Ray Rolando



(845) 637-5191

Peers and clients alike regard Ray Rolando as a distinguished visionary leader and spiritual teacher. Ray’s work awakens higher consciousness and has a global healing impact that is shape-shifting our collective future. Known for his acute abilities to “see the unseen” as a gifted Divine Channel and Transformational Coach, he is widely sought after for his gifts of intuition, mystical insight, and depth of esoteric understanding.

In addition to his innate abilities, Ray also holds professional certifications, both as a Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher, as well as in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Over the past 10 years, he has worked with the most prolific healers, teachers, and coaches in his field. Most notably, Master Spiritual Teacher, Derek O’Neill, has graced Ray with an array of sacred initiations, high-vibrational teachings, and powerful techniques to help him serve humanity. These proven strategies encompass a broad spectrum of modalities, including energy healing, meditation, breathing techniques, and sacred healing symbols that reawaken the heart and raise consciousness.

Ray’s comprehensive skill set is utilized to calm and ease the mind and body, and to help others consciously develop practical tools, perspectives and methods that offer greater self-mastery, creative empowerment and well-being. Ray has also received advanced training in personal and empathic mastery, and mindfulness, that allows him to coach for excellence while artfully blending these exceptional tools with his own craft.

To book a transformational one-on-one or customized workshop experience with Ray that will leave you feeling positively shifted and Divinely inspired, contact us at 845-637-5191, or by emailing us at info@rayrolando.com.