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Astrological Weekly Weather for  August 31st - September 6th, 2015

All times are written for EDT

We are headed into Eclipse Season, as another summer comes to a close. We have a partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th and a total Lunar Eclipse on September 28th, including the Fall Equinox on the 23rd. Big wheels keep on turning…

Eclipses always intensify the flow of frequencies and September is loaded with big ones. I mention this because I think its helpful to note that sometimes we are wanting to rest and our old programming of ought to’s and should’s overrides our ability to do so. So we push on…

I am recommending that we listen very consciously to our bodies and pay attention to our energy field with extra care this month. Take advantage of any small respite you may find in your schedules. These are times for re-charging our batteries and re-balancing our nervous system. As the energies amp up on the planet, we need to be able to integrate the downloads and the upgrades and that means taking very good care of our physical vehicle that gets us from here to there.

Fortunately, All the Virgo energy will help as long as we don’t get snagged by lower based thinking that can become over analytical and hyper critical with a perfectionist perspective.


Monday the 31st

The weeks starts with a strong Moon in Aries, setting a fire under us to get going, but  connections to Venus, Jupiter and Mercury could bring on impulsive, aggressive approaches that we will need to consciously manage to stay centered. Slow down and stay considerate!

As the afternoon progresses, we may find ourselves feeling impatient and needing to slow ourselves down again! See what you can garner from the sense of urgency and hurriedness and bring it to a place where you are in charge of it… breathing deeply will surely help.

Late tonight the Sun and Neptune form a bridge, inviting us to dance in a dreamy place. Neptune loves altered states and the lower manifestation of this energy can show up as substance abuse… choose a movie or an art gallery instead and you will feel refreshed tomorrow.

Love, Romance and sensual passions can get a big boost just after midnight tonight ,when Venus and Mars hook up. Its a Leo energy union of heart and body that invites celebration.

Tuesday the 1st

The Venus /Mars conjunction that happened just after midnight last night is realigning our Hearts with our physical world. We will still feel this energetically today, so let appreciation and gratitude lead the way as you find blessings in all forms.

The Aries Moon conjoins Uranus around noon and nervous systems are revved up. This energy can spur us to awaken to some greater truth and we could find brilliant ideas downloading over lunchtime conversation. Aries wants to go fast and will speak first and think about it after… so stay observant of how you deliver your communications.

The Sun and Moon are out of sync as they try to dance around dinner time…if you find yourself irritable or agitated (or someone near you), just remember to take nothing personal and vent excess energy by engaging in constructive physical activity… take a walk in nature for benefits.



Wednesday the 2nd

The Moon Shifts to Taurus today and the restless energy that seemed to drive us over the last two days, comes to land and rest. The morning is relatively quiet and this is a great time to remind yourself to stay grounded and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Virgo Sun speaks to the Taurus energy with calming, open arms.

Mid day brings an optimistic note, with an earthy lunar trine to Jupiter… we can see the earth sunny side up!

From the early evening on, pleasantries are harmoniously served up with the Moon’s sextile to Neptune, followed by a Sun/Moon earth trine. This is one of those times that I suggest we take advantage of the ease in this flow of energy while its here… relax, create, connect and enjoy this beautiful planet. Its mellow time!

Just before midnight, Uranus and Jupiter kick up some agitating energy that can wake us up to something we need to attend to or grow beyond.


Thursday the 3rd

The Taurus Moon keeps us on a steady path today, as long as we don’t allow the square from Mars in Leo to bring out a stubborn streak. Ask yourself “What needs more appreciation and less inflexibility”; this will get you going in a consistently productive direction.

Perhaps you need to switch up a pattern, take a new turn, walk down a different street this afternoon. Be on the lookout for how you can re-frame an old habit and do something totally out of your norm and let your inner GPS lead the way.



Friday the 4th

The curiosity, playful factor takes the lead today with the Moon now in Gemini. This is one of those days when drinking too much caffeine will really overload your system and get you scattered. The Morning is pretty light and breezy. Conversations are pinging all over.

From mid-afternoon on… the Gemini Moon connects with outer planet in a way that can challenge our focus. Stick to facts and (rarely do I say this) color inside the lines to stay on course.



Saturday the 5th

This day hums with good vibes! The morning has a playful air to it that can foster a creative urge… share it with someone you care about.

