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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly for July 6th – 12th

All Times are written for EDT

Monday the 6th

We have two solar aspects framing this week with powerful energetic bookends. The one today is between the Sun and Pluto and Sunday’s involves the Sun and Uranus. Both are helping to evolve our consciousness to a brand new place!

Pluto asks us to look at what we need to evolve and change so we can live more fully from our personal power. Usually this involves some sort of release of what we have outgrown. A question for today… what needs to be eliminated so you can move on to the next level? If someone is ensnared in a power issue… refrain from joining them and keep your focus on your own well- being.

Venus activated some assistance with Neptune while we slept last night… did your dreams leave you a message? Our values and desires are leading the way in this new alignment and we need to listen to the truth from our hearts.

A Sun/Moon (Cancer/Pisces) water trine this evening harmonizes our consciousness with our emotional body. Take time to feel your life and get out of your head. Intuition takes the lead here, so give your logical mind a break for greater understanding and clarity. Water worlds will facilitate gentle healing.

Tuesday the 7th

Our morning may feel a bit off kilter with a Lunar square (stepping stone) to Mercury, followed by a Void Pisces Moon between 9:38 and 11:38 AM EDT. If you can spend some inward time this morning, the entire day will flow well. It’s a good morning to remember one of ‘The Four Agreements’ … take nothing personally!

The Void Moon ends at 12:38 PM… we leave the sensitive waters of Pisces and leap into the inspirational fire of an Aries Moon. Be prepared to feel more energized and awake for the rest for the day J  Pace yourself and remember independence still works best when we honor others involved in our choices.

Wednesday the 8th

With the Aries Moon involved in some agitating aspects in the morning, we may find some that someone is a little rough around the edges or even excessive. Let them be, let you be. We are all shifting so much these days… sometimes it’s just about easing up and cutting everybody some slack… that includes YOU!
Mercury enters Cancer today at 2:52 PM EDT, where he will be until the 23rd.  This period gives us a greater chance to let the heart and feelings re-align our mental patterns. The mental world of Mercury is now fully engaged in the water world of Cancer. Intuition, family, domestic affairs, mothers and nurturing will be of strong interest.

Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces form a magical trine to add to this watery mix. Acting on gut feelings will serve you well today. Spiritual inspiration to create and decorate can flow through innovative projects. Faith is strong and can move mountains today.

The Aries Moon continues to inspire and awaken us with a stepping stone (square) to the Sun at 4:24 PM. Finding a sense of patience could be challenging and physical outlets combined with fresh air (did anyone say swimming?) will help to balance these energies.

Thursday the 9th

The Aries Moon and Venus in Leo, bring us a playful fire trine mid-morning and inspired gratitude can go a long way as Heart-felt emotions are safe to express.  From 9:47 AM to 3:50 PM EDT, the Aries Moon will be Void and inner guidance will be heightened. This is a great time to tap into your personal creativity and find some way to channel it… it’s not a time to try and forge forward.

The Void Moon ends with her entry into Taurus at 3:50 PM. Time to settle into a slower, more grounded pace and sensual delights grab our attention. Sensual meaning… all the senses: taste, touch, smell, ear and eye candy, etc. Attending to practical activities and chores will bring satisfaction.

I confess to being a tree hugger from way back and if you have never tried it… a sextile between the Taurus Moon and Venus at 7:35 PM, is an ideal time to experience the resources that are gifted to us by trees. Their energy runs deep into Mother Earth and can take your grief and transmute it, as well as fill you with their deep wisdom. Go ahead… try it!

Friday the 10th

The Taurus Moon hums a happy tune all day, starting with sextiles to Neptune (8:29 AM) and Mars (10:26 AM), followed by a trine to Pluto in the afternoon ((4:24PM) and ending with a sextile to the Sun at midnight. That’s a lot of opportunity and support flowing our way!

Teamwork and collaborations can find abundant resources to utilize today. This can be a productive and harmonizing time, if we utilize the assistance available and combine it with appreciation and diligence.


