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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for January 26 - February 1, 2015

All times are written for E.S.T.


The end of January has a very poignant, energetic quality, as Mercury heads to a union with the Sun on Friday, ensuring that communications, meetings and decisions will get some brilliant impetus and support.

This really is an uplifting week and the tempo picks up considerably, only to deliver us to a more peaceful pace… just in time for the weekend! Venus will join Neptune on the 1st and romantic, idealistic connections will be enhanced as the glow of Venus warms our hearts.

Monday the 26th

The Moon is still n Aries as we start the new week and the morning has an upbeat, buoyant feel to it as the Aquarius Sun forms a growth oriented aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Our imaginations are popping with idealistic, futuristic visions.

The Moon’s entry into Taurus at 11:38 AM helps to ground us and supports us to look at how we can bring those lofty ideas (that have been flooding our minds) to some sort of practical application. Positive aspects to loving Venus and spiritual Neptune can open up doors to forgiveness and open-hearted expressions of compassion and kindness.
All of this mixes with a more challenging aspect between Venus and Pluto that becomes exact at 3:41 PM. With Venus at the very last degree of Aquarius, harness this powerful energy in a positive way and don’t allow the shadow side of this combo (envy, jealousy, manipulation) to steer you down a path of blame. There is an opportunity to see what parts of your heart are in need of a remodel and if you look at it as a way to upgrade relationships for greater satisfaction, healthy growth can be the result.
The quarter Moon square (11:49 PM) helps us to weigh our fantasies against reality and if we have set the New Year bar too high for us to reach, we find ways to bring a steady hand to our plans with a stronger degree of patience.
Tuesday the 27th

The big news today is that Venus (love, values and pleasure) leaves unconventional, freedom-loving Aquarius and gently enters the tender, borderless, affectionate waters of Pisces. Venus steps into Neptune’s territory where it’s harder to define or limit feelings. Pisces is all about universal Love and the compassion and forgiveness that goes with it. Idealistically romantic, sometimes it difficult to satisfy the heart as it always wants to connect more deeply here.

Both Mars and Venus will be in Pisces until February 19th - 20th, sending our desires and motivations out to float on Neptune’s endless sea. They join Chiron (the healer) and a trip into these nebulous waters can inspire highly artistic creations and profound loving experiences that bring medicinal soothing to our souls.

Dreams are expanded, love is enhanced and a longing for Utopia can envelope us all. We can benefit from allowing our highest vision to come forth and inspire creations and bring healing to our journey. The shadow side of this energy can leave us not seeing situations or people clearly and the emersion into idealization can bring inappropriate, self-sacrificing and martyrdom… let’s not go there.
A Moon/Pluto trine between Taurus and Capricorn (12:36 PM), delivers substance to whatever we focus on and adds just the right dose of grounded ambition to get something accomplished.


Wednesday the 28th

Just after midnight, Mercury (intellect and communications) sextiles Uranus
(awakenings and revolutionary surprises) … be prepared for some of those AhHA! moments of clarity and insightfulness to permeate this day.

Then, at 10:26 AM, intuition and intelligence inspire actions with a supportive connection between Mercury and Mars. With Mercury retrograde, we get a chance to revise, redo and re-invent what we have wanted to launch into our future and ensure greater success as a result.

Mercury will be in progressive Aquarius until March 12th (An unusually long transit for Mercury, due to the retrograde from January 21 to February 11), giving “outside the box”, innovative thinking a chance to refine itself for greater brilliance. There is a strong thirst for knowledge.
The Moon enters chatty Gemini at 5:37 PM and we may want to talk about Everything! With a square to Venus at 8:58 PM and a bridge (opposition) to Saturn at 11:44 PM, we can witness some scattered, fickle energies flitting about and it’s best to refrain from sharing every single thought and feeling that comes buzzing by. Try observing it and breath more deeply during the process… discoveries are prevalent.