Lunar sextiles to Venus in the morning, Mars in the mid afternoon and Uranus around dinner time… all resonate with creative play and utilizing resources to bring something fresh into your world. This is helpful energy that brings opportunities… so pay attention and don’t pass them up!
The Virgo Sun and Pluto in Capricorn form a stabilizing earth trine at 7:07 PM EDT exactly. But we will feel this one all day long :) Something is ready to be transformed in a very positive way, as taking on a challenge comes with depth, strength and patience. Undertakings and projects that were difficult before will manifest with greater ease today.

Sunday the 6th

Venus has been retrograde since the 25th of July and relationships, our self esteem and all we value… are some of the areas that have been up for review and assessment. Today Venus turns direct and we will begin to move forward in all of these areas with greater clarity about where we are headed.
With the Moon sliding into intuitive, sensitive Cancer at 1:41 PM, our emotional body is completing the fine tuning. Nurturing and family come to the forefront.

After having so many retrograde planets recently, this forward motion will feel pretty good as it takes off.


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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly for  August 24th - 31st, 2015

All times are written for EDT

Monday the 24th

The Morning begins with spirited energy, with the Moon trining Uranus (Sagittarius/Aries) as the Sun rises. This is get up and go energy and we can feel energized in starting a new week with a sense of courage and adventure. 

Healing feelings around communications is possible today, with a Mercury/Ceres trine and conversations go smoothly. Do your best not to procrastinate, as the energy will shift somewhat in the late afternoon when the Sagittarius Moon squares (forms a stepping stone) with Mercury in Virgo. 

Think before speaking and leave criticism out of your language for the best outcome. These stepping stones (squares) are asking us to gather strength and wisdom we have garnered along  our path and put them to use in the highest vibration possible.

With the Sun newly in the earth sign of Virgo, the Moon joins her in the grounded energy of Capricorn come midnight and our nervous systems settle down.

Tuesday the 25th

The Capricorn Moon brings our focus to long and short term goals today, with a harmonious trine to Jupiter starting us off. Its a good morning for planning and scheduling. Feeling connected to your higher wisdom and long distance vision can be put into play.

Mid afternoon the Moon and Neptune form a supportive sextile and utilizing resources for a creative endeavor are favored. Kindness can lead the way!

Late tonight around 11:30 PM, the Capricorn Moon joins Pluto, presenting a strong focus for tapping into your connection to your inner authority and how it connects to a higher power. Meditate on what you can do to write your script for more personal, authentic empowerment.


Wednesday the 26th

There is a bit of a hiccup this morning energetically that can sail past swiftly if we are in the right head space. Meaning.. be flexible and surf the wave of the moment.

Mercury and Saturn bring us a helpful sextile today ((Virgo/Scorpio) that supports some final clean up, clearing out and an emphasis on taking actions that leave old habits behind. We are really coming to the place where we can get a plan off the ground towards full manifestation. Amazing things can happy related to work life and matters of health.

Combine this with an optimistic, expansive Sun/Jupiter conjunction at 3 degrees Virgo and we can accomplish a lot today. Every year, we have one day where the Sun and Jupiter conjoin and it sets the stage for the Jupiter theme. In this case Virgo is ruled by Chiron (by Mercury traditionally) and healing that includes upgrading our emotional intelligence will enhance our sense of Wholeness. We are learning that we must honor our Self for the process to be effective. 

Questions to contemplate…

What can you bring to a new level of wholeness and healing? 

What detailed work can catapult you into fresh progress? 

Could you reframe a belief that says work has to be hard to be effective?

Can you know you are worthy no matter what?

How can you be of service in a new rewarding way?


Thursday the 27th

The Moon shifts into Aquarius way before the Sun rises today and then Mercury moves into Libra as well around noon. The air signs of Aquarius and Libra stimulate our mental faculties and because Mercury will spend 9 weeks in Libra (due to an incoming retrograde mid September), relationships, justice and balance are in the forefront of our minds. Tune to the higher mind -  that is led by the truth of the heart, for best results.

Aquarius loves group energy and yet… it is all about the individual and independence. Notice how these themes take center stage, as we figure out what is “fair” in relating to the Other One.

Around dinner time, the Moon and Neptune dance together and invite us to pay attention to intuitive hints and signs from the Universe.


