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Weekly Weather Report for October 27 – November 2, 2014:

All times given are EDT, except for November 2nd, EST. 

Thoughts: What a week that was! I heard so many stories… some funny, some dramatic, all describing energy shifts that are deeply profound in one way or another. Eclipses can usher in endings and beginnings in big ways. We will be officially out of this Eclipse Wormhole by the next Full Moon on the 6th of November. Many of you experience intense fatigue around the New Moon reboot and others couldn’t sleep at all. We are shifting our wiring around for the new world and it will take some getting used to. I don’t know about you… but for me, October flew by in the wink of an eye. The momentum has been visceral, as I swim in this strong current full of big, big waves.
Surfs up… Shifting Scorpio sets are rolling in… here we go

Monday the 27th
The Capricorn Moon sextiles Mercury in Libra at 7:11 AM, setting the morning tone for us to get up, get going and set our sights on accomplishing something. Subtle aspects mid-morning could interfere with the momentum temporarily, and it would be wise to give your agenda a rest. We can feel very optimistic and experience some win/win scenarios when The Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter at 12:19 PM.

The Bigger news of the day is a magical trine between Venus in Scorpio (the depths of heart/love and transformation) and Neptune in Pisces (spirituality/artistry) at 2:48 PM, bringing romance, compassion and imaginative creativity front and center. Remember the song “Bring Me A Higher Love” Stevie Winwood and Chaka Chan? (Yeah, I know it’s an 80’s song) Still, it says it all! This is a time to let your ideals run free and embrace the joy hidden in your heart; artistic inspiration and passion abounds.

Tuesday the 28th
Yesterday’s gentle heart connection is anchored into our consciousness at 5:50 AM as Neptune and the Sun form a watery, spiritual trine. The arts, romance, selfless service, intuition and expanded consciousness are all favored in the cosmic climate. Right after that, the Moon enters Capricorn and swiftly trines Mars at 8:46 AM, tapping us into our inner authority that speaks to us with purpose and a drive to act… rises to the occasion. There are no road blocks to interfere, so go with your intuition and take inspired actions to achieve your vision.

There is a so much creative support today with the Moon/Neptune sextile in the morning combined with a Moon/Sun sextile and a Moon/Venus sextile in the afternoon. All of this lends tremendous support to get a creative project off the ground, or initiate a new relationship or partnership. Some new desires and deeper purpose may have come into a clearer perspective after this last New Moon Eclipse and now we can move forward with greater ease. We feel motivated and constructive!

Wednesday the 29th
This is one of those days when will all need to take hold of the wheel and keep it positive. The Capricorn Moon squares Uranus at 5:50 am and we could feel a bit agitated in the early start of the day. There is no other lunar aspect until 1:30 PM at which time the Moon forms a square to Mercury. This pattern that dominates the morning and afternoon, presents an opportunity to observe our tendency to react impulsively, as buttons are pushed and insecurities are stirred up.

If you feel a bit “off “ today… just let up on yourself and others and be kind whenever possible. If you can get out in front of all this, with a determination to observe rather than just reacting… you can turn the corner on a behavior that has held you back before. We get back on track as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Saturn at 11:02 PM and solutions begin to show up in a practical way.

Thursday the 30th
The energy shifts today at 9:51 AM, when the Moon enters unconventional Aquarius and we can find it easier to detach from any possible emotional residue left over from yesterday. Aquarius (in Cosmic Astrology) is all about experiencing the purity of truly loving yourself. Ask yourself where you are with that and what you can do to bring yourself home to your own heart… with pure unconditional love!

The Aquarius Moon semisextiles Mars at 3:23 PM, providing a climate for expansion concerning our motivations. Followed by a lunar semisextile to Neptune at 6:11 PM, so the late afternoon and evening are posed for us to stretch ourselves, so we can tap deeper into our artistic nature.

At 10:49 PM, We have the 1st quarter square between the Aquarius Moon and the Scorpio Sun and we get a chance to see how we can clear away old debris that stands in the way of loving our Self more. The Lights are revealing something we need to see for our own growth, if we will only look.

