For the week of April 1 - 7, 2019

The week ahead sparks a huge foundational shift in the way we manifest, and the available potential that can be accessed from a new way of thinking, from the heart.  The heart reveals infinite potential, available space.  When our thoughts arise from the heart, we manifest from a blank space of limitless potential, awakening a higher vision from the frequency of Love.


Our beliefs create our available thoughts, and our thoughts produce vibrations like sound waves to create our physical experiences, manifestations, and cellular expression.  Shift the belief, altar the thoughts, and transform the physical expression through the embodiment of a new molecular structure.  We have the power to shift our cellular frequency and altar our molecular structure, and that power exists in the infinite realm of limitless possibilities.


In order to access this infinite realm, we must surrender our gravitational pull towards the historic tendencies and patterns that are held within our own minds, and begin thinking from the heart.  The heart holds the blueprint of our soul's promise in this lifetime, and the heart is the embodiment of the limitless realm.  The conscious choice to think from the heart requires discipline and commitment to master and refine, and in doing so, we access incredible power to manifest a much higher vision.


If we unplug an electronic device, it ceases to work, even when we press the “on” button.  Similarly, if we unplug from old karmic patterns, whether positive or negative, that have held together our current infrastructure of “status quo”, we diffuse the very fabric of that reality, and open the portal of creation for a new expression.  Our current experience of reality, our current results, are manifested by the definitions and structures within our belief system and our operating system.  By shifting any of our core beliefs or values, we also shift the program that’s running our inner operating system, which altars the framework and infrastructure that’s supporting and calling forth our physical results.  Sustainable change occurs at the mental body level, even though the results are measured and seen in the physical.  The moment we decide to allow something new, the moment we awaken to the value of shifting our patterns, beliefs, or perspective, is the moment we open ourselves up for true sustainable transformation that can be seen and experienced in the physical realm.


Temporary results that aren’t sustainable haven’t been initiated at the level of core belief system and mental body operating system.  Short lasting results can be produced by sheer willpower to manipulate a current physical expression, however that willpower to alter the physical is usually from resistance or judgment to the current physical result, not from a conscious awakening to shift a belief.  When a belief shifts, there will be physical results, there will be evidence.


This week brings us into a “4” vibration of the month of April, and the number “4” involves structures, foundation, and the core values and beliefs that create the infrastructure that we build our reality upon.  If we don’t like the current results that we’re seeing, we must be willing to examine (with curiosity, not judgment) the core values and motivating intentions that supported those results.  Understanding the value system that contributed to the current results and current experience of reality is extremely valuable.  If we want to shift anything, we must be willing to see the truth behind what we currently have and explore what matters most.  The more clearly we can see the wholeness of our current results, the more efficiently we can spark conscious change.


This week also brings us to an Aries New Moon, which holds the spark of mental power for conscious creation (or an unconscious reaction that reinforces karmic expression).  The choice is ours, moment to moment, and the more disciplined our minds are to be awake and aware, the more empowered we will be to choose a higher scope of vision, from the heart.  We are the pioneering leaders of the New Earth, and our commitment to awakening consciousness, through our own personal experience, makes an impact in our collective vibration on the planet.  Every time we choose to elevate ourselves and our cells through the frequency of Love, we are supporting in the awakening of the planet.


The week begins on Monday 4/1 with a Vesta Ixion stepping stone and a Venus Albion resource.  Our devotion to the higher blueprint of our soul’s promise is taking front and center, and the heart holds the available space to embody that vision through committed belief in the invisible limitless realms.  Form and structure emerge through relentless faith, from the awakened heart.


On Tuesday 4/2, Mercury and Neptune conjunct for the 3rd of 3 times, sparking a new cycle of enlightenment through our inner operating system, at the mental body level, revealing the highest resolution of clarity from the recent Pisces New Moon a month ago in March that we’ll thread through our system for refined mastery by April 15th.  Today is also a very important stepping stone with Eris intersecting the Nodes (Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra).  The Black Moon is in a resource with Eris and a great eliminator with the North Node.  Eris signifies an awakening that occurs from within, one that releases the tension and perceived duality or conflict from seemingly opposing extremes that we’ve lived within for lifetimes.  This is collective karma/dharma tension rod, and the struggle between historic conditioning and limitation that produces the need to evolve, which can create a polarized experience of evolution that generates even more resistance to the very source of the tension.  Eris provides the awakening that erupts the entire tension rod, and in doing so, sheds the skin of attachment to the entire polarized story.  Awakening doesn’t produce more tension or resistance to the outdated story.  Awakening is liberation and freedom from the entire matrix, dissolving the invisible structure that held together the gravity of the original story.  Whether we are sitting on the left of the right is irrelevant, as long as we’re in opposition to either side.  True awakening dissolves the tension, shatters the entire illusion of opposition, and transcends any directional position, revealing a whole new dimension of consciousness, unity, and co-existence.  Eris sheds the skin of gravity that holds the attachments to the story, without losing our traction of evolution from necessary friction.  In other words, we need a story to provide traction for evolution, however the story isn’t meant to be the primary source of our attention and gravitational weight, it’s just a doorway to walk through as we gain access to an earthly incarnation, the vehicle for our purpose to manifest from.


