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Astrological Weekly Weather for September 22nd -28th
All times are written for E.D.T.

This is a huge energy week… Surfs up, so wax your board, secure your tether and let go and trust that it will be a great ride! It begins to pick up swells Monday night, as we shift to a new season and for sure a turning point with the Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere). Summer is behind us, school is ensuing, the airs is starting to cool and mental focus shifts.

There is a New Moon Wednesday morning (2:14 AM E.D.T) that sets the pace for the Wormhole we are about to enter. We are heading into another great wave of change and it’s up to us to ride it with a “cup half full” perspective… even if the cup spills or overflows! What is a Wormhole? A portal to take us to uncharted, new territory that is bound to expand our experience of reality. It’s to get us to a place we couldn’t find otherwise…so ride… make it an adventure!

Monday the 22nd
It’s a big day and the weather is definitely changing! The Moon is in Virgo all day and early this morning she stimulates Jupiter to increase our perspective and think big; just hold off on making new commitments (if you can) and let the shift of the evening set the new stage first. A powerful trine from the Virgo Moon to Pluto in Capricorn at 10:04 AM carries extra oomph for focus and accomplishment, as Pluto is stationed to go direct in 5 hours. When a planet stations, it’s as though it is sitting in the seat of its power and many of us may feel it.

Change is in the Air today as we lead up to the powerful about-face this evening. Pluto turns direct after 5 months or retrograde at 8:36 PM. The Sun moves into Libra, as autumn gets her official start (Fall Equinox) at 10:30 PM and summer is officially over. Pluto (ruler of Scorpio and deep transformation) moves so slow that this shift is almost unnoticeable at the start, but this marks a turning point that is readying us for the upcoming, powerful wormhole eclipses (more on that later). For the last 5 months, we have been on a transformational journey that was very internalized and with Pluto direct, we will see those inner developments and changes begin to show up in our external world.

Tuesday the 23rd
This a pretty easy flowing day that leads to the New Moon on 23rd- 24th (depending if you are East coast or West coast). On this 1st day of Fall, the Virgo Moon trines Venus at 8:16 AM… our hearts are eager to serve and nurturing feels good. Taking the high road of Virgo is all about birthing higher consciousness and from there our hearts can experience a profound love. At 5:03 PM, the Virgo Moon and Mercury in Libra connect harmoniously and communications, and transportations flow with greater ease. This is a great set up for the New Moon.  J

The Moon enters Libra at midnight and the New Moon occurs about 3 hours later (2:14 AM E.D.T.) We get a chance to rebalance elements in our relationships with this one. It’s easy to think in terms of people and pets when we hear the word “relationship”… but truly we are in relationship to everything in our world, like… ourselves, our bodies, our home, our cars, the plants, the planet and so on. So this New Moon is a seed planting time; a chance to start fresh in a new cycle that is powerfully emphasized as it conjuncts the Super Galactic Center – a huge black hole that our Milky Way and many more galaxies revolve around! This is big stuff! So big that I really can’t wrap my mind around it at this time and because we are entering the Eclipse period (Wormhole), I am not even going to try!

Jupiter (expansion and wisdom) and Uranus (the great awakener) are headed for an exact trine on Thursday, but they are already activating the excitement of this positive aspect as it hooks into the New Moon theme. Suffice it to say it’s potent and we are perched on the swell of a huge wave that is bound to bring exciting and transformational change. There is balance up ahead, but we may need to fall off our boards a few times to find it! Hands in the air time… Weeeeeee J Hang ten!

Wednesday the 24th
A New Moon has a 24 hour seed planting window and given the power of this one… this day is all about a lot more of that! Cooperation and reverence of the interconnectedness of all beings will guide us to a deeper understanding that separation is an illusion, one we can expand beyond.

Let yourself find the inspiration of this energy that is compounded by a lunar sextile to Mars at 2:32 PM, this aspect can present creative outlets and support some action for progress to be made. At 9:40 PM This Libra Moon (still in New Moon Mode) will square Pluto and we could find ourselves challenged to keep the cooperative spirit flowing. Let’s do our best to see the gift that reveals something we need to see about ourselves or the “other” in our lives. Complications (should they arise) introduce opportunities that motive us to grow. At this point trying to resist change is crazy making!

