For April, 2016

We will remain in the worm hole for another week, yet an era is definitely over. We can feel that the old world is gone, and we begin to realize and decipher the magnitude of the changes which will keep unfolding throughout the Spring, until the long awaited conjunction of Uranus and Eris at 23 Aries in early June.


The spotlight is currently on Eris and any planet aspecting or transiting her and receiving its ground shaking upgrade and activation.


Eris is at 22 Aries, in an exact bridge with Haumea at 22 Libra. Haumea is the feminine archetype keeping the manifold facets of the manifest world together and supporting the cohesion of the whole. The inner shake of Eris forces any aspect of our consciousness still disjointed or holding shadows of separation back to the vibrant unity and oneness at the origin of our being on Earth (the Lemurian era).


Eris is also in a bridge with Lilith at 24 Libra. Lilith is the second focal point of the elliptic orbit of the Moon around the Earth. It holds long hidden ancient wisdom about the Earth as a creative playground. Lilith was traditionally associated with dark feminine rebellious seductive potentially dangerous powers, of which the snakes are emblematic in the collective unconscious. Lilith actually relates to the differentiation of the masculine and the feminine and the origin of creation. In biblical mythology she was created together with Adam (unlike Eve who was subsequently derived from Adam’s rib or side). One of the chthonian (earthly) archetypes, Lilith actually represents the primordial dark matter from which the world originally emerged and the creative and reproductive powers associated with Mother Earth. Eris brings the original myth back to light inviting us to fully (re)integrate the the value of embodiment on the Earth.


The double bridge between Eris and Haumea conjunct Lilith helps us discriminate and clarify convoluted distorsions of the belief systems we have held for millennia. Far from being a cursed place away from paradise, the Earth is the actual place of our enlightenment and return to unity (pardes = garden of unity).


The month of April opens on a double boomerang, with a huge focus on the Pisces to Taurus section of the zodiac and its counterpart in Libra.


Haumea forms a great eliminator (quincunx) with Chiron at 22 Pisces and Earth Star (South Node) at 21 Pisces and Sedna at 24 Taurus, including the Eris-Haumea bridge, this is the first boomerang. Chiron and Earth Star suggest a radical update of the idea of karma (traditionally law of cause and consequence, literally action) long associated with the wheel of samsara or entrapment in a never ending cycle of rebirths on the same plane. 5D perspective is that action is now and that by choosing love over fear now, we are back to Unity now. In the perspective of Sedna’s collective record keeping our expanded vision finds a vast field to settle into. Balance is in the middle of the bridge, where Haumea and Eris connect and unite on higher ground, allowing us to access to their 5D anchoring.


Lilith forms another exact great eliminator with Venus and Ceres at 24 Pisces and Sedna at 24 Taurus, this is the second boomerang. Venus and Ceres joint powers birth unity consciousness into our heart and sign its final upgrade to stabilised frequency of Love, held in Sedna’s vast cradle. Thereby the Earth becomes the acclaimed place where Christ consciousness is successfully embodied en masse and the incubator breeding greater miracles to come.



During the coming three weeks the rulers of the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies will successively transit Uranus then Eris and give allegiance to the archetypes awakening us to the New Order. Mercury opens the the procession, followed by the Sun, the Moon and Venus: on April 1 Mercury has just transited Uranus and translates Uranus light to Eris (anticipating their actual conjunction), the following day it transits Eris. In the context of the above boomerangs, our mind is undergoing a recalibration to the frequencies of Unity consciousness.


On New Moon day on April 7, the Moon conjuncts with the Sun at 18 Aries, both in a stepping stone with Pluto at 17 Capricorn, and then transits Uranus and Eris, definitely bridging the gap between embodied and higher Self, death and resurrection, giving access to the experience of Oneness in a human body.


On April 9, the Sun transits Uranus and the Moon Sedna. The awakening of our Higher Consciousness coincides with our individual consciousness embracing the entire field of our soular system. The Sun will then transit Eris on April 12, highlighting again the bridge with Haumea, and restoring the experience of universal wholeness and integrity.


Finally on Scorpio Full Moon day on 22 April Venus transits Uranus, to reach Eris two days later on 24 April. That day Mercury in Taurus translates Vesta’s light to Sedna: higher intelligence implies devotion to the cosmic plan and complete surrender to personal and collective experience of enlightened mankind.


