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Weekly Weather Report for March 23 - 29, 2015

All times are written for E.D.T.

I am fascinated by this fact:
The surface of the earth at the equator moves at a speed of 460 meters per second--or roughly 1,000 miles per hour. That’s pretty fast! We don’t feel this, but it sure has felt like life is spinning pretty fast these days. More on that later… Have a great week as we ride the Wormhole Eclipse Season.


Monday the 23rd
If I were to put a title on the page of this day … I would name it “pleasant perspectives”, with a Taurus moon sextiling Mercury at 10:25 AM to start the day. We can make the most of this day with harmonious conversations that can light up creative ideas. Stay open to the messages and signs that are all around us.

This mellow, Taurus moon will be VOC (void of course) until tomorrow morning at 9:23 AM, providing us with time for inner reflection, review and integration… all of which will help to calm our experience of the cosmic-climate intensity of last week. We are most definitely inside a wormhole between two eclipses, so continue to know that anything goes and don’t try to figure it out just yet.

Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces form a sweet sextile at 2:26 AM tomorrow, but we will most certainly feel it late tonight. This is highly romantic, heart-felt and all about a “higher love”, where our dreams are idealistic and warming to all the senses. Snuggle up and revel with your heart.


Tuesday the 24th
We will still feel the magic of the Venus/Neptune sextile when we awaken and our dreams may have been filled with insights. The Moon enters busy Gemini at 9:32 AM and she swiftly forms agitated aspects to Pluto and Uranus between 10:00 and 10:40 AM. Whatever presents itself is not worth getting twisted up about! Just observe the info, gather the data and ride the helpful train that rolls in after 4 PM, when the Gemini Moon sextiles the Aries Sun and sparks of inspiration fly.
We can turn potential into actuality with a bridge that forms between the Gemini Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius, right around 6 pm. If you have been vacillating about a choice, this can help you to gain some clarity. Take the 1st step in an inspired direction.


Wednesday the 25th
Today is a day to roll out of bed sunny side up :)
We have a fun sextile between the Gemini Moon and Jupiter in Leo that jump-starts our morning at 8:18 AM. In Cosmic Consciousness Astrology (, Gemini shines as a brilliant diamond frequency that stimulates conscious wisdom in action. Jupiter (the planet of wisdom) in the sign of Leo (the life force of creative expression and joy) opens us up to recognize all that there is to celebrate about this amazing life. The Moon will then sextile Uranus at 1:30 PM and communications are swift and brilliant… as long as we don’t get too ahead of ourselves or scattered. Do grounding breathing, be creative and stay open.

The afternoon ushers in fantastic support (at 3:25 PM) with a fire trine between the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. This is powerful, inspirational energy that can harness all the expansive plans we have been considering and facilitate actions that birth something that can really take off. Let personal honesty and integrity lead the way.

Just before midnight, the Gemini Moon squares Mercury in Pisces and misunderstandings could arise if we are too flippant, so choose words carefully. We can use this time to gain more insight into how we can be better communicators.


Thursday the 26th
The Gemini Moon sextiles Mars in Aries at 8:36 AM and we could be raring to go. We do have a Void Moon that lasts from that sextile until 3:46 PM. There is a flavor of introspection mixed into this motivational energy, so this is a great morning to get some exercise and check in with ourselves and our physical well-being. Networking can be effective for planting ideas as long as we respect other people’s need for inner dialogue.

The Moon enters watery Cancer at 3:46 PM and chatty conversations now become more tame and sensitive. The Moon is at home in Cancer and gut feelings are heighted, as our emotional needs take the front seat. Cancer is the divine mother energy, flowing like a river that is sometimes peaceful and still and at other times… full of swift currents.
She will square the Sun tomorrow and on her way there, the Moon can stir up insecurities when home and safety may become our focus. It’s a choice between a fearful perspective (needing protection) and a loving perspective (secure within ourselves) that determines what we attract.


Friday the 27th
The Aries Sun and the Cancer Moon formed the 1st quarter square at 3:44 AM, alerting us to the many ways bold ideas be exciting, but can feel threatening. It’s a chance to examine our motives and free ourselves from fear based responses that hold us back. Allow the courage of the Aries Sun to enlighten any shadows that may be lurking. Be willing to see the 365 degrees of any point.