Thursday the 25th
The Moon forms a bridge to Uranus at 5:31 AM, right before Uranus forms his exact trine to Jupiter at 1:17 PM. This fire sign trine is a real Gem! Let’s just say this day (this week) can pack some positive surprises of epic proportions, so I keep telling myself… “Just say Yes!” and see what happens. Breakthroughs and leaps forward are all possible today.

This energetic wave lasts from the New Moon (Tuesday/Wednesday) into next week! Let innovation and coloring outside the lines, lead you into good fortune and choose to pull back to see the bigger picture! The more we are willing to let our “old story” go and head into the unknown with optimistic expectations, the more the benefits of this trine can flow from us and to us

Friday the 26th
The Moon enters the depths of Scorpio at 10:30 AM, but before it leaves Libra (the sign of the powerful New Moon we just had), She trines Mercury at 8:40 AM and we are posed for a communication that clarifies something we garnered from the New Moon experience.

Once in Scorpio, the Moon forms harmonious connections to the Sun at 5:37 PM and then Neptune at 8:54 PM, making for a pleasant evening. Take a moment to center and listen to your intuition, it will be speaking very clearly now.

Saturday the 27th
The Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto at 7:26 AM, jumpstarting us into a productive morning that can inspire us to purge unwanted patterns and lighten our load in a transformative way. Feelings may be intense and it’s a good time to challenge yourself to release a limited belief and see what happens. As Abraham Hicks would say “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking”. We have a choice at every moment and as Mercury joins the Moon in Scorpio at 6:40 PM, there is an even greater opportunity to sharpen our perceptions, cut through the BS and see a deeper truth concerning our behavior and motives. We are all learning to trust ourselves more authentically!

Mercury in Scorpio is a fantastic detective, uncovering what has been hidden and clarifying what wants manifestation. He will be here for a while as he slows down to go retrograde during the 1st three weeks of October. What you focus on now will be revisited and reworked for greater understanding… so consider this a Trailer to the Movie you are playing out mentally in October. We are full of insights that can potentially set us on a new path. Hang in there, it’s so worth it and know we can’t figure this all out right now. Big clarity comes after the Wormhole!

Sunday the 28th
We have a slow start as the Sun and Saturn form a frictional connection at 7:30 AM, bringing our focus to obligations and responsibility. By 10:52 AM, the Sun and Neptune make a less than friendly connection and we feel like escaping from those responsibilities. Try to not go hard on yourself or anyone else for that matter, as it looks like this day is a mixed bag of energetics that can leave us feeling demotivated. So no pushing and certainly no guilt trips, shoulds or victimhood today! Avoid that no matter what!

There is a nice sextile between the Moon (feelings) and Venus (love and what you value) at 4:32 PM, generating a pleasant climate for communicating feelings and spreading the Love. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:51 PM injecting the evening with optimism and hope as we review our power packed week and then turn to envision the next.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” 
 Eckhart TolleA New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

A personal reading with me during this time, might be just the ticket you need to gain a healthy perspective and bring ease to your journey. Contact me if you feel the impulse J I would love to be of assistance!
Have a great ride!

Big Love,


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Astrological Weekly Weather for September 15 – 21:

All times are written for E.D.T.


Monday the 15th

We get a jump start early, around 7:00 AM when the mercurial Gemini Moon, sextiles Uranus. Don’t be surprised if your mind isn’t going a mile a minute with fresh ideas that may be hard to keep up with.  Write things down as the positive influence continues at 12:53 PM, when the Moon trines Mercury in Libra. Conversations, travel planning and internet connections go well, so take advantage of this window that might be short lived. By 2:23 PM the chatty, Gemini Moon and Saturn in Scorpio, come together in a way that can clarify boundries. Let the rush of the morning settle down and see where you need to make appropriate adjustments.