On Wednesday 4/3, Quaoar stations retrograde, Vesta enters Aries, Pallas and Juno form a manifestation, Venus and Orcus form a bridge, the Black Moon is in resource with Jupiter, and Mars is resourceful with Chiron.  Quaoar reflects the new paradigm of the infinite realm, and any retrograde planet is moving towards Source in the purest reflection.  The new paradigm is being re-calibrated through our consciousness as we amplify our commitment to embodying our mastery of the infinite realm.  As we altar and expand our paradigm and belief system, we open the threshold for divine creation that expands beyond the lower 4 body system, unifying our cosmic wisdom and mastery into a brand new cellular structure for multidimensional embodiment.


Thursday 4/4 is a Sun Ceres manifestation, Sun manifestation with the Great Attractor, Black Moon Haumea manifestation, and Vesta Varuna manifestation.  Remember, we’re in a powerful “3” vibration all year, which is the number for manifestation and creation.  Aries energy is the spark of creation that comes from the vibration of our thoughts, which come from the structure of our belief system.   And today is a 4/4 vibration of structure and foundation.  With so many powerful manifestation aspects occurring today, we’re consciously creating the new foundation, through higher dimensional frequency, birthing the new structure that supports the universal wholeness of the highest vision.


Friday 4/5 is a Ceres manifestation with the Great Attractor, then the New Moon in Aries occurs at 4:50am ET, followed by a Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Mars Salacia resource, Mars Quaoar great eliminator, and Quaoar Salacia stepping stone.  The New Moon in Aries forms a grand power cross, intersecting the Moon’s Nodes, in a bridge with Pallas.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of mental power, the beginning of the mind/body connection, and the initial vibrational spark that initiates a physical experience or a tangible result.  Aries is a fire sign of original pioneering creation, and as we realize that creation comes from frequency and vibration, we can powerfully discipline our minds through Love, elevating the frequency of any thought or conversation to change the story on the planet.  Those who are consciously awake hold the power to redesign and reinvent the new structures that will deliver and sustain a higher vision of Love for humanity.  When we commit ourselves to mastering the mental body discipline of "thinking with the heart and loving with the mind", we create a massive shift in the structure of divine creation that changes the landscape and the future for All.


On Saturday 4/6, Pluto and Juno form a great eliminator.  In order to transform our reflection of unity through the mirror, we must commit to the frequency of Love, unconditionally.  Not that we love what’s occurring, but that we generate Love no matter what is occurring.  Love unifies, Love heals, Love transforms.  Resistance separates, breaks down, and diminishes any idea of unity.


And Sunday 4/7 is a Mars MakeMake manifestation, Juno Eris resource, Mercury Saturn resource, Venus stepping stone with the Great Attractor, Venus Ceres stepping stone, and Mercury Pallas great eliminator.   Mars is the dispositor of the New Moon in Aries, and MakeMake is the universal law of Love, the higher law of oneness.  This manifestation is a force of nature that delivers right action through right relationship and right timing, shaking loose anything that needs to clear in order to restore personal power and authority and alignment from the heart.  If we’ve been out of alignment within ourselves, now is the time to allow the higher alignment to recalibrate us at the personal level so we can move forward with clarity, precision, and heartfelt devotion to our true nature and higher purpose.


The practice this week is to create a vision board for the New Moon in Aries.  Find visual images that resonate with your true nature, expressed from an infinite belief system, woven through the fabric of your soul’s blueprint.  Find the images that resonate with your heart, and let your cells calibrate to the visual frequency of this vision.  Identify the core values and structural shifts that would need to occur in order to sustain and nourish this vision for yourself and for the world, and meditate in reflection.

