For the week of  October 3 - 9, 2016:

Welcome to a brand new chapter!  We’ve just been birthed through the Virgo wormhole passage to a more refined and integrated version of our Self, and everything has changed.  It can feel a bit disorienting at first, finding balance on a newly recalibrated scale.  The content of our outer physical reality may appear to look the same for now, but our inner alignment and emotional discernment have been upgraded to a new octave of purity and precision.  It’s time for congruency between the inner and outer dimensions.  Get ready for some major shifting!

The transition between any ending and new beginning requires letting go of the old reality, and a willingness to enter uncharted territory with an open mind.  The still point between any death and rebirth allows us space to process the shift of energy that’s taking place, to consciously surrender any attachments so that we don’t create karma or blindly carry the past forward as extra density or weight.  Transitions are the portals between realms or dimensions where the magic happens, and how we navigate the transitions impacts and defines the next experience.  If we don’t pay attention through the transitions, we may find ourselves moving through life on autopilot, operating in relationship with our past as if it’s the current, projecting old patterns on top of a brand new landscape.  In a current moment where anything is possible, it matters to pay close attention now.

Every moment of change or uncertainty is an invitation to honor and return to our wholeness (interesting that Haumea has been holding the bridge with Eris and Uranus through this entire awakening process).  Change triggers subconscious fear that reveals our karmic threads.  When we can observe all of the emotional attachments to our old karmic patterns that keep us stuck in repetitive cycles, with a high definition zoom lens from the highest observer’s perspective, we can begin to extract the higher wisdom from each and every fragmented story line and past life, tend to the subconscious emotional wounds with compassion, and restore the original roots of each experience back to Love.  When we tend to our roots and unify the threads of our history, we release the perpetual blind attachments to suffering in the future.  It’s like coming home to ourselves, awakening through the most intricate, delicate, multidimensional lens of holistic integration.

The root of all wounds in 3D is separation, and in 5D we can see clearly that time and space are fluid, not linear.  Nothing truly ends, energy is infinitely changing and evolving.  The medicine for all wounds is Love, and since the vibration of love is never lost or abandoned, we can reclaim any suppressed, fragmented, or perceived loss through past lifetimes of karmic suffering, and restore our fuel source now.  All events, all lifetimes, are occurring now, filed and organized through the dimension of time, but accessible now.  This wormhole passage has delivered us to an even wider holistic spectrum of our Selves.

On Monday 10/3, Venus makes an intimate aspect (semisextile) to Saturn, opening the heart to deeper connection with the inner guru and voice of higher authority, as Venus then manifests with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) and is resourceful with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).   This is a huge opportunity to reclaim universal energy (Love) by recycling the wisdom of our karmic lessons and circumstances, activating and tapping into the dense dormant energy that’s been keeping us stuck, and harnessing that potential as fuel to move forward towards our spiritual work and dharma.  The Sun is resourceful with Saturn on Tuesday 10/4, amplifying our conscious connection to what’s available as we harness our own inner power and authority.  This is liberation from suffering and a blast of momentum towards conscious evolution and physical manifestation of new possibilities.

On Wednesday 10/5, Venus is resourceful with Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are in a stepping stone, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Quaoar.   We’re further facilitating the resurrection of the heart and the alchemy of karmic lessons into new physical expression and expansion.  As we continue to elevate our perspective to the higher ground above our ego's belief systems and collective DNA programming, we find the key to our freedom.

On Thursday 10/6, Mercury recovers his shadow from the retrograde journey through Virgo, and a brand new cycle begins, with a whole new dimension of operating potential.  The timing is impeccable, as the following day, Mercury crosses the world axis into Libra, moving through the portal of truth that connects our emotional wisdom with physical power, and the Sun is in stepping stone with Pluto.   Our ability to extract and integrate the emotional wisdom from our karmic circumstances creates the physical power to manifest a whole new world.  And Mercury’s recent retrograde through Virgo has holistically upgraded our ability to scan and defragment ourselves, allowing us to witness every dimension of our own story, so that all incarnations and lifelines and be unified in our consciousness, now…creating the potential for the ultimate transmutation and remembrance of who we truly are.  As we awaken and integrate this new feature of our operating system, we’re doing massive cleanup collectively.  Truly amazing!!!