At 10:05 PM, we have the last quarter square between the Virgo Sun and the Gemini Moon. This can help us turn in a direction where we can apply the healing, detailed focus of Virgo to the versatile thinking and speaking of the Gemini Moon. Sometimes this can reveal that we are looking at too much information and that adding more to the mix is not helpful. Either way, be kind to your nervous system with all of this stimulation, tomorrow afternoon our mental speed will slow down somewhat.

Tuesday the 16th

Around 6 AM, Mercury semisextiles Saturn and Venus semisextiles Jupiter. All in all this makes for an expansive morning. We can apply some ground breaking work that could be pleasing to everyone involved; just don’t go overboard in your effort to make it happen.  We may find ourselves wanting to spend money in a big way, think twice! For the whole day, Mercury conjuncts the North Node in Libra and offers up signs, hints and messages concerning the direction to take… destiny can come into focus (Libra is an air sign, so listen to what the wind blows in… or what birds show up).

The Moon leaves the mentally active sign of Gemini and enters the watery world of Cancer at 11:24 AM. A Cancer Moon reflects our emotional sensitivity and issues around the need for nurturing and security. It can add to a heightened sense of intuition full of emotional insight (a tuned in state)… as long as we remember to not project our insecurities and/or personalize other’s choices and become defensive.

After 3:00PM, the Cancer Moon will challenge Mars (action) and then Saturn (boundaries and manifestations) possibly bringing up some discomfort around our motives and attachments. Any adjustments that need to be made will ultimately be beneficial, so don’t resist the process.

At 10:34 PM, The Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces dance together in a water trine. This is a time to tap into your feelings and see how they can guide you to greater, more ideal love. Fine tune your inner guidance system. Give without any concern of receiving anything back. Do it for the joy of it!


Wednesday the 17th
We rock and roll today, with a Cancer Moon opposing Pluto in Capricorn at 9:05 AM, so be aware that you might experience a bumpy start and give yourself and others extra time and space this morning if possible. Choose to observe the tendency for resistance and don’t engage in ego power plays.

Midday, we get some assistance from a sweet connection between the Cancer Moon and Jupiter in Leo and then Venus in Virgo. We can look to a comforting experience to provide some much needed self-soothing. Why not milk it for fortification… because at 4:39, The Cancer Moon squares Uranus and there will most likely be some agitation to follow as Venus and Uranus make frictional contact at 9:20 PM. This can show us where we have become too complacent and a craving for change and freedom from old patterns can be part of our experience.

Often we create prisons with no locks and this is a time when we may want to open the doors and run free. Whether this is an internal process or one that shows up in a relationship, the theme is the same. Uranus in Aries has courage and fire us up to make some needed changes, so that our lives can feel more inspired and we can be more awake and free. Let yourself feel courageous!


Thursday the 18th
I would venture to say that today and tomorrow are the quietest days for the week, astrologically. The Cancer Moon (feelings of nurturing and protection) does square Mercury (intellect and communication) at 6:00 AM, stirring the pot of what we bumped into yesterday. This is a good day to reflect on what we are waking up to and commit to realign our head and hearts in a new way.

The kindest part of the day starts around 2:30 PM, when the Cancer Moon forms a sextile to the Virgo Sun and creative connections feel good. Maybe it’s time to implement that new health regimen you have considered, you have cosmic support to take better care of your mind/heart/body connection and a VOC Moon until late tonight supports inner work for outer progress.

The Moon leaves Cancer and fires up into Leo at 11:10 PM tonight; focus shifts from safety and nurturing to creative expression and an attitude of gratitude.

Friday the 19th
We get off to an inspiring start with the Leo Moon trining Mars in Sagittarius at 6:41 AM. It feels good to get the day going with a fired up energy. Today we can take steps, no matter how small or few, towards a meaningful goal. We may run into some burrs in our socks, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Try switching up a routine, create a new perspective, walk down a different street and see what happens.

Saturday the 20th
it’s a relatively quiet morning and it’s a great one to show some of the Leo generosity and gratitude. Sometimes the best feeling… is giving one to somebody else.

At 2:47 PM, The Leo Moon Squares Saturn in Scorpio and we might see some angst emerge into the day; use it to reevaluate what you plan to manifest. The Moon will sextile Mercury just after midnight and conversations can perk up and we may even come up with some brilliant solutions; so don’t be concerned if you stay up late for this gem. It’s a good one that leads to another tomorrow.