“A visionary thrives in all circumstances.” 
― Abraham-Hicks 

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For the week of March 25 - 31, 2019

The week ahead is instrumental, and one that will never be forgotten.  As more and more revelations occur, light is awakening what matters most, from the heart, and in the process, evoking right action and revolutionary change with every single breath.  We may not fully understand it all just yet, but it's rapidly occurring, and changing the very landscape of our reality.


When light shines, revealing everything in plain sight, there is liberation, transformation, and infinite opportunities for healing through wholing.  Universally speaking, light awakens anything unconscious.  At some point, all stories must emerge and unearth, coming to the light so that the truth be revealed as we wipe the slate clean, practice forgiveness, and begin a new chapter on freshly tilled soil.


When we bring our awakened consciousness to anything hidden, there is light, and we have an opportunity of how to respond in relationship with what we see revealed before us.  We each have free will in every moment of how we choose to respond to the events that are unraveling and illuminating before us.  There are numerous choice points or forks in the road, opportunities to shrink or expand, to rise up empowered through the wave of transformation, or hide in the uncertainty of visibility, exposure, or transparency.


Whether the revelations are personal in nature, or shocking for the collective consciousness, how we respond to any scenario creates the next wave of consciousness that we’re manifesting from.  If we react in judgment, and use our free will to engage in unnecessary gossip, bashing or shaming of others for their previous wrongdoings, we’re sourcing a lower vibration of consciousness on our planet.  If we respond with unattached compassion, we can be moved into right action through clarity and discernment that forwards our evolution, instead of collapsing it.


In order for the shadows to emerge on this planet, for humanity to liberate from historical karmic patterns, stereotypical stories, and chronic societal injustices, we must find neutrality in our capacity to witness events, keeping our focus always on what we’re generating in this current moment by our thoughts, words, and actions.  Nothing is more important than this moment, and the impact our consciousness makes on the planet at this time.  Moment to moment, we’re choosing our response to the current scenario, which is creating the next moment, and feeding the atmosphere of our collective consciousness.  If we get triggered or distracted by every layer that emerges from behind the veil, we will engage in the very threads of consciousness that are unearthing to be resolved and cleared.


Our engagement in drama can actually interfere with the massive clearing process that is occurring at this time.  There is a massive unraveling of truth that is already in motion, and it’s best to allow it to occur, while holding a space of unconditional Love, forgiveness, and acceptance as we elevate the frequency of consciousness on our planet.  We’re in a collective purging exhale of truth telling, similar to a die-off process in a parasite cleanse.  If we react to the current chaos as if it’s real, we’ll feed the parasitic activity and lower vibrational patterns that are currently unraveling.


A gravitational shift is occuring, and what was suppressed, hidden beneath the surface, is now spontaneously rising up in plain sight.  Fear is what holds back the truth, and now that the truth is emerging, the volume of emotions associated with that original fear is also unearthing and evaporating like steam rising up into rain clouds.  We (and all beings) must be willing to look our fears in the face, infuse them with Light, and let go.  We must also be willing to confront our greatest source of pain or suffering, and see it for what it is, in order to release the gravitational pull it’s had on our thoughts, words, actions, and bodies.


As we move towards liberation in our upward spiral of evolution, we can no longer be bound by fears and insecurities.  As we elevate in consciousness, we shed light on the gravitational pull of heaviness and weight, and set it free, so that we can move forward with freedom, grace, and Love.  As we do so, we transmute our cellular structure to a crystalline frequency of Love, redefining our relationship with gravity and weight, which alters our physical experience and our physical bodies.


Our physicality is no longer based on the gravitational pull of karma as our carbon cells transmute to crystalline and we remember the truth of who we really are.  What matters most in our consciousness is what gets our full undivided attention, and its important to discipline our minds to think loving thoughts from the heart as we undergo this transmutation process  The mind belongs to the heart, not the ego, and the heart holds the remembrance of our soul’s purpose, our true nature.  As we bring our undivided attention towards our true nature, we shift the experience of gravity and begin to manifest a higher frequency of matter.


This week ahead is an opportunity to discipline the mind towards the heart, and to witness the awakening of our highest vision, with Love.  Everything else that’s occurring before us is simply airing out the density of our reality, redistributing the weight on our planet as we shift our focus in order to make room for what truly matters.  We must let go of the collective hidden agendas, mistruths, fears, and insecurities as these things hold the greatest volume of weight and inhibit the greatest mass of dense space.  Welcome whatever shines through this week, and stay committed to what’s next, moving forward through our evolutionary transition.