Friday the 28th

The Aquarius Moon loves to focus on equality and humanity as well as the individual. A healthy, love for Self is the seed that creates an individual who is equipped to to be altruistic and egalitarian. Self- sacrifice for the Whole backfires without that seed.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and today, Uranus and the Virgo Sun are mixing it up with an agitating aspect that is designed for us to step out side our box and make appropriate changes.

A Mercury North Node conjunction invites us to tap into Soul Star energy that is always leading us to our destiny. Glimpses of our ideal future can feel authentic and doable. We are headed for the Pisces Full Moon tomorrow, so allow yourself to remember that attempts at being in control are not always the best idea.

Saturday the 29th

The Moon is in Pisces as the day begins and builds to a Full Moon at 2:36 PM EDT. 

Full Moons alway mean the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite and they form a bridge… connecting the two energies. In this case this Sun in Virgo - Moon in Pisces bridge invites us to join these polarities and work with both of them as we move between the two. Full Moons are a culmination of emotions and this one is inviting us to tap into our compassion and relax.

Its a time to be conscious and choose what and how to transcend (Pisces) as you discern (Virgo) what needs healing (defragment of mind data) so you can experience the Whole of who you are, in the midst of so much change! 

Neptune joins the Moon and Jupiter joins the Sun, and this speaks to a heightened sensitivity and one end and an optimistic enthusiasm at the other. Saturn widely squares them both as a way to help us keep our vision real.

For those who experience the perspective of victimhood, this can help you see the light… knowing that your work is an inside job that leads back to self empowerment, no matter what the circumstances are. And for those who live with an over critical - inner voice, this is a time to apply compassion for your Self.

For those who have visions of how to live more inline with your hearts dream… this can show you where you need to start. For all of us, it is a time to reflect on how far we have come . If you choose to escape as Pisces loves to do… to altered realities or states of consciousness… get to the water and go with the flow. Let Mother Nature take you!

Sunday the 30th

The Moon is in Pisces all day and what ever showed up for us during yesterday’s Full Moon, is echoed in a milder way today. Many of us have felt the intense waves of energy pouring onto our planet and it just keeps amping up. Let’s use today to rest in a state of allowance with less doing and more being.

After all, it is Sunday and another work week starts for many of us tomorrow. Count the many blessings in your life and let love and compassion flow today…  this is an amazing time to be alive!

Keep Looking Up :)​

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.


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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

August 17 - 23. 2015

All times given are EDT


Monday the 17th

This Monday morning is filled with aspects to the Moon that are harmonious and productive. Plan on getting something done and notice how empowering it feels. Ultimately, your inner authority (inner guru) knows exactly how to proceed. There might be a lull in our energy during a Void Moon in the mid- afternoon hours… use it for reflection and refining inner dialogue before the Moon enters Libra.

The Moon enters Libra late afternoon and our personal needs shift from focus on service and work… to balance and justice in all our relationships. Around dinner, energies invite us to apply the power of Grace to some new found wisdom that brings a feel good moment. Spread it around J

Mars and Chiron may stimulate a heart-felt issue that needs more healing as the day progresses. Mars in fiery Leo can be aggressive, while Chiron in Pisces wants a gentle approach. Find modalities that blend the two and see where it leads.


Tuesday the 18th

With the Moon in Libra, a balance in our relationships is a central theme and the lunar aspect today could bring dynamics that show us where we still need to do “the work”.

A lunar square to Pluto around 7:30 PM can really set the stage for transformation in a relationship. This doesn’t have to involve a power struggle, but it could if you jump to the defensive. Try listening with new ears and trust the process.

We are in the midst of a lovely grand fire trine with Mars, Pallas Athena and Vesta… this energy pattern peaks on August 29th and ends on September 17th, just as Saturn re-enters Sagittarius. The fire trine is inspiration at work and it ignites our Soul’s passion. It could really up the flow of sacred sexual energy, as well as any cause you are passionate about. This fiery energetic promotes discovering a courage you might not have known you had… embrace it.


Wednesday the 19th

There is a lovely fire trine today between Venus and Uranus (Leo-Aries) today. Look for love and freedom in surprising places and ways. Uranus is the “Great Awakener”… what is your heart waking up to? What desires are on fire?

Venus is still retrograde and we are still in the process of realigning our hearts and all what we value. At this point, we are beginning to understand that we “know” who we are resonating with and who we are moving past. Sometimes connections come out of the blue to take us in directions we never expected… this can be one of those days.

