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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly August 3-9, 2015

All times given are EDT


Monday the 3rd

Here we are in August and the Leo Sun is shining brightly… reminding us all to be grateful and celebrate the gift of life, no matter what our story has been. A Pisces lunar trine to Mars and then Saturn in the afternoon, will help to create positive, harmonious momentum.

The Jupiter/Saturn square becomes exact today. These big planets in Leo/Scorpio gift us with a stepping stone to move forward on and the best way to traverse this path is with an open, gracious heart and the willingness to transform and manifest a brand new physical reality.

Ceres enters Capricorn in the evening and this, along with Saturn now traveling forward, will shift energies and we will begin to feel some solid support around foundations we are building. It’s time to write your story with plans that will midwife the birth of a life you truly love; one that you authorize as your highest truth.

The Noon enters Aries at 8:24 PM and we may literally feel “fired up” to start something fresh and new.

Tuesday the 4th

The Aries Moon is pleasantly aspecting planets most of this day and mix that with the Venus/Jupiter conjunction (2nd of 3 with the 3rd on October 25th) and we have an absolutely pleasant day set before us.

All we need to do is stay open and allow the highest good to flow right to us! This playful, Leo conjunction of the heart with deep wisdom, is opening us all up to a greater capacity to love and to live with appreciation and gratitude for life. This a great day for gathering with family and friends and letting pleasure lead the way. Just don’t go over the top with the Chocolate and or other feel good substances.

The Aries Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn at 6:50 PM. A rebellious nature could emerge, or perhaps just some inspired clarity on how to live authentically by your truth. Which way it shows up depends on where you are keeping your frequency.

Wednesday the 5th

Our morning can pop into high gear, as the Aries Moon joins Uranus at 6:22 AM and we awaken to some kind of inspiration. Breath a lot this morning and be in charge of setting your pace.

Venus steps up to Saturn with a square (stepping stone) at 12:08 PM and once again we can find ourselves evaluating relationships along with how we manage our finances. Venus, while all about Love, is also about our desires and all the things that we value and this is where we may be getting a wakeup call. Stay authentic and in the present and refrain from rehashing the past. Ask yourself (based on who you are now) what do I want NOW?

The Moon gifts us with harmonious connections in the afternoon to Mercury and then to Venus, followed by an expansive hook up with Jupiter in the evening… all this adds up to a climate that is conducive for healthy communications that can take care of our feeling nature and promote wisdom!

The Moon enters Taurus at 10:29 PM. It’s time to listen to your inner voice and slow down as sensual treats are accentuated and savored. Venus and Mars set the stage for some possible romance and playful nurturing around 10:30 PM, so stay open to possibilities.

Thursday the 6th

The Taurus Moon has us more grounded today and Mars and Saturn form a water trine at 5:29 AM, helping us to stabilize our emotional body as the morning takes off.

Mercury is leading the way today, so expect lots of conversations that can really take us to new territory.  Starting with a Leo conjunction with Venus at 11:25 AM, that is reaffirming the new relationship between the Masculine and Feminine balance we are now seeing in our world. The old paradigm of Patriarch/Matriarch is mostly shifted now and traditional gender roles are becoming a thing of the past. Souls that are being born now will know a completely different reality of the “sexes”.

A Mercury stepping stone (square) to Saturn at 5:19 PM emphasizes important information that we need to comprehend so we can more authentically live from our truth. Control issues can arise, inviting us to full ownership of our own script. Where do we give our power away or try to control another. Its time to step up to full responsibility for our life. If there is something in our script that no longer serves us… we are the only ones who can do a re-write!

The Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn at 9:44 PM, empowering us to tap into a higher source of guidance that is calming and transforming.
Friday the 7th

Mercury conjoined Jupiter before the Sun comes up, presenting more opportunities for optimistic communications throughout this day. Mercury leave the fires of Leo and move into the earthy energy of Virgo at 4:15 PM. Our mentality begins a purification process, where focusing on the more healing qualities of communication, with a greater focus on details… will bring the most positive results.