Saturday the 11th

The Taurus Moon forms a stepping stone (square) to Jupiter in Leo at 8:56 AM, setting a tone of “the sky’s not even the limit”, so we may need to check our spending and indulging. Our sense of abundance could feel challenges today with a lunar square to Venus at 3:57 PM and a lunar bridge (opposition) to Saturn at 5:52 PM.  Best to hold off on major decision and purchases and instead look to see where you have gained new strength to see across the bridge and step up to a new level of integrity with your inner being.
The Moon enters Gemini at 8:16 PM and we are more ready to socialize and learn something new. Don’t be surprised if you are up late gathering data and sharing info. Focus on what is important to you.

Sunday the 12th

The Gemini Moon makes for a busy, bouncy day. This is a day where expecting surprises would be appropriate. Being open, staying grounded and caring will steer you in the right direction.

A huge part of today’s energetic buzz is the stepping stone (square) that forms between the Cancer Sun and Uranus in Aries. The week started with a powerful bridge between the Sun and Pluto and this stepping stone can be just what we need to gather our new found strength (from what we released) and “get a leg up” (thank you Stephanie for this image) so we can rise above the mundane and let a higher source of inspiration lead our way.

I keep getting the message to SIMPLIFY all aspects of my life. The clarity we crave is not in having and doing more, but in appreciating and honoring the purity of our hearts calling and seeing from the higher mind. Use this time to get in touch with the clarity of what is true for you.

Remember what it was like to be in a state of wonder when you were a child, we can have that today, we just need to stay open and expect something wonderful!

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”
Carl SaganCosmos


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image for weekly weather reportAstrological Weekly Weather for June 29th – July 5th

Written by Merrily Garrett

All Times are written for EDT

Monday the 29th

Here we are at the last week of June already and energies are building to an intensely, strong Full Moon this Wednesday night. Dramatic Solar flares, along with Venus and Jupiter dancing together in Leo are guiding us back to our heart center and romantic love and creative play are on the increase.

Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries form an exact fire trine that includes lucky Jupiter in the mix today, setting the stage for Love to show up in a brilliant and surprising way. Be open to spontaneous impulses and sudden awakenings of the heart. The Moon is in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s sign) and freedom, exploration and Inspiration are afoot… so pay attention and let generosity, appreciation and gratitude lead the way.

Tuesday the 30th

The Sagittarius Moon sets off a Grand Fire trine with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo and the energies from yesterday rise even higher in the inspirational fire. This is magical, empowering energy and we want to plug into it and let it recharge our souls. Jupiter and Venus are so close that they will look like a twin star; this is very positive energy that expands love and good fortune. Say yes to new people and opportunities entering your life at this time… who knows where it can lead.

The Cancer Sun is nearing a mystical trine with Neptune and spiritual understandings and human connections are overflowing. So much Fire and Water... our emotional body is highly charges as we head to a Full Moon tomorrow. Stay in the heart center and allow your frequency to keep rising to bring you more into the present moment where true empowerment only exists.
The Moon goes Void at 3:18 PM and will remain so until tomorrow, so meetings and negotiations are best held before then. Take it easy after that, relax and let the spontaneity of this day lead you to a more joyful inner journey through the night. Look for Venus and Jupiter in the night sky as they form an exact conjunction in Cancer. This is a powerful, fortunate realignment of the heart and how we can nurture ourselves and others more authentically.

Wednesday the July 1st

The night sky (if clear) will be spectacular tonight as Mother Nature starts July off with the passionate Fireworks of this Full Moon (11:20 PM EDT) and the beautiful conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. Full Moons are always about something coming to light, to a new level of awareness. This one shows us all the colors we have been holding back and offers us a chance to find a more enlightened perspective.

The Sun in Cancer is with Mars as they form the bridge (opposition) to the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Power, regeneration and transformation are themes that arise. How do you use your power, where do you give it away… what does true empowerment mean to you?

Neptune harmonizes with both the Sun and Moon and can help to lighten the intensity that Pluto is known to bring. Use the energy creatively and let your hidden dreams emerge.

There is a warning here… Pluto opposing (bridging) Mars can bring out a dark, manipulative side in people and power plays can arise. Do not engage! Steer clear and send a strong message to the Law of Attraction, one that clearly says you are interested only in the higher vibrations available… where you face your fears and turn shadow into light. That approach will lead to immense transformation and growth!

This is a time to make a new commitment to yourself. Open up to the divine feminine energy of receptivity and allowing goodness to show up in your life. Generate expectations that are determined and revitalize your faith.