I hope we all will take advantage of this energy and act with inspiration, courage, generosity and open-hearted play! Late tonight, an additional “happy” aspect between the Sun and Moon adds to the good vibes of this day.


Thursday the 20th

The early morning brings a Moon deep diving into Scorpio and shortly after, Mercury and Uranus get wonky together… so watch nervous systems and communications (also electronics) as they could be in need of some adjustments before they can function properly. Scorpio loves to investigate and get to the bottom of things… solutions can be found.

The day has harmonious lunar aspects positioned like bookends with Jupiter and Neptune, which can support us to find greater wisdom and a deeper spiritual connection to our inner being.

Friday the 21st

Today is a bit of a reality check…. Not negative! With all the Leo energy of creative fire and exuberance, sometimes we need to celebrate the inspiration and then get to the “how do we make it real” part. So here we are with a Sun/Saturn square (Leo/Scorpio). It’s forming a stepping stone so we can gather our inspiration and “step up” to a new level of manifestation that requires total integrity with your inner being. Trying to avoid inner truths at this point will only cause great pain… turn and face what has been denied up until now.

Saturn is now direct and headed for Sagittarius on September 17th. While he hangs at these last masterful degrees of Scorpio, we are being given a powerful opportunity to see anything we may still need to release, purge or transmute so we can step into our “new “ Self , fully equipped to operate with integrity and greater ease. Take responsibility and BE willing to look, see and hear what’s needed, so you can show up as the magnificent person you already are.

Also… give people the space they need for their own process and stay with yours!

Saturday the 22nd

This day could feel a bit like you are trying to run in thick mud. So instead of trying to run… find a way to move that brings the least struggle and trust that progress is being made in smaller increments. The Scorpio Moon will join Saturn mid-afternoon and as I mentioned yesterday… time to take responsibility for your projected reality.

Sometimes reeling in your line and taking stock, is all that’s needed to realign yourself to a more stable platform where manifesting becomes effortless. A limitation can be re-framed to see that it is a functional boundary that needs t be in place for added support.

The energy shifts considerably when the Moon enters optimistic and far reaching Sagittarius at 4:42 PM.
We may want to escape and looking at foreign destinations online can calm the wanderlust.  The ruler of Sagittarius - Jupiter… forms a stepping stone to the Moon later tonight and we would be wise to avoid overdoing anything that wants to take us into excess.

Sunday the 24th

Today the Sun moves into Virgo and this refined, sacred feminine sign will support us to get the work done… to be of service… heal old wounds… refine our skills… and handle all the details that work together to make up the “Whole”. With Jupiter now in Virgo for the next year, this Sun in Virgo period (until September 24th) and really help to fortify our ability to accomplish some detailed work that is necessary for our larger vision to manifest.

A lunar square (stepping stone) to Neptune in the morning can put us into dream world, where details and clarity are all fuzzy. Why not remember that it’s Sunday morning and relish this energy to take it easy… as it won’t last long. When the Sagittarius Moon trines Mars in Leo around 10:30 AM, we will find our motivation to move with some playful inspiration. Enjoy!

"Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe."

Eckhart Tolle




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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly: August 10 - 16, 2015

All times given are EDT.

Monday the 10th

Recently, many of us have experienced extreme shifts in our emotional and physical bodies. This last week was full of big changes and it continues…we are not finished… but we are getting better at surfing these big waves.

The Moon enters the sensitive waters of Cancer at 8:09 AM and since Mars left Cancer to enter Leo just 2 days ago, Cancer sensitivity is tempered with some playful courage that increases our sense of safety in the world. The Moon forms subtle aspects to Mars and the Sun as the morning progresses, inviting us to make adjustments based on intuitive messages.

If you run into a snag in your plans around dinner time, just ease up on the need for consistency and see where the night leads you.

Tuesday the 11th

Jupiter finished up in Leo and steps into Virgo at 7:13 AM today, where he will remain until September of 2016. Jupiter help us face where we are going and in the sacred feminine sign of Virgo… service comes to the foreground. Discernment will lead the way now.

Virgo is the sign of the master healer and while Jupiter is here, we can expect to see the healing arts expand to a new level of prominence. Virgo is good with details and skillful at bringing fragmented parts back to a new Wholeness. 

