeper into uncharted creative waters. Meditation and a cup of tea sound just about right.

Wednesday the 30th
Take it easy today and enjoy the mild cosmic influences that can make this “Hump Day” feel pretty good. We can still notice the energy of the Sun/Neptune connection that bathed our sleep time with bold colors and loving dreams as we start this day. With the Moon still in Virgo, making harmonious connections to Venus and Saturn, we can apply some practicality to our vision and find support in our surrounding environment that feels good. Be of service without self-sacrifice and rest up, for tomorrow is a packed day.
Thursday the 31st
The morning starts off on good footing with a Moon/Mercury sextile that sets the tone for a flow of communications that open doors and provide solutions.  The Moon leaves earthy Virgo and enters peace keeping Libra around lunch time. When the Moon is in Libra, we tend to look for what is fair, what feels balanced, weighing both sides of the equation; our afternoon is mostly about that.

Mercury (the intellect and communicator) leaves Cancer and dances into Leo around supper time and messages take on a decidedly different flair. Bold color, gregariousness, emanating inner light, gratitude and celebration are all qualities of Leo that have come to the foreground, special delivery of the New Moon we just had that joined Jupiter in Leo. Having Mercury in the same sign) (ruled by the Sun, fires up our creative drives as we look to how we can express ourselves more authentically. Leo is bold and has great courage, but sometimes it needs tempering with a mild dose of humility. We may see some over the top “look at me” examples of Leo going to the extreme, but we could just as well observe powerful expressions of generosity and hearts jumping for joy.

To top of the night, the Libra Moon sextiles Jupiter in Leo and another bottle of enthusiasm is uncorked and bubbles over the top, if you let it. Around Midnight Venus and Uranus square off, so relationships may experience unexpected surprises and as long as we remain open to changes, it can be exciting and pleasurable. At this point, everything works better when we choose to give up resistance and go with the flow. Tomorrow has some harmonizing, healing energy that will be helpful!

Friday August 1st

Here we are at the 1st day of August, Wow, it seems like that came really fast (compliments of the Chinese year of the Metal Horse)! Just around sunrise, Venus (still in Cancer) and Saturn in Scorpio form a supportive trine and our day starts out with good footing and we manifest happy vibes with family and home.
Shortly after, Venus will trine Chiron and if we have been needing to heal our heart… now is a perfect time to attend to that. The healing is an inside job and if we can allow the release to happen, it can be magical. Keeping the past alive sometimes keeps a better future from showing up. Don’t let a challenging hook up between the Moon and Pluto throw you off course and ensnare you in some kind of power struggle! Stay in your own space and own your feelings.

Around dinner time Mars (Scorpio) will square Jupiter (Leo) and this is a great stepping stone for getting our motivation going. We need to watch out for overdoing and taking things to an extreme that could be harmful. This is not the time for hasty decisions and with the Moon in Libra we may find it hard to make a choice. However, this Leo energy is power packed with the light of the Sun and we can ride this solar energy to brand new horizons!

Saturday the 2nd
We start this day with a VOC (void of course) Libra Moon and she makes NO aspects at all! So I say it’s a morning for us to find rest and appreciate the beauty surrounding us and just take it easy as we appreciate all that we love in this life! Find your inner peace in a way that works for you.

The energy builds to an awesome Mercury/Jupiter Leo conjunction midafternoon and enthusiasm is over flowing yet again. Share your ideas and take time to notice all we have to be grateful for… let your mental creativity burn full force and see what comes from it. If you needed to sell someone on an idea, this is the day for it! Just be aware that Mercury is headed for a square to Mars around 9:00 tonight and someone may want to engage in a sparring match of some sorts to gain control… don’t join them!

With Mars in Scorpio, some people may take it to lower ground and focus on battle or revenge… but many of us will be taking it to the higher ground of manifesting positive transformation through action. Motivation for transformation and growth will take you to a good place so go for that.

The Moon enters the deep waters of Scorpio around Midnight tomorrow and it’s time to examine our emotional well-being and check in with our own inner authority.

Sunday the 3rd
This is one of those days where I would say, set your intention and find your center before you get rolling out of the bed. The Scorpio Moon is very active today and we are likely to run the gambit of emotional responses unless we make a concerted effort to center ourselves so we can be the observer, looking at the ever shifting feelings from a truly empowered place. Just imagine standing on the beach at the water’s edge and notice how it all comes in and goes out… well that’s how this day is and much of it is easy and much of it is challenging… it’s a big mix!

This is a day that can be very transformative and enlightening. The challenge will be to not get ensnared in a net of fear, self-doubt or negativity. We need to remember we are always at choice and we can choose wisely with conscious awareness and feel gratified as a result.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss



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