Sunday the 21st
It’s a lovely Sunday morning with Venus (heart) and Saturn (manifestation) forming a cooperative sextile at  9:04 AM. Why not have your coffee or tea in bed? No need to rush… savor the morning.

The Moon leaves the fires of Leo and enters the earthiness of Virgo at 11:54 AM and then she swiftly bumps into Uranus in Aries. Don’t let impatience ruin such a good start to this day, it’s a temporary disruption that needn’t last long. Again, notice, breathe and then respond.

Interestingly enough, Lunar aspects to Mars and Neptune after 11:00 PM tonight, are the precursors to a Mars/Neptune square that occurs at 11:39 PM. It’s actually great that it happens so late, as this is not the best cosmic energy for focus and getting things done…. Confusion can show up big time if you try to push anything.  Mars like to take action and is all about movement and assertiveness, while Neptune is about dissolution, ideals and limitlessness…  This can be great for sensual encounters and fantasy art.

A word of caution: This is a combo that can lead to overdoing when it comes to indulging in substances… so take it easy if you are awake… if you are asleep… sweet dreams.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” 
― Andy WarholThe Philosophy of Andy Warhol



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Astrological Weekly Weather for September 8- 14:

All times are written for E.D.T.


Hi Everyone

I am doing my best to write this week’s weather as I sit here on a very moist and post-rainy, Sunday afternoon in Austin, Texas. Last night the thunderstorm that rolled through here (in the middle of a drought) hit something in my back yard and it sounded like a bomb went off. Electricity is blown to my hot tub (my centering spot I choose every morning) and limbs are down. The power of wind and water is very much on my mind right now and last night I dreamed of huge waves approaching every coast of North America. I still feel engulfed in all the water and it is making it challenging to write anything! But here I go J
I am sharing this because I have a Moon in Pisces (ruled by Neptune… Ocean Lord) and the Full Moon this Monday night is a Super Moon in Pisces (the 5th of 5 in 2014). I am drifting in a vast sea of profound feelings and I see this as a good thing… tuning into the vastness that we are all connected to. Water and the collective consciousness we swim in, is powerfully prevalent and everywhere right now. I invite you to join me J The way to go is with the flow… let go and allow.
Monday the 8th
This is a Big Day astrologically! Before I get to the Full Moon that occurs at 9:38 PM E.D.T., let’s look at what leads up to it. The Virgo Sun and Uranus in Aries make an agitating connection at 4:47 AM that can infiltrate our morning experience as we start this new week. We can feel restless and may find it difficult to keep our focus on work. We get an opportunity to see what we can do to shift ourselves into a more divine inner alignment. Slowing down without judging serves us all right now.

There is infinite unbounded, divine intelligence that flows through us all. We can resist it and deny it… but it is there, available to us when we choose to bring our focus to it. This day leads to a Full Moon tonight that is brimming with healing potential, as the Chiron (Healer/Teacher) joins the Moon in her fullness. Use this day to get rid of resistance that blocks you from broader truth. Seeing the big picture and not getting hung up in details will support stepping up into a new kind of empowerment, one that restores wholeness that is filled with compassion for self and others. We have a grand water trine formed with The Moon/Chiron, Vesta and Juno that adds tremendous intuitive awakening to this Full Moon. Everything about this Full Moon speaks to divine, feminine, receptive energy coming online in a bigger way.

To clarify, the feminine is not “girly” and just about women. It is all about the ultimate creative power that gives birth to new worlds; but never by force. It all comes into being by tuning in and allowing divine forces to take the wheel and guide the changes. A world where fear based ego dominates and pushes for results is coming to an end. We are here during one of the greatest shifts in the history of this planet and we play an active part in that shift. If we let our hearts and intuition be the GPS of our lives, we can ride these waves of change with a deep trust, knowing that divine energy has our backs.