We don’t get what we want …. We get what we believe!
So align new beliefs with your high heart and clear negative beliefs of limitation. Power up with Divine Light that purifies everything.



Thursday the 2nd

The Moons conjunction to Pluto in masterful Capricorn hovers over the morning and the realizations from the powerful Full Moon last night… come into a greater light. This Capricorn Moon may have revealed to us the power (or lack thereof) in how we are writing our life-story and once again, we are reminded that we can dictate a rewrite any time… when we are willing to claim our inner authority to do so.

Mercury and Uranus form a creative sextile today, so utilize your current resources and get to networking in order to generate new ones. Mars continues his journey out of bounds and normal rules do not apply here… our relationship with our bodies and how we find motivation to act is in brand new territory! Unusual shifts around home and family will be the norm and the Cancer energy continues to redefine the feminine and bring it home to its true self.

The Moon makes challenging aspects to Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus starting around 4 PM and winding down after 10 PM. That’s a good time to lay low and reflect and contemplate possible adjustments you need to make. However it’s not the best time to bring them up for discussion.



Friday the 3rd

A Lunar sextile to Saturn mid-morning can present a chance to set something into motion that finds support along the way. The Aquarius Moon has us thinking outside the box and innovative solutions come easily.
Mercury in buzzy Gemini and Jupiter in gregarious Leo form a supportive sextile in the evening hours. This is a formula for ideas to catch fire, as Jupiter in Leo is all about self-confidence, large scale plans and generosity of the heart. Mercury in Gemini loves networking and these two gathering and sharing resources, can produce some very fruitful results. Utilize this energy!



Saturday the 4th

It’s the 4th of July and so many people are ready to play today… celebrating with fireworks and BBQ! The climate continues to be ripe for networking and socializing. The Aquarius Moon seems perfect for the occasion, as it represents independence and living in the truth of loving and accepting our Selves, just as we are.

With a lunar sextile to Uranus, followed by the Moon’s bridge to Jupiter at 10:30 PM… celebrations will be in full bloom for this night. When Jupiter is involved, we do need to be aware that more is not always better… watch out for excess!

Sunday the 5th

Mercury in Gemini, sextiles Venus in Leo just before the Sun rises and our morning has a nice hum to it. Mind and Heart are cooperating and ready to relish the harmony with some playfulness. It’s a good energy for getting out in the park and rediscovering playfulness, or visit a museum or an art show. We thrive best being creative and social.

An Aquarius Lunar square (stepping stone) to Saturn in Scorpio can bring a serious overtone to it all, as some sense of responsibility comes to the foreground. We may need to handle something pressing. If we are able to gather our strength from what we have learned, we can use this energy to fortify our conviction to move forward.

Love is not just a sentiment. Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation. Any relationship that’s based on need is doomed for failure. And any relationship that is based on playfulness leads to ecstasy.
Deepak Chopra









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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly  for June 22nd – 28th

All times written for EDT

Monday the 22nd

The Moon in Virgo squares (a stepping stone) Mercury and then forms a bridge to Neptune early on, and we can best find our center by focusing on a small, simple task …. It brings us back to the present and simplifies overwhelming feelings.

The day is infused with positivity, as expressive Jupiter in Leo and trailblazing Uranus in Aries, form an exact fire trine at 9:46 AM. This is the final trine (the 1st was in Late September and the 2nd in early March; each time one of the planets was retrograde) Now, both planets are direct and we can feel the energy swiftly moving forward.

New discoveries, great awakenings and playful adventures are on the menu. Jupiter plus Uranus speaks of Liberation! This is innovated energy that is out there on the edge and even if others don’t understand your choices, let your intuition lead the way. Great Opportunities are surrounding us.

Tuesday the 23rd

We have another day with a Virgo Moon helping us to bring our actions, thoughts and feelings into a new balanced alignment of sorts. We can unify ourselves and bring about a conscious well-being that will fortify our journey that is rapidly unfolding. Virgo in its higher expression is healing, loving and all about service, while a lower expression can be perfectionism and criticism. Where will you dance with it?
The afternoon is colored by a square (opportunity to step up from newly gained understanding) between Mercury (mind) and Neptune (Spirit) and many will feel the fog has rolled in, so it’s best to slow down and feel your way through it. There can be new understanding that will follow if you keep frustration out of the mix. Now is not the time to push; breathe and feel and listen. No conclusions for now… just be present.