Meanwhile Mars, the ruler of our physical body, cruises in Sagittarius. In its retrograde shadow, it will go retrograde on April 18 to recover its current position mid August when he will conjunct with Saturn. Both Jupiter and Saturn are currently in a retrograde cycle and upgrading our social consciousness to the global template of ascension.


Another defining moment is the ingress of Ceres in Aries on April 14, framed by the solid Earth grand trine formed by Mercury and Vesta in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Higher mind and the light within, together with real Self and the invisible world witness the birthing of the personal, social and global New Order. Ceres exact bridge with Makemake on the Super Galactic Center on April 18 promises unprecedented light on our multidimensional being and still to be unsealed potentials.


As the Uranus-Eris conjunction draws nearer, the tremendous tension building up generates an orchestrated volatile and explosive climate, necessary for the final completion of the quantum shift.


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Please welcome our newest member of the Cosmic Path family, Sylviane Gianina, who has been a cherished student of Cosmic Consciousness while an important Teacher in her own right. I am thrilled to have her writing the monthly column for us. Her intuitive grasp of Cosmic Consciousness is enlightening and impressive.

March, 2016:



This month we reach another crucial shifting point in the ensoulment/embodiment process that began at the Winter solstice of 2012.


A huge Light bridge has opened, created by Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune conjunct Ceres in Pisces a few days ago. It is lifting the veil created by residual blocks and patterns that have been preventing our ascension and reconnection with Source. What we experience as a veil always results from a fear-based local experience of ourselves. Choosing to focus on our non-local Self instead dissipates the veil instantly. Due to the raise in frequency we are now able to access our Higher Self easily.


Virgo is the sign emotional wisdom and the light shed on the Virgo-Pisces bridge shows that wholing equals surrendering to spiritual Love, nothing else is required. No matter what happens choose Love and surrender to it, that’s it!


Apart from inviting us to recenter ourselves and focus on our Higher Selves, thereby reconnecting with our limitless Being, recent massive downloads of Light codes have activated parts of our Selves we had no recollection of until now. We are coming back to Oneness, Love, Source


The Sun is currently in Pisces, as part of a stellium including Ceres, Chiron and the Earth Star Chakra (South node), and Mercury and Venus will join in in the coming weeks. A specific recalibration of mind and heart to Self or Love frequency happens at the Solar eclipse (Sun conjunct Moon) on Mrch 8th and 9th, which will be synchronised with the physical body at the Lunar eclipse, when Mars will fully integrate the newly upgraded frequency through a resource (sextile) with the Moon and own it through a manifestation (trine) with the Sun.



The Sun has just transited over Neptune, it will cruise over Ceres, Chiron and the Earth Star Chakra before hitting the vernal Equinox on the 20th of March. The Light transmission of the Sun from Ceres to Chiron dissolves definitively the illusion of healing. That is to say, at the moment the Cosmic Self is unveiled, we Know its very essence and perfection are eternal and can’t be altered or wounded ever. Similarly, as the Sun moves on from Chiron to the Earth Star Chakra, the deep-seated belief that the Earth is a place of sorrow and suffering de-manifests instantly. The recalibration is complete on the equinox day, when the stellium in Pisces is held together by Mercury, ruling the mental body, on the one end and Venus, ruling the emotional body, on the other, both of them owning jointly the upgraded potential of all the archetypes they embrace : divinity, creative power, dharma to be embodied on Earth.


The Pisces New Moon on 8/9 March is a Super Moon and also a total Soular eclipse, magnified by the exact bridge with Jupiter in Virgo and transmuted by the resource (sextile) with Pluto in Capricorn : focal point is merging with our Divine Self = Source


While Jupiter keeps holding the bridge with Ceres, Chiron and the Earth Star Chakra, another bridge opens when the Sun enters Aries on the Spring equinox and connects with Makemake, representing the universal order, in Libra, and also conjunct the Super Galactic Centre, the Source of our supercluster Laniakea, taking us straight back home and providing a full perspective on the cosmic order and future developments for humanity.