The week begins on Monday 3/25 with a Black Moon rx Venus conjunction, Mars Haumea great eliminator, Sun MakeMake bridge, Venus Ixion resource, Black Moon rx Mars stepping stone, Black Moon rx Haumea manifestation, and Mars Sedna new cycle.  The fact that the week starts off with a Black Moon Venus conjunction is profoundly meaningful.  Massive revelations from the heart, and the opportunity to choose right action from wholeness as our consciousness aligns with higher law and order.  This is a continuation of last week’s Full Moon in Libra conjunct MakeMake, and we’re shining the light of conscious manifestation towards the higher universal laws.  The heart nourishes our soul’s blueprint and true nature, as we’re each holding the future in the palms of our hands.  What comes next is up to us, now.  The awakening is occurring, from the heart, now.


Tuesday 3/26 is a Vesta Haumea great eliminator, then Venus enters Pisces, followed by a Black Moon rx Pallas manifestation, Mars in a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, Black Moon rx Jupiter resource, and Black Moon rx North Node (Soul Star) great eliminator.  We must be more devoted to our liberated wholeness than to fear based limitation or compartmentalization.   As the heart enters Pisces, the infinite realm of Unconditional Love, we remember there are no limits in the consciousness of Love.  Whatever is unveiling before us holds great wisdom for the future, and will be revisited again by the end of the week.  How we react or respond is up to us, and brings us face to face with our current capacity for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding.  Evolution requires expansion, stretching beyond our familiar status quo, which calls forth a higher consciousness than our normal default setting.  Evolution rewrites the story, correcting the imbalances and injustices as we transmute our collective karmic DNA.


On Wednesday 3/27, a Black Moon Eris resource, Jupiter Pallas resource, Vesta Sedna resource, Venus Varuna great eliminator, and Venus Uranus resource.  There is discomfort in expansion, like fibers of a rubber band being stretched beyond they’re normal capacity for structure.  As we stretch and expand, we reveal and unearth any holding patterns that have been stuck and engrained in our own personal matrix.  The more we open, the more we see, the greater the opportunity to awaken through Love.


Thursday 3/28 brings us to the Mercury station at 17 Pisces, the degree of the recent New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (at the start of Mercury’s retrograde journey), and also Vesta is in a stepping stone with the Galactic Center.   This Mercury station is extremely important as our minds prepare to make sense of all of these recent revelations and awakenings.  We can’t even begin to wrap our heads around what has shifted and cleared in these recent months, however everything is new, and there is a quality of transparency in the air, as witnessed from the lens of the heart, that changes the game moving forward.  Those with eyes to see, those who are committed to planting the mind within the heart in partnership, have access to a brand new channel of transparency, clarity, and intuitive communication.


On Friday 3/29, there’s a Pallas Eris bridge, then the Black Moon stations in a very subtle intimacy aspect between Pluto and Saturn.  Mars and Ixion form a great eliminator, Venus and Quaoar are in resource, and Ixion stations retrograde.  Today is an extremely subtle day of higher dimensional shifts that can be felt but not fully seen.  Like a vibrational shedding of skin, we’re releasing the old residue of historic identifications, stories, and limitations held within the encoded memory of our skin, in order to awaken the signature blueprint - like a finger print - encoded within our new skin, which is the new skin of the Heart.   It’s so subtle, yet incredibly profound.


Saturday 3/30 is a Saturn Juno great eliminator, Sun Orcus great eliminator, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, and Pluto Pallas stepping stone.  The new definition is Unity, and as such, I recognize myself in all that I see, which means I bring myself into full high definition focus to let go of any fears, doubts, or insecurities every time I face myself in the mirror.  As we release our fears and insecurities, we remember our infinite nature, the aspect of ourselves that transcend time, space, and death.  Any fear is defined by a story line of an incarnation.  As we soften our gaze and transcend this incarnation, we release the attachments to any fears, and remember our true nature, which is Love.  Love is the only thing that is consistent, lifetime after lifetime.  Love is why we’re here.   Love is the fuel, the magic, and the wisdom of every lifetime.


And on Sunday 3/31, Mars enters Gemini, followed by a Black Moon Pallas manifestation.  Gemini is the sign of Mental Wisdom, which reflects as the ultimate Physical Wisdom in the mind/body connection.  Our physical bodies are synching up with our messaging system, receiving the recent updates from Mercury’s retrograde journey, downloading through our cellular network of communications.  There’s a lot of activity occurring within our cells, as we’re upgrading to a brand new expression of wisdom from the limitless realm.  There are no limits in the consciousness of Love, which means when our cells are calibrated to the frequency and the consciousness of Love, there are no limits to our cellular communication and cellular health.  We’re manifesting some amazing wisdom today, far beyond what we can fully comprehend yet..   Love is the language and the law of infinite possibilities that delivers us to our true embodied nature.