Thursday the 29th

This day surges with progress! While we slept (if we slept), Mars and Uranus formed a connection that stimulated liberating, highly intuitive and expansive downloads of awakening information. Dreams may have revealed something brand new and important.
The Gemini Moon trines the Sun at 11:07 AM, further accenting harmonious connections and lots of communications. With a lunar trine to Mercury at 2:36 PM, ideas and plans are coming together, the energy is flying and we need to focus so we can keep up!
At 6:14 PM, the quick-moving, Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus, adding to the excitement inherent in this fast-paced, mercurial day. The night will challenge us to keep our words on the positive, as some impatience could rear its head… so stay kind!

Friday the 30th

If you were looking for a day to implement a new plan, apply for a position, promote a new idea… this is a great day for it. Life purpose gains clarity today and it’s time to get the wheels turning in a brand new direction. With the Moon still in Gemini (mental energy) we get a double whammy as Mercury and the Sun conjoin at 10 degrees Aquarius. Innovative inventions and a hunger for knowledge can take us to new territory.

Discriminating between unrealistic, wishful thinking and inspired ideas that deserve development can be a focus as well today, with a Venus/Saturn square. All the intense work we’ve done to get our heart space in better shape… will show up today. It may not be comfortable to look at how we can apply some discipline to our dreams… but it ensures their manifestation.

What are you wanting to build into your relationships? Here is a place to review your blueprints, to ensure that what you are building has a solid foundation that will provide support in the long run.

Saturday the 31st

The weekend rolls out with a Moon in sensitive Cancer that trines Venus and Neptune from the morning to the afternoon. It’s a great day to slow down and savor everything.
Time to nurture and be nurtured, go for the motherly comforts and soothing choices after such an electric work week. Make peace with yourself and others. Yum J

Sunday the 1st of February
A Cancer Moon trines Mars in Pisces at 8:37 AM, setting the tone for another gentle day. With a Venus / Neptune conjunction flooding the energy of this intuitive feeling kind of day, we can dive into idealistic, romantic notions that can be spellbinding at the very least.

This is about Love of the highest order… Universal Love, and how we translate that into our personal lives. Our hearts are being given a gift… to open up and experience a profound connection to the Limitless Field where everything emerges from. Kindness, compassion, forgiveness and colorful imaginations are easily expressed.
"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens." - Carl Jung

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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for January 19 - 25, 2015

All times are written for E.S.T.


The top of the week is very powerful and the New Moon on Tuesday brings an alignment (Uranus, South Node conjunction and Pluto square– in Aries and Capricorn)… one that has not happened in more than 2,600 years! Seeds will be planted that usher in the Aquarian Age.
This is electrifying energy and nervous systems can be highly sensitive. Consiously breathe more! Mars and Neptune join in Pisces amplifying sensitivity, spiritual connection, intuition and artistic wonders. It’s a progressive and visionary week that can really shift our perspective if we are willing. Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday, providing us a much needed time of integration.


Monday the 19th

There’s a lot to talk about today and tomorrow. Today is the last day for the Sun to be in Capricorn, so it is at 29 degrees, which is a powerful position. We can engage with this day productively, by recognizing that we have constructed new internal platforms for our newer Selves to build upon. Tapping into your inner teacher and recognizing your own divine, inner authority will serve us well with the coming Aquarius New Moon, that occurs tomorrow morning. This entire day has a VOC (Void of Course) Moon, indicating that we will best navigate the span of it, by constantly directing our energy inward and listening for the guidance that emerges from the depths of receptive, feminine (allowing) energy.
Very early this morning, Venus (Love) forms a bridge to Jupiter (expansion, wisdom) across Aquarius to Leo and the potential for a heart awakening is huge. From a lower vibration perspective, this can manifest as extremes in over the top desires and exaggerations. From a higher vibrational perspective, this bridge can bring us elevations of Love, appreciation, creativity and joy.
The key here is to recognize that Self-Love will guide you into your heart center, by your willingness to embrace all aspects of yourself… especially the ones you judge. There can be a new alignment to your well-being. Stay open to possibilities and choose to remember your divinity over your need to be important, different or special. Once you recognize all the acknowledgement and validation you have wanted from others is just showing you what you need to give it to yourself… you will be free.

