For the week of February 6 - 12, 2017:

Get ready for another wild and crazy ride this week, where anything goes, everything can change on a dime, and the unexpected can move us into the greater flow that delivers divine opportunity and abundant blessings.  Let go of what you think you know or want, and simply allow.   This is a journey of patience, faith, and commitment as we expand rapidly into the uncharted unknown, on the fast track to Wholeness and Unification.

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For the week of January 20 - February 5, 2017:


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Now that Mercury and Jupiter have met to start a brand new cycle of our collective operating system, we’re beginning to assimilate the downloads and allow the newness to take root.  It feels a little disorienting, to say the least, as our old tendencies and familiarities are unraveling to widen our scope of vision which is newly attuned to the infinite realm of unlimited potential.   How to choose when there are infinite options increasingly available?  The point now is to not choose or narrow down anything this week, simply allow the reintegration to occur organically, as we expand our capacity to connect and operate from limitless possibility instead of limitation.  Once this phase is complete, our hearts will navigate the infinite realm with precision and clarity the more we open unconditionally.  We’re no longer moved into action from the mind’s logic and justifiable reason.  Instead, we’re using our minds to continuously expand out, giving the heart wider access to manifest our highest vision through the frequency of infinite possibility and unconditional love, ushering in the new and the unimaginable that we otherwise couldn’t even begin to wrap our heads around.


Since our individual operating systems are rooted through the mental body, which rules our communications and internal messaging system, it matters now that we take the time now to allow this massive collective paradigm shift to take root and integrate at the most personal level, through our mental body and through the inner communications at the cellular level.  How we communicate with our own cells and with each other through the collective network, is being refined and upgraded this week.  If we truly want to fine tune ourselves in this phase of conscious evolution, we must surrender the attachments to our old familiar ways of operating and communicating.  Change of any kind requires letting go of the past, and creating space for new potential to emerge.


The paradigm shift that just occurred (and is implementing now collectively) expands our options of what’s available to choose to experience as our reality of the world.  If we’ve been viewing the world as anything other than abundant and expansive, this shift in consciousness will begin opening up doorways and revealing possibilities that previously seemed to be lacking.  If we continue moving forward through the lens of the old programming, we will literally overlook all that is now readily available and right before us.


Every method of personal communication is being recalibrated through our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels.   What we see, hear, and feel, and our relationship to all of those available experiences, are now expanding into limitless expressions of possibility.  We manifest and receive only what matches the frequency of our expectations, and since that realm of expectation is now expanded to include unknown possibilities and never before imagined potential, we are gaining access to a whole new world.


The process of letting go while standing in the unknown and waiting for the new to emerge can feel like a timeless gap of stillness, which can trigger feelings of insecurity, impatience, and frustration.  While the urge is to step up and make something happen, which we’ve done before with great success, it takes great courage and faith to simply breathe, allow, and stretch open.  When in doubt, be still.  However, in the stillness, expand your consciousness.  If the path or the next step isn’t 100% clear from the heart, then there is still a reconfiguration of new potential occurring.  All of the reconfiguration is occurring at the mental level right now, as we integrate and calibrate to the Mercury Pluto new cycle from 1/29.


Venus starts off the week by entering her retrograde shadow on 1/30.  Anything and everything that we experience at the heart level, from this point forward, will be revisited from a higher perspective of the heart as Venus travels retrograde and then reclaims her shadow in April.  This is the journey of our heart’s upgrade, the total overhaul and refinement of our capacity to be moved by the purity, truth, and spiritual wisdom of the heart.  The only way our hearts can tune in and be moved by spiritual wisdom is to calibrate to the language of Unconditional Love, which is the language of Cosmic Consciousness.  As we elevate our heart consciousness, we elevate our entire relationship with ourselves and each other into Unity and Wholeness.  It’s no longer a concept or philosophy, it’s becoming our new way of being and living in the new world.


