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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for March 2 - 8, 2015

All times are written for E.S.T


Well that was quite an “inbreath”… one that took me to new depths and horizons. Words seem to fall short in their ability to translate my experience at this time. Suffice it to say, my system experienced a shut down and reboot… one that involved a recalibration and upgrade to receive the latest software updates and downloads. It sounds like l am talking about my computer, but it was my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body that got the overhaul. I am still spinning from the experience and am trusting that as time passes, I will share what seems helpful in the moment. Thank you all for your patience and here’s to a great ride as our journey expands ever onward.

Monday the 2nd
An “on fire” Leo Moon leads us into this 1st week of March, with harmonious trines forming throughout our Monday. Starting with a trine to Mars in Aries mid-morning and subsequently a trine to Venus and Uranus in Aries, just after nightfall. That’s a lot of fiery energy that’s loaded with inspiration and impulses to move in new directions. Having experienced a Jupiter/Mercury bridge yesterday, there is a visionary gift available to us at this time that can really instigate powerful changes. Our task is to stay open and tuned to the higher frequencies so we can tap into guidance that provides impulses to move in directions that will fulfill our greater purpose.

This motivational fire energy is setting the stage for big shifts coming in the Spring and now is the time to be bold, original and courageous. Let the Leo Moon energy unleash your personal creative expression in a new, unpredictable way and see what happens. Time to let your inner genius out to play. Tomorrow will support it!

Tuesday the 3rd
This is a very interesting day with a Moon void in Leo for over 24 hours. That’s all about an “inner world” focus and a perfect time to tap into inspiring feelings of gratitude, generosity and playful creativity. What a great time to contact your “inner child” and ask them what would bring them the greatest joy. Get out of your head and into your heart (where your inner child always resides) to make the most of this energy.

We get the gift of an exact fire trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries that reinforces the unleashing of something new and expansive in our life script. March and April are full of fiery aspects that spark actions. This Jupiter/Uranus trine marks the midway point of a one year awakening, mobilizing cycle. (The first of three Jupiter/Uranus trines happened on Sept 25, 2014, the last will occur on June 2 and complete itself by June22nd.)

All of this fire energy ignites inspiration and motivation to birth something new and fresh that leads us into new territory… where we can discover greater joy and a new upgraded alignment of wisdom with our Soul’s Journey! Be open to opportunities that liberate, awaken and activate a dream that you hold close to your heart and use this supportive cosmic energy to embrace it with a broader perspective. Be Bold!

Wednesday the 4th
The Moon eased into Virgo while we slept and Venus gets very busy today. A Virgo Moon helps to bring all the fiery energy we are dancing with down to earth somewhat. As we may feel it’s time to get grounded and get things done with earthy Virgo … Venus may have other plans.

Venus, the planet of heart, desires, love and values) trines Jupiter the planet of expansion and wisdom at 10:14 AM and together these fire signs (Aries/Leo) want to fly high. Adding to the flames is a trine from Venus to Uranus in Aries at 1:46 PM. The pleasure principle wants to dominate and at the very least, spirits will be upbeat and optimistic, if not surprising and revolutionary in some way. We can awaken to a happier heart!

The Virgo Moon squares Saturn I Sagittarius at 4:48 PM, which can help us to bring some of this high flying energy into a form that can find some substance and rooted stability. Ask what can be done to take some of these really big ideas and take steps to give them form and function.
The Virgo Moon sets up a bridge to Neptune at 10:14 PM (how do we traverse the space form practicality to our highest vision) and then just minutes later a Venus/Pluto square becomes exact (a stepping stone to transform the heart). Navigating these strong energies is best done with feet on the ground and hands in the air. Surrender to knowing … to trusting that everything is working out in its highest order and that we are meant to know love in a new way.

This energy is leading to the Full Moon tomorrow at 1:05 PM and much can come to light on the way there. Let’s be willing to transmute fears and choose to evaluate what needs an overhaul, so we can live the life our heart is calling forth. Why would we not?