At 7:09 PM, Mars and Neptune will form a conjunction in Pisces. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so Mars creating a union with Neptune, invites us to step into the limitless field where everything is connected. This can feel boundless and perhaps a little confusing… but it can also take you to a new level of embracing how your creative spirit empowers you. We are vast beings living in many different fields of energy. This union between Mars and Neptune can show you how your intuition pours forth and motivate actions in brand new ways. Take time to consciously tune into your body today (yoga, meditation, swimming etc.) and see where it leads you.
Tuesday the 20th

It’s an amazingly electrical day, as the Sun moves into Aquarius at 8:01 AM and then the Moon joins the Sun at 0 degrees Aquarius, just 13 minutes later. Aquarius brings focus to our need for individuality and independence as well as our need for belonging and community. It’s about how these two themes fit together and how one empowers the other. When we get in touch with our true Love of Self by recognizing our own divinity (as we are all one with the whole) we learn how to value our individual selves and we can begin to see that this kind of love and acceptance is what contributes to humanity.
This New Moon is highly charged with the potential for making powerful shifts… swiftly! Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) joins the South Node (karma, our historical story) exactly at 12 degrees Aries and this has the potential to bring forth sparks of awakening that are unprecedented. Pluto (transformer and rebirther) squares the South Node/Uranus conjunction and so we find ourselves on the brink of more “Winds of Change”.
This is the time to really say goodbye to old worn out systems and attachments and beliefs that no longer align with who we are in this new form. We have been progressively stimulated to release the “Old” ever since the 1st Pluto/ Uranus square in 2012 began. It’s been an arduous journey for many of us, full of unexpected endings and beginnings. The Pluto/Uranus square is a big turning gear in the wheel of time that has been dismantling everything that will interfere with the evolution of a New World, the Age of Aquarius. Now that we are headed to the last exact square of a series of 7 (occurring in March), it’s down to facing the last, remaining fears that lock us into playing small.
All of this Aquarius energy is birthing humanity into our new age. What we focus on today will have a tremendous effect on the coming year… choose the high road by being kind to your inner child J Plant seeds that are Loving.
Wednesday the 21st

With the Aquarius New Moon still in effect, Mercury, also in Aquarius, will station to go retrograde at 10:52 AM. There is a standard release that conventional Astrologers put out about how things (communications, electronics, travel, etc…) go haywire when Mercury is in Aquarius and I have certainly experienced that in my reality. Still, I want to emphasize that a retrograde planet is not a negative thing!

Mercury Retrograde does direct our mental energy inward and therefore sometimes we get our wires crossed because our attention is elsewhere. Thus, the advice to back up computers and double check communications and schedules has its place. I have discovered that if I will just slowdown and spend more time reviewing, redoing, reflecting, remembering, recovering and all the other “re’s” you can think of… I get much more out of it.
The Aquarius theme is about originality, progressive innovation, individualism, Self-Love, communal goals, freedom and altruism. While Mercury is retrograde (until February 11th), give yourself permission to contemplate these arenas and let it assist you in writing a new script to your life (your movie)…. One that better empowers your true self, instead of the people pleaser roll that robs you of your own brilliance.
Thursday the 22nd

The Moon enters watery Pisces at 7:49 AM and intuition, imagiantion and feelings come to the forefront of our day. The Moon in Pisces is highly creative and loves to dream and as she joins with Neptune at 5:28 PM and then Mars at 9:11 PM, we may be revisiting and expanding what we encountered on Monday with the Mars/Neptune conjunction.

This is highly creative energy and the only caution I hear, concerns the Pisces potential to get ensnared in a net of victimhood, once one’s personal power has been given away. I say this because Saturn squares the Moon around lunchtime, possibly bringing insecurities to the surface. We can use this as an opportunity to establish healthy boundaries with care and compassion while reclaiming our inner worth… recognizing that everyone is just playing a part in the script we wrote and if we don’t like it… it’s time for a rewrite!


Friday the 23rd

The progressive, Aquarius Sun forms a helpful sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, just after midnight and it colors our entire day with inovative productivity. We can use this energy to take some of the visions and dreams (that have been bubbling up with the Aquarius/Pisces energies) and find artistic ways to manifest them into physical form.