Tuesday the 9th
Still in the glow of last night’s Super Full Moon in Pisces, we continue to swim in a sea of amplified sensitivity this morning. See if you can get in touch with how your mind and body are relating. Did you discover an unhealthy habit (a repetitive unconscious pattern you no longer want) that you can now release, simply by deciding to let it go; because you no longer need it?

The Moon trines Mars at 3:10 PM and then goes VOC (void of course) for 4 hours, giving an inside boost to a creative project and/or bringing healing movement and manifestation to a deep desire. Use this energy to stabilize confidence as we approach the Mercury/Pluto square at 6:37 PM. With Mercury (communication/intellect) in Libra (relationships) forming a stepping stone (square) to Pluto (power/transformation) in Capricorn (leadership/inner authority), we get a chance to change how we deal with issues around trust and we can become more aware of the impulse to push and speak before we think. Best to slow down and choose a steady pace to navigate with mindfulness inside this VOC period.

The energy shifts considerably when the Moon leaves Pisces and enters the inspirational fire of Aries at 7:34 PM. Mercury and Uranus can add to this fire, starting around 9:00 PM. Things can feel a bit unnerving and it would be great to channel this impulsive energy into a physical outlet of some kind. You will sleep better tonight if you find a constructive expression for it.

Wednesday the 10th
The morning and evening have two, very different feels today. Just before sunrise, Venus in Virgo will form a bridge (opposition) to Neptune in Pisces and we get to choose (yet again J) if we will experience this from a lower or higher frequency. On the lower, it can feel like our hearts can’t trust love and that someone may be deceiving us. On the higher frequency, the bridge between the heart and the vastness of consciousness can connect us to new heights of love and creativity. If confusion is present, let it be and do what it takes to find your center. Either way, this is not the best time to draw conclusions, or deal with important details like banking and paper work. Instead, let it feed your creativity and imagination in a positive way.

At 2:38 PM, Mercury sextiles Jupiter bringing greater clarity and optimism to this day. It will be easy to find ways to leave old, limited-thought patterns behind and let this cosmic support ignite your fire to communicate in a way that demonstrates your radiance. Self-expression is emphasized.

From the afternoon and into the evening, the Aries Moon is busy dancing with Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Uranus, so expect to be busy and full of ideas. As always with Aries, try to think before you speak (inner editing) and don’t allow impatience to run you off the rails. It’s another great day/evening for channeling energy into physical activities.

Thursday the 11th
With the Moon still in Aries, we may find ourselves wanting to rush through the morning, so take deep breathes to get present and enjoy the sextile that comes at 11:04 AM between the Virgo Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. This cosmic connection can give us a grounded way to approach a goal and lift it off the ground. Listen to your own inner teacher that is leading towards a desired, constructive outcome. Taking steps to move forward towards manifesting a goal, can give clarity to a sense of purpose today.

Be aware of a frictional energetic (designed to stimulate growth ultimately) between Mercury and Mars (Libra/Scorpio) around 7:00 PM this evening. Keeping score about what is fair and letting words slip from a stinging tongue, is not the way to go if you want the best results. Instead, take time to carefully consider what is at stake and trust you are working it out. Don’t be hasty! The Moon will enter Taurus and slow all the impulsiveness down at 9:17 PM. Pay attention and see if you notice the energy shift, as Taurus invites us to ease the pace and find pleasure in our NOW.

Friday the 12th
The tempo is considerably slower today… ahhhh! As they say, “slow and steady wins the race”, and that is certainly true with this grounded Moon, as she forms trines to Venus and then Pluto. Between Noon and 4:30 PM we have a productive triangle forming, which can do a lot to bring dreams into reality. Get work done; focus and achievement are featured.

The Moon in Taurus loves earthly pleasures and when she squares Jupiter the planet of “more” at 7:07 PM, we may be tempted to eat, drink or spend too much! So let’s just choose moderation and we can experience great comfort and pleasure in this physical reality we get to dance through.

Saturday the 13th
Mercury in Libra and Uranus in Aries form a bridge and plug into a highly charged circuit at 4:17 AM, so dreams could be “Out there” and full of information. This highly electrical energetic leads us forward with innovation and as long as we steer clear of leaping and then looking… we can cross this bridge to become more innovative and responsible in our communications.

