Friday February 26, 2016

As I thought about Stephanie’s insights about the Virgo/Pisces polarity being the zoom lens that we use to discern and hone in deeply (Virgo) and then zoom out to the bigger picture of unlimitedness (Pisces), it occurred to me that we are using this lens to go back and forth in a massive clearing on different levels. There are so many downloads taking place, and in order to receive them, one must clear out what no longer serves; otherwise there is no room to receive. Perhaps others are feeling this too; I am clearing on physical, emotional and relationship levels, with more to come! The recalibrations we are all experiencing can be difficult, but they occur more easily when we have less baggage to drag around.


Today’s chart features a Mercury in Aquarius resource (sextile) with Uranus in Aries. Due to the timing, Mercury is in the (3D) 6th house of service and day to day activities, while Uranus is in the 8th house of things that involve other people, investments, divorce, sex, etc. It is also the house of death and rebirth. One could say that conversations with others through regular activities can lead to surprising insights about one’s deepest feelings about connections with others, causing a rebirth within oneself. In Cosmic Consciousness, the hours (mansions, or areas of consciousness) that Mercury and Uranus are found are opposite the signs they are in: Mercury is in the 3 o'clock Aries hour in Aquarius, and Uranus is in the 1 o'clock Aquarius hour in the sign of Aries. At the higher levels you can see the connection between them. We can use the Divine Masculine Communicator in the sign of loving your Self unconditionally to use mental discipline to choose Love instead of fear, no matter what comes up; and we have the Awakener as an intuitive resource to remind us that by choosing Love we ARE loving our Selves unconditionally. The loving thoughts we think about ourselves and others will serve to bring awakening to others. How we respond, to downloads, pains, uncomfortable truths, is based on our perspective, which we can change in an instant with a thought. Telling ourselves that we are clearing to let in more sorely needed Light makes it easier to handle whatever comes.


As if this weren’t enough, Venus begins a new cycle with (conjuncts) Pallas Athena (in this chart, in the 4 o'clock Taurus hour of trusting your inner guidance), reminding us that we attain wisdom by following our inner guidance, which comes from the Heart as our own personal embodiment of Source. By trusting it, we ground ourselves, enabling us to access the higher mental energies that are available. What amazing times!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There is so much going on it’s hard to keep track. The Jupiter in Virgo/Chiron in Pisces bridge opened a passageway leading to lots of healing and Wholing. According to homeopathic theory, sometimes during a healing one feels worse as the remedy goes deep within and brings up that which must be cleared. I myself felt a cold coming on, feeling very drained on Friday. I had a gig with my band on Saturday, for which I pulled up all my energy, and it went well. Even partied a little. On Sunday, I lost my voice completely, although I felt ok. By Monday (the New Moon) the congestion progressed into my throat and chest, leaving me with a dry cough and a splitting headache. Remedies and hot teas arehelping, but I am still clearing. Mars, ruler of the physical body, has been making contact in a bridge with Sedna, the recordkeeper. Our bodies are recordkeepers too, storing e-motions, beliefs, judgements and trauma as pain and illness, and these need to come up for clearing as well. The more we allow these clearings to occur by giving ourselves the space to nourish ourselves through rest, good nutrition, wholistic remedies and positive energies, the more deeply they will clear.



Thursday, February 18, 2016

On Tuesday Venus entered Aquarius, the sign of learning to love our Selves unconditionally. I am always struck by how a chart looks when an event happens. Scorpio, a deep, transformational sign, and in Cosmic Consciousness, the sign of Highest Vision, was rising. Venus is in the (3D) 3rd house of communication, neighbors, siblings, which is also the (5D) Cancer hour of Emotional Power and Inner Harmony. Our highest vision for our Selves is to communicate in a loving way to those around us, and to move into our heart center and think with our hearts, being loving, compassionate and nurturing towards our Selves, allowing e-motion to move through us and clear our Selves of all judgements. By doing the latter, we can achieve the former.


Today we have help in the form of MakeMake and Black Moon Lilith at almost 3 degrees Libra, the sign of balance and the Highest Realization that everyone is a reflection of us. Venus is making a manifestation (trine) aspect to these two bodies. Black Moon Lilith is our access point to the Divine Feminine, and MakeMake represents divine order and the Divine Laws of nature and the cosmos. By remaining diligent about coming from the heart, being loving with our Selves and compassionate with others, we align ourselves with our highest Divine Cosmic Heart. Divine Laws of nature, attraction and so on always exist; we bring ourselves to them and align with them when we allow ourselves to come from our hearts.


Friday, February 12, 2016

We are rising in consciousness, changing our frequencies to a higher level where we can feel more, Know more, experience more, express more. I don’t know about you, but I’m losing track of time, and needing more space and alone time. I just put on Reiki Gold, which is channeled by Llewellyn, and it put me in such a joyous, peaceful state. My hands are tingling.  Last night I read a chapter in Wayne Dyer’s autobiography “I Can See Clearly Now”, where he describes his escape from his overwhelmingly busy life by sitting in a nearby park for 15 minutes; this was before he discovered meditation. Even though I meditate, I needed to hear this! The Universe is speaking to us all the time, and we are tuning in more and more. Despite the seeming chaos “out there”, when we tune in even a little, we receive what we are needing and capable of receiving; the abundance of it is simply amazing.


We are evolving to the point that we grew another “sense” with which to experience the Universe, that of hearing. Scientists had barely calibrated their instruments when they were able to record the sound of two black holes colliding, bringing another dimension (pardon the pun) to our understanding of the cosmos.

As soon as they were ready the Universe “spoke.” What does that mean for us? There are black holes in space that interact, are there black holes within us as well? Are they holding our Light? These holes bend time and space; we are growing to that point as well.


Stephanie has said that Sedna is “the main recordkeeper for all beings on the planet throughout all of time. As the outermost planet, Sedna is constantly picking up the newest wisdom and consciousness that is achieved here, and captivating it, recording it, making it accessible to all at such time as we are able to attain the level of consciousness required to make contact.” It looks like we are beginning to attain that level of consciousness now.

Today Venus makes a trine manifestation with Sedna, and an intimate (semisextile) connection with Ixion, our collective soul purpose, helping us to take this understanding to the heart level and calibrating it. Whenever a new discovery about the cosmos is made, we get to Know in our hearts just how deeply connected we all are.