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Weekly Weather Report for May 18 - 24, 2015

All times given are EDT:


Monday the 18th

The Moon entered Gemini at 5:28 AM and will form a bridge to Saturn at 8:51 AM. When Saturn connects to something, it helps to bring it form, to make it real and sometimes that shows up as responsibility, boundaries and limits… in order to bring greater focus to a desired result. Time management matters now. Consider this energetic an appropriate lead into Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) going retrograde later tonight.

The Gemini Moon conjuncts Mars at 1:27 PM and we could feel like we are ready to go a mile a minute with our communications. Physical outlets can help ground this dynamic energy.

When a Planet stations to go retrograde, it slows down and becomes a more powerful influence. When we slow down with it, we are able to step in time with the different drummer that takes us on an inner journey. Mercury in his own sign of Gemini, turns retrograde at 9:49 PM and goes direct on June 11th. Gemini rules the lungs…utilize your breath as a centering and grounding tool on this journey and you will have an easier ride!

This retrograde period is a powerful one in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini. While Mercury is retrograde, the planet is actually closer to earth and we can feel as though we lose our perspective. We need to take the time to rethink, redo and review anything that comes in and out of our focus. Trusting your inner voice, slowing down and tuning out the noisy chatter will serve you well. There will be lots of information and multiple choices to consider. Remain flexible for best results!

Tuesday the 19th

The Gemini Moon sextiles Jupiter in Leo at 7:25 AM and communications are optimistic, as gratitude is easily expressed. Adding to this experience, the Moon will sextile Uranus by 2:00 PM and we can look for unique ways to connect and express new ideas. This sets off a VOC (void of course) Moon that lasts until tomorrow morning, bringing a fine tuning to our perceptions from the inside out.
A semisextile between the retrograde Mercury and Venus in Cancer at 9:12 PM, invites the mind and heart to join in an expansive, playful dance. Reflections of the heart are revealing in subtle ways. What is your heart trying to tell you? Venus in Cancer is a beautiful energy that reflects a pure love that is energy in motion. Nurturing is a theme here… how can you be more nurturing to your Self?

Wednesday the 20th

The Moon enters her home sign of Cancer at 9:57 AM and intuition and the divine feminine energy of allowing, take the lead in directing the expression of emotional needs. With the Sun spending it’s last day in Taurus, this combo suggests that we take some time to relax and nurture ourselves and others in simple ways. Gardening and tending to domestic needs can sooth a nervous system that is highly stimulated by Mars and Mercury in Gemini. I will keep mentioning “getting grounded” as it is my #1 medicine for conducting the Gemini energy so that our true brilliance can shine.
At 1:13 PM, Saturn brings a reality check to the Cancer Moon. Look to see how you can fortify your sense of safety by reviewing how you are authoring the story you tell about yourself. Spend today in the worthwhile contemplation of how you could write your life story without blame, shame or guilt. We can choose an enlightened version when we are ready.

Thursday the 21st

The Sun skipped into Gemini before sunrise, adding to the mercurial nature of the times we are in. This Gemini chapter asks us to be very conscious of our thoughts… are they fear based? Are we allowing our intuitive nature to tap us into the Higher Mind or are we dancing with the “Monkey Mind” that never has a solution to anything? Flitting from one thing to another undermines our focus and it’s important to tune to a centered place. Again, the breath is always there to assist you. Fill your lungs and let it go 5 times in a row and notice how you feel.
Pluto’s transformational energy is big today as he contacts the Sun at 11:15 AM, with a challenging angle and then forms a bridge (opposition) with Venus at 9:53 PM. These two aspects act like bookends to a dynamic day, which brings up relationship issues and stimulatesa strong re-evaluation of our wants and needs.  This doesn’t have to be about power struggles… it can be transformative if we take the high road and share an inner truth we discover concerning our own empowerment.

Friday the 22nd

The morning can feel like a continuance of yesterday’s big energies, so choose some integration time for yourself. Allow emotions to remind you that you have an inner GPS system…one that will steer you in the right direction, when you allow it. Your gut has a direct line to your guidance system and it has something to say, your mind will try to convince you otherwise at times.

The Moon fires into Leo at 5:43PM and then sextiles the Sun at 8:48 PM, bringing some welcomed, playful energy that helps to lift us up and restore confident self-expression. Saturn trines this Leo Moon (8:52 PM) empowering our inner light, right before the Sun forms a bridge (opposition) to Saturn at 9:36 PM.