The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation.  As we move through the Aries realm of our consciousness, it’s important to discipline the mind to think from the heart.  Take a small white tea light candle, and place the intention of Love on that candle.  For 10 minutes a day, focus your undivided attention on the light of the candle, representing the consciousness of Love.  Each time your mind is distracted or wanders elsewhere, gently bring your attention back to the Light and start again.  This is a practice in conscious discipline, focusing your undivided attention towards Love, no matter what is occurring around you or within you.  Consistent practice develops mastery, so let go of any judgment, let go of the need to be perfect, and simply be in the consistent practice each day.


“Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true.” 
― Adyashanti     

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For the week of March 18 - 24, 2019

The week ahead calibrates the balance point of equanimity that yields a brand new realization through the mirror of all relationships.  The Full Moon on Wednesday occurs along the relationship axis, prompting new possibilities of conscious creation from the mind/body connection.


The mind holds the power to manifest results…consciously or unconsciously.  A healthy relationship with results requires intimacy, in order to see clearly what we’ve manifested, and see clearly the messages being reflected back.  The mind/body connection is a feedback loop, and the Aries/Libra axis is reveals the power of our minds to create our reality.


If we only use our minds to move forward, without bringing our conscious attention to the relationship with the mirror, to closely examine or look into our current results, we can’t fully know what we’re manifesting from an unconscious mind.  In other words, we are always manifesting, whether intentional or not.  If we never take the time to lean into our current reality from a lens of reflection through personal responsibility, we miss the opportunity to wake up to our unconscious behavior or subconscious projections.  If we only pay attention to the thoughts that arise from our conscious mind, and dismiss the ongoing feedback from our bodies, physical sensations, relationships, environment, etc, we give our power away and lose the opportunity to elevate, refine, and shift our current reality.


Mastery and fine tuning of anything - physical health, financial health, relationship health, environmental health, etc - requires a high volume of intimacy in order to look into the mirror, with equanimity, to see the results of our current commitments, actions, and behaviors.  We know what we know from our conscious mind, but what’s super valuable is to uncover what we don’t know, that’s contributing to, if not authoring, our current patterns and results.


The seat of higher vision, as the awakened observer though the meditative mind, is the most powerful seat to master.  That level of universal or cosmic vision is only accessible from the heart, which means looking through the lens of Love, or equanimity.  Equanimity means we see all things with equality.  We don’t turn away from what makes us uncomfortable, and we don’t just lean in to the things that feel good.  When we can hold our seat with equanimity, eyes and heart wide open to sit with the truth of all things, the karmic attachments and entanglements begin to loosen up and evaporate, unraveling any holding patterns of unconscious creation.


When our minds are clear, still, open, and neutral, we can use our minds to spark new creation, from the heart.  Our relationships elevate in consciousness, reflecting back our individual commitment to Love.  Love balances the scales to neutral, Love elevates the quality of our relationships, and Love elevates the quality of tangible results that we manifest from the heart.  There is healing through awakening to Love.  There is healing through equanimity.  As we bring ourselves into an intimate relationship with our current results, it’s the commitment to equanimity that liberates the attachments to those results, which frees up our scope of vision to see the full story, clearly.  When we know where we stand, we can consciously choose to start again, or shift our focus, our elevate our consciousness.


The moment of awakening can happen in a split second.   That awakening is precious fuel to spark new creation, from the limitless realm of possibility.  If we’re stuck in patterns of unconscious programming, we’re limited to only manifest what aligns with that programming.  If we don’t take ownership of our current state of consciousness, we’ll be victims of our own reality, over and over again.  The truth is, every person on the planet has the free will to choose their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  Every person on this planet also has the free will to choose to take ownership of their reality, thereby owning their capacity to create.  When we pass of the ownership to another, we give our power away.  And in a time where conscious creation is heavily needed on our planet, it matters that we take this week to check in with ourselves with a magnifying lens, and see where we’re giving our individual power away and limiting our possibilities.


Leadership requires full ownership and personal power…not from an ego perspective to manipulate results, but from an enlightened perspective that makes conscious discipline a priority.  When we take full responsibility for our current perspective of reality, we become empowered leaders and conscious creators of the next moment.  In order to manifest an unprecedented future, we must take responsibility at the individual level for our state of consciousness and the unconscious projections that produce unwanted results.  Our relationship with the mirror is crucial, and how we bring ourselves to that relationship is everything.  Letting go of judgment, blame, shame, or resistance is imperative in order to see clearly what needs our full attention.  If we judge what we don’t like, shame what makes us uncomfortable, or resist the intimacy required for relationship, we keep ourselves bound to the patterns that produce the current symptoms and outcomes.  We embody infinite potential to create new beginnings, cutting edge results, and uncharted adventures…through the power of our own disciplined consciousness.