Thursday the 5th
There really is just too much to write about today so bear with me!
It’s a Full Moon in Virgo day, where the lights (Sun and Moon) form a bridge from Pisces to Virgo. The Full Moon is exact at 1:05 PM and during the time leading up to it, both lights will form inconjuncts (quincunx aspects) with Uranus. This suggests that some surprises may emerge that require us to stop and make some adjustments.

Much like a pebble in your shoe, the more you try to walk with it underfoot… the more uncomfortable it gets, until you stop and take your shoe off to rid yourself of the discomfort. Being willing to pay attention and make the necessary shift will ensure greater ease along your path. At 1:36 PM, the Moon goes Void until tomorrow evening… indicating that our focus is best utilized inwardly with these big energies, where we can allow elevated guidance to direct us.
The Sun in Pisces is all about the limitless, spiritual realm and the Moon in Virgo is all about bringing fragmented pieces into a new whole… a healing of sorts in the physical world. The bridge formed between a Pisces Sun and a Virgo Moon speaks to me of an opportunity to connect the imaginative, intuitive aspects of ourselves with the practical, healing oriented parts of our emotional body.

The South Node (Earth Star) conjoins with Mars at 10 degrees Aries, very close to a Uranus/Venus conjunction. There is a lot of big energy in this Full Moon. The potential exists for us to connect to our DNA lineage and activate evolutionary, revolutionary shifts that open us up for greater states of consciousness.

The Venus/Pluto square is very strong in this Full Moon chart and speaks to me of an available turning point
(a crossroads kind of choice) regarding matters of the heart and all that we value…. that includes self-esteem, desires, money and resources. We are living in the midst of quantum personal shifts that are reflected by a new world emerging. This Full Moon offers us a chance to integrate the physical with the spiritual… on a brand new level… of the never ending spiral of becoming. The Sun sextiles Pluto at 7:19 PM bringing a power to creative solutions that is sure to inspire! What a day.

Friday the 6th
After a big day like yesterday, it’s nice to catch a breather and that’s just what today brings. The Moon stays Void until 7:52 PM. So the day is perfect for contemplating the internal and external changes we are experiencing. Allow yourself some “Me Time” and tend to the details of your life in a meditative fashion, allowing the mind to slow a bit.

The Moon dances into Libra at 7:52 PM adding to the need for balance and peace in relationships. We can use beauty and our appreciation of Art to self sooth and create a sense of ease … especially after the intensity of the previous transformative days.

Saturday the 7th
The Libra Moon runs the gauntlet today as she contacts Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto from early morning until after midnight. Just know that it will be filled with a variety of feelings and ride the waves, while viewing the day from the “observer’s perch” and you’ll see how much of your external world is a reflection of your inner world.
The Sun joins Chiron in an exact conjunction at 17 degrees Pisces. The light of the Sun can illuminate our need to feel connected and whole and reveal what needs healing and “wholing”… fragmented parts can be reunited back to oneness, especially if we are willing to do some centering work and listen to our intuitive voice for greater understanding and compassion.
Sunday March 8th
The Libra Moon forms a bridge (opposition) to Venus at 11:58 AM, bringing up the collaboration/cooperation theme of relationship. Here again, we are shown where we can create balance or get lost in projection… it’s good to check and see which we are committed to. The evening ends with a lovely trine from the Libra Moon to Mercury in Aquarius. Clear thinking and understanding are on the rise.

There is another 24 hour Void Moon starting at 9:24 PM tonight, so try to wind down and take advantage of frequencies that enable rest and rejuvenation.
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
Henry David Thoreau

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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for February 23 - March 1, 2015

All times are written for E.S.T.

The Weekly Weather Report may or may not appear this week, while Merrily takes an important inbreath.

Stay tuned, she'll be back in a flash.


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024…

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Merrily’s Astrological Weekly Weather for February 16 - 22:

All times are written for E.S.T.