On Tuesday 1/31, Mercury and Uranus form a stepping stone, followed by a Mercury Eris stepping stone on Wednesday 2/1 and also a Mercury Chiron resource.  These are opportunities to awaken ourselves to the available features of the new mental operating system.  Anything that appears to block or stop forward movement is an opportunity to practice stepping up into the new paradigm of infinite possibility, letting go of the struggle, and choosing to elevate to a higher perspective, above limitation and drama.   When the path gets congested, elevate up and find freedom in the higher realms of consciousness.  These stepping stones are building muscle and conditioning our capacity to elevate our consciousness and take the high road to abundance, expansion, and freedom, beyond any past perceived blockages from historic conditioning.


Wednesday 2/1 also brings us into the “2” vibration of balance.  Since everything is truly brand new this year, we finally begin to find our footing and sense of solid ground as we learn to walk in a whole new terrain.  Balance and unification of extremes becomes the building block for a solid foundation up ahead, and this is the theme of Venus’ retrograde cycle that takes us from a “2” month to a “4” month.  We’re reconstructing our heart’s capacity to be the balance, to unify collectively, and build the emerging foundation of Love for our new Earth.


Also on 2/1, Mars is bridging Make Make while also in Great Eliminator with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) and in intimacy (semisextile) with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra).  Our physicality is aligned with divine law and order, and we are fully empowered with the authority to march ourselves across that bridge.  Make Make is a higher octave of Saturn and Capricorn, which awakens our authentic leadership capabilities and our higher calling to serve and respond to any divine cause that activates our attention, without hesitation.  When we’re called forth to respond in action to that higher purpose, we make the necessary choices that bring us more in alignment with our truth and our dharma, and ever karmic condition we’ve ever lived through becomes the necessary training to support our credibility and reputation in this new role.   It’s all a gift, and our entire path has always been divinely on purpose.


On Thursday 2/2, Mercury and Jupiter form a stepping stone, Mercury bridges with Vesta, and Venus manifests with Varuna at the 29 degree of mastery.  After 2 days of awakening our mental body by confronting the old limitations and patterns, Jupiter now offers the element of expansion of consciousness and we begin to see what’s possible with this new upgrade.  The Mercury Vesta bridge activates an inner devotion to refining ourselves through this expansion, which fuels the fire of disciplined practice to see what else is possible when we sharpen and strengthen our higher mind.  And the heart manifests with mastery from an infinite scope of vision, attracting  and magnetizing the possibilities that resonate with highest frequency of alignment with our hearts’ truth.  The historic interpretation of Groundhog’s Day is liberated as we break free from the repetitive loops and finally manifest a reality that inspires and nourishes our heart.  When we allow our hearts to move us, we find ourselves living in a world of inspiration, richness, beauty, and fulfillment.


Friday 2/3, Venus moves into Aries, crossing the portal of truth between the spiritual and mental bodies, and bringing Venus closer to Mars in his home sign.  Venus and Mars together are the wholeness of the divine feminine archetype.  Together, they are the unification of yin and yang that creates pure Yin expression.  Wholeness and purity of anything requires unification of polarity.  The physical body and the emotional body together create the full expression of feminine energy.  This is especially important as Venus is currently approaching Mars and the Great Awakeners, yet about to turn retrograde on her own journey of transformation first.   Eventually, Venus will conjunct Mars et all in a brand new cycle, but only after the heart’s upgrade is complete.   This truly is the emergence of the brand new expression of the feminine energy on our planet.  It’s happening individually, and it’s showing up collectively.   And we haven’t seen anything yet.  We’ve seen the stirrings of a movement, but this movement is destined to become a revolution of the highest order, and the next few months will reveal that story in beautiful detail.


Sunday 2/5 is the Jupiter Station, and Jupiter officially goes retrograde early the following morning at 2am after starting a new cycle with Haumea at 24 Libra.  Our social consciousness is expanding as our individual capacity to experience wholeness through the mirrored reflection connects us with All.  This is the theme of Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, and this is the beginning of true unity consciousness taking root on our planet.  As we recognize ourselves in the diversity of All, we claim our wholeness though expansion of consciousness.   I becomes All.  And as I love myself unconditionally, I love ALL unconditionally, unifying myself with divine spirit, humanity, and all beings.