Friday the 31st
Happy Halloween!!! With the Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus in Aries at 8:58 AM, the day starts out frisky and potentially full of surprises. This is great energy for conjuring up innovative costumes. At 5:44 PM Mercury in Libra semisquares Neptune in Pisces, adding fuel to our imagination that we can spark into imaginative festivities.

After dinner, the quirky Aquarius Moon trines Mercury and then bridges (opposes) Jupiter, bringing more enthusiastic ways to share in the spooky themes of the night. If don’t participate in the traditional Halloween hoopla, this is great for writing and communications of all kinds.


Saturday November 1st
This 1st day of November is filled with positive aspects that color the entire day. We start with a Mercury/Jupiter sextile at 8:45 AM, stimulating creative ways to express ourselves within relationships. Fairness and balance are key elements we bring to the table. The Moon leave Aquarius and enters the caring waters of Pisces at 12:37 PM, introducing sensitivity and compassion to our emotional needs. Don’t let yourself play victim to anyone or anything… that is a lower vibe that will only give you more of the same. If you need to clear something… check out EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); it is one of my favorite tools! Just google a video… it works!

Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 7:06 PM and passions run deep; this has the potential to transform our current path. Within the hour, Mars in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces and we can discover ways to channel this passion and creativity in new ways that deepen our connection to our intuitive, spiritual nature. This lovely energy continues after dinner when the Moon and Neptune join in Pisces, giving our dreams wings. Let them fly!!! We may not be feeling very practical or logical and its best not to try.
At 8:49 PM, Mars in Capricorn will sextile the dreamy Moon, bringing some grounded energy back to us and increase our chances of accomplishing something tangible.

Sunday the 2nd
Our Sunday starts powerfully with a supportive aspect between the Pisces Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. The caring energy of Pisces meeting with the constructive, determined energy of Capricorn, can produce some gratifying cooperation. Shortly after, spiritual Pisces trines Venus and our hearts are moved by compassion and we have the opportunity to tap into a deep spiritual love or the highest kind. Devotion, meditation, arts, quiet reflection and appreciating the gift of life… adds to the specialness of this gentle day. Keep that momentum going and your evening will bring more of the same!

At 7:47 PM, Mars and Jupiter form an aspect that can bring irritability to a perfectly lovely day. We can make a choice to keep the flow on the positive side with some conscious focus and refusal to engage in petty conflicts.

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Weekly Weather for October 20 – 26:

All times given are EDT


Thoughts: This week has grand shifts in it (as if we haven’t already been experiencing many) and it just keeps coming! There is a very amazing turning point on Thursday the 23rd, when the Sun, Moon and Venus all leave Libra and move into Scorpio to be swiftly met by a Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio that is conjunct Venus, sextile Mars and trine Neptune. The depths of Scorpio water, delivers change from what is hidden deep down and it’s all for our evolution and expansion. We need to trust our deep core and remember that we are whole and ever capable of riding these waves.

Side note: When I learned to surf in high school, there were no leashes that tethered you to your board… so if you pearled and lost your board, it took a long time to get ahold of it again as it usually washed ashore by the time you recovered. Lost mine once and couldn’t see it until it came crashing into my face (wake up call) and cracked my cheekbone, leaving a fun dimple that reminds me to risk the ride, even still. Now there is a leash that keeps you connected and recovery is faster! So jump back up and paddle out for more J the ride is worth it. These are surfing times.

Mercury will station direct on Saturday and Mars will leave fiery Sagittarius and enter grounded Capricorn Sunday morning. All of this speaks to more experiences of tectonic movements that challenge us to stay adaptable and keep making adjustments to find new balance… moment to moment.
Monday the 20th
We start the week with a Gemini Moon that makes harmonious aspects to Jupiter and Mercury in the morning and to Saturn in the afternoon. With Venus having sextiled Mars just after midnight, there is a fantastic momentum of creative positivity building and it’s available to us if we will just take the time to tap into it.