And finally, on Saturday 10/8, Mercury conjuncts with MakeMake in a new cycle.   Our brilliant new operating systems sync up with divine cosmic law, and we move forward to restore natural order.  What’s occurring now is mind-blowing!

The practice this week is to continue to choose the high road, remaining in the neutral observer’s perch, operating as Love. Practice expanding your perception of current experiences, zooming in on any emotional attachments or physical sensations that feel overwhelming, limiting or binding, and tend to those knots with an open heart of compassion.  Any active loop is revealing potential energy that can be reclaimed, recycled and transmuted into a higher manifestation and expression of Love.  It’s time to once and for all release the attachments to suffering from the karmic wheel and truly awaken and realize a world of infinite abundance, expansion, freedom, and Universal Love.     


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For the week of September 26 - October 2:

After much intensity and sideways upheaval, the wormhole officially comes to completion this week, as does the “9” month, and we transition into the new vibration of a “10” month.   There is a definite shift in atmospheric pressure, a welcomed cool front that allows for easier breathing as the dust settles and we access a fresh clear perspective on where we are now.  Everything has changed, from the inside out.  Most significantly, our hearts have been purified, stretched, and recalibrated to a whole new capacity for unconditional Self Love, which is the primary distinction of Unity Consciousness..  As we begin to explore our newly refined inner space through the Libra lens of our consciousness, we can take inventory via the mirrored reflection and recognize all off the integration work we’ve just completed.  We’ve traveled far through this multidimensional wormhole journey, and now we find ourselves back to the beginning, embarking on a whole new journey, with every possibility alive in our hearts, amplified by a surge of new energy.

Last weekend’s Eris Uranus conjunction felt like jumper cables to our consciousness, facilitating an obvious reboot to clear the path and jump the track, finding the groove that resonates now with our higher frequency.   Once we find our groove, it’s impossible to be tempted by lower vibrational distractions or interference, the old plots and stories lose their power.  It’s like waking up from the matrix with a powerful jolt, discovering a high aptitude for discernment and clarity, and watching the illusions disintegrate and collapse.

Without those old distractions taking up space in the lower mind, the higher operating system (Mercury) is functioning now at optimal performance, with precision and efficiency.   Our thoughts are manifesting instantly and clearly, which calls forth even greater awareness, integrity, and personal responsibility to tend to the heart and be the consistent response of unconditional love and self care, which benefits All.   As we care for ourselves with a purified heart, and as our thoughts manifest instantly with ultra clarity and precision, the result is increased volumes of unconditional love, abundance, and service on the planet.

On Monday 9/26, the Sun and Jupiter conjunct (new cycle) with MakeMake (from Sunday) and Pluto stations at 15 Capricorn.  Venus moves into a bridge with Ceres, and on Tuesday 9/27 Mars crosses the Galactic Center into Capricorn conjunct Quaoar.  That’s a lot of activity.  Simply put, our consciousness (personal and social) is expanding towards divine cosmic order, which is the theme of the season and the theme of the new world.  The fact that this conjunction is kicking off at the Pluto Station is significant to the resurrection and rebirth of our collective consciousness, which is happening at 14 Capricorn.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the Divine Director, the voice of Source (God).   There’s a higher authority orchestrating the new world, and it’s emerging in our newly awakened collective consciousness, in tune with the divine law and order of the Universe.  Divine Universal Law always corrects and overrides the imbalances caused by ego, because Divine Law is the highest octave of Spiritual Power.