When we awaken, the Moon is Void of Course for 24 hours and with all the Pisces energy, it can be challenging to get focused. I recommend that we all do our best to find the flow of this highly ephemeral, imaginative energy and refrain from pushing forward, while we let the current of these other-worldly waters, direct our creativity. The sextile with Saturn will help keep us out of the stagnant areas. So just take it easy if you can… it’s an internal kind of day.
Saturday the 24th

There is a strong shift in the cosmic wind as the Aries Moon (8:32 AM) brings an energetic spark back into the picture; especially after the nebulous frequency of yesterday may have had us in dreamland. The Moon will trine Saturn at 1:30 PM, supporting us to get going with plans. With a Lunar sextile to the Aquarius Sun at 4:07 PM, an element of futuristic logic and a pioneering spirit can really get us going. Let your inspiration lead you.

Sunday the 25th

It is an dynamic day with a run of Lunar connections to Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. We could feel like we are all over the map today, as the fiery, impulsive energy of an Aries Moon runs the gambit at high speed. It’s best to breathe more consciously and ride the fast frequency of enthusiasm, inspiration and impulses, while refraining from cynicism and power struggles.

The evening can bring up issues around independence in relationships as Venus forms a challenging connection to Uranus. We may all need a little personal space tonight and why not take it. Another take on this is experiencing a revolutionary awakening of heart-felt desires … that’s the one I’m going for.

You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream. (Michael Dell)


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Weekly Report for January 12-18, 2015

All times given are EST


Monday the 12th
Today, Mars leaves the mental field of Aquarius and enters the watery world of Pisces. Pisces is all about the limitless field and it is the domain of Neptune… where the focus is more on spirituality, compassion, intuition and imagination. Traditionally Mars is about taking action and energy levels can become diffused in the nebulous world of Pisces. The next 6 weeks, (while Mars is in Pisces) we might find we want to rest and dream more… our drive turns inward and imagination and oneness lead our intentions in a more gentle fashion.

In the morning hours, the Libra Moon forms a bridge (opposition) to Uranus and then squares Pluto. Once again, showing us what we have learned (or are learning) with the ongoing dynamic of the series of Pluto/Uranus squares, that have been changing our world since 2012. Look to see what comes up for you and how you have grown in your responses and where you might need to release more fear.

The evening is colored by a frictional energy between the Libra Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius and this gives us an opportunity to witness how we structure our relationships and how we might want to build them differently. All this energy is a set up for us to discover that we need to love ourselves more… not less!

Tuesday the 13th
When the Moon in cooperative Libra squares the Sun in goal oriented Capricorn early this morning, we enter into the 4th (final quarter) of the lunar cycle. This Square brings out a more decisive energy in which we can encounter greater clarity about where we stand and take necessary actions as a result.

Venus, the planet of love and values (heart) forms a helpful sextile to Uranus (surprises and awakening) midafternoon and this combination of Aquarius/Aries energy speaks to a desire for something new and different to spark a fire in our hearts. This is a time to consider new options about finances and relationships … not necessarily the time to make decisions and take actions. It’s best to be flexible and open hearted/open-minded and see what shows up. Ingenious sparks are flying.
The Moon enters perceptive Scorpio at 6:45 PM and deep feelings and passions may be on the rise. The Scorpio moon forms supportive aspects to Mars and Saturn for the rest of the night, so allow your profound, feeling nature to add positive manifestations to your relationship with Self and others.


Wednesday the 14th
Before sunrise, Mercury in Aquarius (innovative messages) sextiles Uranus in Aries (revolutionary clarity) and our mental faculties are sharp and full of ideas that can bring positive solutions to complex situations. Shortly after, more imagination and intuition is added to the mix as the Moon trines Neptune and brainstorming energy is pervasive. Be ready to record your ideas as they may come in rapid fire! Mercury goes retrograde next Wednesday and anything that reveals itself today will have an appropriate review period for refinement.
As if that wasn’t enough, Venus and Pluto join the dance with supportive energy that can help us transform emotional bonds in a profound and deepening way. Use this energy to ask yourself how can you step up to the New Year and the New You in a way that brings more love and acceptance into your world.

The evening brings a few challenges that are just opportunities for growth. A Lunar square to Mercury at 8:31 PM can unleash harsh communications. If conflict arises, why not ask yourself what is the most conscience way to address, it so that no one gets stung.