The practice this week is to strengthen and refine the mental body through meditation.  If you don’t already have a consistent daily practice, now is the time to begin.  Take 10-20 minutes a day and find a quiet place to sit.  Close your eyes and bring all of your attention to the tip of your nose, breathing in and out through your nose.  Start to feel the physical sensation of breath moving in and out of your nostrils.   With each breath, strengthen your determination and commitment to being present with yourself in your body.  When you feel the physical sensation of breath moving through your nose, you’re present in your body.  When your attention wanders, gently bring it back to the breath and start again.  Let go of any agenda or any desire to do it right or experience perfection, simply be with your practice each day and allow the practice to unfold as you develop strength and connection through your observer’s mind.  Having a disciplined mind allows the heart to open more and lead the way.  A meditation practice is a powerful way to support yourself for the upcoming Venus retrograde cycle and the ultimate transformation and of the heart!

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For the week of January 23 - 29, 2017:

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The week ahead promises to deliver epic shifts that will alter the course of our lives and how we perceive ourselves, each other, and our sense of belonging in the world.  Regardless of how things appear on the surface, we are unifying and wholing, and unification requires conscious awakening, self awareness, and unconditional self love in order to see every perspective, beyond the blind spots, as our hearts stretch wide open to embrace it all.  We are birthing new consciousness and it’s happening Now.


The Jupiter/Haumea - Eris/Uranus/Ceres bridge will be an ongoing theme this entire year, and is literally the birthing canal delivering us to our awakened consciousness, at the personal and social levels.  A birth canal requires dilation when activated, which is uncomfortable if not debilitating during moments of contraction and expansion.  Expansion of anything requires stretching beyond the current known structure of comfort and stability.  Expansion requires a ripping apart of fibers and threads so that the innermost space can expand and stretch open.  That ripping apart experience can be painful, and our instinct is to contract in the unexpected pain sensations associated with expansion.


When we first confront the sensation of ripping apart muscle fibers and threads of fear based limitations, it can bring us face to face with our deepest perceived wounds and karmic fears…those are the very story lines that created the fabric of our belief system and comfort zone to begin with.  Our true nature is infinite.  Our condition is limited and defined.  We are conditioned by our fears, by the pain and suffering of our history, and by the subconscious patterns inherited from our ancestors.   We can also be conditioned by the defined experience of our known strengths and gifts.  When we find what works, we tend to attach ourselves to repeating those patterns, chronically, which can also limit an even bigger unknown expression of our infiniteness.


As we evolve and expand our consciousness, we confront those threads, and stretch them apart…which can create a pain sensation of temporary discomfort, at times evoking karmic memories of anger, violation, betrayal, outrage, and historic suppression.  It’s the unraveling of our karmic roots.  If we react with judgment or resistance to the unraveling that’s occurring, our very reaction creates another condition that reinforces the original wound and anchors it in.  If we try to suppress or detach from what’s unraveling and expressing, we only increase the painful inflammation of energy.  It’s so important to remain centered and deeply present through the unraveling process in order to get through to the other side.


Reactions are karmic.  Intentional responses are dharmic.  We respond from the integrity of our current state of consciousness.   We react from the subconscious triggers of our unresolved emotional body, which is our past.  And we can’t tell the difference if we’re not fully present and self aware.


Our most important work to do right now is to clear the unresolved emotional residue from our cells, and be responsible for awakening and expanding our awareness and consciousness.  We must learn to be deeply present with ourselves, moment to moment, in a space of unconditional self Love, in order to even see what’s unraveling, and embrace it.  Misguided emotional energy can move us into action that isn’t in alignment with our higher truth and purpose, even though it may feel magnetically strong and desirable.  As we allow that energy to clear, the magnetic charge also unwinds and releases.  Truth, however, never releases.  Truth emerges with clarity as the distractions dissipate.


Moving deeper into the sensation of resistance or discomfort requires softening, trusting and allowing…which opens the space, clearing the debris while moving our attention deeper into relationship with the source of the feminine polarity, which takes us into the unknown shadow of suppression.  This is the path of connection to Mother Earth, the divine source of Yin energy at our root, and the collective karmic tank of our Earth Star Chakra, that is speaking up loudly to get our attention, to be seen, heard, and respected.  What’s been suppressed wants to express, and is the key to unlocking our fully awakened consciousness.  Beyond the shadow of suppression is the light, the connection point where the root chakra unifies with the crown chakra. They are infinitely One, the merging point between yin and yang.