Venus and Mars together represent the emerging wholeness of the new Divine Feminine, which is playing a huge role in supporting this expansion and awakening of consciousness.   Venus (heart) and Ceres (midwife) are holding the bridge that roots the new consciousness while allowing for massive deliverance through alchemy and transmutation.  And Mars is still traveling out of bounds, crossing the Portal of Truth between the physical and spiritual realms, bringing all things physical back to the higher authority of the spiritual realm in uncharted territory.  There’s no telling what can happen in this overhaul and realignment of our physicality!

Friday 9/30 is the New Moon in Libra that officially closes the wormhole passage.   The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and MakeMake all conjunct at 8 Libra, reflecting the significance of the new cycle, and more importantly, the significance of all the inner work we’ve just completed in preparation for where we’re headed, the New World.   We can’t bring the old into the new, in fact we can’t bring anything at all, other than Love, and a newly calibrated capacity to operate holistically as instruments and conduits of Love.  We’ve been stripped to the bone, and every bone in our body is newly attuned to the higher frequencies.  In Libra, we experience the mirrored reflection of our own consciousness through all things physical.  So our willingness to calibrate the higher frequencies into our own bones results as the physical manifestation and realization of that clarity in the outer world.  We’re ready now to move forward and experience the results of our inner diligence.

On Saturday 10/1, Venus manifests with Neptune, unveiling the newly resurrected purity of our hearts, amplified from the “10” vibration.  Neptune is the ruler of the infinite realm, the Pisces vast ocean of Unconditional Love, and is dignified and at home at 10 Pisces.   When our hearts manifest with that kind of energy, the expression is bound to be benevolent, beautiful, and profoundly transformational.   This is the kind of love that can alter the universe, and it’ s the sustainable fuel source of the future.

Sunday 10/2 is a Sun Great Eliminator with Neptune and a Mercury Great Eliminator with Eris and Uranus.  There are choices to be made, and if the previous day’s expression of Love was allowed, these choices will be effortless and life changing.   When we honor the power of Love, we can move mountains with a thought, and redesign any challenge with the blink of an eye.   When we refuse to honor the truth in our hearts, or when we make the competing circumstances more important, we make lower vibrational choices that lead to confusion, congestion, and delay.  There’s no wrong turn, only time and space.

The practice for this week is conscious breathing.   Take some time each morning to connect to the breath, and follow the flow of the divine in through the nose and out through the nose, feeling every sensation and vibration through the physical conduit of your nostrils.   Expand your awareness to follow each breath as it sweeps through your entire body, allowing your entire physical structure to become opened and activated by every inhale.   Remember that each breath is brand new, unprecedented.   And each breath contains the infinite realm of unconditional love and abundant potential.   Allow your cells and your whole being to receive the energizing abundance that’s available in every breath, and let go of everything else.   We are aligning and refining our bodies as instruments and conduits of Love, and boldly stepping forward as pioneers of the new world!


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For the week of September 19 - 25:

Just in case this Virgo wormhole ride hasn’t been intense enough, get ready for another epic week of awakening!  Virgo yields the ultimate purification of the heart, and we’re definitely being purified by water, baptized by fire, at times ripped apart from the inside out to free ourselves from the attachments and threads of lower vibrational patterns and behaviors, experiencing death and rebirth.  This week, our higher mind/ operating system will go through another death and rebirth to ultimately manifest a reboot of the highest order as Mercury stations from his retrograde journey, just before the 2nd of 3 massive Eris Uranus conjunctions of this planetary awakening phase.  We’ve never experienced anything like this, and just when we think we have solid footing, we find our cheeks to the ground for a whole new perspective.  This is a time for interesting extremes as polarities are unifying and consciousness is expanding.

The idea of stretching consciousness, or stretching a comfort zone or belief system, requires tension, elasticity, and release.   Imagine a rubber band in it’s natural state, and then apply tension, stretching it farther than it’s normal capacity, and then let go.   The new resting state will be more expanded than before.  Stretch it again, and the same thing happens.  It will never go back to its original shape of limitation, the process of stretching forever expands and alters the physical shape and size of that rubber band.   Similarly, take the idea of exercising and working out to reach failure.   When a person’s maximum capacity is challenged, making it impossible to perform another single rep, that person has reached failure.  In that resting state of failure, the muscle fibers can transform and regenerate, strengthening and rebuilding in ways that were impossible before.