A water trine at 7:35 AM, between the Moon and Neptune, can sooth our souls and heighten our intuition. A lunar sextile to Venus at 3:30 pm can open our hearts for nurturing and greater self-care. Take a moment or two to tap into the higher/deeper aspects of yourself… it will be so worth it, as the evening energies become more challenging.

At 9:15 PM, the Moon forms a bridge (opposition) to Pluto and we may see how we can build a foundation for our emotions to feel at home, or… old stuff can show up for a clearing. Either way, no sweeping under the rug, that really won’t work anymore… and it never really did.

A lunar square to Uranus just an hour later, further emphasizes what needs to be released. Be responsible with your “letting go of old stuff” and own without blame or shame. Just moments later Venus in Taurus forms a square with Jupiter in Leo and we need to stay conscious of a potential for excessive expectations or actions concerning or hearts and/or our bank accounts. It’s not the best night for internet shopping : )


Saturday the 28th
Today I think of something Maya Angelo said: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

The morning brings harmony with the Cancer Moon and Venus activating feelings at home that warm the heart.

Thoughts and feelings can flow more easily when the Moon forms a water trine with Mercury at 4:56 PM. This is a good time to connect and share compassion. Later tonight, there is a lunar square with Mars at 9:59 PM that can stir up tensions, so be sure not to project any inner agitation onto someone else. Mars rules our physicality and we can channel this energy into some self-care for our bodies and our environment for a better outcome.


Sunday the 29th
The Moon moved into Leo just after midnight and the increased sensitivity of the last few days is replace with a fire and desire for self-expression, creativity, generosity and play. Appreciation is a great way to focus this lunar energy.

We have a Moon/Saturn fire trine at 11:15 AM, bringing some building power that can add stability to a plan our heart desires. Mercury and Jupiter connect at 4:33 PM in a way that stimulates ideas coming faster than we can most likely process. Just let it rip, but just don’t make any promises you can’t keep.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss


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Astrological Weekly Weather for March 16th – 22nd

All times written for E.D.T.

This is a very pivotal week that rocks and rolls with the Last of the 7 series,  revolutionary, Uranus/Pluto squares becoming exact on Monday. Even though we will experience the shifting effects of these slower moving planets thrust for change for some time to come… we have completed a cycle that    took 3 years and only happens once every 80 years. Big wheels keep on turning!
The Spring Equinox (when the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th) is joined by a total Solar Eclipse at the tail end of Pisces, ushering in a wormhole period that will take us to uncharted territory! The Eclipse period always brings surprises! It’s best to remain open as you enter the elevator, because after you choose the floor you want to head to… the elevator suddenly goes sideways!  We will definitely discover something new and wonderful if we trust the wild ride. Sunday, the Planet Mercury will provide access to new understandings, as we travel thru the worm hole. Time to put our hands in the air again.


Monday the 16th
The week starts out with a Bang that requires conscious attention to our energy field. Before sunrise, Mercury in spiritual Pisces squares off (presenting a need to take the next step) to Saturn in far reaching Sagittarius. The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:15 AM bringing some objectivity to the mix, when it’s best to review what unconditional love of our own being really means.

Harmonious lunar connections to Saturn, Mercury and Neptune help us along throughout the day. We need to stay open and recognize if fear-based-unconscious self-talk bubbles up and tell it to take a hike! This is a day posed for self-examination; let’s make sure we don’t talk down to ourselves and opt for uplifting, supportive inner dialogue instead.

The final Uranus/Pluto square (15 degrees 18’ Aries- Capricorn) becomes exact at 10:54 PM, anchoring in the powerful, worldly reflection of the  personal changes that have rocked our lives. We are spiraling into a greater awakening and that involves the deconstruction and release of the old, to create space for the new.

For many of us, the ride from 2012 to now, has been filled with technological breakthroughs, fast curve balls, surprise endings and uncertain beginnings… all of which has stimulated a profound examination of our personal and collective world. Rugs have been pulled out from under and lives have been irrevocably changed and it’s all been about waking up to who we truly are. Don’t believe everything you think, we are much more. Something to contemplate in wake of the upcoming Eclipse.