This Aries-Libra full Moon bridge is a liunar eclipse that determines the manifestation of the new order on a personal and collective level. Once we truly own our divine spark, full empowerment ensues and we can bring the highest frequencies down to Earth and embody our unlimited divine Selves. A phenomenal creative power is available for us to inseminate light into the world. This enables full embodiment as well as planetary ascension.


When the Sun enters Aries, it brings the essence of the cycle just completed into another dimension. On the Earth, the Spring Equinox it is the beginning of a new cycle, one level higher on a spiral of evolution. In Cosmic Consciousness, it is the initiation (entry into) the mental Portal of Truth, in which spirit begins its descent into matter by precipitation, a process by which a substance is transmuted to a greater level of density. Consciousness translates the essence of the limitless field of Pisces into the highest vision of Aries, bringing it one level lower into our human self.


This year’s Spring Equinox combines both view points. The end of something we know well and the manifestation of something else we have no clear idea about yet.  And as the Equinox, the balance of day and night, of feminine and masculine, … happens in the middle of a wormhole, between the Solar and Lunar eclipses, the dimensions on which this is happening and of the implications for us are still beyond reach


On the day of the partial Lunar eclipse on 23 March, the Sun in Aries is conjunct Mercury, who rules the mental body and disposes of Uranus and Eris in Aries. It holds an enormous igniting power, just the impulse we need to kick off the process of embodying our divine Selves fully, starting with the enlightened mind, courtesy to Makemake, conjunct the Moon in Libra, and gradually slipping into our enlightened human Selves. The Sun will then move towards the tremendous awakening energy building up in Aries : Uranus and Eris, bound to come together for the first time (since Eris’s disruptive power became accessible to us) in early June before the Summer Solstice. This is another story.


Another facet of Self-recognition happens on Maundy Thursday (the day of the Last Supper as well) on 24 March. That day Chiron is in exact conjunction with the Earth Star Chakra, with Ceres mid-wifing. Maundy is the washing of the feet : Jesus washes the feet of his disciples, a humble task normally performed by servants, and says ‘what I do to you, you should do to one another’. He pours infinite Love (Piscean water) onto the feet (associated with Pisces) of his beloved followers, allowing them to remember who they are: One, Love, Source.


From that moment on, our entire body is symbolically Christened, and holds Christ frequency. Now we are becoming conscious that we are One, Love, Source (and always have been), the Light infused with this consciousness will spread all around the world.


I am so sorry to report that there is no Monthly column to offer you at this time.

I have changed the format of the site to give my students the chance to be heard. It is one of my fondest wishes to help people grow and to provide the platform and forum for that to happen.

Sometimes that effort doesn't pan out as planned.

I am actively searching for someone new and amazing to write the Cosmic Consciousness Monthly column.

In the meantime, please check out all the other offerings on the site. There is always plenty of Cosmic Consciousness to be found.



As we enter the New Year, we have started the process of Awakening, ramping up to the Uranus Eris conjunction in June, which signifies the Awakening of Humanity, what we came here for. We are moving through the portal to the higher realms of consciousness and to do so, the old fear based energies have to be let go of. The veils are lifting and we are now able to access realms that we couldn't have before- our Divine purpose is being made much more apparent. The world needs our light, our soul note that we are here to play at this time- it's not about going out and doing things as much as tending to our own well-being with love and attention. As we tune into our particular frequency and hold to it with steadfast determination, we allow ourselves to be the Divine Awakeners that we came here to be. We are all notes in the song of Hallelujah.


The three week long Mercury retrograde cycle is dominant this month, with Mercury moving back and forth over Pluto on the 22nd  and again on the 30th: we are in the midst of a huge transformation of the mind which allows us to access the “invisible” or higher realms, in new ways. The theme of expansion and wisdom is also big this month with the archetypal energy of Jupiter.


On New Year’s day, Mercury representing the mind and communication, moves into the sign of Aquarius, significant as it is the dominion of Uranus, the Great Awakener, which is up front and center right now. Aquarius is the New Age we are entering where the main focus is to love oneself unconditionally. All else comes from there – we are then able to share ourselves with the world, exactly as we are, perfectly imperfect Beings.


January 5th, is a huge day with multiple aspects- the mind and body as represented by Mercury and Mars come together in a stepping stone aspect and we have the opportunity to start to manifest the awakening into the physical form.