This Sun/Saturn (Gemini/Sagittarius) bridge presents an opportunity for us to traverse back and forth between opposites that are functionally complementary. Everything in the Universe is in motion and our consciousness is ever expanding. It’s a good time to ask yourself what you need to do to triumph over your “lower-self” in order to express a new found clarity that will raise the bar in creating your life.

Saturday the 23rd

We start the day out sunny-side-up, with a Leo Moon sextiling Mars at 9:15 AM. Creative play is on the agenda and we want to jump right to it. See if you can just let this Saturday take an easy course and spend time looking at all the things in your life you are grateful for. The longer you look… the more you will see. The Moon sextiles Mercury at 5:35 PM and conversations reflect artistic appreciation and it’s a great night for expressing affection and learning new things.

Sunday the 24th

This is a very interesting day, that starts with a harmonizing fire trine between the Moon and Uranus at 6:50 AM. This trine sets off a VOC (void of Course) Moon that lasts until early Monday morning. There are no other aspects, which leaves this trine as the only major astrological influence for the entire day. The trine between the Moon in Leo and Uranus in Aries can be playful, spontaneous, expressive, inventive, etc…. so let yourself play carefree all day. Celebrate the joys of living and let gratitude and sparks of courage fill your heart. Get in touch with the true nature of your divine worth that is inherent within the void… it is eternal.

Tell everyone you know: "My happiness depends on me, so you're off the
hook." And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they're doing.
Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give
anyone else responsibility for the way you feel—and then, you'll love them all.
Because the only reason you don't love them, is because you're using them as
your excuse to not feel good.

Abraham Hicks

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Astrological Weekly Weather for May 11th- 17th

By Merrily Garrett

All Times written for EDT

Monday the 11th

There is Lots to say about today!
The next 24 hours has a VOC (Void of Course Moon) energy to it, so be gentle, tune inward and if your motivations feel thwarted, know it’s purposeful and be patient… it’s all getting ready to shift, again! The Sun sextiles Chiron, bringing some healing and re-alignment to our consciousness and helping us to release stuck places that need to move.

Mars, the planet that rules our physical bodies, how we assert ourselves and how we take action… is changing signs tonight. As Mars spends the last day at 29 degrees Taurus (a master degree) for most of the day, take some time to appreciate the Tortious and the Hare parable in Aesop's Fables. Taurus is the Tortious… slow and steady and totally grounded and very content to being in the moment, with no rush. The Hare is swift and fast, with feet that spend more time in the air, than on the ground.

The point being, this is the last day of the slower, grounded energy for Mars, so see what you can garner from this earthy influence. Tonight, Mars enters the faster Air energy of Gemini, where it will be buzzing for the next 7 weeks. The planet of action enters the sign of information, where too much data can be distracting and taxing to our bodies, so keep tuning to the higher mind to keep it balanced.
Traditionally, Gemini is all about communications, networking, data and information. In cosmic Astrology, it is all about integrating the mind and the heart to bring wisdom in action. When we have too much information it can be over stimulating to our nervous system and send us into overwhelm. We can find our center by reconnecting to the heart and choose to speak our truth from there. Gemini is all about pairs and it rules the lungs. We can rebalance ourselves swiftly with breathing techniques that will nurture our nervous system and mind/body balance. Alternate nostril breathing works every time!
The Moon leaves Aquarius and enters sensitive, intuitive Pisces at 10:54 PM, ending the Void of Course Moon that extended across our day. Let the rest of your night be about finding some peace, no matter what stimulus shows up. Set yourself up for some sweet dreams with compassion and understanding.

Tuesday the 12th

A lunar trine to Venus at 7:18 AM brings loving energy to the forefront for breakfast. Emotions harmonize as we enjoy a nurturing situation. Pisces is Neptune’s sign and it rules the vastness of the oceans and the limitless field. With the Moon here, we can tune into the messages that our inner GPS system is transmitting via our emotions. Give yourself permission to do just that, as the Moon will conjunct Neptune at 3:04 PM. Our inner voice is directing our feeling nature… are we listening? Time to tune in.