Adding to the uplifting force of today’s cosmic climate… Mercury (ruler of this Gemini Moon) and Jupiter form a sextile at 4:38 PM, giving conversations, all forms of communications, teaching, writing and travel a major boost. This day is full of “we can all get along if we try” potential.


Tuesday the 21st
The Moon enters Libra at 7:13 AM and this is most likely the quietest day of the week, so take advantage of it. Libra is always about finding the balance, the justice and the beauty with the mirrored self. So allow yourself time today to look for those elements within the relationship that is the most important one > the one between you and You!

Take a break from focusing on the outer and give your inner being a little TLC. Find gentle ways to lovingly release what keeps you from full self-acceptance. We are trained to find our validation in ways that leave us dependent on external factors that we can never control. This huge time on the planet is a powerful retraining for rediscovering that we are love and that we are never truly lost or alone.

Wednesday the 22nd
We need to ride this wave with flexibility and an open heart to get the most out of today’s ride. This is the last day of the Sun in Libra and the morning has treacherous rocks that need conscious navigating, as we head into the bigger weather changes tomorrow. The Moon squares Pluto at 5:10 AM and then opposes Uranus at 10:26 AM, once again stirring up the big Pluto Uranus square that has been revolutionizing our relationship with reality. It is yet again, another opportunity to see what you can purge (release), so that new life and adventure can bloom in your world.

The Libra Moon joins Mercury at 5:27 PM helping communications flow easier. If you have something that needs to be said… this is a good time! At 8:50 PM, The Moon sextile Jupiter and optimism supports our progress. This is a time to see the bigger picture and step away from micro-managing. Keep looking up and share your enthusiasm!


Thursday the 23rd
This is the day of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse! The lineup is rather amazing…as the Sun enters Scorpio at 7:57 AM, the Libra Moon (in it’s last degree) sextiles Mars at 1:23 PM and goes VOC (Void of Course). Then inside the Void, Venus move into Scorpio at 4:53 PM and the Moon ends the Void as she enters Scorpio at 5:11 PM and then…. the Moon will conjunct Venus just 2 minutes later and then… the New Moon Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio occurs at 5:57 PM. As you can see, I couldn’t even figure out how to write that up, so go easy on me J

This New Moon is filled with intensity and a capacity for emotional depth, passionate connections, fresh starts and resurrection. When this much action happens at the 0 degree, there is potential for our purpose to manifest with great focus. Anything and everything we want to create in our physical world can begin to grow from here.  So monitor your thoughts! Neptune trines this impregnated line up, adding to the potential for artistic expansion that sprigs from the limitless field of potentialities. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and the theme of purging, clearing, transforming and releasing antiquated beliefs and stifling habits, so we can move forward consciously… is what this time is all about. Breathe repeatedly!
Make a vision board, write your dreams, release old grudges/ bad memories into a fire… become new!

Friday the 24th
We are on the move to embrace more change that was seeded during the Eclipses and many of us are feeling like we don’t know where things stand or what direction to take at this point. That’s ok, we can’t have the answers right now and we need to trust they will come with divine timing and any fear based focus will only delay their arrival.

The Scorpio Moon sits in a trine energy in the early morning hours to Neptune, dreams may carry messages and creative ideas worth noting. Pluto in Capricorn sextiles the Moon at 2:17 PM and we can bring some constructive energy to these ideas and solutions begin to flow. Mercury turns direct tomorrow, so use this day to gather together all that has come to light, so you can use it in the weeks ahead.

Saturday the 25th
Venus joined with the Sun at 1 degree Scorpio at 3:31 AM, bringing with it a potential for romantic, passionate encounters and illumination around all that we value in our lives. This is actually good for making investments financially and emotionally. When you combine this energy with Mercury turning direct at 3:19 PM, it’s time to come clean and share what is true in your heart. Old limitations dissolve.

Sunday the 26th
The Moon entered Sagittarius at 12:41 AM, while Mars leaves the fires of Sagittarius behind. Mars steps firmly into the grounded, goal oriented earth sign of Capricorn at 6:43 AM. Mars is like the activator and the Capricorn energy is going to help us to focus and stay on course to accomplish all that is in front of us.  Capricorn loves to build and Mars loves to make it happen.
The Sagittarius Moon may want to explore and play today, while Mars in Capricorn is all about getting down to business. See if you can figure out a way to do both!

