channeloftheweekINTERSECTIONS -

Dear ones, you have heard so many times that there are signs everywhere, have you not? And there are for sure. There is a deeper level, though, to these signs. This depth we speak of expands your conscious awareness about just how much grace you have as a human. This level is called the Grand Intersection of All Life.

At this depth of spiritual awareness, the aspirant begins to not only see the signs, but begins to KNOW without the intellect how ALL of their experiences are interconnected with their other experiences, as well as with everyone else's. This is where the term "We are all ONE." comes from. YOU truly ARE.

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channeloftheweekPOWER OF THE UNKNOWN -

So you find yourself in unknown territory do you? Yes, you all do, don't you? You see, you have just begun a very powerful 1 cycle. The year, 2017, makes it so. You see, 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, and well 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. One equates to new beginnings.

If you have been following THE MYSTIC'S Messages for some time now, or other conscious channel streams, you may have already known this. But do you know what to do IN all of this? There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is to know something. Wisdom it to know how, when, and where to utilize such knowledge. It is the resourceful nature of the knowledge holder that makes them wise, rather than simply knowledgable. This relates to new beginnings in a very powerful way.

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Unexpected beginnings are so powerful. While they take you by surprise, if you choose to stay with the FEELING of surprise, whether or not it was a "good" surprise, then the Universe has opportunity after opportunity to show you just how powerful the event within can be.

So let us assume for a moment that the New Year, or its Eve, did not exactly bring you what you were expecting. Even if this is not true, go with it for a moment, for there is a teaching here for you nonetheless.

Ok, so back to it... perhaps the New Year did not live up to expectations. After all, whether or not the numerology says so, a new year DOES indeed bring new beginnings. So why, then, would a less than perfect evening into New Year, or New Year's Day bring a seeming funk? Do you really believe it is because you deserve less than the best? It could be that you are manifesting bad experience after bad experience because you believe you deserve to not be happy. BUT... what if it is MUCH BIGGER than this? In fact, what if the Universe (which is really an aspect of the bigger YOU) was actually attempting to break patterns of expectation for you so that you can be in wonderment.

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channeloftheweekTHE CHRIST LIGHT -

The birth of the Christ light is simply NOT something that happened out there, or outside of you. It was a seed that planted that light WITHIN EVERY ONE of you.

Christ is something Jesus was, yes. However, it was also something that he achieved. He worked for it His whole life.

While he was born the Christ Child, it was because He had the seed of light within. Throughout His life, and His teachings, he continually showed other wayshowers that being the light was a choice. For, you see, in this dualistic reality you call Earth, there are equal opportunities to choose light and dark. The constant choice to CHOOSE light is the path of the Gu-Ru.

Translated, Gu-Ru literally means "Dark Light". Gu equals Dark. Ru equals Light. Therefore, "Gu-Ru", "Spiritual Master", "The Way, The Truth, The Light", "The Morning Star" all literally means, "They who move from Dark to Light and, in so doing, light a path for others to follow."

Jesus, a Great Master Teacher, evolved soul, and Son of Man, planted a seed. He said, "Follow Me". Further, He stated that he who believed in Him would do the works that He has done, and even greater works because he was returning Home to the Father. The Father equals the Creator energy. The "greater" works are works done on the plane of reality, human denseness where humans have the OPPORTUNITY to serve "others" until you realize you are serving you in ALL forms because, truly, there is no separation.

To serve another is an interesting undertaking. For this does not mean to save everyone. Every ONE eventually saves themselves. Your job, only, is to SEE AND BE the way. Whether immediate noticing occurs or not is none of your concern actually. Your only goal is to know and find God in everyone and everything. Then, and then alone, will you see that "they" ARE being affected by your choices. Whether they utilize that energy in this life or another, is not your choice to make for them. They must CHOOSE to Awake, Awake, Awake when it is their time.

YOU must continually choose to remain awake now if you have had such grace to awaken even just a morsel. Rejoice in this. For this is the hope the world needs. YOU are the THAT hope.

Now, be that hope. KNOW that you are light incarnate, and that this light must keep choosing itself. This is the Christ light. This IS the Christ Path.

This week celebrate the THAT Christ Light within, and watch the miracles unfold within that then manifest in the world without. We will be watching, and celebrating with you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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