This is one of those weeks where we shift gears, as the Sun, Mars and Venus are all changing signs and the Chinese New Year of the Sheep (or goat) begins on Thursday. We have a very interesting New Moon pattern on Wednesday that is extremely unique; it will help to guide us into the new world we are birthing as the Sun enters Pisces just minutes later.

Venus (our heart center) will enter Aries (love activated, higher mind) on Friday and conjoin the Moon (intuition) and subsequently join with Mars (inspired action) very early Sunday. This feels like a breath of fresh air to me! We are still in the shadow of the Aquarius Mercury retrograde that is realigning our Love of Self, so we can contribute to the world… our self-esteem is getting an upgrade so we can live more authentically.

Monday the 16th
The work week starts out with a Capricorn Moon that harmonizes with Neptune, Venus, Mars and the Sun…. all between 6:05 AM and 3:46 PM. This is a run of energy that is sure to assist us to bring our highest vision into the heart, which will then inspire actions designed to positively reflect the light of our being. Ask yourself repeatedly “what is my new truth” and then pursue it with compassion and grace.

The Moon enters objective Aquarius at 7:14 PM, setting the frequencies for the New Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius on Wednesday. We can use the time between now and the New Moon on Wednesday to illuminate what we have learned during a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius that is timely set between two Aquarian New Moons. What barriers have been removed or still need removing (concerning self-love and acceptance) that we used to defend and no longer need? It’s time to fully share who we are and allow ourselves to be seen!

Tuesday the 17th
The Aquarius Moon was busy while we slept and as she forms a semisextile to Neptune at 6:21 AM, we may awaken with subtle insights that are worth remembering as the day progresses.

The Aquarius Moon forms connections to Venus at 1:09 PM and Mars at 4:36 PM that will stimulate the need to shift something, so if you feel agitated, ask what is behind it and let it enlighten you. Stay kind in the process! The Moon will sextile Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) at 5:30 PM and creativity is awaken in a flash. We get to choose between inspired innovations or restless rebellions as the Sun and Uranus add to the mix just 8 minutes later. People will not want to follow rules and listen to “authorities” and it’s best to allow ourselves and others plenty of personal space.

A Lunar semisextile to Pluto/Ceres in Capricorn offers up a great energy to rebirth and realign with all the shifts that have occurred in preparation for the New Moon tomorrow. A Lunar bridge with Jupiter at 9:00 PM can translate wisdom from the light of the observers post and reflect it back in a celebration of gratitude and play. Just be aware of a tendency to go to extremes in self-expression and choose balance.

Wednesday the 18th
This is very significant day in the cosmic weather. Before I get to the New Moon, I think it’s important to note that The Aquarius Sun (29 degrees) and Pluto will form a semisquare at 12:31 PM, providing some last minute stimulation to shift or purge something that no longer serves you. Don’t put it off any longer! Clear your slate for the new beginning just ahead.

For this New Super Moon, the Sun and Moon join at the very last degree of Aquarius in a most unusual way. This New Moon happens at 6:47 PM E.S.T at 29 degrees and 59 minutes of Aquarius. Within less than a minute (10 seconds later) the Aquarius Moon moves into Pisces and the Sun follows just 2 minutes later. This fascinates me, as the last New Moon as at 0 degrees Aquarius… it’s as if the 2 New Moons in Aquarius acted as “book ends” for an Aquarius Mercury retrograde to bring forth all we needed to learn about how we connect to loving ourselves more fully… a reboot to our self-esteem and a new willingness to be seen in the world. It’s how we become more humanitarian.

With the Sun and Moon now joining Neptune and Chiron in the spiritual, intuitive sign of Pisces, we cross over from the individuated, brilliance of mental Aquarius (that envisions humanity as whole) into the calming waters of Pisces (that intuitively understands we are all one… just as the waves are all one with the Ocean). Pisces is Neptune’s sign and by the end of this day we experience a tremendous lineup (a 6 planet stellium) in this watery realm from 0 to 29 degrees Pisces with Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars spanning the vastness. If there was ever a time for you to understand how thoughts and ideas create feelings and emotions this is it… take time to hear your intuitive voice calling from the limitless field. Downloads abound!