Tuesday the 17th

Venus (the planet of Love) enters Taurus before sunrise and our hearts get a chance to land in a solid place where we can trust our inner voice to tell us what is really true for us. Truth is perception and much of our view point has changed while we have attempted to stand on shifting tectonic plates.  Venus in Taurus can help us find a new equilibrium, where love can feel more accessible and sensual.
The Aquarius Moon is busy all day, supplying supportive aspects that can help us to make some sense out of it all. We are motivated to take actions that are good for everyone involved and that of course includes ourselves.


Wednesday the 18th
The planet Mercury (the newly 5D higher mind), has been swimming in the vast waters of Pisces, giving our minds eye a chance to dream and visualize a more evolved, loving, awakened world. The Mercury messenger joins Neptune (Pisces ruler) at 4:49 AM and our ability to express our feelings is heightened. The Moon dives into the Pisces waters at 6:58 AM and mystical, artistic and spiritual inspirations abound in a limitless sea where creativity and heightened divinity can be expressed with greater ease.

A Lunar sextile to Venus at 9:07 AM adds warmth to express affectionate straight from the heart. Intuition leads the way today, so let’s tune into it. It’s easy to be kind… as rational, logical thinking takes an appropriate back seat to dreams of the spirit. Bask in the beauty of this energy by gifting yourself with a pleasant time out where you can experience the vastness of your being. Walk in the park, watch a sunset, listen to music, meditate… be in nature and feel the wonder. It’s all around us :)

Watch out for excess or extreme expressions after midnight tonight, when The Pisces Sun and Jupiter in Leo could invite us to go over the top and ignore vital facts. What is fact and what is fiction? The blurring of the lines helps us to merge with a greater version of ourselves if we let it.


Thursday the 19th
Just after midnight, the Pisces Sun and Jupiter in Leo formed a frictional connection that could stimulate exaggeration, so keep checking into your inner GPS for guidelines and your heart will let you know if you are crossing a line that isn’t good for you. This is the last day of the Astrological Year and the last day of Winter. It’s a great day to reflect and allow the flow of our intuitive stream to direct decisions and choices.

The Eclipse/ Wormhole starts in wee hours tomorrow and it feels that today marks the end of something, as we prepare to ride the waves into a brand new chapter. Rest up and get ready to be amazed!


Friday the 20th
Yi-Hah!!! Today is Big! It’s the Vernal Equinox, A New Moon, A Total Solar Eclipse at the very last degree of Pisces and the Sun enters Aries!
Whoa, that’s a lot of shifting energy and what it all will mean, we won’t know until we get further down the road. Just know we plant life-changing seeds today, so pay attention to what you want to grow in your life.

The New Moon Eclipse at the very last degree of Pisces (29 degrees, 27’) occurs at 5:37 AM E.D.T.,beginning a wormhole journey that starts something brand new for all of us. What that can be remains to be experienced and the best way to take this ride is to remember the “sideways elevator ride”! It’s time to trust that we will be delivered to a place that is all about an evolved alignment with our newer- self and resisting change will interfere with our delivery. Hands in the air!

The Moon enters Aries at Aries at 6:28 AM (within an hour of the Eclipse) and the Sun enters Aries at 6:46 PM and the spark that ignites brand new beginnings becomes very real! Listen to see what these sparks will wake up within you, it’s bound to be innovative and motivating.
A Total Eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Sun and Moon are so perfectly aligned with the Earth, that from our perspective, the Moon hangs between us and the Sun, temporarily blocking our ability to see the Sun. Symbolically, this speaks to a complete reboot and recalibration of our consciousness. With Neptune, Mercury and Chiron also in Pisces, the more we tune into the boundless frequencies, the more ease there will be to this ride.
The Sun in Pisces is an archetype that conveys how we are all individual drops or water, while symutaniously, we are all ONE with the ocean of cosmic awareness. We can get downloads and upgrades to our consciousness that will expand our understanding of who we are in the “big picture”. It’s a great day to contemplate, tune in and visit your Source. Solar Eclipses are power packed New Moons where the seeds we plant are sure to grow something beyond what we could have imagined before.

Ask for what feeds your Soul to be your inspiration in this new world. This day carries tremendous spiritual and creative power. Write down your visions, allow yourself a moment of inner peace and plug into you deepest inspiration. Our neural-net is being rewired and our left/right brain balance is getting an upgrade. Stay open; we never stop expanding!


