For May 16 - 22, 2016

What an amazing and thrilling ride!!!  Whether we can see it or not (we’ve certainly been feeling it..) the old root systems have been clearing out, excavating and purging the debris of inauthentic perceptions, reactions and attachments, while elevating our frequency to attune to a much higher consciousness and mental operating system (Mercury).   Everything is recalibrating, everything is shifting.

This week delivers us to an amazing Gemini/Sagittarius bridge, activating the higher wisdom of our mind/body connection, and illuminating the brand new blank canvass we’ve just cleared for ourselves courtesy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Although we may not know what’s coming next on that blank canvass, the fact that we have so recently been completely engaged with the powerful clearing fuels our faith in new adventures ahead, leading to a whole new reality.

Venus connects  with Uranus on Wednesday and Eris on Friday, awakening the emotional body and preparing for Venus' conjunction with Sedna on Friday 5/20, when the heart begins a brand new relationship with the wisest cosmic record keeper.   When the heart remembers the Truth, and falls in Love with the divine beauty of the soul, there can no longer be consideration for compromise, self doubt, diminished Self-esteem, or neglect.

Our hearts are receiving enlightened downloads, like an IV of new multidimensional light forms from Sedna, synching up records, and clearing away the old files of untruths and misinformation.  When the heart fully awakens, it will never go back to sleep.  As we open our hearts to perceive the reflection of who we really are, we will never even think of choosing to believe or behave as anything less.

The Sun moves into Gemini this week, which in Cosmic Consciousness is the sign of Mental Wisdom and Faith in Action, mental brilliance, and multidimensional state of the art communications.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and the Great Messenger has been traveling retrograde for the last several weeks, delivering even more cutting edge information and downloads to our new operating systems.

Our internal wiring systems continue to undergo massive overhaul and clearing, down to the physical structure (Mars) of these networks, for example, the auditory canals, our throats/sinus cavities, vocal chords, nervous system, the inner most lining of all of our lymphatic passageways and all visceral sensory outlets, including the ones deeply imbedded in our gut.  Everything is being upgraded for revolutionary quick speed communication and intuitive capacity to interpret and send messages, both internally and externally.   We’re becoming super conductors of brilliant high speed light, through every cell of our bodies.

As the Sun moves into Gemini and produces the Full Moon, Mercury stations direct at the world axis, and we gain access to a magical still point that reboots massive upgrades to our communications operating system.   The light of the Sun acts like a spotlight, highlighting the newest features available to our consciousness at this time.  We’re newly wired within ourselves and also joined up in a super network collectively.  Quite amazing!!!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday May 21, conjunct Mars, offers a full blown opportunity to experience and respond to the highest truth of our soul’s journey, wiping the slate clean from all the karmic debris, and ending the game of illusion.  Depending upon how attached we’ve become to wearing a mask, hiding behind perceived limitations or repetitive karmic loops, this experience will either be liberating or painful….or both.

The light of this Full Moon reveals all of the karmic clearing we’ve undergone thus far in Mars’ retrograde journey.  The Moon represents our emotional response, which moves energy through the physical body into action.   As our emotional body is purged and cleared from the deepest roots of our old triggers, traumas, and reactions, we are free to move from the purity of our heart, creating the New Earth and our New Physicality with Love.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius creates a bridge with the Sun in Gemini, activating the all important Mind/Body connection, the polarity of Mental Wisdom and Physical Wisdom.   Mercury’s station reboots the new operating system, which automatically reboots and attunes Mars as well.

Like a tuning fork, Mercury sends the powerful resonance of communication through sound waves and frequency that calibrates through every cell of our physicality, interrupting and clearing whatever isn’t in alignment, and fine tuning the mirrored reflection to match.   Polarities are extremes of the same thread, and as one elevates in frequency, the other shifts automatically.   Both reflect the same frequency and the same consciousness.   We are bringing into balance the new mind with the newest manifestation of our body, with the light of our whole consciousness, Sun/Moon, Yin/Yang.