Ceres in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer are forming a bridge (opposition) at the 29 master degree (11.11). This open bridge is inviting us to move freely between the healing we have garnered from standing up for ourselves and the scared feminine energy we have integrated by allowing the truth to flow. I know that’s a bit abstract, but at this time… that’s how I hear it. J

The Taurus Moon will square Venus (a stepping stone) and then bridge Saturn (an opposition) later in the evening; we could feel a bit boxed in - if we haven’t raised our frequency to be more observing and less reactive. Remember it’s not personal and don’t dig your heals in… detach and watch how it moves.

Saturday the 8th

We have a Gemini Moon peaking our curiosity and reminding us to take our minds to the heart center for a new level of brilliance.

This day is what we call the peak of The Lion’s Gate. Today is a triple 8 in numerology (see the link below for more on this). There is an acceleration of cosmic energy and downloads and upgrades are prevalent. There is a huge influx of photonic energy from the Galactic Center streaming to us and our DNA is getting realigned and transformed! It’s important to get your vibe up to have access to this huge wave of energy. Fear- based, limited thinking closes the door to this kind of powerful energy, simply because it is resonating at too low of a frequency. So tune up and stay open and in a receptive mode… it’s that simple.

Mars enters Leo for the next 7 weeks, starting at 8:32 PM (more of the Lion) and this is a great confidence and mood booster for so many of us. The fire energy of Leo is playful, creative and confident when it’s empowered. Our physical energy left the waters of Cancer and danced into the fiery realm of Leo: Time to get out of the house and celebrate with more creative participation and play.

Sunday the 9th

The Gemini Moon sextiles the Sun, Uranus and Venus as the day unfolds… inviting us to take advantage of resources that show up to further us as we move along our path. It’s an easy kind of Sunday with no need to do much, so let’s just relax and enjoy opportunities for connections that bring more love and pleasure into our lives.

“It’s never too late to change the programming imprinted in childhood, carried in our genes or derived from previous lives; the solution is mindfulness in the present moment.” —Peter Shepherd

“Talk to yourself in two languages - what do I need and what do I love - in order to balance the body and the soul.” —Peter Shepherd


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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly for July 27th – August 2nd

All times are written for EDT


With Venus now retrograde (until September 6th), we have entered into a re-evaluation period where many of us will be asking ourselves if the relationships we are in, are the one that makes our heart sing. It’s time to purify what we love! Relationships to all that we value are up for assessment, change and renewal… so that extends way beyond attachments to a significant other… into the field of friendships, bank accounts, possessions etc.

Uranus is retrograde as well (until Christmas) along with Eris (purposeful inner disruption), so we may discover something unexpected in the process. This doesn’t imply all relationships are on the edge of ending… or suddenly beginning… many will discover that they have opened their hearts to an even greater Love either way. It will most likely be one or the other. We are talking about a powerful inner liberation process. If you have been holding back, this will be the time to discover where and why.

Monday the 27th

We have the Moon in Sagittarius, starting the week out with an optimistic view and a connection to Pluto at 9:51 AM, that takes an expansive perspective and invites us to regenerate or rectify something that needs a rebirth.

Mercury in Leo forms an inconjunct to Neptune around 7 PM, asking us to make some kind of adjustment in our communications. Perhaps it involves compassion and humility.

With Uranus just turned retrograde yesterday, we may still be in some sort of surprising turnaround, combine that with a lunar trine to the Great Awakener/Uranus, we may be ready to try something totally new! The Uranus retrograde lasts until Christmas and it focuses our desires to make changes in our lives on a more inward path that will help us gain clarity for 2016!