When we allow ourselves to reach failure, or when we hit a wall and can’t go any further, we experience a breaking point, a surrender.  There’s nothing else to hold onto.  This is the sweet spot of transformation that we’re all being called to step into.

We’re breaking through the old paradigm of duality and separation consciousness, so the “wall” we’re each coming up against is the perception of experiencing the opposite of everything we say we want.   In unity consciousness, everything is everything.  Every thread of possibility exists in every breath, the entire cosmic universe is contained in every inhale.  If everything is available to everyone, then it’s our mind, (or our belief system) that repetitively chooses to expect the same programming of our historic (karmic) story, again and again, and we project that expectation onto the physical movie screen.  We can only experience what resonates for us as a possibility, what’s familiar or recognizable.  Until we breakthrough the familiar, into the unknown, and try something new.   Mars has been out of bounds for a very long time, and our physicality is in uncharted territory, it’s all brand new.

If our minds can’t allow for the creation of a different story, we will continue repeating the old, attracting similar characters and plots and landscapes again and again.   This week, our minds (and our ability to perceive something new, beyond what we’ve ever experienced before) will experience a massive stretch and recalibration, much like the rubber band or the muscles being challenged to failure.  Breakthrough requires a breakdown of the old limit, and expansion beyond into the unknown infinite realm of all possibilities.  In truth, there is no wall, ever.  Only the perceived ones in our own minds.   In Cosmic Consciousness and in 5D, there is only expansion and infinite possibility.

On Monday the 19th, Jupiter conjoins (starts a new cycle) with Make Make as our social consciousness expands towards divine cosmic order.  The divine law of Make Make is leadership through service, honor, and integrity, where All are in contribution, and every role matters to the integrity of the whole.   There is no judgment or categorization of the parts and pieces as individuals, there is simply the commitment to honoring the whole, and all are privileged to participate in creating and sustaining the whole.   Leadership is lived and embodied by All, and the actual leadership positions are based on current results.  Once those results decline, there is an automatic and seamless shift in leadership.   Much like birds flying in formation, when the lead bird gets tired, the flock reorganizes, a new lead emerges, and the collective keeps moving forward.  There is no ego attachment or agenda, and there’s no conversation around failure or competition.  The best emerges from every angle, and All benefit, because All are supported and reflected by the best.

On Tuesday the 20th, Mercury manifests with Pluto while moving retrograde, will station on Thursday the 22nd at 15 Virgo, and then on Friday the 23rd Mercury will manifest with Pluto again as he begins moving direct.  This is the ultimate reviewing and reflecting, once and for all, of the limits of our old historic paradigm, as the mind stretches to it’s old capacity and perceived “wall", then recalibrates for a whole new paradigm to manifest, moving forward with a newly expanded perception of possibility.  How far we can go, and how far our minds are willing to stretch to allow for new possibilities and potential to manifest is completely up to us.  It’s important to pay attention and be mindful this week.  We have the capacity to stretch beyond our wildest imagination…and we’re still in a dynamic wormhole!  This is very important, and it matters that we dial in to ourselves.

Thursday the 22nd is the Autumn Equinox as the Sun moves into Libra at the Portal of Truth connecting the emotional and physical realms of the Cosmic Clock.  The fact that Mercury’s station is occurring that same day adds so much energetic weight to the still point, reboot and integration that’s occurring on so many levels.  We are harvesting the physical manifestation of our conscious evolution, and all that we see in the mirrored reflection is our own consciousness.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of Physical Power, the highest realization that I Am You and You Are Me.  We see ourselves everywhere, through every relationship, and we become empowered to alter the mirrored reflection by altering ourselves.   If anything is out of alignment in the world outside, the adjustment can be made within, thereby altering the reflection of the outside world in a split second.  There is power in realizing that it’s all a mirror, because anything can change the moment “I" decided to change.  It’s the ultimate paradigm shift from victim mentality to personal responsibility and empowerment, which is essential in the new world.