Chiron is now in Aries, and will conjunct the Sun as a major player in this week's Full Moon in Libra.  Chiron is the archetype of personal mastery, that comes from the willingness to take on the vulnerable journey of the wounded healer.  Chiron and the Sun will be in a subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus during the Full Moon, and manifesting with Varuna, which give us All the potential to awaken higher vision as we lean into the subtle intimate aspects being revealed through the mirror of relationships.  Mercury is still retrograde, and our minds are literally being calibrated to the frequency of Unconditional Love, spiritual wisdom, and the limitless realm.  Now is the time to see what we haven’t been willing to see before, take ownership, and shift the unconscious projections and assumptions that our minds have been operating on to create the current results we see in the world around us.  This week is a precious pivotal turning point in the healing and mastery of our mental body, and our potential to manifest and create from the limitless realm, with Love.  Because we’re in a “3” month of a “3” year, in full blown manifestation mode, it’s crucial that we take a time out to examine our inner software and operating system for any unknown glitches or detrimental patterns.  If we don’t look into the feedback that currently exists, it will only get louder until we pay attention to ourselves, from the inside out.


The week begins on Monday 3/18 with a Mercury rx Mars resource, Pallas Haumea conjunction, Black Moon Juno stepping stone, and Black Moon Ceres stepping stone.  Mercury and Mars rule the mind and the body, and this resource opens the week up with a supportive entry point into the mind body connection through the relationship axis.  Feminine wisdom enters a new cycle with 5D wholeness, which allows us to see the big picture with a higher perspective of clarity and understanding of how all the piece and parts, including all the dimensions of our lower 4 body system, create the tangible results we experience around us.


Tuesday 3/19 is a Sun Ixion stepping stone and Pluto Vesta resource.  Ixion reveals our soul’s blueprint and promise in this lifetime, which requires an elevation of consciousness to awaken and acknowledge.   Once we do, the necessary transformation unfolds effortlessly, through our own fire of devotion to say “Yes” and make the necessary shifts.


On Wednesday 3/20, the Spring Equinox, Mars and Pluto are in a manifestation, Mercury and Saturn are in a resource, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Orcus, and the Sun enters Aries just before the Full Moon in Libra at 9:43pm ET.  Today is a HUGE day…the Equinox is a major calibration day of equality and equanimity, bringing us to the balance of yin and yang, dark and light.  When we can travel through both without resisting either, we are free to come full circle through our results and our relationships, without judgment or resistance.  When we bring that consciousness into all relationships, we calibrate our scales to Love, which changes everything and redefines what we think we’re seeing here on Earth.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Conscious Power, a mental body sign through the element of fire that sparks new creation from our thoughts.  Aries is ruled by Mars, which highlights the significance of our conscious thoughts in the way we take action in the physical world.  When we use our mental body power to consciously discipline the mind to think from the heart, to observe through the lens of equanimity, we become conscious creators, pioneering leaders, and responsible manifesters of the physical reality.  Libra represents Physical Power, our realization through the mirror that everything is our reflection, which empowers us to awaken, self realize, and thereby alter what’s possible in our reality.  Libra is ruled by Venus (3D) and Sedna (5D), which signifies the heart as the 5D lens and the universal record keeper that we meet and embrace when looking in the mirror.   This Full Moon in Libra (the moon is in the polar opposite position of the Sun) is especially dynamic because it occurs along the relationship axis, at 0 degrees, which is the purest power and innocence of the sign.  When we embark through life with a beginner’s mind, unattached to what we think we know, and free from any assumptions or projections, we can see clearly.  When we think we know everything, we project our assumptions onto the blank canvass before us, and continue to see only what we believe is true, based on the power of our own minds.  The ego can make a strong case towards believing in past patterns, stories, and results, whether conscious or unconscious, until we interrupt our “normal programming” and start to awaken to something different.  If we can remember the power of purity through equanimity, we can bring our full selves into an intimate relationship with the present moment, without any preconceived expectations or assumptions about what’s right in front of us.  This is the sweet spot of divine creation where we begin to see the infinite potential waiting to manifest, requiring only a blank space to finally show up.  As we wipe the slate clean with this Full Moon in Libra, we also recalibrate the scale to Love, which also recalibrates the mirror to clarity, so we can see things in a new light.  Imagine that nothing needs to be fixed, healed, or changed…the mirror only needs to be recalibrated and returned to the frequency of Love, restoring our vision and our ability to manifest infinite potential, crystal clear.


