Thursday, March 17, 2016

My brother-in-law passed away suddenly on March 9th, and I learned a great deal about observing my thoughts and emotions, and discerning one from the other. Often we think about our emotions rather than feel them, and confuse emotionality with rationality. At tender times like these, where the energies are so high, we need to feel our feelings, name them and let them through. When we do, they don’t fester within us, subtly directing our thoughts and actions until we are separate from ourSelves. Like waves they arise, then fall and dissipate and we watch them go. Unacknowledged emotions gather momentum until they break through the levee of suppression and overwhelm us, resulting in words and actions that can’t be undone.  The damage they cause is just as devastating as a tsunami. It helped me to go deeper and ask myself, ‘is this a thought or a feeling?’ If it was the latter, I could quiet my mind and let it step aside, so the feeling could come through in all its glory, in waves of tears, sadness and grief. As the emotion receded I would feel drained, yet peaceful and cleansed, ready to resume a conversation or comfort another, until the next wave came. At the service we shared tears, and laughter as well. Nothing heals a hurting heart like laughter; it releases the pressure and lets love flow outwards.


There has never been a more important time to consciously be aware of our thoughts and direct them with Love. From the observer’s perch we can determine if an emotion is driving our thoughts; if we are picking up others’ emotions and holding them as our own; if the constant low-level patter of our minds is becoming too loud and draining our energies, infecting us with anxiety and fear, which begets anger and more; as we seek to raise our energies and relieve the pressure of the having them circulate wildly with no place for expression. Some people confuse excess energy as anxiety or fear, and it can manifest as palpitations when it just needs to be expressed in physical movement as dance or exercise, or even singing. All must be allowed to flow.


We are all attracted to those who have positive energy; they are so open, they seem to have so much life in them; they go with the flow. They allow their energies to move through them, and try not to let thoughts and feelings  get stuck. But it is a conscious process of allowing things to surface without judgment or analysis, and with awareness and acknowledgement. And love. That’s when we consciously choose to give ourselves an inner hug, and love ourselves with our minds by choosing to tell ourselves positive, kind thoughts (“ I was able to exercise today, I AM strong and persevering”) even if we don’t feel it. Thoughts can bring us up or down; why not choose the former?


Today’s energies features a Mercury/Chiron/Earth Star Chakra (South Node) new cycle, or conjunction. Mercury and Chiron coming together speak to our healing (and wholing) ourselves through loving thoughts and actions. In the limitless realm of Pisces, these thoughts and actions reverberate, touching us on many levels. Conversely, as we heal ourselves, we teach ourselves to be more aware of our thinking and direct it more positively. Having the Earth Star Chakra as part of this healing—how rare is that, connecting with this cycle?—allows us to acknowledge the issues from the past that present to us now, with their old feelings and thoughts that no longer serve us but which still affect and direct us without our awareness. Here is our chance to see these issues, thoughts and feelings for the gifts they are, take what we need from them; and bless and let the rest go. Doing this we lighten and erase our karma, allowing us to go forth and cross the bridge to the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) into our futures with more love, compassion and awareness. Every smile, every loving thought, every word of kindness heals us all.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

There is so much going on inside us, in the world, and in the cosmos, and it is all the same. Today the Sun makes a stepping stone aspect to Saturn, both in the emotional body (quadrant) in Cosmic Consciousness. We are taking the vastness of our emotional power and attuning it to achieve wholeness in service to ourselves and others. We can feel our emotions (and there is a lot flying around out there), and we can also master them, using the guidance of the inner guru (Saturn).


There is also a Sun/Pluto resource today, making available to us the transformative power of what happens when we find the blessing in everything and maintain an active stance of gratitude for what we have. Doing this, we can expand love in action through expressing our Selves freely yet lovingly, with conscious awareness of what we think, say and do, and the effect it has on others. Every kind thought, word and deed, to our Selves and others, creates an alchemy that spreads out into the world and is sorely needed now.


Mercury (2 degrees Pisces) is also making a Great Eliminator aspect with Makemake (2 degrees Libra), giving us a choice as to how the new Masculine energies within us all will consciously interact and manifest. We are upgraded mentally, and this cosmic connection gives us a chance to apply our new consciousness to our highest authority, making it congruent with the cosmic order. We are giving our Selves ample opportunities to realign spiritually, mentally and emotionally today. Quite a day!!


Thursday, March 3, 2016


Aside from being a 3:3 day of manifestation, today is a busy astrological day as well. Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Virgo connect in an inconjunct, or Great Eliminator, giving us the opportunity to be the mirror of  unconditional Self-love by choosing between over-thinking and focusing in on our imbalances, or expanding our capacity for forgiveness, self-acceptance, Wholing and service. We know which road to take. Venus also connects in a resource to Uranus in Aries in the Virgo 8 o'clock hour (in Cosmic Consciousness), with its flashes of intuition, inspiration and insight into what the heart needs. Loving thoughts opens us up in surprising ways.  Together these planetary archetypes create a finger of God with Uranus and Jupiter’s Great Eliminator, adding the need to bring wisdom to these new revelations. With Jupiter and Venus involved in this planetary picture, who knows what surprising gifts we can manifest, especially on a day like today.  The Sun forms a New Cycle with Ceres at 13 Pisces, birthing the unlimited possibilities available to us when we choose to see the larger picture and regard it with Love and compassion.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

When feeling our way through each day, it helps to notice everything, as everything has meaning in it. Today’s Sun/Neptune new cycle occurs on a beautiful, springlike, sunny day. It’s a day that uplifts, opens us up and makes us want to be outside. What better metaphor for a new cycle of clarity and spiritual awakening? This new cycle occurs in the (Cosmic Consciousness) Sagittarius 11 o'clock hour of clearing the decks for a new beginning! This is where we see where we are out of integrity, where we see where we are still fearful and address it, where we remember our higher purpose and surrender to it. Nowhere is this more obvious than what is playing out in the public arena (the 10th house 3D position of the Sun/Neptune conjunction)! You can’t make this stuff up!


Varuna, our highest observer’s perch of our highest consciousness, forms a manifestation (trine) with Mars, our physical bodies and the physical plane. Varuna is in our consciousness now, whether we can grasp it or not, and the fact that it is making this aspect with Mars bodes well for our ability to handle and integrate these highest spiritual energies and enables us, to the extent that we are able, to see the widest perspective from an emotional standpoint. Can we ride the emotional energies and still maintain our new perspective? I’m betting we can.