“True Salvation is Freedom from Negativity”

Eckhart Tolle



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 Astrological Weekly Weather Report for October 13 – 19:

All times given are EDT.


I am hearing lots of reports that this Eclipse period is bringing up deep, old fears… with a Mercury retrograde in the middle of this ride, it’s a gift to see what else is up for clearing and release. I can personally say that it is not comfortable and it requires constant letting go and re-centering on my part. But, how can that be a bad thing? The clearer I am willing to get the more I can “lighten” up and that feels amazing and at the same time… very vulnerable.

Many of us feel like newborns that are not fully integrated into this new world we are physically participating in. This is a time to just let that be as OK as we possibly can and go with the flow. We are exploring our needs in the midst of massive change that is taking place, both globally and personally. Keep breathing and trusting that the journey is taking you to a place that is worth the discomfort. I am constantly reframing my discomfort with a bigger, dominant picture frame of acceptance and comfort. So it looks like this… I am accepting and comfortable, with my discomfort. Try that out and see if it doesn’t provide you with some relief! Keep riding the waves and letting go.

Monday the 13th
Our week starts out with a kind of foggy morning, as the Sun and Neptune make a fuzzy, unfocused connection at 8:48 AM. Quiet time for yourself and/or a 10 minute meditation is a good way to utilize this energy… focusing on a to-do list is bound to confuse or overwhelm, so get to that later in the day.

The Gemini Moon trines retrograde Mercury at 1:59 PM and we feel like we come out of our protective shell and ideas abound. Enjoy conversations and continue double checking your communications and plans. Write down ideas, engage in solution oriented conversations… boost yourself up with a positive read or video and let a sense of wonderment bubble up in you.

The Moon swims into sensitive, intuitive Cancer at 7:31 PM and it’s time for some self-soothing, nurturing focus. Tune into your inner being and what you need to re-establish and feed a stronger sense of well-being. Slow down and breathe into your heart; listen for your heart beat! There is love there… always.


Tuesday the 14th
Very early, (4:33 AM) there is a wonderful connection between Venus (Love and desires) and Jupiter (expansion and wisdom) and we can awaken into a splendid celestial climate of love and appreciation. Milk this positive energetic to feel the affects the rest of the day.

The Cancer Moon will form a bridge (opposition) to Pluto at 5:02 PM and we are presented with an opportunity to see where we are harboring any defensiveness that we use for protection. It’s a chance to observe how behaviors that need to defend or protect, can actually keep us from our own sense of power and well-being. Our empowerment comes from within and we are in charge of how we manage it. Use the view from this bridge to notice that we can choose to stand anywhere upon it. Witnessing that we are at choice with our reactions can free us to live more in the present.
Just before midnight, the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aires, presenting us with another opportunity to choose breakthrough and freedom over staying stuck in a situation that feeds the illusion of security. Tomorrow we get an energizing boost that starts just in the wee hours, so try and get some rest tonight.

Wednesday the 15th
We are going to feel inspired movement and the urge to accomplish something today. The Sun formed a sextile to Mars and then a semisextile to Saturn between 3 and 7 AM. This speaks to support showing up, plans taking off and focused work that generates positive results. Rely on your instincts to lead you and let it be ok if you are not sure of the details of where you are headed. That will come later. A great thought to repeat is “I am always guided towards my highest good”.

The Cancer Moon could have some of us still attending to old wounds and some people may show up defensively, especially if they feel emotionally threated. This is compounded by an agitating connection forming between Venus and Neptune at 6:26 PM, so refrain from trying to get an external confirmation of your desirability or worthiness from a significant other. Best to realize that moodiness could be the dominant vibe for many of us and just take it easy. Again, self-soothe… find a way to do something that is nurturing for yourself, trusting that this will create a more loving reflection for you to dance with.