The practice this week is to allow every cell in your body to reveal itself, inside and out.  With every inhale, open and expand to receive the ultimate breath of infinite light, and with every exhale, imagine your cells and your physical body turning inside out, allowing the inner most core, innermost truth and Light, to be revealed and transparent.   Practice strengthening that muscle of transparency, move beyond the discomfort, and allow the inner to be congruent with the outer, and vice versa.   Nothing to hide, nothing to protect, allow your full Light to expand and radiate outward in all directions, all dimensions.   And let any debris of resistance blow away with every exhale, lightening up your inner space, liberating your Self.   Surrender any judgment or fear, let go of any desire to censor or edit…and set free the Truth of who you are!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the World.  There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.  As we let our own Light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”    

~ Marianne Williamson, RETURN TO LOVE

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For May 9 - 15 2016

The activation of last week’s Grand Earth Trine and Taurus New Moon continues resonating this week, like sound waves from a gong, calibrating deeper and deeper into the core of our bodies and the Earth.   That resonance (communication) is moving and penetrating  deeper inward, like a roto-rooter of vibration, extracting and purging while expanding the inner infrastructure, cleaning out the pipes and channels, making more and more room for  Love via expansion of empty space.   Hollow and empty, at the deepest core, down to the bones, the structure, and foundation.   The more hollow and empty, the more space for magic, multidimensional light, and powerful manifestation of the new Earth, aka LOVE.   The old structures crumble away, like mucoid plaque being extracted and disintegrated from the inside lining of a colon wall, revealing the healthiest version of purity, strength, and vitality to start again with a higher vibration.

The focus this week is on the empty space at the deepest core of all structures.  That empty space is the placeholder of infinite potential and possibility.  Jupiter stations early Mondaymorning, and that hollow empty space is ripe for expansion through higher consciousness.  We’re filling our bones with light, from the inside out, and allowing that frequency to expand out beyond and through every fiber of our physicality.  The internal drainage systems, lymphatic system, and intestines are purging and redesigning in the process, breaking down and reconstructing the lining of the internal piping systems, allowing for greater capacity to hold and channel light, expanding our root systems of Love.

Imagine the spine, the empty space at the core of the spine, where the spinal fluid flows.  Visualize the inside lining of the spine is cleared of all karmic debris from the nervous system, the lining of the dural tube is purged of old vibrational patterns, limiting conversations/beliefs, and in the clearing of that residue, more empty space becomes accessible, expandable, infinitely so.   Now imagine that empty space manifesting brilliant high frequency light, the light of Christ Consciousness, and visualize the spine itself as a crystalline structure.   As the crystalline structure expands from the inside out, the maximum volume and capacity of light can circulate throughout the body…through the circulatory system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, nervous system, etc.   All of the roots and channels of communication are being excavated of old plaque (karmic patterns) to allow for a greater capacity of circulation…of Light, of the frequency of Universal Love.  We’re redesigning and expanding our structure and capacity to circulate the currency of Love, through our bodies and the Earth.

On Monday, the Sun and Mercury come together for a powerful SuperConjunction, as our internal wiring system, the operating system of our communications, is infused with the light of our consciousness.   Copper wires infused with light, calibrating every fiber optic of our flesh with downloads of higher consciousness, through every cell, nerve ending, muscle fiber, organ, and network, upgrading the quality and speed of our innermost communications to a new level of excellence, with the speed of light.   Light travels within every nerve in our body, within every vein and artery, and the more we can expand those internal channels, the more light we can facilitate.   As we each manage our own reconstruction process, we’re being responsible light workers for the planet.  The more light we can individually channel, the more light is available to the Earth.   This requires a willingness to clear and open, unconditionally.

Venus and Mercury are in relationship with the Sun and Moon all week, continuing to activate and reactivate the New Moon’s communications, back and forth between yin and yang, heart and mind.  When we hear a contagious song that speaks to our heart, we tend to play it over and over again in our minds, until our cells embody the vibration of that message, and it becomes embedded in our bones, and of course our heart.     This week, Venus aspects with every point of the Grand Earth Trine, repeating the melody, memorizing and activating every thread by heart.

Venus connects with the Grand Trine beginning on Tuesday, forming a manifestation with the Stationing Jupiter.  Neptune is in a bridge with Jupiter, creating a kite out of the trine.  Enlightenment is what allows the Earth to take flight and ascend, and all possibilities are here right now.   With the heart trining Jupiter at his station in this mega manifestation kite, the opportunities for expansion and enlightenment are overflowing.   Benevolence, beauty, and blessings are abundantly available, everywhere…and if we’re not experiencing it, then our hearts aren’t allowing it (and perhaps our arteries are in the process of unclogging and clearing).  There’s so much magic available in the air, in every breath, in every cell.