The Moon enters Libra just before midnight and we turn to see our reflection in others.

Wednesday the 24th

The morning is full of energy shifts! The Libra Moon and the Cancer Sun create a stepping stone (square) at 8:03 AM and we could feel challenged emotionally to find fair ground; steer clear of defensiveness. Instead, ask yourself what would be the most nurturing way to handle a situation and head in that direction.

The Moon is newly into the relationship sign of Libra and Chiron turns retrograde at 8:36 AM, with Mars entering the sensitive waters of Cancer at 10:33 AM.

Old wounds can bubble up and we may feel security and safety themes shifting to the foreground of our focus. Cancer (ruled by the Moon) is the sign of the Mother and empowered emotion. It’s where we discover that loving others is loving ourselves… being loving is the fulfillment.  It’s time to embrace nurturing with an open, caring heart that is free of codependency and full of unconditional love. That means we can be loving, regardless of the conditions.

Thursday the 25th

The Libra Moon squares (a leg up if you take it!) Pluto in the morning, activating the lingering Pluto/Uranus square lessons. It’s a good morning to “turn the other cheek” rather than dig in and battle it out. Cooperation is key.

Fortunately, the Moon positively aligns with Venus and Jupiter by midafternoon into the evening. Peacemaking and creative endeavors are favored and general good feelings are easy to come by.
We find that resources are available to further our hearts desires and dreams.

The Moon goes Void at 8:22 PM and remains that way tomorrow morning… time to slow down a bit and seek balance, ( not actions) while observing the magic of the mirrored self everywhere you look…

Friday the 26th

The Morning is all about a Void Libra Moon. Time moves slowly and it can be challenging to get things going, so chill a bit if you can. Observe where and when you want to react to others and ask how that shows you something within yourself.
The energy shifts when the Moon enters Scorpio at 2:57 PM. Scorpio dives deep, where passions thrive.
We can feel a strength returning and a focus that was not there when the Moon was Void. Scorpio is all about manifestation. It’s the archetype that demonstrates how we generate, transform, rejuvenate and create our physical world. With the Scorpio Moon forming a water trine to Mars in Cancer in the evening, our physical and emotional bodies are flowing in harmony.

Saturday the 27th

The Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in the morning and sextiles Pluto in the evening, putting a nice set of bookends to the day. Selfless acts of service are catalyst for emotional and spiritual growth today.

The water trine that feeds most of the day, invites us to feel deeply and allow our intuitive nature to direct our choices. The alignment between the Moon and Pluto in the evening supports reviewing our resources and sharing what we are passionate about. We can make changes more easily now.

Sunday the 28th

This Sunday we may find it more challenging to “Lighten up” later in the evening, so let’s get our play in early on.  A Lunar square to Jupiter in the morning may find us restless and looking for some adventure; best to get that in early and celebrate the day in some expansive way.
A lunar square (stepping stone) to Saturn in the evening brings a more serious atmosphere to the picture. Saturn is sitting at the last degree of Scorpio (a master degree) and again, we get a chance to review what we have learned over the last 2 years and see where we can make new choices and release old baggage.

Venus and Uranus will form a fire trine after midnight, so you may want to record your dreams tonight… they could be full of surprising, insightful info.

”If you make your relationship with your Inner Being your top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your alignment, you will consistently offer the greatest advantage to others with whom you interact. Only when you are aligned with your Source do you have anything to offer another.”
Abraham/Esther Hicks


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Weekly Cosmic Consciousness for June 15 – 21

All times are written for EDT:

Monday the 15th

This week presents a New Moon and the Summer Solstice as well as Father’s Day.

How can you start your week off on the right track? What is the right track? It’s one where you align yourself with positive expectations and high vibrations. The brilliant Gemini Moon evokes optimism, with a sextile to Venus around sunrise, so look for Love… by Being the Love that you want for yourself and others.

A square to Neptune (opportunity to step up) happens around 8:00 AM, and mental clarity is diffused by the Neptunian vastness. Spiritually attuned insights are floating all around. Go with your imagination and wait to handle details late tonight or better yet… tomorrow after the New Moon occurs before lunchtime.