Thursday the 15th
Mars in Pisces squared Saturn in Sagittarius, just after midnight last night and if you were awake for it… you might have encountered some frustration or deflated motivations. Don’t let that deter you and understand it is prime territory for contemplating how your dreams can take form.

Mercury and Pluto chimed in right after that, with helpful energy that could bring transformational insights. Perhaps many of us might have worked this out as we slept… so check out what your dreams had to say.

At 9:30 AM we get a lunar square to Jupiter and it’s best to manage any excessive or melodramatic tendencies with some restraint. Ask yourself what is the wisest course of action at this time, that will best serve my highest good.

A sextile between the Scorpio Moon and the Capricorn Sun at 6:53 PM helps us to find a productive rhythm to get things done free of drudgery.

Friday the 16th
We wake up to a Moon in Sagittarius (a very optimistic influence) and the day begins on a bright note. By 7:12 AM, the Moon conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius and as long as we steer clear of self-righteousness, this can really help us solidify and ground a plan.

We run into a Lunar square to Mars at 8:52 AM followed by another lunar square with Neptune at 1:27 PM. It may take a lot of energy to stay on track and not get distracted with these challenging, mutable energy combos. So take your time and while it is not a time to push, (when is it ever) we will need to tune our attention span back to center, constantly. There is more than a good chance we will get lost in our fantasies and imaginations and this can be perfect for creative projects. It’s a day to watch the heart and mind and see how they interplay.


Saturday the 17th
This may well be the easiest, most care free day of the week! The Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mercury and minds are open and progressive in the morning. To add to the ease… the Moon sextile Venus at 9:54 AM and hearts are carefree and joy is easily shared.

The afternoon features a trine between the Sagittarius Moon and Jupiter in Leo, that colors the rest of the day and night. This playful fire energy can warm our hearts in an expansive way on a cold winter day.
Pleasure abounds

Sunday the 18th
The Moon enters Capricorn at 7:05AM, bringing us back down to earth and accomplishing something becomes the bigger focus. A Capricorn Moon loves structure, and as she joins up with Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) at 11:16 AM, we feel supported in how we can build (manifest) something solid. We can mix work and play today, as Mars joins in the mix at 3:27 PM and taking actions that will help build foundations for what you have imagined, are favored.

The day ends gently, with a sextile between the Moon and Neptune. Intuition, compassion and imagination can bring a magical element to the evening; kickback and rest … escape into your own wonderland for replenishment and refueling.

“When I’ve lost my way or when I am confused about a path to take, I remember that most answers I need I already possess – deep inside. I am naturally creative, resourceful and whole. If I consult my invisible compass, I’ll know what to do.” ―

 Steve Goodier


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Weekly Report for January 5-11, 2015