Restored faith in a daily practice that facilitates greater well being and balanced health can emerge during this time. It’s very likely that the focus on a healthier, non-GMO food supply will gain even more ground. Virgo is an earth sign and has the patience to keep at it and declutter what has become excessive. We can utilize this energy over the next year to bring some of the big dreams we conjured up when Jupiter was in Leo and actually make them happen.

There is a bridge that forms between the Cancer Moon and Pluto in Capricorn at 9:17 AM, so our emotional sensibilities are amplified… use this to learn something about yourself you can transform.

Wednesday the 12th

The Cancer Moon harmonizes with Venus and Saturn before entering Leo by 4:53 PM. So the early part of the day can feel solid and stable emotionally. Nurture yourself or another in a way that supports personal empowerment…  it feels good.

The Moon in Leo (starting at 4:54 PM) loves to be bold and celebrate with confidence. With a lunar conjunction to Mars at 10:01 PM, we actively choose to shine our light… let it be with a generous heart at the helm. Self expression is high on the agenda.

Mercury (in Virgo) and Neptune (in Pisces) form a bridge (opposition) at 9:12 PM. Mercury is taking the lead as the new ruler of the masculine… the higher mind and as he bridges Neptune, we get an opportunity to tap into the limitless spiritual field. If you feel a bit foggy headed, just know it’s time to listen to the nebulous, dreamy messages and leave the intellectualizing for later.

Thursday the 13th

The Moon is still in Leo and the ruler of Leo… the Sun, will trine Uranus in Aries at 6:27 AM. This fire trine lights up the whole day with inspiration and creativity. Innovative, original self-expression has center stage… so stay open to something new to show up.

Saturn and Pluto form a challenging aspect at 6:17 PM and somethings gotta give. Here is a chance to reform a plan or restructure foundations that need changing. Don’t hold on to the past so tight that you miss an opportunity to transform… butterflies know better.

Friday the 14th

The Leo Moon forms a fire trine to Uranus at 8:38 AM, so let your inner child come out to play and see what new, spontaneous  impulses get you going. Pay attention, because the New Moon happens at 10:24 AM in Leo at 22 degrees Leo… Time to plant new seeds!

This New Moon has Venus right beside her and Uranus - The great Awakener -  is sparking something so new, it’s time to create and celebrate yourself! 

Ask yourself:
What makes me glad to be alive?
What brings me Joy?
Where can I express generosity?
What am I grateful for?
Where do I appreciate and Love about myself?
If I could play more and be more creative…what would I do?

Contemplating these questions will plant the seeds that can grow into greater fulfillment and joy in your life. Go for it!

Saturday the 15th

The Moon is in the divine feminine sign of Virgo when we wake up. Virgo is about purity of heart and the ability to see the function of parts that form the “whole”. Details are magical building blocks, as long as we don’t get too narrow a focus. Stay focused on service that works for the greater good of all for best results.

Venus and the Sun partner in a conjunction at 22 degrees Leo (3:22 PM) and this is all about rediscovering a new beginning for the heart. Love and desires are flaming our motivations and creative forces. Appreciating all we have experienced and all that surrounds us will ignite a deep gratitude that needs to be expressed. Take in the beauty that surrounds us and celebrate it.

A Mercury/Pluto earth trine (Virgo/Capricorn) at 3:53 PM, delivers us to a solid foundation where we  can speak our truth clearly and fearlessly. This no-nonsense energy can help purge an old pattern and get to the core of the matter while leaving drama out of it.

Retrograde Venus say take advantage of the cosmic climate today and clear the air if you need to, concerning decisions you’ve made about relationships or finances.

The Moon bridges Neptune at 9:30 PM, connecting us in a practical way to our vision…. time to dream and not focus on facts.

Sunday the 16th

The Moon and Mercury join in Virgo at the start of our Sunday, suggesting we will want to attend to wellness, order and analysis of some sort. This could be a great day for quiet time, cleaning closets or prepping for the next week’s agenda. Concentrating on a project where you can get lost in the details could be just perfect. Simplify what is complicated.

We may not be feeling particularly social and yet pulled to do so, as Mars and Chiron form an edgy connection. Healing is an inside job. Go easy this evening and take a moment to look back on the last two weeks and all that has transpired… it’s a lot!

“Live life fully while you’re here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy; be weird. Go out and screw up! You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.”
Anthony Robbins


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $145. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024