Tuesday the 16th

The New Moon occurs today at 11:05 EDT, at 25 Gemini and it is strongly aligned with Mar. This brings strong drive, actions and deliberate choices to the frontline of our lives. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and the Mind and now that he has turned direct, we can take all the info we have gathered and do something with it in a fresh, new way. As always, this is the time to plant seeds that will grow something new and focusing on intentions brings the best outcome.

Within minutes of this Sun/Moon conjunction… The Moon will wonder into the Void until 7:51 PM, when it slips into Cancer. We may find it odd to try and initiate plans and the rest of the day is better suited for letting your mind wonder, networking, free form improve and staying in your heart.

Chiron forms a stepping stone (square) to the Sun/Moon/Mars union, so there may be some old wounds to deal with. This can also support us in stepping up more fully into our power as a communicator/teacher/healer, that operates from an awakened heart. Embrace the newness and let the old pain dissolve.

A Grand Fire Trine  (Jupiter/Pallas-Athena/Uranus) peaks during this New Moon and the divine feminine, receptive energy that is leading the way into our new world… gets a boost. Celebrate Love and release old stories. The late night is for tuning into your intuition, family connections, nesting and nurturing.

Wednesday the 17th

Start your alignment in the shower… let the water remind you of your wholeness, perfection and divinity. The Cancer Moon forms harmonious angles to Mercury, Neptune and Venus as the day progresses, so this is a perfect day for integrating all that buzz that the New Moon brought yesterday.

At 10:43 PM, the Moon forms a bridge to Pluto and we are compelled to check into our inner Authority. Self-Security (emotional well-being) can be reframed by understanding that it’s always an inside job… it is never really the responsibility of another person. When we insist that it is, we give our power away to “author” the script of our own life!

Thursday the 18th

The Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries at 8:24 AM and circumstances can be dynamic and full of surprises. Squares are opportunities for stepping up to a new, more conscious response mechanism that is ever evolving, as we continuously gain wisdom from our experiences.

Remain centered and witness what you have learned and what you can awaken to.  Rebelliousness is in the air,  so watch out of impulsive choices.  Flow with the day and it will flow something wonderful and new back to you. Expect the unexpected.


Friday the 19th

The Moon entered Leo in the middle of last night, so the morning is a great time to tune into appreciation, generosity and gratitude. Self-expression wants to find a way.
A lunar sextile to Mercury at 4:36 PM, provides us with a fantastic atmosphere for conversations and exchanges. Minds are open and if you were needing to pitch an idea, or get a point across… this is the time for it.

After sunset, the western sky will display a lovely sight: The Moon, Venus and Jupiter will be posed together as if to say… celebrate, play… let your heart be glad… good things are happening!

Saturday the 20th

Today is the last day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the Sun’s last day in Gemini for this year. As the Sun sits at the master degree of Gemini, take a moment to acknowledge the wisdom you have gained and how you bring that to action. Everything is cyclical and it all spirals… What have you gained this time around? What do you know now… that you didn’t last year?

The Leo Moon will hook up with the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus trine between 5:30 and 6:00 PM, so be prepared to feel the expansion and joy! Leo can be very playful and childlike and this is a great time to let your inner child come out and play! The Live Force is strong and will want to Self-Express in some way, so let it rip!

Sunday the 21st

Happy Father’s Day! Welcome to the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, when we have the most hours of the gift of Light. The Sun enters Cancer at 1:38 PM EDT, making it official and the Moon enters Virgo 20 minutes later.  This is a strong energy shift that we can viscerally feel when tuning in. The Cancer energy (ruled by the Moon) ushers our attention towards family, security, women and mothers, intuitive guidance, nurturing, roots and our home base. Celebrate the Fathers in our lives!

The Virgo Moon sextiles Mars in the morning, adding a dose of practical application and service to the active Mars in Gemini.  A lunar square to Saturn at 1:09 PM turns our attention towards our inner authority and external as well. The Sun is considered a masculine archetype and so what better way to explore this energy, than to honor all men who are fathers.

A promising sextile between the Lights (Sun/Moon) at 2:01 PM bodes well for a day of family gatherings. Enjoy the harmony in the air and spread the Love.

Mercury sits in a Grand Air Trine with the North Node and Cere at the Solstice. This speaks to a progressive, communicative atmosphere for the Summer… where destiny takes another step in birthing the Aquarian Age of equality and Self Love.

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.” 
― John KeatsBright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne