The true essence of spirituality is not that you are born into a specific religious sect and choose not to partake in weekly ceremonies in that religion claiming that you are more spiritual rather than religious. The true essence of spirituality is EVERYTHING. Spiritual does not judge. It simply is.

Spirituality is a happening. It is something that finds you, over and over again, in Divine Moments that cannot quite be explained with words. In fact, spirituality at its core is not an answer to some burning question. It, instead, is the journey by which one is anointed, or initiated into the essence of God on some level in all things, and in all experiences. Effectively, it can be debated, "What is spirituality not?"

You see, you are spirit. The soul is the truth of you. Yes, it is encapsulated for a time in a vessel you call a body. However, that body is impermanent and illusory in the Grand Play of it all. In fact, only love is real, and only love brings you home to the truth of this knowledge... home again to your true spiritual nature.

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channeloftheweekASCENSION - WHAT'S ALL THE RAVE? -

Well folks, it is time to have a serious chat. Ha ha! What fun would that be?!

Well, in all seriousness (and a smile), it actually is time to discuss what we've been talking to and around for so long. The topic or questions is: What actually IS ascension?

In a nutshell, as you say, ascension is the process that involves learning to unlearn, transcend, or rise above (ascend beyond) limiting beliefs and behaviors that stem from patterns acquired through learning that was based in fear.

Rising above old patterns based in human fear unlocks the key to your full potential AS human beings. This process for humans was, for a time, limited only to a select few who were already mastered enough in the spiritual and human that they came into human vessels already knowing how to do this. So, for the masses, this re-mergence with truth was originally only possible through death and the transformation of human energies back to Source or Divinity energies. This has all changed, as the field itself has changed.

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channeloftheweekBEING MOVED -

Perhaps you often wonder how to come to the right choice when faced with a decision. You needn't go further then a single hand over your heart in a moment of stillness. Present each question as a choice to your inner guru while merging silently with them. Whichever feels like the stronger pull while in this space is most probably the highest aligned path for you to take.

You see, the highest truth exists, however, when spirit moves you. How do you know when spirit moves you? You know you are being moved by spirit when there is NO question. When questions are present, the ego is also present, attempting to figure it all out. The mind loves to play games. Its job is to keep you distracted because otherwise you would be bored waiting for enlightenment.

That is all you are really doing, you know. Sitting around, creating and living your dramas while you are waiting for enlightenment. It is true. On no other dimension can you create stories and dramatic unfoldments like you can on the Earth plane. It is fun, is it not? Of course! And what is enlightenment anyway? It is the moment you realize again that you are it. It - as in "you are everything and you create everything for your experience". Read More »


channeloftheweekWHAT OTHERS THINK -

So... how much time do you spend thinking or behaving in ways that may or may not be acceptable to others? And how much of that time is consciously spent specifically on what others think of you? Perhaps we should explain here what we mean by "consciously".  Consciously means mindfully, or with awareness. It is important to note that your conscious mind actually only runs about 10% of the whole show. It is the unconscious that runs the show to the tune of 90%. Wow, right? RIGHT.

This means that roughly 90% of what you do is pre-determined by your experiences that you have labeled good or bad, which then lead to you choosing to be attracted to or averted by certain people, situations, and events. Forget past lives, Akashic Records, psychics and the like. What MOST DEFINITELY IS pre-determined is your likelihood to respond to stimulus in your environment a certain way based on past experiences in this life.

So then the key to YOUR HAPPINESS IN THIS LIFETIME is not so much what others think, but what you do actually. Huh. Well isn't that interesting on ANY level? It should be.

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