As always, New Moons are seeding days to plant what you want to grow next… listen and discover your infinite nature… it’s sure to inspire creations beyond where you have been. Write down your insights and dreams to help bring them into manifestation.

Thursday the 19th
We are still feeling yesterday’s shift and Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Saturn at 8:06 AM, to bring a helpful focus and clarity of mind to all that we are aspiring to bring into reality. It can be a challenge to feel grounded right now and the Pluto Ceres powerful conjunction in Capricorn can help us keep our feet on the earth. We are being transformed and might feel a bit “swimmy” from it all, so take your shoes off and let them touch the earth for grounding… unless it’s 6 degrees! You can do the same thing with visualizations J

Mars moves into Aries (his own sign) at 7:21 PM, with Venus and the Moon following suit tomorrow. This is a lot of fire and we are going to want to get moving as this gets going. Mars loves being in Aries and we may notice we are more energized and ready to get our physicality back in better shape. Time for actions after so much contemplating, just look before you leap!

Friday the 20th
Mars entered Aries yesterday and Venus joins him today at 3:06 PM, after which the Moon joins them at 6:14 PM, amping up our urges to get moving. We are now ready to activate our higher mind from a whole new level. During this next phase of Aries energy, allow yourself to choose Loving actions instead of unconscious re-actions. The reactive self always takes us down that same familiar road where insecurities rule and we are now done with that and ready to live in a healthier place.
This is motivating, exciting energy that can deliver fiery passion and amped up enthusiasm. Creativity is stimulated. Watch your patience level and commit to breathing more as we speed up.
Mars and Jupiter can invite us to take greater risks and go to extremes with impulsive actions starting at 7:39 PM. Mars rules the muscles and physical activity of some kind during the day can help channel this combustible energy. Passions continue to rise!

Saturday the 21st
Venus and Jupiter can inflate our desire for more passion in our lives today. Use this energy to see where your heart needs to tune into the conscious wisdom… so that you won’t go for something with a blind eye and burn out too fast.

With the Moon still in Aries, we are on fire for change and with a lunar conjunction to Uranus at 5:04 PM, we are posed for unexpected events that can bring higher mind clarity if we are staying aware. At 6:13 PM, we are reminded of where we need to be responsible in the transformation of stuctures we put in place, by a lunar square to Pluto.

The evening brings a harmonious trine between the Aries Moon and Jupiter in Leo. We feel inspired to find the courage for a self-expression that frees us up again. There is a fiery Venus/Mars conjunction after midnight that is sure to ignite our motivations and passions. Our hearts are realigning with our physicality !

Sunday the 22nd
We have a sacred conjunction today between Venus and Mars at the beginning of Aries and heart and body are turned on and ready to go! The sacred marriage is between the masculine (action and creating) and the feminine (receptive and allowing)… the dance between Mars and Venus.

As we look for love from another, we can see that the old saying “you can’t love anyone else, until you learn to love yourself” is loaded with the truth. Consider making a vow between the masculine and feminine aspects of You and let then join in a sacred union that allows you to love yourself fully. When we are whole within in this way, we attract a reflected manifestation of this new balance in another person. Imagine, two whole beings that share the wonder of their completeness, who have evolved beyond co-dependency. It makes the “you complete me” phrase obsolete and incomplete.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Lucille Ball



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Merrily’s astrological Weekly Weather for February 9 - 15, 2015

All times are written for E.S.T.


Mercury goes direct on Wednesday and so much of what has been unclear or uncertain will begin to make more sense. Give it a few days and you will notice… as Mercury picks up speed, so do we ...

Monday the 9th
Early in the morning the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aquarius will form a harmonious trine that paves the way for easier communications that can contribute to successful planning.
Mid-morning the lunar energy turn a bit fuzzy and it’s best to not draw conclusions or allow any frustration to get the better of us.