On Wednesday, Venus and Saturn form a Great Eliminator as Saturn retrogrades back over the Great Attractor.   Another HUGE day for awakening to the higher authority of the heart, and letting go of anything that’s not serving, with love and grace.  Our own higher authority is holding us accountable to a new level of excellence, requiring us to eliminate the past limiting stories and patterns, awakening in a bold way, stepping into the highest reflection of our Selves, Source.

Mercury joins Pluto in the manifestation trine on Thursday, bringing another reboot of communications downloads, synching up our operating systems with all that’s being created through this mega Earth Trine/ Kite.  And on Friday the 13th, Mercury and Venus form a Super Conjunction, and Venus joins Pluto in the Grand Trine/ Kite.  This is a massive reboot and rebirth through the union of mind and heart that can’t be ignored!   The North Node is involved as Venus trines Pluto, so our Dharma is awakening through the resurrection of our hearts.  Such a beautiful crescendo and release through the entire week, bringing a whole new meaning to Friday the 13th!!!  The old fears and projections are clearing, as beautiful, breathtaking potential is being birthed now.

The weekend is fairly quiet, providing stillness for integration and processing after such an incredibly profound week!!  This is off the charts exciting, and is taking us another giant step closer towards the big Eris/Uranus event in June, and closer to the ultimate unveiling of our soul’s purest expression of light and our path here on the New Earth.

The practice this week is to notice where the edge of resistance or discomfort is, whether physical discomfort, external authority issues, karmic situations repeating, relationship flare ups…it’s all a reflection of where the expansion is occurring in you, and where the opportunity is to step boldly into your power, let go of the limiting conversations, shed the layers of untruth, and emerge as the expansive light bearer you are.  Discomfort precedes expansion…the whole notion of expansion is that the old limits must break apart in order to stretch beyond the old capacity.   Greet your discomfort with gratitude, whether it appears to be showing up internally or externally…it’s all the same, it’s all you.  Be in relationship with whatever is being stretched, meet yourself where you are without judgment, and simply allow the stretch to elevate your frequency and awaken your potential.    And above all, BE LOVE!


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For the week of May 2- 8, 2016

Welcome to May!   As we shift from the 4 vibration to the 5, we gain access to the magic and creativity of communications, multidimensional brilliance, freedom and humanity.  The big focus this week is the Grand Earth Trine, the New Moon in Taurus, and Mercury’s retrograde cycle, all of which are grounding the new operating system and opening multiple doorways, dimensions and portals of our consciousness and our ability to communicate here on Earth.

As the new operating system takes root in our physicality, new realms suddenly emerge, revealing hidden potential for creativity and connection.  Imagine infinite underground superhighways of neural networks and communication, becoming more and more accessible the deeper and deeper our roots travel inward.   The inner brings us outward, and the outer brings us inward.

Roots bring us deeper to the core, connecting us towards Source.   Roots also deliver us outward, connecting us with All, where we find Source.  With 5 planets retrograde right now, no matter where we look, we’re traveling towards Source.  Every cell and every moment becomes a prism of infinite potential, what once appeared like a single opportunity now becomes limitless.  As we branch our consciousness into the Earth, we infuse light into our underground root systems, discovering that light has been traveling underground already in the consciousness of trees and plants.   As a tree extends up towards the sun, it captures light codes and information, which travel down into the ground, communicating through underground neural networks of communication that the animal and plant kingdoms have accessed for thousands of years.   We are waking up to remember that same “under ground” communication, and as we do, we’re rapidly accelerating and expanding our capacity for more expansive etheric communication, including a neural network system between the hearts of humanity, and access to higher realms of consciousness and cosmic frequencies.

When we plug into the Earth, we can hear and feel the vibrational rhythm and heartbeat of Mother Earth, the divine feminine Source of energy and life on this planet, that sustains all physical life, including humans, plants, animals, and the elements.   There’s a communication system, a frequency of Love from the core of Mother Earth that can be felt through the soles of our feet, through our tailbones, and in our hearts, that moves us, grounds us, and touches us.   There’s also a vibrational rhythm and heartbeat of the Divine Mother, flowing through the hearts of all souls here on Earth, representing the purity of loving kindness and compassion that flows and communicates from heart to heart on our planet, connecting the fabric of humanity’s unity heart chakra.  And there’s a cosmic frequency from Source that flows through our crown chakras, activating our nervous systems with the communication from our higher selves.