We have the gift of an Earth Trine between the Taurus Moon and the Sun in Virgo at 9:32 AM, helping us to find a balance as we move forward. This is awesome for a date with Mother Nature, so get outside and take your shoes off! As Carol King said “I feel the earth move under my feet” and then look up and take in the beauty; you will be glad you did!

At 5:57 PM, Mars blasts into Sagittarius (fire) and out of Scorpio (water), setting the tempo for greater expansion in how we move and take action. Adventurous choices will be on the rise for the next six weeks, it’s time to back up our optimistic thinking with action that is committed to truth and higher purpose.

Sunday the 14th

The Moon entered playful Gemini just after Midnight and we may find that we are all over the place with our focus. Compounded by a fiery connection between Mars and Uranus at 9:09 AM, be prepared for a restless, mercurial morning, that can be positively channeled into physical activity pioneering methods.

We get a lovely addition to the day starting at 10:32 AM, when Venus (the planet of love and desire) forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn carries great patience, resilience and integrity in its higher form as it transforms all that must change. Venus in Virgo gives birth to Divine Love and as Venus reaches out from the heart… there is a potential here for deep, feminine guidance to bring our authentic selves to fresh place, where our inner knowing is rooted in the Divine. Needless to say, this is good for relationships of all kinds.
“Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama
“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” 
 Mahatma Gandhi







Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024

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Astrological Weekly Weather for September 1- 7:

All times are written for E.D.T.


Over the past week, many of us have felt a pressure to change something and get more “real” about what we are doing with our lives. This week, we can feel the shift of the seasons approaching, as we get back to routines that were put to rest during the summer’s quest for more light-hearted fun. Mercury and Venus both move into new signs this week setting up the transition for the Fall Season. Here we go…

Monday September 1st
It’s a relatively quiet morning that facilitates introspection (there is a two hour VOC) until the Scorpio Moon forms a creative sextile with Mercury at 11:40 AM, amping up a deep desire to communicate discoveries. This is great energy for clearing old stuff with little resistance, if you are willing to be truthful with yourself. Listen for messages from your inner guidance… it is speaking to you. Are you listening?

The day shifts to a faster pace when the Moon enters the optimistic fire sign of Sagittarius at 1:17 PM. Hope floats and this is a day to ride the cork to the top… just don’t get ahead of yourself, to the point where you trip because you weren’t looking! The fiery Moon will square Neptune just after midnight and inspiration accelerates as we journey further into our imagination. Dream.


Tuesday the 2nd
We have our 1st quarter square between the Sun (Virgo) and Moon (Sagittarius) at 7:12 AM, stimulating decisions that need to be made. This need for movement and choice was seeded at the Virgo New Moon on the 25th, so think back to what you planted that day to enhance your perspective.

The Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter in Leo at 8:11 AM, making for a buzz of a morning… let the positivity set the tone for your entire day… just be aware that the pace may need constant monitoring and more info may need to be gathered!

Venus and Pluto are setting the stage for questions to arise around our hearts and what is needed for positive growth. Let the day’s earlier optimism allow you to see thru a glass half-full instead of half-empty. No matter that the rose colored glasses are gone, look for more truth!
The Moon and Uranus trine each other at 5:39 PM and sparks of inspiration can send you in a brilliant direction!

Mercury (the planet of communication) entered Libra in the wee hours of the morning and he will be there until September 28th. With Mercury in Libra, our mental focus turns to relating to others and our need to create balance in all our negotiations. We are opening channels to discuss the ‘you and me’ so we can see more clearly how to co-exist beyond power games, projections and manipulations. Keep your focus on your truth while listening to others… allow them theirs and see how they are a mirror for you to see where your own head is at.

Wednesday the 3rd
The Big news today is a powerful trine between the Virgo Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Ahhh, here is grounded, harmonious energy that empowers us to focus and bring new life to a project and fortify our ability to succeed. The light of our consciousness (the Sun) getting a positive boost from Pluto (transformation) can really infuse potentials deep within and harness resources so you can gain new ground on your path.