The Pisces Moon forms a stepping stone (square) to Mercury in Gemini (the messenger) at 6:29 PM. Be mindful that someone (perhaps ourselves) can feel frustrated with attempts to communicate feelings. This is a time when you can apply the aid of breathing techniques to help re-center your energy. Go easy for the rest of the night.

Wednesday the 13th

It’s a very light day! Intuition and impulses that are right on at 6:00 AM, lead us to a Moon/Sun sextile at 12:56 PM… generating a good feeling all around! Allow the Taurus Sun and the Pisces Moon to take you on a nature walk at some point today and you will cherish it. There is a gentle energy available that can inspire divine creativity. Let it flow today.
Thursday the 14th

The Moon popped into get up-and-go Aries at 1:15 AM this morning and forms a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius at 5:02 AM. Sounds to me like we will get up ready to tackle something we have had in the works… and it’s now ready for the next step to manifest. A lunar stepping stone (square) to Venus (heart) at 1:34 PM, may show us where we need to evolve our responses. Venus in Cancer is beautiful divine energy, swimming in the heart chakra and nurturing concerns take center stage. Over protectiveness or defensiveness will only show up if you hang in fear-based, ego thinking.

The Moon and Neptune, (in a semi-sextile at 5:12 PM) support some kind of personal growth. The Aries Moon can help to liberate our creative imaginations and bring courage to the foreground. This leads us to a Moon/Mercury sextile at 10:01 PM, which helps us communicate and implement these fresh ideas. Our higher mind is able to bring clarity to a situation if we tune in and up.

Friday the 15th

Mars in Gemini has the potential to move very swiftly and lose focus. Fortunately Saturn forms a bridge with Mars today (an opposition) and asks us to see the big picture of a plan of action. Sometimes Saturn feels like the breaks or on and if that is true for you, know that its divine timing and it represents a perfect opportunity for you to access what needs to be put in place, for it all to work. This bridge has been building since the 11th and I see it as a grand opportunity for us to give Mars a chance to gain some focus while in Gemini (Gemini can get scattered easily). This energy requires patience and disciple to move forward and as Mars advances forward in Gemini, pay attention to what was brought to your attention with this bridge to Saturn, it will assist you for weeks to come.

A Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries at 8:05 AM can stimulate the “act 1st… think later” mentality in a very fiery way. Saturn helps to calm it a bit, but with the fires of Sagittarius… we are being asked to look for the bigger truths and it could feel like the gas and the breaks are on at the same time. Guidance is available in the higher vibrations, so check in before any impulsive actions.

The rest of the day, this action oriented Aries Moon will feel the best if we continuously apply a controlled effort that chooses a loving perspective rather than reactionary, fear based responses.

Saturday the 16th

The Moon entered the grounded territory of Taurus at 3:04 AM and hooks up with Mars supportively at 8:13 AM, which can really help us find a comfortable, secure way to take action. Our business can find the necessary roots to establish something that can endure.

The Big News today is a water trine between Venus in Cancer (heart) and Neptune in Pisces (imagination and spirituality) that is bound to have us all swimming merrily ( I couldn’t help it J) thru our love life and stream of creative projects. Our hearts are being tuned to a high, compassionate frequency, so let’s take some moments to feel the gift of harmony. There is a welcomed sense of ease to it all. Ahhhhhh…..

Sunday the 17th

We are headed for a New Moon in Taurus just after midnight tonight EDT, but as I am writing this from my location Central Time, I have chosen to include it in today’s weather.

But first things first. The Taurus Moon and Uranus shake things up by 10:17 AM and pleasant surprises can show up out of the blue. We can feel pleasantly recharged as we head to the New Moon tonight. Uranus is the Awakener and it’s good to expand our perspective and “wake up” to the beauty our world presents moment by moment.

The New Moon energy is always good for starting something new and planting seeds that bring results at the next Full Moon. This Taurus New Moon asks us to open our eyes to the vast beauty of our Earth Mother, and to tune into our higher minds and the thoughts directed by Love. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is all about our hearts, what we value and how we love. We may be reevaluating finances and how to generate more stability and with Venus still trining Neptune, inner guidance is easy to tap.

Jupiter conjoins Juno at this New Moon, prepping us for greater equality and balance between male and female (the yin and the yang) and the right to self –express for all gender combinations. There is a generous expansion possibility for a sacred union within ourselves as well as with others. Saturn is bridging this New Moon, providing some stability for us to tap into our own inner authority.