All times given are EST


I was standing on a bridge in London and watching the Thames River as it was flowing back out to sea at a very high rate of speed (the river tide rises and falls twice a day by up to 24 ft) and I couldn't help but see an analogy. We are living in profoundly, rapid changing times and the current of our emotions can really take us swiftly downstream if we plunge into them. As I watched the intensity of the swift current, I could see how being the observer of the water (feelings) enabled me to maintain an objective perspective that could fully understand that it's always moving and changing. Feelings are indicators of where we stand in relation to our Source of Wholeness.
I have come to deeply appreciate the emotional body and how it consistently communicates to us as our inner guidance system (A Personal GPS). The Full Moon of last night, that occured in the emotionally sensitve sign of Cancer, revealed alot about our emotional needs and how we need to balance them with our striving for achievement and power within family dynamics  (It's strange to say that, as I am writing this before it occurs... )
We just finished a very intense week of shifting energies and the tides are turning. Breakthroughs and Breakdowns are coming and going like the swiftly moving tides.
The entire month of January is a springboard for all of 2015 and it is well worth the time to set our focus and intentions on what we want to manifest in this number 8 year. Here's to a great beginning!
Early in the morning, Mercury (in forward thinking Aquarius) forms an inventive connection to Uranus in Aries. We are coming up with some very original ideas and we can find the courage to be bold in our choices.
Revolutionary,  thinking gets support from a sextile between Mercury and Saturn at the end of the work day. If you have had some decisions to make, this energy can really help you to see clearly the way to go. Don't waste this cosmic support!
Around 8 PM, the Cancer Moon and Mars may challenge us to make some necessary adjustments that may center around security. Don't let insecurities enter into the formula. Instead, ask what is the most nurturing solution for the best outcome.
The Moon enters Leo at 6:03 AM and we leave any residue from the emotional waters of the Cancer Full Moon energy behind. Leo is firey and highly creative and ready for personal self expression. At 8:50 AM the Leo Moon trines Saturn and we are ready to shine our light and manifest something tangible in a cooperative way.
The Moon will form bridges (oppositions) to Mercury at 10:53 AM and Venus at 1:52 PM and we may encounter debates between mind and heart. See this as a time to gain more clarity about new directions and choices that need to be made and allow reason to enter into the conversation, while keeping dramatic displays out of it.
The evening can bring a reality check and even squelch our enthusiasm. Use it to pull back, breathe, strategize and regroup.
The Leo Moon trines Uranus at 7:10 AM, indicating an energized, creative start to the day. Remain flexible as Pluto challenges the Lunar energy just an hour later and we are once again needing to readjust our trajectory. It's all good, as it helps us to refine our relationship to power and how we empower ourselves and others.
After 8 PM, Venus and Neptune supply a climate that is great for romance, creativity and imagination. Venus in Aquarius loves quirky, outside the box encounters, so let your imagination take you to adifferent  place than the usual. The rest of the night is headed to a optimistic trine between the Moon and Jupiter that will happen just after midnight E.S.T. and generosity, joy and celebration abound... enjoy!
The enthusiastic high of the Moon/Jupiter fire trine is still lingering as we start our day and it's a great morning to remind yourself of how seeing the cup as half full... is a choice that is not hard to make. The Moon goes VOC (void of course) from noon when we get lunar opposition to Mars... until she enters Virgo at 5:58 PM. This gives us an afternoon to really internally integrate the momentum that brought us to this point and to access the new physical responses that are showing up.
The shift to a Virgo Moon at the end of the working day turns our attention to the details of our lives and how we can better serve to create a sense of order that is nurturing.
In the middle of the VOC Moon, Mercury and Neptune offer a chance for our intelect and  imagination to come up with something original if we tune in to the subtlies of a situation. The Virgo Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius at 9:19 PM, reminding us to get practical in our approach to a vision.
The morning could feel a bit restless, or perhaps aggitated as we have a semi-square between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. This can be an opportunity to discover a more original approach to a situation that needs tending. Watch your patience level and allow for extra time if you can. Oh, don't allow the detail focus of a Virgo Moon to lead you down a path of criticism... stick to refining things without being hyper critical!
This day is full of making adjustments, so try and do it with grace. The evening (9:21 PM)   brings a helpful lunar trine with Pluto and this earthy harmony will top off the day with a clearing and empowering element of some kind... we land on both feet.
During the early morning, Mars and Pluto will form a semi-square and we could feel the intensity of that as we start our day. Stick to your own story and stay away from wanting to involve yourself in someone elses dance. Ask yourself how you can reform, transform or rebirth your relationship with your body or some structure you have in place that is no longer working. How can you make it better?
At 10:46 AM the Virgo Moon and the Capricorn Sun form a gentle earth-trine that set off a whole day and night inside a VOC (Void of Course) Moon... its a time for tapping into the devine feminine energy of receptivity and allowing. This should make for a very pleasant Saturday afternoon if you managed to get through the morning without a scuff.
Rest and regroup for the rest of the day and enjoy peaceful interactions and possible romance tonight :)
It's a quiet Sunday with a Moon in lovely Libra as of 6:57 AM. The cosmic weather is pretty inactive and peaceful today and that suits Libra just fine. We could all benefit from a slower pace to just chill out and this is just that kind of day. Walk through a museum, watch a movie, snuggle with a loved one... lay back and dream something wonder-full!
“When the artist is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be, he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressive creature. He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and opens ways for better understanding. Where those who are not artists are trying to close the book, he opens it and shows there are still more pages possible.” 
― Robert Henri


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024