Thursday 3/21 is a Venus Eris resource, Venus Mars stepping stone, Venus Jupiter resource, Jupiter Vesta stepping stone, Sun Varuna manifestation, and Mars Jupiter great eliminator.  The heart awakens from within, shedding old skin and old attachments in order to elevate to a higher perspective of expansion.  We’re awakening higher vision from the heart, which allows us to expand through Love.  This opens the doorway for a profound connection through all the people, places, and scenarios we find ourselves in relationship with.


Friday 3/22 is a Mars Vesta resource, Sun Chiron conjunction for a new cycle, Venus Pallas manifestation, Uranus Varuna stepping stone, and Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator.  The new cycle of the Sun and Chiron brings our conscious attention to the journey of personal mastery, and the power we each have to discipline our minds through Love.  Again and again, this is the refined practice as we awaken a much higher scope of vision, and it’s life changing.


On Saturday 3/23, there’s a Black Moon Quaoar resource, Venus Haumea manifestation, Mars Pallas great eliminator, Neptune Juno stepping stone, Venus Sedna stepping stone, Sun Salacia conjunction, and Pallas Vesta great eliminator.   The new paradigm, infinite universal wholeness, reveals the oneness and unity in all things.  That universal wisdom is infused within our hearts, and is remembered through every glance in the mirror when we choose Love over resistance or fear.


And Sunday 3/24 is a Mercury Juno stepping stone, Sun Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus resource, Black Moon Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Neptune conjunction (2nd of 3), and Black Moon Ixion resource.   As our minds continue to upgrade to unity consciousness, we awaken, uncovering any patterns or limitations that have every clouded our vision or blocked the manifestation of a higher purpose.


The practice this week is to consciously discipline the observer’s mind to equanimity through meditation, and to open unconditionally to anything that has been previously unknown, misunderstood, or simply unavailable to see clearly.   This is a week to reveal the blindspots within our own inner operating system, so that we can begin to pioneer new results as conscious creators of the New Earth.  The ego must soften in order to see what we haven’t been able to see before, and equanimity is the practice of equality through the lens of love, from the heart.  This week has the potential to change everything, in the blink of an eye.


“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child—our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh

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For the week of March 11 - 17, 2019

This week is a radical game changer if we’re willing to refine our practice of observing through the lens of Love, thereby calibrating and creating the next moment as Love. We’re awakening and mastering higher vision from the heart, while grounding the consciousness of Love as the New Earth.


Mercury is retrograding through the Pisces ocean limitless possibilities - upgrading our capacity to observe with equanimity, with an open heart of compassion and grace. That IS our communication, our message, our gift, our contribution.   How we interface with and hold space for all that’s occurring makes the difference…not what we do, but how we’re being as everything comes to LIGHT and reveals what’s been hidden, suppressed, or withheld.


The insights and revelations continue this week as we continue to move forward in our reflection of the Pisces New Moon.  Moving forward, allowing the current to deliver the highest realizations and awakenings from the deepest reflections that could only occur with a retrograde Mercury, while swimming in the Pisces infinite ocean.  Navigating the current with grace and ease requires the ultimate surrendering of attachments, especially the attachments to our deepest core stories that add weight and gravity.


Compassion lightens up our being, making it easier to float and surrender to a higher vision that’s flowing through the current.  When we’re attached or fixed on a particular outcome, story, or agenda, we can get tangled up in the threads of tension and gravity, generating a drag against the movement of the current.  If we want to keep moving forward in our evolutionary path, we must practice swift surrender and let go of the drag that pulls us like an undertow current, making it more difficult to breathe.  Learning how to swim, without controlling the current, is important.  Learning to trust the divine flow, divine timing, and right alignment of all the pieces and parts that are coming together and coming to light is crucial.


What’s being refined right now is our capacity to navigate the unknown and uncertain waters with a clear mind, calibrated to equanimity as the awakened observer, with faith and trust.  Water is intuitive and ultra sensitive, any inclination of judgment or fear can be felt through the water, and instantly calibrates the water molecules into a structure that reflects those sensitivities.   If we can remain equanimous, our new structures will be crystalline reflections of Unconditional Love, universal sacred geometry.