At 4:32 PM, Mercury and Venus (mind and heart) may bring some subtle friction into the mix, as we work to balance a vision or a goal that may line up with one (mind)… but not the other (heart). The Moon in Libra can keep us going back and forth between the options, weighing and balancing and unable to make a choice.

An idea that excites us may require changes that scare us. No need to choose now, just contemplate and let the decision emerge when the time is right and make course corrections out of fear based thinking.

Tuesday the 10th
When we rise, the Moon will have moved into Scorpio and our energy turns inward. With Venus and Jupiter forming a quincunx… we may feel pressure to make changes or adjustments as we immerse ourselves in a deeper view of where we have been and where we want to go. We can feel the urge to expand our world based on our hearts desire and we are investigating how to bring it about.

A trine between the Scorpio Moon and Neptune in Pisces at 3:16 PM, can sooth any restless urges and empower our intuition to have a say in what is going on. Tune in and see what your inner guidance has to say.
Wednesday the 11th
Mercury stations and goes direct 1 degree Aquarius at 9:57 AM E.S.T. It will take a couple of weeks for Mercury to reach the place where he turned back from. All this extra time we have spent with our mind in the Aquarius frequencies, will begin to make more sense, as he pulls out from his station and gains momentum over the coming weeks. The more we choose to love and fully accept where we are right now, the more uplifting this forward journey will be.

The Moon trines Venus at 2:50 PM ushering in passionate feelings that we can feel secure with. Late tonight at 10:51 PM the lunar square to the sun may stimulate more urges to get our needs met. Watch out for bumping not stubborn resistance and choose to recognize the wheels of change are asking you to take some kind of action. Know that you have the strength that is needed to move forward.

Thursday the 12th
The early hours can bring a restless feeling, with an aspect between the Scorpio Moon and Uranus and then Pluto… feeling like a pebble in our shoe when we are trying to run. So slow down and stay polite.

The Moon changes the energy at 11:48 PM, leaving the deep waters of Scorpio behind, for the optimistic fires of Sagittarius. At 2:22 PM a lunar sextile to Mercury, heightens our sense of optimism and we can speak proposals and plans with a creative drive that is sure to impress.

At 7:34 PM The Sagittarius Moon joins hand in hand with Saturn, helping us to pour our visions and dreams into a plan of structure to help bring them to life. Don’t let insecurities effect your choices now… it’s time to life authentically and not think small. How do we build appropriate foundations for where we are now?

Friday the 13th
Looks like an upbeat lucky kind of day to me! We can reach higher today with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo sending electrifying, brilliant insights our way. This day is all about embracing an optimistic perspective that brings joy and surprises. All this fire ignites impulses to explore and take new actions. Go for it!

Saturday the 14th
It’s an interesting Valentine’s Day, as Mars squares the Sagittarius Moon before lunch, and there are no other aspects until the Moon shifts into Capricorn at 5:26 PM. There is a conservative air around Valentine plans that has a more serious tone to it, but with a helpful aspect between the Moon and Jupiter at 8:48 PM, the evening has sweet communications written all over it. The focus is more on commitment and less on sentimentality.


Sunday the 15th
Early morning hours involve a sextile between the Capricorn Moon and Neptune in Pisces, inviting us to take it easy, perhaps stay in bed late and talk about your dreams, plans and visions.

The Sun plays with Mars at 12:20 PM, spurring us to take some kind of creative action to further us in the direction we have been deeply contemplating. Be open.

At 4:50 PM, The Moon and Uranus square off and then at 6:10 PM the Moon squares Pluto… so pay attention. Feelings can get intense and people may act in surprising ways. There is a hidden gem here of us if we look for it.

See where you have become clearer, stronger and more willing to change in the direction that reflects your evolving integrity. Stubbornness is just resistance projected from fear of change. Look to see where you stand, as this will help you benefit from the New Moon seed planting next Wednesday, which occurs in the very last degree of Aquarius. Remember when it comes to your relationship with Self… we all need more love, not less.

“The best way to predict your future, is to create it” Abraham Lincoln


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024…