Saturday the 21st
The Aries Moon will set off the Uranus /Pluto square just before sunrise and bring on some strong urges to make changes. Motivations are firing up and we may feel like we can’t wait to get going, watch the caffeine intake this morning.

Venus forms and inconjunct to Saturn and then Mercury does the same with Jupiter between 7:40 and 7:55 AM, adding to a sense of intensity to our early morning hours. Inconjuncts (the quincunx) stimulate us to make adjustments, so that we can continue on in a more refined way (it’s the pebble in the shoe story), so it’s worth paying attention to what the “pebble” is and what you need to do to remove it.

At 6;51 PM, The Moon and Mars join together in Aries to really fire things up. Enthusiasm flows over the top and this energy loves a physical outlet for expression. Mars rules our physicality and exercising the body or moving furniture can do the trick; this energy wants movement.
Let the Aries energy get you going in a brand new direction, try something you haven’t done before for an added boost.


Sunday the 22nd
The Moon enters calming Taurus before the Sun rises today and the revved up engines of yesterday can slow down a bit. Mars in Aries forms a frictional angle to Neptune in Pisces at 8:21 AM and we could feel like progress is temporarily blocked and it’s challenging to stay on track. No worries, we all could uses a pause after the cosmic frequencies that blasted us this week. It’s Sunday… turn the early part of it into a restful reprise and trust the afternoon brings a shift.

Mercury sextiles Pluto at 4:25 PM and we may find we have direct access to elevated thoughts that bring clarity and strength to our plans. Allow your higher mind to show you the way. A lunar conjunction to Venus in Taurus just an hour later, makes for a luscious time to venture off into all things that bring pleasure to our senses in a relaxed and peaceful way.

The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 8:12 PM, winding up this pivotal week with a pleasant cosmic picture that reflects our ability to create magic and wonder in a world where our imagination generates our greatest pleasure.
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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for March 9 - 15, 2015

All times are written for E.D.T

There has been a tremendous amount of upheaval and healing occurring for so many of us. As a collective, our consciousness is opening up to more light and love and everyone is experiencing this process in their own unique way. Whatever is not in alignment with these new expansive energies is presenting itself to be transmuted. We are on our way to the last of the 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto that have occurred since 2012. Combine that with a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the 20th (Spring Equinox) and we are destined to head into the exploration of uncharted territory.

It is so important that we traverse these times with compassion and acceptance, instead of judgment and resistance. We are in a rewiring process and it can leave us feeling isolated and disempowered… but that is temporary! I have learned (from a very deep place) that those feelings of isolation and confusion are signposts that a major upgrade is in progress. Just as we need to turn the power off in a house to rewire the electrical system, before we can turn the lights back on… we are experiencing something similar with our physical, emotional, emotional and spiritual bodies.

These changing times are full of twists and turns… just keep surfing. If you fall off your board in the process (as I have), don’t reprimand yourself as if you failed… just get back up and catch the next wave and try it again, perhaps with a smile on your face J The waves just keep coming…


Monday the 9th
We start the week with the Moon entering the depths of Scorpio at 9:11 AM. We can use this energy to discover and transform emotional patterns that no longer support our growth. Ask yourself what are you wanting to manifest and what holds you back. Answers are available today.

A powerful fire trine between Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Leo becomes exact just after midnight tonight and we will feel that energy throughout this day. This is profoundly optimistic and uplifting energy that is highly motivating! It’s a day to feed plans into action and let inspired wisdom lead the way.

The Scorpio Moon can be very private and profoundly perceptive… showing us the inner workings of a passionate desire that we can harness into a manifested plan of action. Let’s allow the creative fires of the Mars/Jupiter trine to ignite a bonfire of creative courage, pioneering innovation and generosity. Take action today!

Tuesday the 10th
We continue to feel the enthusiasm of the Mars/Jupiter trine that began yesterday and became exact at 2:05 AM early this morning. The Scorpio Moon squares Jupiter in Leo at 12:23 AM, providing a choice to be made that can further our progress. Be aware that we may want to over-commit or take something to an extreme so take time to consider where you are headed with wisdom.

A sextile between the Scorpio Moon and Pluto in Capricorn at 3:03 PM, will help us to ground all the fiery energy of the Mars/Jupiter trine and our intuition can speak very clearly about where to go next. Let’s take a few minutes to tune into our inner authority - the one that’s authoring our story! We can trust the messages we get as they prepare us for a strong Mars/Uranus conjunction that happens Wednesday.