Universally speaking, regardless of physical gender, everyone and everything contains the full spectrum of yin and yang, feminine and masculine aspects of energy.   In our 3D experience, Masculine (yang) is perceived as light, while feminine (yin) is perceived as shadow.  We express in the light and suppress in the shadow.  We can see fully in the light, which is where our awakened consciousness lives, while the unknown is mysterious, invisible, hidden, where our subconscious lives.  It’s also where our potential to manifest and create comes from, the invisible realm.  If our feminine Yin energy is consumed by the subconscious heaviness of karmic emotional patterns from our collective history that has been denied full expression, we can’t fully open ourselves to experience the unknown creative potential that wants to be realized and manifested now.


The divine feminine consciousness is revealing now.  There is deep wisdom, and there is collective karmic clearing that needs to release from the shadows of our energy field.   The only way to release is to be held in an environment of unconditional Love.  We each are being asked to confront our own historic tendencies to deny or disconnect from that what we don’t understand within ourselves, or the tendency to suppress what we fear we can’t handle or don’t want to look at.  We’re even being asked to examine our tendency to only want to celebrate the light of what’s working, what’s great, what’s powerful and strong, and embrace the struggles, the suffering, the challenges.  We’re being asked to honor both our darkness and our light, and to courageously expand into our awakened wholeness, fully empowered.


This week ahead is all about Venus and the Heart, paving the way for the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday, the Chinese New Year, and the all important Mercury Pluto conjunction on Sunday.


Monday 1/23, Mercury and Neptune form a resource and Venus forms an intimacy aspect with Uranus, which is a very subtle and soft aspect of awakening, a gentle "aha moment" of clarity to see something from the heart that wasn’t known or recognizable before.   The Sun is in an intimacy aspect with the South Node (Earth Star) and also in a great eliminator with the North Node (Soul Star).  Again, another subtle aspect of shining light into the karmic container to gain insight and clarity, allowing for a choice to be made regarding intentional evolutionary action moving forward.  Mars is in an intimacy aspect with Ceres, which helps nourish any intense physical pain body sensations we’ve been experiencing through this intense awakening and deliverance period.  And the Sun manifests with Make Make, as our awakened consciousness expands with divine cosmic law and order.  These gentle aspects nudge us without activating resistance or defensiveness, which allows for an easy alignment with the greater flow of universal intention.


Tuesday 1/24, Venus conjoins with Chiron at 22 Pisces in a new cycle of self mastery through our old perceived wounds at the deepest core of the heart, which is important because Venus is about to enter her retrograde shadow.   Our core issues are those sensitive threads we came here to master and teach, and our personal journey of wholeness unleashes the authentic wisdom, vulnerability and credibility to do so.  So often, we view our wounds as the brokenness of our past, our weakness to overcome, and the scars that we bury and hide.  But they’re not really wounds at all, they are the divine openings that invite us to discover our fullest potential, as we whole ourselves through mastering unconditional self Love.  And when we do, we evolve and transcend into our greatest expression of beauty and magnificence, realizing there was never anything broken at all.  This passage shows us what we’re made of, and reveals our empowered mastery through wholeness.


On Wednesday 1/25, there’s a Venus Eris intimacy, a Chiron Eris intimacy, and on Thursday 1/26 Venus forms a great eliminator with Jupiter.  More subtle aspects to gently awaken the core issues of the heart for the purpose of expanding through unconditional self Love.   The more attention we place on our own hearts and our Selves, the more we expand our consciousness and evolve.


On Friday 1/27, Venus is in a stepping stone with Saturn, giving the heart definition, structure and clarity as we step into the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year.  Aquarius energy ushers the future into the now, and the defined structure of our hearts will support our capacity to take ownership of what we don’t fully understand yet as our hearts stretch wide open to embrace the unknown future.


This is the year of the Fire Rooster, which is truly remarkable.  The rooster awakens All from slumber in the dark early morning, just before the sun rises, delivering the important message of what’s coming; a new day.  Fire is the element of spirit, and manifests change that occurs through destruction, purification and creation.  We burn what we no longer need as a way to recycle.   We burn the physical to release the spirit.  Fire is the element used in deep karmic cleansing ceremonies, and the violet flame is the most powerful transmutation tool available for humanity, delivered by St Germaine, who presides over the Aquarian Age and the Aquarian Hour on the Cosmic Clock.