With Mercury stationing to go retrograde tomorrow night (Mercury will be in his own sign of Gemini from April 30th to July 8th as a result), this will be a New Moon period to get our mental processes refined, as we review and redo how we communicate and use our technology. Greater clarity results from evolutionary changes.

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey

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Astrological Weekly Weather for May 4th – 10th, 2015

All times are written for EDT

Monday the 4th

I am writing this way ahead of time, but I think it’s safe to say that last night’s Full Moon in Scorpio (and the day leading up to it) brought some intense transformation with it. I just keep letting go of the weights and floating up as best I can!

So here we are at a new week and our Monday brings a stepping stone (square) between the Taurus Sun and Jupiter in Leo. This energy asks for action and we want to make sure we don’t overdo it, when Jupiter is involved. Look to the wisdom you gained over the last week for clues of what choices to make!

The Scorpio Moon is rubbing up against Uranus at 6:34 PM and then she builds a bridge to Mars at 7:50 PM. Don’t be surprised if the evening delivers some strong emotions and visceral reactions. Our physical world may need to be rebooted, awakened or transformed in some way. If we allow the process and surrender resistance, rejuvenation can overtake discomfort. Good time for physical activities to let off steam.


Tuesday the 5th

I do love it when the Moon shoots into Sagittarius as she does this morning, at 5:13 PM. To go from the depths of Scorpio to the flight of Sagittarius can feel like lift off or adrenal support. The Moon joins Saturn (the builder, inner authority) in Sagittarius for an exact conjunction at 10:38 AM, and we may feel some of the Sagittarius enthusiasm overtaken by the seriousness of Saturn. That’s OK, because Saturn is here to help us figure out how to build structure and bring form to something. We are the writers of our life story and Saturn helps to bring that about. Just don’t get caught in a snare of 3D self-judgement that will undermine your self-esteem. Why rewrite an old story you don’t even like anymore.
A bridge (opposition) forms between the Moon and Mercury in Gemini at 4:32 PM, bringing communications front in center. We get a peek at what kinds of topics we will want to revisit when Mercury turns retrograde on May 19th.  Neither the Moon nor Mercury represent grounded energy at this time, so we could become scattered in our enthusiastic, diverse thinking. Gemini rules the lungs and deep breaths can help to bring the speedy flight of Gemini to a more productive pace. Fortunately, Mars remains in the earth sign of Taurus until the 11th and because Mars rules our bodies and physicality, we have access to the rootedness of the Earth with just the touch of a barefoot on the ground.

Wednesday the 6th
A Sun/Pluto (Taurus/Capricorn) earth trine is exact all today and we can make great progress in a steady fashion. Pluto is all about transforming and purging anything that has out-worn its place in your life. Take a good look at what you are building and gather the tools necessary to take you to the next step. What we practice today can set steady patterns, so choose consciously.
There is a burst of fire energy with a trine between the Moon and Jupiter at 6:45 AM to bring an optimistic, inspired flavor to our focus. Utilize this combo to set the tone for the rest of the day. By 2:39 PM Venus and Jupiter join the dance and pleasure and joy are on the rise. Our hearts are posed to learn something about choosing wisely… while still enjoying the wind feeding the flames of sacred passion.
The last aspect for the day (2:46 PM) is a fun, fire trine between the Moon and Uranus. What a great afternoon into the night… to try something new… to go Karaoke, ride bikes, go hiking, courageously share your dreams, take a dance class or just be playful and don’t worry about whoz lookin’!

Thursday the 7th

Our morning may challenge us to find a balance with how we feel physically and we may want to take some response too far. The Sagittarius Moon forms a bridge to Venus at 11:52 PM and enthusiasm and curiosity can help us overcome a fear, but we could find our values and/ or our heart’s desires challenged. Just hang in there as the Moon enters Capricorn at 12:17 PM and being level headed and goal oriented becomes more the focus.

Venus, the planet of Love and what we value, enters the sensitive, intuitive waters of Cancer at 4:52 PM, bringing to the foreground: maternal love, nurturance, divine feminine intuition, family focus and security. Venus in Cancer invites our hearts to feel safe to be sentimental and emotional and full of feelings. We will want to watch out for 3D patterns of defensiveness and projecting blame, which can happen if we don’t feel safe. A stronger bond of intimacy is available as long as we don’t get caught in personalizing what others do.

