For the week of January 20 - 26, 2020

Welcome to the final countdown, the home stretch of this intense and magical wormhole eclipse passage.  The final completion is birthing us All  into a radical reconstruction phase that unveils the New Earth.  As higher consciousness (Divine Love) grounds into our root system, everything changes, everything transforms.

This particular reconstruction phase isn’t a logical linear process birthed by the mental body’s goal sheet or personal agenda…it’s an organic mirrored unfolding of a new vision coming online.   As we awaken to higher vision, our physical reality mirrors the new vision, and transformation occurs.  

This is a radical awakening from the inside out, like Light sprouting from within, expressing outward in a way that sheds the skin of our surface level appearances and identities.  Taking off the masks and revealing our divine blueprint.  We’re not becoming something new, we’re returning to our original blueprint, our divine contract...we’re coming home to our Light, embodying our God Spark, our true nature.  Right alignment occurrs, whether we consciously intend it, will it, or not.  It’s simply the “what’s so” of our evolutionary story at this time.

There is divine timing in nature - a time to grow, a time to blossom and express, a time to die and return back to the soil for regeneration and renewal, and a time to be reborn, resurrected, redefined.  Our divine consciousness is the wholeness of the cycle, yet where we find ourselves moment to moment, the experience we’re embodying in this particular moment, is significant.  In other words, if we awaken and find ourselves in the dying process, then it’s important to be awake as we transition.  If we awaken to find ourselves in the full blown expression of expansion, it’s important to be awake as we expand and radiate.  No phase of the spiral is better or worse than the others, there are seasons that we travel, and our willingness to be awake and aware, as the unwavering consciousness of Love, is what matters most.

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For the week of January 13 - 19, 2020

We're officially breaking ground on the New Earth!  This week establishes the beginning of a new foundation, the conscious creation of higher ground, while generating some pivotal new cycles for 2020 and establishing the new framework and lenses of our operating system. 

Coming off of an incredibly powerful Lunar Eclipse weekend amplified by the Great Awakener and Disruptor stations, we're navigating some turbulence, especially in our weather patterns.  That atmospheric instability, along with the massive Capricorn stellium, is birthing an opportunity to redefine ourselves and our perception of reality, in alignment with our highest vision.   

Whatever we’re perceiving “out there” is simply mirroring and awakening a deeper conversation within.  When unexpected scenarios arise that get our attention, it’s an opportunity to tune inward through the heart to see what’s being activated.  The Uranus and Eris stations from this weekend highlight the beauty of disruption as a facilitator to shake loose our blind spots and awaken to any misalignments below the surface.  We don’t know what we don’t know until something gets triggered, irritated, and brought to the surface for our undivided attention.  It’s important that we not get hooked by the scenario itself, but rather take an equanimous deep dive into ourselves to see what’s at the root.  The awakening occurs at the root, not the surface.

Not taking things personally is critical.  Finding gratitude for any spark of discomfort that ultimately prompts clarity is grace.  This is an uncomfortable passage, by design.  The status quo foundations need a Uranian jolt to move toward the root, in order to defrag the current systems.  Remember, the overarching theme is expansion, and at times we need X-ray vision to scan through the tiniest of fractures within the skeletal framework of our thought forms in order to see where we’re projecting unresolved wounds, patterns, and blockages.  Our greatest expansion requires a humble willingness to see where we hold ourself back, through the constructs of our own mind, attitude, and beliefs.

This is a delicate procedure, like breaking a bone in order to reset and reform in a new way.  It requires ego-less precision and refinement.  The breaking of old structures releases the energy and spirit of that original agreement, which can feel disorienting and ungrounded, until we intentionally choose again and reinvent, redesign, and reshape.   The new growth at the site of any break is stronger than the original structure.   In our most vulnerable moments, we must remember the resiliency and pliability of our commitment to expand, while be willing to withstand the temporary discomfort of redesign.  Any relationship or community that can withstand the challenge of redesign becomes unshakeable.  Those are the relationships to move forward with for sustainable growth.

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For the week of January 6 - 12, 2020

Get ready for a significant game-changer, a major awakening and a pivotal redirect at the fundamental core of our operating system.  The way we’ve been living, up until now, is about to shift radically.  Remember, the theme of this wormhole passage is expansion through the new paradigm.  As we expand, we require new systems and structures to support our greatest transformation and redesign.  It's nothing short of a divine birthing process, and our willingness to trust the process is crucial.  

The events this week are calling forth higher consciousness, new thoughts that spark new responses and new outcomes, unlike anything we’ve ever considered before.   If we insist on clinging to old outdated models of status quo - no matter how well it’s worked in the past - we will only create replicas of where we’ve been in the past.  Evolution requires expansion and elevation, new consciousness and new lenses. How we interpret events around us has everything to do with our internal reactions and ripple effect communications, even at cellular level.   

When we interpret events from a lens of separation or fear, our nervous system can easily get triggered into a fight/flight/freeze response.  The need to fight, the need to prove, the need to be right.  The triggered nervous system operates on fear based messaging and communication, which can only generate action motivated by fear or scarcity.   When our lens of vision is calibrated to Unconditional Love, the context of our experience produces new opportunities, not reflex reactions.   The opening allows for expansion, vs closing or shrinking into past patterns.  The old belief that there’s not enough, simply doesn’t exist.  There is enough, we are enough, and when we remember our infinite nature, we simultaneously manifest upgraded systems and structures to harness and deliver that potential.

New lines of communication are required.  New code, a new languaging system.  That language is universal, the frequency of Love.  It’s not personal - it’s rooted in Unity.  As we mindfully connect the dots that our thoughts are generating our reality, moment to moment, and the universe responds and reflects our patterning of thought forms instantly, we become empowered to generate original thoughts from the heart, with Love.  We can elevate our thoughts on behalf of All and send universal code to benefit all beings with each intentional moment.  The quality of our innermost personal thoughts can be the greatest act of service we can offer humanity and Mother Earth.  How we choose to interpret, respond, and initiate myself in relationship with our day to day surroundings is important, it matters.

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For the week of December 30, 2019 - January 5, 2020

We're at the midpoint of this eclipse/wormhole event that’s ushering us all across the threshold of a whole new world.  The halfway point overlaps old with new, revealing a portal of infinite possibilities for awakening and expansion.  While there’s still so much more to be revealed, the new vision is emerging clearly enough to step forward on new ground.  This week marks the transition into 2020, a new foundation rooted in higher vision.  Although time is fluid and the threshold has been available for quite some time, the exact activation of this New Year holds special importance for us All.

The journey of evolution awakens higher consciousness by elevating our scope of vision to Universal Love.  As we calibrate the lens of Love, from the heart, we manifest a whole new world by seeing the world through the eyes of the heart.  The context (or lens) of our vision is what determines the new forms, structures, agreements, and contracts that we’re willing to live by in order to manifest higher ground.  We’re navigating a contextual shift, embodying a new paradigm, and experiencing a dimensional shift of consciousness in the process.

When vision is dictated by the lens of the awakened heart, our divine blueprint and higher purpose lead the way, motivating right action that delivers new possibilities.   When our vision is dictated by lower vibrational distractions, ego agendas, or historic tendencies, we can only see where we’ve been before, and our lens is distorted and limited by historic assumptions and projections.  There are no new possibilities, other than the re-arrangement of familiar content.  Same story, different characters.

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