The Aquarian New Moon happening on the exact entry point of the Fire Rooster New Year activates the violet flame and begins a new cycle of awakening to Unconditional Love, Spiritual Love, and Universal Love among All.   This IS the pivotal shift that wipes the slate clean.


That same day, Mars is on the World Axis, preparing to move into Aries just after midnight on Saturday 1/28.   Mars represents our physicality and is dignified in Aries.  As Mars moves “Home” to his proper place, he begins moving towards the Great Awakeners.  The physical dimension is the final expression and manifestation of energy.  By the time something shows up in the physical body, the energetic vibration has already been occurring in motion through the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies.  The awakening of our physical body and physical world IS the final stage, and has already been at play behind the scenes for a while now.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Mental Power, and the further importance of Mars meeting the Awakeners in Aries signifies the awakened realization of the Mind/Body relationship.  There is no separation between the two, in fact the power of the mind ignites the spark of creation that is reflected in the manifestation of the physical body.  They are mirrors, and the only way to shift the body (and shift our world) IS to shift the mind.


Quaoar moves into Capricorn later this evening, which literally shifts our paradigm into a whole new expression of spiritual power, linked directly through the crown chakra.  This profound shift occurs just before Mercury’s significant new cycle with Pluto tomorrow, the rebirth of our entire mental operating system through the higher mind.


Saturday also delivers a Venus stepping stone with Ixion, Venus manifestation with Vesta, and a Venus resource with Sedna.  These are very highly dimensional aspects that can only be perceived by an awakened heart, revealing our soul’s blueprint with the divine cosmic recollection of wisdom to understand the significance of our place and purpose in this lifetime, and the ultimate devotion required to manifest from the heart.


And in perfect timing, Sunday 1/29 is the much awaited Mercury Pluto conjunction, which literally is new cycle of THE EPIC PARADIGM SHIFT, as our minds, and all of our cellular communications and messaging systems, shift to a much more expansive, infinite, liberated, and spiritually rooted language and belief system of Unconditional Love.  We’ve been preparing and working towards this for a so long, and now it’s implementation time.  The thing to remember is that we must now allow ourselves to transmute and recycle any fear or doubt we’ve ever had around love, intimacy, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, or loss, in order to fully experience what’s possible in this new paradigm.  The old fears will get triggered, and our integration work is to be mindful of those triggers, and consciously choose to open to Love.


The practice this week is to continue noticing any emotional triggers and reactions within yourself.  When an event or scenario stings, hurts your heart, or creates any kind of painful or uncomfortable pain sensation in the body this week, tune in and go deeper, with curiosity, and breathe.  Let go of the story of what’s occurring, and simply follow the physical sensation with your awareness to observe what’s rooted into your core that wants to shift, express, release, or let go.  Allow your breath to gently open, expand and support the physical space around that sensation, and bring your full attention there, while activating the Violet Flame.


The nature of everything is change.  The more patient and persistent you are, eventually something will shift and start to let go.  In the letting go, there is clarity and truth revealed.  Our practice is to become the sacred witnessers of all that wants to be revealed within ourselves, and allow that energy to expand and move across the bridge from the subconscious to the conscious, into the light of awakening and empowered wholeness.  We are One, we are Whole, and We are Love.


“To be great, be whole;

Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you.

Be whole in everything.  Put all you are

Into the smallest thing you do.

So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor.

Because it blossoms up above.” 

~Fernando Pessoa          


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For the week of January 16 - 22:

Get ready to step boldly into the future this week!  We are embarking on the next wave of great social awareness and transformation for our planet, and there’s no time like the present to wake up and take a look around at all that’s occurring.  If we can remove our personal filters and blind spots of judgment, and see the divine movement and orchestration at play, we can become co-facilitators, midwives, and ushers as every necessary scene unfolds.  Every moment contains the opportunity to birth new consciousness on our planet.  It’s happening now, and anyone awake has the potential to step up and be an empowered line of support.

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