April 10, 2016

Today the big news is the Mercury/Mars Great Eliminator, which represents the elimination of ideas and beliefs that get in the way of transmuting the frequency of our physical being. You know how someone can say something that actually lowers your energy and makes you feel like you got punched in the gut? Today’s energies give us a chance to see what is happening within us that allows that to happen, and how to transmute that effect. In Cosmic Consciousness, this aspect takes place in the Aquarius 2 o'clock hour (Mercury) of Spiritual Love and in the 6 o'clock Cancer mansion of Emotional Power—involving the spiritual and emotional parts of our Selves in the blending of mind and body. We can eliminate barriers to feeling our e-motions through movement like dancing, singing, exercising and enlightened action; at the same time we can remove barriers to Self-Love by eliminating old beliefs that crop up saying we are not worthy or deserving of such Love. Allowing joy to enter into our bodies raises our frequencies and puts our minds into a calmer, more loving mode—and vice versa.


Jupiter and Vesta assist with this through their manifestation (trine) in the Aquarius (Vesta) and Libra (Jupiter) hours of the cosmic clock. With loving devotion we manifest and ground what is in our hearts, guided from within onto the physical plane, helping us to integrate, heal and whole our Selves; each integration serves us all. This is another indication of how mind and body can work together to raise our consciousness on the physical level.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mercury and Uranus form a New Cycle (conjunction) in the Cosmic Consciousness 1 o’clock hour of Aquarius, the hour of Spiritual Love, where we drop our defenses and learn to love ourselves as Source does. How do we do that? With loving thoughts for ourselves and others; with a willingness to be vulnerable and open. Thoughts become things; who knows what breakthroughs we will tap when we love fearlessly.


At the same time, Venus begins a New Cycle with Ceres, in the 2 o’clock Pisces hour of Spiritual Wisdom, where we face our fears and expand into ourselves more fully. Ceres nurtures us and attends to us as we grieve over those attachments left behind and no longer needed; she resurrects from the ashes that which we need for our journey forward at the heart level. She has the assistance of Sedna as a resource (sextile) in Taurus, who holds the space for us and encourages us to connect ourselves with our inner guidance. Sedna helps us to be grounded even as she teaches non-attachment. She gives us the bigger picture, where we can see our deepest fears as ancient attachments, and slowly work to detach from them. These very Divine Feminine energies work with the Divine Masculine energies of the newly calibrated Mercury, bringing us to ascencion.


At the heart level we are being prepared for the core disruption that Eris brings when she meets with Mercury in a few days.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Mercury is having a busy week, and today he makes a Great Eliminator with Juno in Scorpio. Juno is our unity consciousness, our relationship with ourselves and our unity within ourselves and with others. Applying this to our highest vision, we have the opportunity to choose to love with the mind, to remember that we are really, in essence, One Mind, and to apply conscious discipline by directing our thoughts and words towards Love and away from fear. Jupiter’s influence in Virgo adds wholing and wisdom, and creates a Finger of God aspect with Mercury at the apex. We are being prepared for what arises when Mercury connects with Uranus later in the week. A good mantra for today is WE ARE NOT WE, BUT ONE.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

I am always struck by how a chart will reveal what is going on inside us, and how we put energies out there and therefore, in ourselves that help us evolve, whether we are aware of it or not. Today’s chart of the Venus/Pluto resource (sextile) shows Venus in the Cosmic Consciousness Libran 9th hour of the mirrored self, and Pluto in the 11th Sagittarius hour of finishing the game, clearing old habits and triumphing over the lower self. Our hearts are being transformed at the highest level, as we realize that we are mirrors for each other, and we CAN end this game by coming from the heart in everything we do, especially at the physical level.


At the same time the Sun (in the 9th hour) makes a manifestation (trine) with Mars in the Cosmic Clock 1 o'clock hour of unconditional Self Love. Can you hear the Universe screaming “LOVE YOURSELF” more clearly? Mars represents the physical plane and our actions; Sun represents our life force energy and our personal consciousness, our spiritual essence. You can see why Sun/Mars aspects are interpreted as intense and combative. Yet, looking at it from a higher perspective, with this manifestation we can express our Essence in the physical world through our actions. Sun/Mars can be an expression of anger or passion; adding awareness to it makes for action in congruence with who we are.  Today we are shining our Light on our physicality, our environment and our actions. Once again, we are loving ourselves unconditionally through nurturing and honoring our bodies and the environment, through conscious compassionate action. Mercury is nearby, so add loving thoughts and words into the mix. It is no coincidence that Mars is the ruler of Aries, and the Sun and Mercury are rising on the ascendant, in Aries. It is also no coincidence that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are part of a stellium in the Libran 9th hour of Self-realization (along with Ceres {new life}, Chiron {wholing, healing, mastery}, the Earth Star Chakra {karma} and Neptune {faith and trust}!). We are getting quite an upgrade, helping us realize that whatever is going on around us, it is what’s within us that counts.


Happy and blessed Easter!