Mercury then stations retrograde allowing us to go within and digest the tremendous energies that we have been working with- he will be retrograde for 3 weeks until January 25th. Mercury retrograde is a gift if we embrace it, as it actually allows us to more easily connect with the energies of Source through the mind.


Venus connects in a stepping stone with Neptune allowing us to pierce the veils if we can clear karmic debris and connect with our Heart center, the true compass in these huge times of change.


The Sun connects with Pluto representing the start of a new cycle of transformation that will allow us to access our higher consciousness with even more clarity. Pluto has been known as the god of the underworld- his whole purpose is to bring us through the gateway to the higher realms, through larger than life alchemical and transformational processes. This often comes in the form of life challenges, which of course are great gifts if we allow them to be. The more we surrender and let go, the more easeful and graceful life can become.


On January 7th the Sun forms a stepping stone with Uranus and we can step into our Awakened Selves if we are willing to overcome or transcend any conflicts. The challenges always bring about the most growth, in fact they are the mechanism for growth, so the more we can embrace them the easier our journey will be.


Jupiter also stations retrograde in Virgo, allowing us to access the wisdom of the soul retrieval process we are in – we are coming to Wholeness, one fragment at a time.


The New Moon occurs on January 9th in the sign of Capricorn and is seeding our intention to enter the gateway to the higher realms to connect with Source and awaken to the truth of who we are. We are what we came for- Divine Beings of Love. We do this by integrating all of our parts into the Wholeness that we are.


Eris the planet of disruption, representing the inner awakening, goes direct on January 10th   -she is akin to the inner earthquake that helps us to release old fear based cellular imprints; thus begins the countdown to the Awakening of Humanity in June.


On January 12th we are able to manifest the awakening through the Heart, when Venus trines Uranus.


On January 13th -14th we have the opportunity to manifest the wisdom of higher consciousness into our Being, connect with the messages of the Mercury retrograde cycle and thus have better understanding of the higher wisdom that it all brings.


The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on January 20th – and we shift our focus from the Capricorn energies of perfecting our connection to our higher Self, to the Aquarian energies of learning to love our Selves unconditionally so we that can share ourselves with the world -an important moment as Uranus has dominion and is so dominant right now. We may have flashes of intuition that come from challenges.


Jupiter is quite activated this month- it is the archetype of wisdom and expansion and is known as a benefic force. Interesting that it has dominion over the sign of Sagittarius- where we must clear the decks of all karmic debris. As we expand into the wisdom of our Being we have to clear away the fear based energies that are not in alignment. Jupiter connects with the Moon's North Node, representing our path of evolution on January 22nd and again on January 29th – we will have the opportunity to bring ourselves to the wholeness we seek in a bigger way, healing and integrating our “lost” fragments.


The Full Moon in Leo, reflecting the Sun in Aquarius on January 23rd will enable us to find the blessings of this journey and shine our light. As we love ourselves unconditionally, we are much abler to be who we truly are in the world- and bring the world into Divine order, where Love is the foundation of all.


As Mercury stations direct on January 25th we start forward with our newly integrated mind. We will also start a new cycle of the union of the divine feminine and masculine in the physical world, or another way to put this is the balance of giving and receiving, being and doing, which need to be in equilibrium for us to be in balance.


On January 29th the Sun shines its vitality into the ongoing Unveiling process where we can really connect to our soul's purpose and see a wider perspective; the Heart is always a good guide to pierce the fogs of confusion as they come up. These are unprecedented times.


As the month closes, on January 31st we have the opportunity to bring the mind to a place of greater illumination or insight. It is undergoing huge upgrades all month.


What we think we create, as we awaken our divine potential and pierce through the veils to the higher consciousness we are more prepared to create a world that is in alignment with Divine Order, a place where Love reigns supreme. It all starts with us individually; as we turn our focus inwards and connect to our Divine nature, we can love ourselves exactly as we are, warts and all. This is the key: we are not perfect nor are we meant to be. It is up to us each of us to take that step into Love, one thought, one word and deed at a time. It is a choice in each moment. What do you choose? Find your note and sing your song of Love to the world and watch it transform before your very eyes. It is all possible now.


Nicholas West is a Certified Cosmic Consciousness Astrologer, as well as a certified CPI facilitator. He is also a Rising Star Teacher, practitioner, and has many other tools that he has gathered on his journey.