Tuesday the 28th

Upbeat describes this lunar fire trine to Jupiter in Leo at 9:38 AM. It’s time for smiles, warm hearts and laughter all around. With the Moon Void of Course until she enters Capricorn, it’s a great time to journey inward for feelings of love and gratitude and let that expand thru the rest of the day.

The mood shifts to more serious matters as the Moon ends the Void and enters responsible Capricorn at 2:49 PM. Just an hour later she forms an earthy trine to Venus in early Virgo. This is very favorable for planning, pleasant business meetings and healing modalities. Here is a perfect opportunity to ask yourself… How can you heal your heart and take responsibility for your own happiness?

Wednesday the 29th

The Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 6:50 AM introducing us to this day with an industrious approach to our dreams… a great opportunity to get in a meditation on what you want to manifest.

The Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn at 2:24 PM, reminding us to reconnect with our Higher Self and see how we can more fully step into our personal power that is governed by a sense of integrity.

Late tonight, Mercury and Pluto set up a need to shift something aroun regarding our metal perspective. Be willing to be totally honest and see what happens.

Thursday the 30th

The day begins with the Capricorn Moon forming a bridge to Mars in Cancer at 7:25 AM.  We are posed to find emotional power with our relationship to our physicality. How do we take care of this vehicle we get around in called our body? Where is our integrity in how we nurture ourselves and what does it take to strike a balance on the bridge. This is further emphasized when the Moon sextiles Saturn at 2:51 PM and we can utilize resources for better results.
The Moon enters egalitarian Aquarius at 5:41 PM and we are now building to the Full Moon at 6:44 AM tomorrow morning. Aquarius is friendly, detached, futuristic and has the capacity to wake us up (ruled by Uranus) to Divine Love. It connects us to humanity in an altruistic way that requires Self Love for a true understanding of how we are all connected.

Friday the 31st

The Full Moon in Aquarius happens at 6:44 AM and it is highly energized, as the ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) just changed directions this last Sunday. Sudden… out of the blue changes and opportunities are still showing up. Downloads of information can instantly shift perceptions. The Sun and Moon are always forming a bridge at a Full Moon and this one is between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius. It’s about letting your light shine and finding a community or a social context where you can allow your unique individuality flower into something new.

We all have a unique contribution to make to the world and this Full Moon is an opportunity to get in touch with that. Creativity and living from the heart Chakra will go a long way in impacting our community and culture. Scientist now have mapped that the Heart sends more information to the brain, than the brain sends to the heart. Simple breathing into the heart center (chakra) does so much to charge and expand our electro-magnetic field. This kind of energy shifting is real.

Venus is conjunct Regulus at this powerful Full Moon, adding to the message “Be Bold and Shine your Light to the World”… we are at the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age and each one of us contributes to the whole of humanity with the vibration we resonate. This is how we birth a new world with greater Love and less Fear… one shining heart at a time.

The Goddess Venus, re-enters Leo at 11:31 AM adding to the drive to express creativity, generosity and appreciation in our relationships. Venus brings with her the healing discernment she picked up during her brief stay in Virgo.
A Saturn/Jupiter square forms a stepping stone that helps us to ground the energy into physical manifestations… ideas into form. This is bringing forth a new social consciousness that is building for the rest for the summer.

Saturday August 1st

A Sun/Neptune inconjunct can bring a feeling of uncertainty to our perspective today. It’s an energy that is better used in spiritual exploration, or just taking on a more restful agenda for the day. The Moon continues to be in Aquarius and we may all be wanting a dose of independence from any routine. Self Love and inner work will Self-Sooth in the best way today.

The big news today is that (after we go to bed) Saturn turns direct (just after midnight tonight) at the end of Scorpio and we will begin to take all that has been revealed during this review time… and move forward with greater strength and determination. Saturn will stay in Scorpio until September 17th and these last 2 degrees of Scorpio are extraordinarily powerful!

During this time, ask yourself what do you want to manifest? What do you want to bring into your physical reality, now that you have released and purged and created new space…. What will you put there next?