A sweet Moon/Sun watery-trine just before midnight, can send us off to sleep with a harmonious and pleasant feeling that is sure to make for sweet dreams.

Wednesday the 11th
While the Moon is still in Scorpio, Mars joins Uranus in his own sign of Aries at 12:06 PM and then squares Pluto at 6:36PM. Be ready for big energies today that can bring breakthroughs and/or breakdowns. Either way we are in for more changes…so try to remember they are timely and designed to liberate us from some inner prison we have constructed out of old beliefs; a survival mechanism that we thought would keep us safe. It’s time to free up and transform something that has reached critical mass and can’t go on in the same way.

This day can be a life changer in a very positive way if we will allow it. A lunar square to Mercury at 3:47 PM can make communications difficult and may set the stage for power struggles with Pluto and Mars eager to go at it. Compromise may feel temporarily impossible… it’s a time to look at what we can change in our relationship with ourselves and avoid projecting onto others as a solution to way out.
The Moon enters uplifting Sagittarius at 7:31 PM and forms a challenging aspect to Uranus just minutes later. There is tremendous awakening potential here and we need to direct our attention towards the positive shift. Whatever occurs today… it’s all about stepping up to a new rung on the ladder of our evolutionary awakening. We are at a crossroads where we depart from and old strategy to embark on a new direction and that always requires courage. We need to trust our journey.

Thursday the 12th
Our morning hours are diffused with Sagittarius Lunar connections to Neptune and Venus. Jupiter is the depositor of Sagittarius and brings opportunities to use newly found wisdom to rewrite our stories. Later this evening, harmonious fire trines between the Moon and Jupiter (9:09 PM) and Uranus (11:43PM) can bring exciting news and good times that merit a sense of celebration.

It’s been a long transit for the planet Mercury traveling in unique Aquarius (since January 5th ), and according to Cosmic Astrology,  this is where we have been learning about how to truly love ourselves unconditionally. Mercury’s retrograde journey through Aquarius gave us an amazing opportunity to see how we can transform communication from a lack of self-love… to a place of higher love that embraces our oneness.

Mercury (communications) leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces for the next three weeks as of today. Pisces is the language of the Soul, where imagination and intuition are heightened. We can tap into our highest vision and dance in the limitless field of potential with Mercury in Pisces. Sometimes it’s more challenging to stay focused, so go easy on yourself if you tend to daydream more… magical messages are in there. Artistic ideas permeate the atmosphere.

Friday the 13th

The Sagittarius Moon forms a last quarter square to the Pisces Sun at 1:49 PM and we are posed to make a choice about something we have been considering. What needs to be cleared off your deck, so you can move on to follow your Soul’s longing?

A lovely fire trine between the Moon and Venus at 7:12 PM, can feed our hearts with playful affection and make for an evening filled with optimism and hope. Let sparks of love inspire you to share your heart in a new way.

Saturday the 14th
We start the day with a Moon in Capricorn that wants to accomplish something. Mercury semisquares Mars at 12:19 AM tomorrow, bringing a potential for impatience and rough communications all day, so take it easy!  Fortunately, a Moon sextile to Neptune at 4:35 PM can help us to find some soothing energy for our nervous system that has been put through the mill. Be kind.
The Moon enters Capricorn (Saturn’s sign) in the wee hours and then Saturn stations to go retrograde at 11:02 PM for the next 5 months. Here is a still point; one where we can tap into our greatest inner authority for divine guidance. Saturn (4 degrees Sagittarius) will move back through the degrees and re-enter Scorpio, where he will anchor another centering point for the entire summer of 2015 at 28 degrees Scorpio. So what does all of that speak to?

We will be able to tap into a deeper wisdom that more accurately reflects our highest truth. Revisiting Scorpio will facilitate great transformations to free us up for manifestations with stronger foundations in the fall. Overall, we will get to see what is unfinished and what needs completing, since Saturn left Scorpio last December.

Retrogrades are time for integration and this yearly pattern for Saturn, supplies us with a chance to reconsider changes and lessons so we can hone the wisdom and apply it to our unwinding journey. Taking control of our perceptions instead of circumstances is in order.