This Grand Earth Trine is manifesting new dimensions and creative capacities of our operating system through Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the Earth sign of Spiritual Power, the executive director that is the voice of Source, our direct line of communication through the crown chakra. 


Taurus is the Earth sign of Mental Love, the tree of life, rooted deep within the Earth, ruled by Venus, the heart, representing the communication of Love that exists deep within Mother Earth in the underground root system, creating the unspoken presence of Love, nourishment, and connection.   Virgo, the Earth sign of Emotional Wisdom, represents the Divine Mother, the pure heart that births Christ Consciousness on our planet, the higher frequency of 5D Love that is the new language, currency, and consciousness of the New Earth.   


These 3 archetypes of energy are powerfully activated while Mercury is retrograde, manifesting a new upgrade in our ability to communicate and connect, heart to heart, soul to soul, on planet Earth, and deeply grounding this new upgrade into the core of our beings, in all dimensions.

The Sun and the Moon are both involved in this Grand Earth Trine, activating the light of our individual consciousness and our ability to emotionally respond.  Mercury conjoins the Moon on Friday, just hours after the New Moon, signifying a new beginning in our ability to respond to the new communications we’re attuning to, and that response is rooted in Taurus, which is Mental Love.  Our emotional response stems from the disciplined obedience of thinking loving thoughts.  When we ground ourselves in that mental practice, our emotional response IS LOVE, consistently.   And the communication that is sent from our neural network IS LOVE, elevating the currency and the frequency of Christ Consciousness, which is the fabric and context of the New Earth.

Also this week, Sedna and Vesta conjoin on Wednesday, awakening the flame of devotion all the way at our deepest core of our roots, just before the New Moon.   The most enlightened cosmic record keeper reminds us of an inner flame that has been burning deep within for lifetimes, and has never diminished.   That awakening is like a powerful light switch that resurrects a part of ourselves we’ve long forgotten, but still burns with unwavering Love.   When we remember, we reunite with a part of our cosmic Self that is undeniable and profoundly significant to why we’re here now, and those seeds become merged into the powerful roots of the Taurus New Moon.

Quite perfect that this Sunday is Mother’s Day in the US, as we recognize the mother that physically birthed us, providing the portal for our light’s embodiment.   And let us also recognize the Divine Mother Virgo energy in each of us that births Christ Consciousness in our hearts and on the planet.  We are all Mother’s of the New Consciousness, birthing a new awakening, returning to the Source of our roots…LOVE.

The practice this week is to be disciplined and grounded in Mental Love.  Practice thinking loving thoughts in response to anything and everything that occurs, and strengthen your ability to be Love in action, moment to moment.   Being Love doesn’t mean ignoring any other emotion or circumstance, it means that in the presence of all else, choose the response of Love, beginning with the mental thoughts toward Self.  Be the grounding presence that holds the space for Love to occur from within, and nourish your Self with your thoughts, as if they were the the most precious resources and vital nutrients available.   The more we practice this, the more deeply it becomes embedded and embodied in our neural network of communication.  This is how we manifest the new foundation of consciousness on the Earth.   The ground that we walk on is being built by our commitment to choose Love, think Love, and Be Love!

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For the Week of April 25 - May 1, 2016

After a full blown weekend of intensive awakenings and stirrings, we now have access to the abundant energy (fuel source) that was being held dormant and suppressed below the surface.  Freedom, expansion, and liberation are swirling through our veins, as if our clogged arteries have been opened and cleared through a metaphysical angioplasty.  Our hearts have been multidimensionally stretched to increase our capacity to channel the universal flow of Love.  Love is the flow of currency in 5D, and with the floodgates fully open, now is the time to ground Love into the Earth for improved circulation.  With 5 planets retrograde this week, every fiber of our being is intimately plugged in to Source energy, accessing super charged resources from multiple dimensions.