The Moon enters Pisces at 7:36 PM and it’s time to let your dreams run free. Imagination leads the way and riding this intuitive wave, will serve us for the rest of the night.

Sunday the 2nd

Saturn stationed to direct motion in the wee hours of the morning. Some of us will feel the strength of that shift as it lifts us slowly away from all the shadow work and deep diving we have been doing. This Scorpio work has left some of us a bit worn out but full of discovery.

The Pisces Moon conjuncts her ruler-Neptune at 10:28 AM, so don’t expect a fast start to this day. This is the loveliest cosmic climate for staying in bed, or heading straight to the pool, the beach or a lake. Enjoy the vibe… it’s all dreams and water play!

Then things swiftly spark into high gear, as Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries form a helpful fire trine. Fire is inspirational and innovative ideas will be flying fast and high. This energy dominates the weather of this day, so be prepared for lively conversations and brilliant ideas to be passed around at light speed. Consider recording some of your ideas so you don’t forget them.

The late afternoon winds up the aspects with a sextile between the Pisces Moon and Pluto. Look around and tap into hidden resources you may have forgotten about, that can help facilitate transforming a dream into reality. Be kind, be loving and be brave J

"If Light is in your heart… you will find your way home."   Rumi


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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly for July 20th – 26th 2015

All Times are written for EDT


About Venus… The Goddess of Love.
Venus becomes very potent between July 25th thru mid-October as she aspects important outer planets (3 times) and dances back and forth from Virgo to Leo and back again.

Venus will retrograde (happens about once every 2 years) from July 25th and goes direct on September 6th. When she stations to retrograde she has just stepped into Virgo at 0 degrees and then squares Saturn and then swiftly heads back into Leo. This big toe dipped into Virgo brings an element of purification and discernment with a deeper analysis of our values and how we can find a sustainable balance. It may be a time when less is more… simplify.
Extravagance and bling is replaced with a more conservative approach … going more “green” has always been good for the earth; now it becomes even more hip to go green. Intrinsic value will be what matters.

It’s a strong period of re-evaluating, reexamining what you value in relationships and what is not in alignment with your values.

We have a Mars/Pluto Uranus T-Square still in effect this week that continues to generate revolutionary transformation, choose the high road and you can make powerful, evolutional changes; continuing to release what needs to go.

Get snared in lower frequencies and you may encounter combative situations where the egos respond unconsciously and hurtfully. So keep tuning up!

Monday the 20th
The Weeks starts with the Moon in Virgo, bringing our attention to healthy habits that are in line with our best interests.  The morning brings a lunar sextile to Mars, enlist resources you have available to help get you on a healthy track and make a choice to take better care of your body/mind.

Compatible lunar aspects late tonight will send us off to sleep in a feel-good place if we direct our minds towards solutions and greater peace.

Tomorrow has stable progress written all over it, so rest up for a positively, productive day.

Tuesday the 21st
Early before the Sun rises, the Virgo Moon sextiles the Sun and then Saturn, just before 6:10 AM… and we are off to an enterprising, “let’s get things done” start. Before you jump to productivity, take a few minutes (at least 5 or 10) and set your energy in a calm and focused place … pave the way 1st with centeredness; this will help you flow best with the power of this day.

The Cancer Sun exactly trines Saturn in Scorpio at 7:08 AM… this is great for stabilizing plans concerning family and home. Allowing yourself and others to speak emotional truths with integrity and clarity, can do wonders for flowing into greater harmony. Once you release an old story, see if you can refrain from repeating it and instead, write a new one of your choosing.

The Moon enters Libra at 9:24 AM and the mirrored-self projects the path we will walk down. How do you see yourself in others? All of this takes off before 10 in the morning… so again take time to center with this energy early on, then just float down stream with ease and see how much is accomplished without struggle. Leave resistance on the shoreline.