Thursday the 16th
We leave the sensitive, emotional Cancer Moon and leap into the fires of a Leo Moon around sunrise. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is full of generosity and vibrant life giving creativity. With Jupiter in Leo, this might be a chance to see how much we want attention… so we can feel appreciated… so we can share generously… so we can feel proud… so we can shine! Somewhere in there, notice that some of us have allowed our insecurities to run how we give and take in relationships (over-inflated self-value is a compensation for feeling like not enough). If you are stuck in any scorekeeping… back up and look at all that you can appreciate in life (there is boatloads) and put your focus there today.

The Libra Sun joins Mercury retrograde in an exact conjunction at 4:40 PM. Libra is all about the mirrored self and how to dance into balance with it. On one had, we can push too far for our own needs to the detriment of another and on the other hand, we can neglect our own needs, in hopes that by making someone else happy… we can finally find happiness for ourselves. There is a place of balance somewhere in between those two extremes and Libra is all about learning where that point of equilibrium is. The Sun and Mercury are setting the stage for us to make revisions and corrections to our ever evolving relationship… with relationships.

We can feel ready to take some kind of action or make a new choice at 9:49 PM, when Mercury in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius form a creative sextile. Sagittarius is an activator (his arrow is aimed far and high), he wants movement and expansion. See what you can discover that furthers optimistic growth and delivers you to a new place of wisdom and greater expansion, without losing your balance. If you do lose it and fall off, it’s just another chance to get back on the board and surf some more… there is always another wave coming.

Friday the 17th

The Day starts with a fire trine between the Leo Moon and Uranus in Aries and that sounds like fun to me… so don’t forget to PLAY! If you can, find a way to let your playful, impulsive inner-child express with youthful wonder. If you are in a work environment, doodling funny pictures can do the trick.  We get support from Venus and Saturn (at 12:21 PM) for something we are working on, so team up and find  creative answers.

Mercury (intellect) joins Venus (heart) in Libra at 12:56 PM, adding to a sense of comradery and cooperation. We can truly make something beautiful happen! Just hours later, at 3:20 PM, Mercury and Saturn add to the mix in a resourceful way. We can really use the retrograde energy of this Mercury to review, rework, revise and remember to honor the pauses we experience. They allow us to take a breath and see a broader perspective. The Leo Moon joins Jupiter at 8:09 PM tonight; our hearts are full and it’s a fabulous time to really relish the love in our lives.

Saturday the 18th
The Leo Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius at 7:19 AM and creative fires burn bright. Just minutes later the Sun and Moon join the harmonizing, playful energy, so plan on a fun filled breakfast time and let that set the tone. There could be a bump in the road, when The Leo Moon and Pluto form a challenging aspect at 11:23 AM and this could stir up an old emotional issue. If it does… notice it from the position of being the Director or your Life Movie and call the shots in a way that is best for the Big Picture.

The Moon leaves the fires of Leo and enters the earthiness of feminine Virgo at 7:09 PM. Leo can be grandiose and Virgo helps to balance that out with a flair for seeing the details that need tending. Let the evening be about quieting down and appreciating the receptive, service oriented aspect of this energy. Allow yourself alignment with the “ecstatic evolutionary impulse” of the Universe and refrain from judgment.

Sunday the 19th
We start with a parallel between Mercury and Venus (9:18 AM) that speaks to a returning balance between the mind and heart. This Mercury retrograde (now in Libra) is full of revelations that are showing us how we can restructure and renegotiate relationships for greater love and enjoyment.

This is another one of those afternoons where clear communications can be challenging, as Neptune and Mercury blur the lines at 3:58 PM. This is a great energy for inner reflection, relaxation and mediation and not so conducive for planning and initiating new action. The Virgo Moon will trine Pluto at 5:42 PM, stimulating the need to be constructive in some way. See if you can’t find a creative project that lends itself to details and organization and remain in a more chilled out mode, to make the most of today’s cosmic climate.