On Sunday, get ready for the 2nd of 3 epic meetings between Eris and Uranus, the 2 Great Awakeners.  This is what we all came here for, to witness the awakening of consciousness on our planet, and to be the pioneers of global transformation for humanity.  Anything goes, and the sideways elevator can travel through space and time for unprecedented revelations and unveilings.   Trust the process, stay rooted in Love and keep your heart wide open.  We are birthing a whole new paradigm, a whole new world.   Wake up calls can come gently or rudely, and revelations can be inspiring or irritating.   Let go of the drama, the story, and the chaos, and stay fully tuned to what’s awakening inside of you, what’s being evoked or revealed...and allow it to move you powerfully.  This is the time to be present, clear and congruent with our thoughts, words, and actions, and it’s time to courageously follow our heart, wherever it moves us.

The practice this week is to listen to your body and heart, and honor yourself at all costs.   This is not the time to recklessly push against walls and over do it.  There will be enough opportunities to breakthrough old paradigms and limitations without inviting in unnecessary drama.   Keep your focus on yourself, take care of your body, and fine tune the inner observer.  Allow what comes to expand your consciousness, and trust the process.   Everything can change on a dime, in fact everything IS changing this week!!


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For the week of September 12 - 18 2016

Get ready for a massive week of awakenings, reboots, and refined clarity as we reach the still point of a whole new calibration for our holistic balance.   The week ahead marks the midpoint of the wormhole and the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey.

One of the profound themes of this particular Virgo wormhole passage is alignment and integration, at the personal and cellular level.   We’ve been traveling towards the portal of truth that connects the emotional and physical bodies, (at the world axis between Virgo and Libra) refining ourselves through our emotional responses in every detailed way in preparation to step into a whole new manifestation of physical reality.   How we operate in relationships (all relationships: with ourselves, our bodies, each other, what we love, what we resist, beauty, and chaos) is being purified and transformed.   The quality of energy that exchanges back and forth through relationship is what’s being refined…the flow of love (the currency) is moving and expanding as new abundance through our social consciousness, if we can allow it.   In order to open collectively for this new potential of energy flow, we must practice individually, with each and every opportunity that shows up.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the part of our energy field that holds emotional wisdom.  Emotional wisdom is a frequency that is produced through our ability to respond to events, people, and circumstances with a pure heart, by honoring the wisdom that moves through the heart.  That movement of wisdom is what crosses the portal of truth into the physical realm.  That wisdom is also the quality of refined and focused energy that is the expression of Unconditional Love, flowing freely from the Pisces realm of Spiritual Wisdom, which is Christ Consciousness.  Virgo births the infinite realm of Christ Consciousness, and Pisces flows abundantly, freely, and infinitely into the fine tuned dimension of Virgo, to be specifically used for purification, alignment, and integration that restores wholeness.  This is the flow of energy that produces the "miracles in healing" that are really the restoration and awakening to original wholeness and purity.

When we forget, deny, or suppress the truth of who we are, we experience misqualified energy, misalignment, and dis-ease.   The highest vibrational response, or the “cure”, for all misalignment is Unconditional Love, which is the adjustment that restores truth, and it is readily available, abundant, and free…when we master our ability to fine tune and navigate the bridge between Virgo and Pisces.  This is the adjustment that moves us into a brand new physical dimension that is rooted in Love.  This necessary calibration is the shift that takes us into the new world.

Monday 9/12 starts the week with a Mercury Sun inferior conjunction, marking the middle of Mercury's retrograde cycle, and Mercury is also in a stepping stone with Mars, who is still out of bounds.  And on Tuesday 9/13 the Sun forms a stepping stone with Mars.  Our consciousness is being recalibrated to the new divine masculine archetype of Mercury, while shining light on the importance of partnership and union.  With Mars as the new co-ruler of the divine feminine, holding physical space as the white dot inside the black half of the yin/yang symbol, Mars is also significantly in partnership with Mercury through the mind/body connection. 