Wednesday the 22nd
Yesterday’s Sun/Saturn fire trine is followed by a Mercury /Saturn water trine today. Our mental processes and communications get a harmonizing boost and we can find the confidence to commit to a solid plan. Cooperation is heightened, so if you need to sign agreement documents, this is a great day, especially before Venus turns retrograde when so much will be re-evaluated.

Discipline and focus are heightened as both planets are at 28 (master) degrees. So take advantage of these universal forces of clarity and motivation and take action.

Thursday the 23rd
July 23rd through August 7th, Mercury prances into playful, creative Leo. This is a great time to bring creative accomplishments into the public view. This is a busy day with Mercury in Leo (the messenger with a heart) activating self-expression thru learning, thinking, and all forms of communications. Expressing gratitude and appreciation will give you wings…
“The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for.” Zig Ziglar
The Libra Moon sextiles Jupiter at 2:14 PM and goes Void until 10:09 PM, suggesting we can gain new wisdom with some inner reflection via receptivity and allowing.

In the middle of a Void of Course Moon in the late afternoon, Mercury continues the good vibes with a harmonizing connection to Venus in Virgo, followed by another good feeling connection between Venus and the Sun. What a perfect placement for tuning into your inner voice… listen to what your heart is saying and see if you can discern a deeper, personal truth.
The Moon slips into the depths of passionate Scorpio at 10:09 PM and then sextiles Venus at 11:38 PM. Heart and Mind definitely got an upgrade today… did we feel it? Were we paying attention? Observing the energy shifts can keeps us empowered to choose our responses. We feel love deeply and profoundly.

Friday the 24th
A grand water trine between Mars, Chiron and Saturn is in effect as of today and will peak on the 31st of July. We are in a positive current of healing transformation and the ease of this harmonious aspect works best when we initiate some action from a guided impulse. So don’t let it pass you by. Contact with Water will be particularly wonderful to help bring this about.
At 4:42 PM the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in Pisces, amping up our intuitive guidance to tap into more emotional truths. Remember emotions are energy in motion and today they flow with greater ease and they can take us to new spiritual depths that are delightful to encounter.

Go easy and enjoy this cosmic climate, because tomorrow… the weather shifts.

Saturday the 25th
Two major events occur today. Venus stations to go retrograde at 0 degrees Virgo for 6 weeks and Mars forms a stepping stone (square) to Uranus.

A retrograde Venus is a time for reflecting on relationships, what we value, finances, creativity and what and how you love. The 1st week of the retrograde Venus is spent in Virgo; this is a great time for accessing the areas mentioned above, to see where perfectionism may have overtaken creativity, or perhaps we see where service in a particular relationship has gotten out of balance, or one person has become too dominate while the other has become too much of a “people pleaser”. Evaluating without criticizing can show us where to make needed adjustments.

The Mars/Uranus stepping stone carries an intensity that won’t be ignored. Volatility and defensiveness can show up in lower vibration scenarios as this stepping stone hooks up into a T-Square with Pluto.

There is another way this can play out!

Great awakening (Uranus) and transformation that effects our physical reality (Mars) is available on the higher frequencies. Our recent “eyes on” experience of Pluto (just this week) and Mars (years earlier) supports us to experience our consciousness in a vastly expanded way. Uranus is like lightning… darkness is instantly replaced with light and we can suddenly see. Did you see the light shined on Pluto revealed a giant heart?

Remember the Four Agreements…

Also, Neptune forms a bridge to Juno and partnerships will demonstrate a nice flow or, they can show us a warning sign that they are dissolving, either way, take notice. This could also represent the relationship between our masculine and feminine sides of ourselves, again, notice where the flow is and what might need to shift to regenerate a balance. Do you bully yourself to get motivated? Where are you with your inner dialogue?

Sunday the 26th
Uranus in Aries stationed to go retrograde at 20 degrees for 5 months at 6:38 AM and it will turn direct on Christmas day. Many astrologers believe that a planet is more intensified at its station and I tend to agree. Uranus is about originality and the high side embodies following intuitive flashes that take you to your most authentic expression of Self.