Friday the 8th

The Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces just before sunrise, which could bring helpful guidance in the form of an early morning dream. A creative, direct-line to Source may whisper an intuitive hunch that is spot on and reveal just how to implement a solution to something you are working on.

A Moon/Pluto Capricorn-conjunction at 3:48 PM, could be just the ticket to take that next big step on the road to progress. Whenever Pluto is involved, we look to see how to transform or improve something and this conjunction can show us how to begin.

At 8:40 PM tonight, we get more support with an earth trine between the Sun and Moon. This energy can feel like we are safe to land, but just 7 minutes later the Moon squares (a stepping stone) Uranus stimulating a restless (need to change something) kind of energy. This is compounded by a semisextile between the Sun and Uranus at 10:35 PM. I don’t imagine we will find it easy to go to bed early. This is restless, awakening energy that provides opportunities for shifts and growth. It’s a great time to record new ideas and stay open to something new showing you the way.

Saturday the 9th

Our Saturday morning could lack an element of clarity and we might feel like the fog man got inside our head. No worries, it’s just a time to let ideas float around, so don’t push to make plans or get attached to exacting communications with a Mercury/Neptune square (stepping stone) at 10:09 AM. This is a perfect time for daydreaming and spiritual reflection that taps us into divine guidance, which can result in an enhanced clarity of intuitive knowing.

We come back down to earth with a Moon/Mars earth trine at 2:36 PM and our afternoon takes on a more productive flavor. Perhaps we are ready to take what our intuition delivered in the morning and see how we can bring it into our physical reality.

The Moon enters forward thinking Aquarius at 5:23 PM and community/humanitarian issues may be weighed and balanced in line with how we love ourselves unconditionally. Unconditional Love just means that conditions do not have to be a particular way for us to be loving. Aquarius releases us from conditional loving if we allow it. In order to do that, we must first realize that we are perfect, divine beings and that we deserve Love just as we are.

Sunday the 10th

The Aquarius Moon and Neptune in Pisces, form a semisextile at 9:54 AM… just right for meditation and receiving inner guidance. Let your Sunday morning move at a gentle pace if you can. The Moon trines Mercury at 11:11 AM, making for some congenial communications that can bring greater ease and clarity to any situation.

The morning is a set up to assist us with a Venus/Saturn inconjunct that is still in effect since 1:00 AM this morning. We may need a reality check concerning relationships and finances. It’s really about understanding that in order to thrive, we can to choose to make adjustments when needed.
We get a bridge between the Aquarius Moon and Jupiter in Leo at 5:52 PM, helping to bring a broader perspective for greater wisdom. Crossing the bridge in either direction (back and forth) will enhance our experience of self-love and wisdom.

"The invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you."

~Wayne Dyer

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Weekly Weather for April 27 - May 3, 2015

All times given are EDT:


Monday the 27th
It’s a quiet Monday with a Leo Moon/ Mercury square (10:14 AM) and that sets off a VOC (Void of Course) Moon that lasts until just after 10:00 tonight. That stepping stone between the Moon and Mercury can help us to recognize our recent personal growth and we can use this day to appreciate the new ways we have learned to love and respect ourselves and others. If communications feel challenging, just ease up and take advantage of some inner time if you can. The void Moon is all about contemplation and reflection and it could feel that things move more slowly as a result…. Let them.

The Moon enters Virgo at 9:08 PM and our attention turns to alignment and re-ordering our environment for greater clarity in a way that serves everyone involved. We are on track when we strive to get our thoughts, feelings and actions into balance.

Tuesday the 28th
A Sun/Moon Earth trine sets a tone just after lunchtime, which can harmonize our plans and support practical outcomes. The Taurus Sun – Virgo Moon combo feels solid and provides a platform for steady growth. We would be wise to take advantage of the clarity this can bring.

A bridge (opposition) forms between the Virgo Moon and Neptune in Pisces at 4:00 PM. This can fog up the clarity, as lines are blurred and concentration wavers. This bridge is best crossed with our imagination, creativity and compassion leading the way.

Wednesday the 29th
Our morning may be full of shifts and surprises due to a quirky connection between the Moon and Uranus at 9:12 AM. Remain flexible and new pieces of a puzzle could appear for later application.