The physical dimension is the blank canvass that we project our thoughts onto, and the mirrored reflection of our consciousness.   This has significant impact to the importance of gender fluidity, that a historic masculine archetype, merged with feminine becomes co-ruler of divine feminine, and yet sill holds space for neutrality.  The essence of masculine/feminine is rooted in yin/yang energetic properties, simply categorized as receptive and giving.   When we’re receiving, we’re experiencing our own yin capacity, and when we’re initiating or giving, we’re experiencing our yang capacity.  It’s becoming clear that gender identity is only perceived at the physical level, which is simply a projection of our consciousness, interpreted by our higher minds, which are neutral.  We all have the capacity to be all things, in fact, it’s in our nature to be whole.  When we step into our wholeness, we realize our full potential and expand into the unified divine masculine essence which is truly androgynous.  We are infinite limitless beings, and can choose to express ourselves in any way that honors our hearts.

On Thursday 9/15, the Sun forms a Great Eliminator with Eris, followed by the same connection with Uranus, both occurring on the same day, as Eris and Uranus are nearing the 2nd of 3 big conjunctions coming soon.  The two great awakeners are shining light on aspects of our consciousness that are ready to be seen, revealed, and wholed, once and for all.  When we surrender and trust, that lighting bolt can serve as a supportive tool in our navigation, stripping away the debris from our path. 

Hopefully we all know by now not to resist the lighting strike, especially in a wormhole.   It’s a gift, no matter how unexpected or uncomfortable.  It’s time to awaken to our higher selves, and shed our light on any illusions or distractions.  Also on Thursday, the Sun bridges Chiron, and Chiron is in an intimate semisextile with Eris and Uranus.   Remember “the wound is where the light enters” (~Rumi) and all perceived wounds are up for healing/ wholing.  Allow the light to enter, from within and without, and trust the process.

Friday 9/16 is the exact midpoint of the Virgo Wormhole, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, conjunct Chiron, which is the ruler of Virgo.  This is the life altering moment of reboot that calibrates the wholeness of our wormhole experience and our purification/ alignment process, opening the bridge between Pisces and Virgo, activating our new abilities to zoom in and zoom out with infinite potential in both directions.   When we zoom out, our consciousness expands infinitely outward into the limitless realm of possibility and unconditional love, without borders or boundaries, to experience the big picture of One.  And when we zoom in, our consciousness moves towards ultra precision, directing and intensifying that limitless realm through the localized eye of a needle, accessing the portal of infinite space within all things. 

The notion of zeroing in on the one particular aspect eventually leads back to infinity.  When we become masters of the zoom lens, we also become master healers and facilitators through the pure consciousness of Unconditional Love.  Like conductors of a symphony, we can orchestrate the flow of divine energy throughout the planet and ourselves, embodying the infinite realm of spiritual wisdom and highest Love in the physical world, sending and directing Love where it’s needed most.

On Saturday 9/17, Mars manifests with Eris and Uranus, and on Sunday 9/18, Venus bridges Eris and Uranus.   All of the personal planets are being awakened, calibrated, and aligned this week for the ultimate reboot of consciousness, and this upgrade takes us powerfully into the new uncharted territory.  What an exciting moment to be in a body, participating in the orchestration of all that is manifesting now on the planet!

The practice this week is to patiently allow each calibration to take root, without any judgments or attachments to the current experience or what comes next.   These Eris Uranus jolts and clearings are designed to take us to a whole new level of consciousness, and they often don’t make sense to the logical mind in the moment.   If we resist or become impatient, we delay or stagnate the process.  Surrender, let go, and trust the process, and ride the waves that are facilitating the awakening.   Let every breath be the integration of each calibration, through the yin and yang of every inhale and exhale.   We’re halfway through this elevator ride, and all that’s left to do is trust, surrender, and say YES!

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