Rebelliousness can be a symptom of the lower aspect of Uranus in Aries, especially if we have been living someone else’s truth. Getting in touch with how we hold ourselves back internally from living more spontaneously, can be very liberating in a healthy way. It’s all an inside job. Once we “wake up” we can see more clearly what is true and how we are always free to choose.

The Moon entered the fires of Sagittarius at 8:26 AM, adding to the freedom loving, adventurous tempo of this day. She square Venus at 9:50 AM and the trines the Sun at 2:57 PM. We could feel restless with all of this motion so early in the morning and the Sun/Moon fire trine in the afternoon is sure to please with a playful way to enthusiastically express it all.

Let the rest of your Sunday flow with inspiration and a good sense of humor.

Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe. (Barbara De Angelis)



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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly for July 13 - 19th...

All Times are written for EDT


We are seeing Pluto like never before! The New Horizons was launched more than 9 years ago in January 2006, while Pluto was transiting through expansive and adventurous Sagittarius. I get that this is a reflection (on a very profound and powerful level) of our collective consciousness being “reborn” - transformed like never before.

Check this out:

Monday the 13th

We may have experienced some interesting shifts yesterday, some that possibly caught us off guard. Not to worry… EVER! Today we get a chance to observe the ripples as they ease up in intensity. The Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus at 8:50 AM, energizing our clarity and creativity; let your originality roam free.

Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces bring us a sensitive water trine, further emphasizing a heightened intuition and an open hearted connection to nurturing. Put this energy to good use by taking a moment to tune in and listen to your inner voice. Bathe in the vast waters and find comfort. What is your new found wisdom telling you about your heart and your spiritual path? Find a way to communicate your discoveries.

Lunar sextiles to Jupiter at 3:21 PM and Venus at 11:32 PM, continue to deliver a resourceful climate full of harmonizing feeling; seize opportunities to play with your inner child and spread some joy. We are headed for a square between Venus (love and what we value) and Saturn (inner authority) after midnight, more on that tomorrow.

Tuesday the 14th

We wake up to a Lunar shift into Cancer… Cancer rules the Moon and is highly receptive, sensitive and all about the heart center. In its lower vibration, it can manifest as insecurity or defensiveness, as we face core emotional issues.  In its higher vibration, it manifests as emotional power, where you can observe your feelings and see that they are energy in motion… always changing and taking you to new territory.

A square (stepping stone) between Venus in Leo and Saturn (now back in Scorpio) was strong just after midnight last night, bringing focus to owning the truth of our values and feelings… asking us to step up into our own sense of inner authority and not be disempowered by other peoples responses or feelings.
This combined climate can deliver dynamics that require a no-nonsense approach, in order for us to find a balance in our lives. What have you learned about your shadow and what you manifest, while Saturn was in Scorpio over the last two years? The rest of the summer, Saturn in Scorpio invites us to complete that work.

Don’t allow fear based thinking to inspire choices and decisions… Choose to tune up!  We are in the midst of evolving our emotional intelligence and fear always holds us down. The evening brings a sense of ease and receptivity that helps us to understand how to better love and allow.

Wednesday the 15th

The astrological weather is massively dynamic today! Mars forms a bridge with Pluto at 10:06 AM, the Cancer Moon squares with Uranus at 4:11 PM, Mercury forms a bridge to Pluto at 7:38 PM in Cancer at 9:25 PM EDT, and it’s all topped off by a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cancer, just 15 minutes after midnight.

So what do we say about all of that energy? More than I can put here… (and yet it’s still long J)

So let’s go with the highlights.
We are becoming exceedingly aware of how we use and abuse power and what true self-empowerment means. We are clearing and creating space for the new, by releasing the old (ongoing theme of the last 2 years!), any conflicts that arise are designed to bring us to a metamorphosis (Pluto)… pushiness is one sign that either you, or someone you know has an agenda, observe the process and see what you get. Some people or situations can be explosive today and we get to choose where we sit on the emotional scale and how reactive we are.