A lunar square (stepping stone) to Venus at 3:38 PM could have us questioning the practicality of a desire and we need to steer clear of being too picky about what we want. Pleasures of the heart don’t need perfection… just consider reverence for what is authentic. Attentions may wander.

A Moon/Mars trine (4:22 PM) in the Earth signs helps to ground us for producing some effective results.
All this earth energy is helping us to settle into a new level of consciousness after the wild eclipse passage. Put your feet on the ground and breathe!

The Taurus Sun and Neptune form a creative sextile (7:11 PM), enhancing our sensitivity to the beauty in nature and the wonders of this physical world. Take time to tune in and listen to the deepest part of you and Mother Earth. Intuition is enhanced and dreams can take form.

Thursday the 30th
An Earth trine between the Moon and Mercury starts our morning off with practical and productive conversations. Clarity presents new ways to approach a project and we feel patient to take it one step at a time. There is no rush here… savor the harmonizing moments.

The Moon glides into Libra at 10:03 AM, adding to the sense of peace and balance we are discovering. Just an hour later, Venus and Mars invite us to build on this positive energy and to realize that the Law of Attraction… is always the wind in our sails. Where does your heart want to go?

Mercury enters his own sign of Gemini at 10:00 PM and our mental processes will be highly kinetic for the next month. Our minds have been recently upgraded with new downloads that have helped to shift and elevate our perspective. You will get the most out of this period by consistently remembering… it is time to let your mind serve you and not the other way around. Focus your thoughts where they can do the most good.

Friday May 1st
Wow… it’s May already! Our relationship to time has been remodeled and there is no going back to how it used to be. The Libra Moon and Neptune can make it a bit rough to get going this morning. Allow for extra time to get out the door if you can. No worries, right around lunchtime we are feeling upbeat, exspansive and playful with a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter.

Although the last, exact Pluto/Uranus square is finished. We will be experiencing the effects for quite some time and every time the Moon gets to the middle of Libra… it engages Pluto and Uranus. That occurs today between 5 and 10 PM, so pay attention to any echoes of past lessons that could present new opportunities for growth. Give your relationships plenty of breathing room in the process.

Saturday the 2nd
The Libra Moon forms a lovely trine to Venus at 10:04 AM and starts a VOC (void of course) Moon phase that lasts until the Moon enters Scorpio at 9:48 tonight. What great energy for a playful, laidback Saturday! It can feel easy to find a balance in our relationships and appreciate the beauty available to our senses. Bask in the peace and enjoy.

The Moons ingress into the deep waters of Scorpio can bring our passionate nature to the surface, starting at 9:48 tonight. Scorpio gets to the bottom of things with an intensity and can read the “tea leaves” with great accuracy. See what your feeling nature is telling you! You are the alchemist, you create your world… what do you want to make “real”? The Full Moon tomorrow night will reveal something about this.

Sunday the 3rd
There is so much to share about the Scorpio Full Moon that occurs late tonight and the day builds with plenty of dynamic energy on the way there. Mercury and Saturn formed a bridge (opposition) as we slept. Let’s make note of messages that might have come as we slept… they will be pertinent to something we are working on. This bridge illuminates our mental brilliance and asks us how we can reach further to liberate our perceptions… so that we can manifest a higher form of what is “real”!

The Scorpio Full Moon is exact at 11:42 PM, as it sits opposite the Sun in Taurus… forming an energetic bridge that invites us to traverse it in both directions. The Taurus Sun is very much about a rootedness and the experience of our physicality via our senses. Scorpio is very much about transformation and passionate manifestation. These are powerful energies and crossing the bridge in either direction prevents us from becoming polarized and fixed to either one.

Jupiter (the planet of wisdom) forms a stepping stone (square) to both of the lights (Sun and Moon)…asking us to rise to the occasion and see where we need to shift or anchor our focus. Pluto (the ruler of this Full Moon) trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon, setting very supportive, dynamic energies into play that can reveal truths that empower and inspire!

Ceres, Mercury and the Soul Star (North Node) are forming a fortunate, grand air trine…. Blessing us all with an opportunity to act as our own midwife and birth ourselves into a new – higher mind, which helps to fulfill our Soul’s destiny. Nurture and be nurtured … then repeat.

Thoughts become things with wings … what do you want to give flight to in your world? What do you need to say goodbye to and move on from? We continue to work with these questions as we evolve. Happy Full Moon Everyone!


"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.” 
― Henry David Thoreau



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