Sunday the 15th

Depending on how we dial our energy knob, today can be a bit frictional or enlightening… we get to choose. The Moon squared both Uranus and Pluto during the night and then we start our morning with a Moon/Mars square at 9:57 AM. This doesn’t have to be an agitated day, but without some conscious directing, it might be.

Just know that emotional buttons may be pushed and we have a choice in how we react. First, don’t react! Choose to breathe and consciously respond to tune the energy to a higher frequency. I am not saying we don’t want to be honest about our emotions, but leave the knee jerk responses out of the mix and go for invaluable info that will support awakening and transformation in the long run.

A more harmonious connection between the Capricorn Moon and the Pisces Sun at 10:09 PM, can help to bring a healthy perspective to the events of the day. After a power-packed week, rest up and be kind to one another.

"By choosing your thoughts and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your light.

You determine the effects that you will have upon others, and the nature of the experiences of your life."

Gary Zukav “Seat of the Soul”




Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $145. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024…

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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for March 2 - 8, 2015

All times are written for E.S.T


Well that was quite an “inbreath”… one that took me to new depths and horizons. Words seem to fall short in their ability to translate my experience at this time. Suffice it to say, my system experienced a shut down and reboot… one that involved a recalibration and upgrade to receive the latest software updates and downloads. It sounds like l am talking about my computer, but it was my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body that got the overhaul. I am still spinning from the experience and am trusting that as time passes, I will share what seems helpful in the moment. Thank you all for your patience and here’s to a great ride as our journey expands ever onward.

Monday the 2nd
An “on fire” Leo Moon leads us into this 1st week of March, with harmonious trines forming throughout our Monday. Starting with a trine to Mars in Aries mid-morning and subsequently a trine to Venus and Uranus in Aries, just after nightfall. That’s a lot of fiery energy that’s loaded with inspiration and impulses to move in new directions. Having experienced a Jupiter/Mercury bridge yesterday, there is a visionary gift available to us at this time that can really instigate powerful changes. Our task is to stay open and tuned to the higher frequencies so we can tap into guidance that provides impulses to move in directions that will fulfill our greater purpose.

This motivational fire energy is setting the stage for big shifts coming in the Spring and now is the time to be bold, original and courageous. Let the Leo Moon energy unleash your personal creative expression in a new, unpredictable way and see what happens. Time to let your inner genius out to play. Tomorrow will support it!

Tuesday the 3rd
This is a very interesting day with a Moon void in Leo for over 24 hours. That’s all about an “inner world” focus and a perfect time to tap into inspiring feelings of gratitude, generosity and playful creativity. What a great time to contact your “inner child” and ask them what would bring them the greatest joy. Get out of your head and into your heart (where your inner child always resides) to make the most of this energy.

We get the gift of an exact fire trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries that reinforces the unleashing of something new and expansive in our life script. March and April are full of fiery aspects that spark actions. This Jupiter/Uranus trine marks the midway point of a one year awakening, mobilizing cycle. (The first of three Jupiter/Uranus trines happened on Sept 25, 2014, the last will occur on June 2 and complete itself by June22nd.)

All of this fire energy ignites inspiration and motivation to birth something new and fresh that leads us into new territory… where we can discover greater joy and a new upgraded alignment of wisdom with our Soul’s Journey! Be open to opportunities that liberate, awaken and activate a dream that you hold close to your heart and use this supportive cosmic energy to embrace it with a broader perspective. Be Bold!

Wednesday the 4th
The Moon eased into Virgo while we slept and Venus gets very busy today. A Virgo Moon helps to bring all the fiery energy we are dancing with down to earth somewhat. As we may feel it’s time to get grounded and get things done with earthy Virgo … Venus may have other plans.

Venus, the planet of heart, desires, love and values) trines Jupiter the planet of expansion and wisdom at 10:14 AM and together these fire signs (Aries/Leo) want to fly high. Adding to the flames is a trine from Venus to Uranus in Aries at 1:46 PM. The pleasure principle wants to dominate and at the very least, spirits will be upbeat and optimistic, if not surprising and revolutionary in some way. We can awaken to a happier heart!