The energy leading up to this New Moon can stir up resistance and that is actually a good thing, as it helps us to see where we need to let go or stand firm. Being true to yourself always yields the highest dividends and helps to sculpt the healthiest reality for all concerned. Hearing what that truth is … that is where the work is.

The New Moon in Cancer is exact at 9:25 PM EDT. There is a grand water trine involved which speaks to heightened intuitive guidance and with the Mars/Mercury conjunction in Cancer as well, this is the time to plant seeds about our emotional well-being. Our relationship to our physical vehicle (our bodies) and our metal perspective are irrevocably linked. This is a great time to ask yourself how you can tend to the Body-Mind in a more nurturing way that will bring you a greater sense of well-being.
We are being guided to grow, to plant new seeds that will nurture who we have become… time to blossom again! Venus turns retrograde later this month on the 25th and Pluto’s connection with her today is setting the stage for a much bigger review of our values and where our heart is leading us. The Cancer energy brings up the root of our being, our history, our family, our sense of security. The energies are providing us with an opportunity to reframe the story we have been telling and heal old wounds… let old resentments go. This New Moon energy holds great potential and possibilities.

Thursday the 16th

After yesterday, it’s nice to know it’s a relatively quiet day astrologically. A lunar trine to Saturn at 7:25 AM helps us to stabilize whatever has been dislodged and moved around. Our inner authority (the one who is writing our life script) speaks comfortably.

The Moon enters Leo at 10:16 AM and for many this will feel exhilarating after the cleansing bath we have experienced from the Cancer energy. Don’t dwell on the past, use the insights that you have gained to move forward into a more playful, creative and generous atmosphere.

Spend the rest of the day seeing how you can spread the spirit of generosity and gratitude and see what happens. Find reasons to smile, laugh and play!

Friday the 17th

It’s another relatively, quiet day astrologically and these are the kind of moments when you can see your path from the “hawks view”… observing the big picture, discovering the “gems” along the way. A new level of heart-opening has occurred and today is a day to relish it. With the Moon in Leo all day, “let the sun shine in and face it with a grin”… corny I know, but good advice!

No matter what you see and hear, let optimism, generosity, creativity and gratitude color your world today.

Saturday the 18th

The day begins on a carry over frequency from yesterday, as the Moon and Jupiter conjoin in happy go lucky Leo. Venus enters Virgo at 6:39 PM and she will turn retrograde next Saturday to revisit Leo, so it’s a short visit this time around. This gives us a week of discovering how we align our heart to the external world; once she goes retrograde, we will be realigning our inner heart- world for weeks to come. Allow your creative, self-expression to make necessary adjustments, so that you can feel you are in the flow.
The Moon follows Venus into Virgo at 8:48 PM adding a need for emotional realignment and integrity.

There is an impulsive, unpredictable energy that can stir up the mix as we build towards Mercury and Uranus forming a stepping stone (square) at exactly 9:08 PM.  Communications can seem abrupt and revealing. There is an awakening going on … but to what? We will need to center ourselves to gain a clarity we can trust. Take it to the higher mind for answers.

Sunday the 19th

The Virgo Moon supports us to look at our own healing and “wholing” throughout this day. Just as some of us take our bodies to a chiropractor to realign our spine, the Moon in Virgo takes our emotional and intuitive feeling nature for adjustments, so we can line up with a balanced emotional intelligence.

Virgo is earthy and it helps us to get grounded in our lives, by taking care of ourselves and the little details that create order and structure. It’s a good day to handle some details, just don’t get lost in them, or allow then to take you down the road to criticism. Stay in service with a loving heart.

"Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe." (Barbara De Angelis)


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $145. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024