When you struggle with your partner, you are struggling with yourself. Every fault you see in them touches a denied weakness in yourself.”
Deepak Chopra

Be well and keep surfing…
With Big Love,


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Weekly Weather Report for October 6 – 12:

All times given are EDT


There has been a lot said in the Astrology community about this Total Lunar Eclipse that occurs very early Wednesday morning. One reason for the buzz is that the planet Uranus (awaking, inspirational, surprising, innovative and rebellion) will be sitting hand in hand with the Moon during the Eclipse, while Venus sits with the Sun. To add to that, Mars (instigator, activator, physicality) in Sagittarius (expansive exploration and optimistic action) will trine Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius)… all of which forms a wide grand fire trine with Uranus/Moon conjunction.  It’s all leading us towards deep shifts, as we experience the Eclipse with a retrograde Mercury! Wait there is more: Pluto will widely square Venus and form a wide square to the Sun and Moon as the Eclipse occurs. And Whoooh …. What in the world does that mean?

The truth is… we have no idea, except for one thing… its wake up, shake it up time! How that will manifest is not to be known until after the fact. Our task at hand is to stay present and enjoy the ride! So spread enthusiasm and good intentions all around and be considerate of others’ and their experience of you. Change has once again come to call… Think of an Eclipse as a reboot, a chance to start fresh and leap forward, out of a past pattern and into a total rebirth. Our relationships and foundations will be transformed for the better via this Eclipse passage. Don’t let fear stop you from letting go of what has outlived its purpose; whether it’s a job, a habit, a mindset, a relationship, a belief, a car or a coffee mug… let go and trust that you will be lighter for it.
Find out more about the Eclipse and when it is visible here:
It will be 6:51 AM E.D.T. and 5:51 AM here in Austin Texas.

Monday the 6th
This pivotal week starts with the Pisces Moon squaring Mars in Sagittarius at 6:36 AM, bringing the morning hours into a dance with “hurry lets go” and “wait… I’m still daydreaming”! So let this day roll out with an extra dose of ease if you can. This is one of the most chilled out days of the week and we will be glad if we regard it that way. Intuition is strong and the energy is creative and receptive, so tune in and listen to inner guidance.

The Pisces Moon will trine Saturn at 3:39 PM, providing some grounding to our highest vision. This is a great time to focus on what you would like to bring into physical manifestation that feeds your spirit. Music and art can find a way to take form.

Tuesday the 7th
The Moon enters spontaneous (act 1st and think later) Aries at 6:07 AM and we wake up raring to go! Aries sparks innovation and new beginnings at an impulsive pace and over the top outbursts need monitoring. Aries is not known for patience and it might be in short supply today.

The big event today is a Sun/Uranus bridge (opposition) that becomes exact at 4:48 PM. This will be building all day as the Libra Sun (all about balance and how we see ourselves through others) and Uranus in Aries (fiery, sudden awakenings and urge for independence) set up this highly charged, cosmic climate. There are likely to be lightning strikes (figuratively speaking) that can affect our nervous system, so go easy on the caffeine today! This is prep work for the Eclipse experience so pay attention.

Mercury in Scorpio semisquares Mars in Sagittarius at 8:22 PM and frictional conversations could begin to brew. It’s best to remember that freedom is an inside job and to make internal course corrections instead of trying to change someone else. We can never do that anyway!  Remember we are headed to a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (just hours away), so position yourself from the inside out… meaning get your energy right, regardless of what’s going on outside of you. Let inspiration replace frustration and liberate yourself from any fear-based thoughts to enjoy this ride.

You can find out when you can view the Eclipse and what it may look like here:
It will be 6:51 AM E.D.T. and 5:51 AM here in Austin Texas.

Wednesday the 8th
We are officially in the midst of the complex Eclipse energy, as Stephanie Azaria adeptly calls it. “a worm hole via a roller coaster ride, that starts out backwards!” Eclipses can indicate endings and beginnings (graduations) that take us to new chapters in our lives. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is all about the bridge (opposition) between Libra and Aries, so more revelations about relationships and how we operate based on our projections and beliefs will emerge. Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn (probing the heart for deeper truths) and Mars in Sagittarius trines Jupiter in Leo (the search for truth ignites bountiful energy for moving forward) on top of everything else! These are powerful, big energies and anyone with 15 degrees of Aries and Libra in the birth charts, will be even more strongly affected.  Transformation is at hand; we can leave behind old grievances and find a vibrant reconnect with life!