The Virgo Moon squares Saturn I Sagittarius at 4:48 PM, which can help us to bring some of this high flying energy into a form that can find some substance and rooted stability. Ask what can be done to take some of these really big ideas and take steps to give them form and function.
The Virgo Moon sets up a bridge to Neptune at 10:14 PM (how do we traverse the space form practicality to our highest vision) and then just minutes later a Venus/Pluto square becomes exact (a stepping stone to transform the heart). Navigating these strong energies is best done with feet on the ground and hands in the air. Surrender to knowing … to trusting that everything is working out in its highest order and that we are meant to know love in a new way.

This energy is leading to the Full Moon tomorrow at 1:05 PM and much can come to light on the way there. Let’s be willing to transmute fears and choose to evaluate what needs an overhaul, so we can live the life our heart is calling forth. Why would we not?

Thursday the 5th
There really is just too much to write about today so bear with me!
It’s a Full Moon in Virgo day, where the lights (Sun and Moon) form a bridge from Pisces to Virgo. The Full Moon is exact at 1:05 PM and during the time leading up to it, both lights will form inconjuncts (quincunx aspects) with Uranus. This suggests that some surprises may emerge that require us to stop and make some adjustments.

Much like a pebble in your shoe, the more you try to walk with it underfoot… the more uncomfortable it gets, until you stop and take your shoe off to rid yourself of the discomfort. Being willing to pay attention and make the necessary shift will ensure greater ease along your path. At 1:36 PM, the Moon goes Void until tomorrow evening… indicating that our focus is best utilized inwardly with these big energies, where we can allow elevated guidance to direct us.
The Sun in Pisces is all about the limitless, spiritual realm and the Moon in Virgo is all about bringing fragmented pieces into a new whole… a healing of sorts in the physical world. The bridge formed between a Pisces Sun and a Virgo Moon speaks to me of an opportunity to connect the imaginative, intuitive aspects of ourselves with the practical, healing oriented parts of our emotional body.

The South Node (Earth Star) conjoins with Mars at 10 degrees Aries, very close to a Uranus/Venus conjunction. There is a lot of big energy in this Full Moon. The potential exists for us to connect to our DNA lineage and activate evolutionary, revolutionary shifts that open us up for greater states of consciousness.

The Venus/Pluto square is very strong in this Full Moon chart and speaks to me of an available turning point
(a crossroads kind of choice) regarding matters of the heart and all that we value…. that includes self-esteem, desires, money and resources. We are living in the midst of quantum personal shifts that are reflected by a new world emerging. This Full Moon offers us a chance to integrate the physical with the spiritual… on a brand new level… of the never ending spiral of becoming. The Sun sextiles Pluto at 7:19 PM bringing a power to creative solutions that is sure to inspire! What a day.

Friday the 6th
After a big day like yesterday, it’s nice to catch a breather and that’s just what today brings. The Moon stays Void until 7:52 PM. So the day is perfect for contemplating the internal and external changes we are experiencing. Allow yourself some “Me Time” and tend to the details of your life in a meditative fashion, allowing the mind to slow a bit.

The Moon dances into Libra at 7:52 PM adding to the need for balance and peace in relationships. We can use beauty and our appreciation of Art to self sooth and create a sense of ease … especially after the intensity of the previous transformative days.

Saturday the 7th
The Libra Moon runs the gauntlet today as she contacts Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto from early morning until after midnight. Just know that it will be filled with a variety of feelings and ride the waves, while viewing the day from the “observer’s perch” and you’ll see how much of your external world is a reflection of your inner world.
The Sun joins Chiron in an exact conjunction at 17 degrees Pisces. The light of the Sun can illuminate our need to feel connected and whole and reveal what needs healing and “wholing”… fragmented parts can be reunited back to oneness, especially if we are willing to do some centering work and listen to our intuitive voice for greater understanding and compassion.
Sunday March 8th
The Libra Moon forms a bridge (opposition) to Venus at 11:58 AM, bringing up the collaboration/cooperation theme of relationship. Here again, we are shown where we can create balance or get lost in projection… it’s good to check and see which we are committed to. The evening ends with a lovely trine from the Libra Moon to Mercury in Aquarius. Clear thinking and understanding are on the rise.

There is another 24 hour Void Moon starting at 9:24 PM tonight, so try to wind down and take advantage of frequencies that enable rest and rejuvenation.
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
Henry David Thoreau

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