The Moon’s trine to lovely Venus at 2:07 PM brings a climate of cooperation and enjoyment to the afternoon. Meetings will flow and tensions will ease as good vibes take center stage.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:16 PM and emotions take on a decidedly, serious tone. Accomplishing tasks in an organized fashion becomes a priority. There is a Moon/Mercury square tonight at 11:05 PM, so emotional expression may encounter a challenge… steer clear of being authoritative and too critical, instead –  use this time to see how you can raise yourself up and out of inner frustration.

Thursday the 4th
Watch your step today (meaning be aware, not fearful) as Mercury and Saturn form a frictional connection as our day begins. Fear based thoughts need to be corralled and shifted and with that intention; we can feel motivated to move forward.

The Moon is highly active, contacting Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the 1st half of our day and dancing with the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Saturn before most of us go to sleep! This in no way means it’s not a great day… in fact, we have an opportunity for crystalizing visions into practical reality, if we can maintain flexibility without unconscious reactions. Just be prepared for a wide variety of reactions and movement and we can enjoy the ride on this wave together.

Friday the 5th
Around sunrise, Jupiter and Pluto can get us feeling like we are somehow needing to shift something uncomfortable. It’s best to access our current situation without complaints and have the willingness to see where necessary shifts need to be made, so we can keep moving forward with a healthy momentum. This is not the time for short cuts!

There is a Moon/Mars sextile just before lunch that gives us the fuel we need to get something accomplished in a way that feels supportive.

Venus enters Virgo at 1:07 PM and the Planet of Love meets up with Divine Earth Mother energy. She will be there until September 30th. Virgo is very much about healing and assimilating pieces into a new “Whole” (Old English root word for healing is whole). We can use this energy to realign our hearts with the newly, evolved version of ourselves while navigating past defensiveness and old wounds that we have become attached to. Are you still telling your old pain-body story? You know the one that has all the charge, that you keep alive every chance you get. I have found asking myself the following question to be very liberating!
The question is: Who would I be without this story?

This month is a great time to get in touch with your wholeness via some purification process. Our hearts may need to do a cleanse of some kind. Time to check in and see what is needed for the ‘wholing/healing’ to happen for you.

The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:00 PM tonight and we may find ourselves looking for something unique to connect to… something unusual and liberating. This energy is leading to a connection between Venus and Uranus at 2:49 AM tomorrow morning that can activate the need for independence, so give your relationships lots of room to breathe!

Saturday the 6th
Whatever may have come up last night, it ultimately has to do with gaining insights around how we Love ourselves. There is a trine between the Moon (emotional needs) and Mercury (communications and intellect) at 5:53 AM that can smooth out any rough edges and help us get going into a very nice morning. Steering clear of exaggerations and sticking to facts will frame this day in progress.

After 9:00 PM the Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus and brilliant ideas and downloads are prevalent. Playfulness can bring good humor, so don’t get too serious with your genius thoughts. Share ideas or write them down, so you can bounce off of them as the Full Moon approaches on this coming Monday.

Sunday the 7th
Do your best to keep the good sense of humor active today and don’t take things so personally. I recommend “The Four Agreements” as a great guidebook for life. Lunar connections to Mercury and Mars today can potentially ruffle our feathers and if we are not mindful, we may find ourselves in a “fussy” state. Watch out for the tendency to want to prove that you are right! Instead let it be alright to observe and reserve reacting for later, after more contemplation.

At 7:48 PM, the Moon enters the dreamy, compassionate world of Pisces… where we can feel reconnected to everything and everyone. At 8:49 PM, Uranus and the Moon can send us a sideways jolt that might feel disruptive… but that won’t last long! The Pisces Moon forms a bridge to Venus in Virgo, just after midnight and we are given the option to invite our hearts to swim in the limitless waters of Love and Compassion. Emotions are flowing, so direct them towards your highest dreams!

“Body mind and spirit are present in every being according to the many Heroic traditions. Healing, full healing in the Heroic traditions, cannot be accomplished unless all three aspects are dealt with: purify the body, control the mind, clear the spirit. Then you will be peaceful, useful, and healthy. “   Susan S. Weed






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