There is no predicting what we are set up for here… all we can know is that the ‘Winds of Change’ are gusting and trying to hold onto the past will bring great discomfort and it won’t work anyway. We are getting a magical boost with a Grand Fire Trine J  between Uranus, Jupiter and Mars… Awakenings and Inspirations, meets Wisdom and Expansions, meets Actions and Forward Movement !!! This just reeks of Adventure and the Unknown… so we can’t know; we can only ride.

Here on this roller coaster, will your hands be white knuckled and clutching the bar, or will your hands be in the air … open heart to the sky? Weeeeeeee!


Thursday the 9th
Our day starts with the Moon entering earthy, slower moving Taurus at 7:44 AM and she then squares Mercury (retrograde in Scorpio) at 9:08 AM. Whatever has been stirred up by the Eclipse (Mr. Toad’s High Octane Wild Ride) can find a tamer pace with this Taurus Moon. Taurus likes to settle down and be sensual, practical and concerned with comfort… so we may want to plant ourselves in feel good circumstances. With the square to Mercury, best to steer clear of stubborn communications and be more concerned with self-soothing activities.

The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 4:30 PM, adding to our desire to smooth out any rough edges. We can find creative ways to bring relief to our overextended emotional bodies, that have been strenuously worked out this week.

Friday the 10th
Mercury backs out of Scorpio today and into Libra in retrograde fashion. Our minds leave the probing, deep waters of emotional Scorpio and re-enter Libra territory, where we can re-evaluate all that Scorpio has brought to the surface. It’s good to know we can rethink and reconsider our options from a more objective perspective during this period. Mercury will retrograde back to 16 degrees Libra and go direct on October 26th. He will be in the shadow of this retrograde until November 10th, after which all that we have been reviewing will become crystal clear. Mercury retrogrades are great times for integrating new information that facilitates out growth over time… having 3 or 4 or these “review times” a year, helps us to grasp where we have evolved to and where we are headed.

We have a fun sextile that forms between the Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Leo at 7:18 PM. This energy is optimistic, generous, playful and uplifting to our well-being. Allow yourself some playtime and celebrate what is good in your life… we can always find something and tonight it can be easy.

Saturday the 11th
Very early in the morning (5:10 AM) Venus in Libra forms a bridge (opposition) to Uranus in Aires. Traditionally, this can be quite disruptive with a strong element of surprise erupting around relationships and what we value (like belongings and money). From a higher vibrational vantage point, this can bring excitement and new awakenings to our heart and all that we hold dear.

The Moon enters Gemini at 11:51 AM bringing some flexibility into the mix. If we allow curiosity and a sense of play to lead the way, we can navigate this day towards a clearer view of what’s really important to us.

The Gemini Moon will square Neptune at 9:07 PM and we could get really distracted, but that’s really ok, as long as you are not trying to make hard decisions… save those for tomorrow when the fog will have lifted.

Sunday the 12th
I’m happy to say that it’s another Sweet Sunday we have on tap. There could be a small bump around the morning hours, so just cruise through it, minding your own business in easy does it mode. The afternoon has gems all through it!Starting at 1:57 PM, the Gemini Moon will sextile Uranus in Aries and we are ready to try something new and fun for the afternoon. At 5:34 PM, we get a trine between the Gemini Moon and Venus… good for what ails you…. It’s safe to open your heart and get out in the world and have some fun!

Then at 8:36 PM, this playful Gemini Moon sextiles Jupiter, bringing further expansion to this upbeat day. All social activities will go well. We end this week with a Moon/Sun trine right about midnight and after the wild ride we had at the start of this week, there is harmony to send us off to sleep.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar


Merrily Garrett is available for private readings. Her very thorough and profound sessions are 90 minutes and $125. You can reach her to make an appointment at, or call 512.809.4024