The main focus this week is Mercury’s retrograde station on Thursday 4/28, conjunct Sedna, in Taurus.  This entire Mercury retrograde journey is providing a very specific and unique opportunity to synch our brand new operating system with the highest cosmic record keeper, Sedna, and root that consciousness into the planet.  The fact that Mars (physical body) is also retrograding and undergoing massive transmutation and redesign, is mind blowing to say the least.  Records communicate evidence and information that inspires and awakens (or reminds us) of our potential.   As we’re shifting our frequency and grounding higher consciousness into the physical (body and Earth), we will start seeing new earth shattering research, results, and testimonials of what’s actually possible in this new paradigm regarding health, ecological systems, sustainable energy resources, and leadership/organizational structures.

Everything has changed, everything is brand new, and anything is possible.  For the majority of people on our planet, scientific evidence is required before a mind will open to consider a new possibility.  Once evidence is proven, hope for a new potential future is created.  For many of us who are the visionary leaders and healers on the cutting edge of revolutionary insights, we’ve been intuitively sensing new frequencies and witnessing “miracles" in healing/wholing all along.  We’ve seen it or known it without being able to scientifically prove it (or maybe we have but the masses couldn’t hear).  Get ready for miracles to become mainstream, at least for the ones who are now ready to receive it.   It’s been there all along, and now more and more will be able to acknowledge this presence as our operating systems allow for higher communication with the invisible realm and new frequencies of information.  The merging of science and spirituality is beginning to awaken and take root on our planet.

The Mercury station in Taurus conjunct Sedna also opens doors for the launch of new consciousness resources being written and delivered, like a high frequency user manuals for our state of the art operating system, or textbooks written in the most updated language of Cosmic Consciousness for living in the new Earth.  We’re evolving so quickly, there’s great need for current and updated resource books and information.  If we’ve been resisting writing and sharing our profound wisdom with the world up until now, it’s time to step boldly forward and contribute our life’s work with the people who are hungry to hear it.   Our life’s work is a valuable precious resource that needs to be shared with the collective, for the benefit of all.   As we willingly share our resources and our presence with each other, we can all flourish together.

Interestingly Haumea, the planet of 5D (and higher) wholeness and integration, is holding a bridge with Uranus/Eris, all the way through the big upcoming Uranus/Eris event this Summer.   We are awakening to our wholeness, individually and collectively, and each soul's contribution matters, every spark of light and every unique presence of spirit matters.  Wholeness is realized through awakening.   And awakening is sparked the moment we realize there’s more than just our particular historic perspective.  We’re all walking across that bridge together.

Venus moves into Taurus on Friday night, which in Cosmic Consciousness, is where the heart has dignity and feels most at home and at peace.   Now that our hearts have been stretched wide open and stripped of any historical debris or blockages (a process that can seem invasive in the moment), we finally relax into a sense of peace and soothing comfort as our hearts rest safely in the nest of unconditional Love.   With a newly expanded capacity to receive Love, Taurus is the perfect place to ground our hearts for nourishment, sustenance, and fulfillment, and to allow roots to grow from our own heart extending deep within the Earth, nourishing the entire planet with Love.

There’s an unspoken presence of Love circulating within the underground root system of our hearts and the planet, supporting in the calibration and reconstruction of all things physical, and in alignment with our new operating system.  Remember, Love infused into anything physical changes the frequency, which changes the vibrational structure and physical expression.

On Sunday, the Sun/ Neptune conjunction sheds brilliant light on any projects that serve a higher humanitarian vision for evolution, highlighting and defining that vision with clarity, in a grounded, tangible, practical way.   The roadmap to the clouds becomes real, no longer just a dream...and the physical path is clearly outlined and ready to tread upon.  What has seemed like a distant vision is now becoming a reality.  There’s nothing to do but say Yes and step forward.  It’s already manifested beyond time and space.

The practice this week is be intentionally grounded in higher consciousness.  Make sure your thoughts, words, and actions are congruent and that you’re willing to live by the words you speak to others.   Take time each morning to connect your heart to the heart of the Earth, and synch your operating system with Sedna, the ultimate Cosmic Record Keeper.   If anything is possible, beyond what you’ve ever seen evidence of before, what are you committed to creating by your thoughts, words, and actions each day?  Notice where you place limits on what can or can’t occur in your world, and keep stretching your heart and your mind to the realm of infinite possibilities, in Love.  We are manifesting the future, NOW…it’s already here!   Open your heart and mind and receive the infinite abundance that is present right here!  This is the most exciting time to be alive on the planet!


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