Water is receptive to the thoughts we think, the intentions we set, and the volume of ease or resistance we generate moment to moment.  In such a fluid time, we’re literally creating the next moment and the new earth with every breath and each conscious response or unconscious knee jerk reaction.  If we can be clear in our intention to be the response of Love, unconditionally, then we can navigate the waters, no matter how choppy or turbulent they may be from time to time, building an infrastructure of sacred geometry as the new Earth below our feet, the new structure that is arising at the core of all that’s brand new.


The old structures of distortion and chaos are simultaneously rising to the surface through our consciousness as they emerge for clearing, and our willingness to receive those waves with compassion, grace, and non-attachment are super important right now.  If we get snagged or triggered by what we see, we become attached and even attracted to the very structures that are releasing for recycling.  If we don’t allow those old threads to recycle, we’ll continue to repeat them again and again by pulling them back into our consciousness and starting all over again.


Messages in water, our communication calibrates the molecular structure of water into universal brilliance or distortion, and our willingness to observe our own creation in motion is what gives us the instant feedback so we can shift and elevate in the moment.


In order to have a healthy relationship with feedback, being responsive to what we witness, we must be fine tuned in our consciousness of Love and equanimity, as the neutral observer, seeing everything through the lens of Love.  When we notice ourselves generating distorted structures, we must soften with compassion, remember what matters most, and elevate our frequency.  We are the conscious creators of the new Earth, and nothing is set in stone.  We’re making it up as we go, which requires in-the-moment intimate connection and a fluid relationship with feedback, and the refined mastery to witness and choose again.  If we hold onto any resentment, regrets, or judgments over past choices, actions, or creations, we cloud the very water we’re manifesting from in this moment.  Keeping our water clean requires us to continually operate on a black slate of forgiveness, grace, compassion, and Love.  There’s no time for anything else.


The week begins on Monday 3/11 with a Venus Ceres resource, Black Moon Neptune conjunction, and Mercury stepping stone with the Galactic Center.   Venus is still moving through Aquarius, which means the heart is awakening to higher vision, a vision of Divine Love for our planet and all of humanity is being birthed through the consciousness of our awakened hearts.  This week is clearing the blockages and congestion from our realization of that new vision as the veils are lifting and our inner messenger is receptive to every reflection through the lens of Love.


On Tuesday 3/12, there’s a Black Moon Mars resource, a Mercury(rx) Haumea great eliminator, Mercury (rx) Sedna resource, Haumea Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn resource, and Ceres Juno bridge.  The unveiling becomes very tangible and physical this week, as we see physical evidence and materialized clearings that shed light on the whole picture, connecting the dots and restoring integrity to the full story.  As we fill in the gaps of anything that’s been confusing or limited in our scope of awareness until now, we can finally see clearly and deliver clearest reflection in the mirror, which prompts a massive opportunity for refinement and recalibration through unconditional Love.


Remember, in every moment we have the choice to respond with Love or Fear, and as more revelations come to the Light, it’s important to choose Love as the calibrating force that elevates and purifies our collective water.  How we witness and observe the events around us is more important than what we’re observing or witnessing.  By the time we’ve observed something, it’s already occurred.  How we hold our consciousness as the observer is what creates new vibrational currents set in motion moving forward.  If we get triggered by the revelation of past events, we get tangled up in the gravitational pull, creating a drag in the momentum, instead of riding the wave and calibrating the water as we go.   Water in motion becomes purified.  Congested water becomes stagnant, heavy, and cloudy with residue.


Wednesday 3/13, the Black Moon conjuncts Vesta, the Sun and Pluto are resourceful, Venus is in a resource with the Great Attractor, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Jupiter.  Our fire of devotion is committed to the liberation of truth telling and the freedom that results.  Transformation occurs instantly when the gravitational weight of suppression is lifted and the truth comes out.  We can only expand when we let go of any density of weight that has been confining and heavy.  Holding on is an act of control that limits the available space for growth and expansion.  Our hearts are attracted to something greater, and it’s time to let go and stretch wide open.


On Thursday 3/14, Mars manifests with Saturn, the Black Moon turns retrograde and revisits all of the aspects so far this week and taking a deep dive into the reverberation from the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Vesta, uncovering and liberating anything that might be blocking or congesting the manifestation of new beginnings in the infinite ocean of possibility.  The Black Moon retrogrades back to Vesta, and the Sun conjuncts Mercury rx.  Mars and Saturn manifest the new potential that grounds the higher authority and integrity of the heart.


Friday 3/15, the Black Moon Mars resource is revisited, Mercury rx is in a stepping stone with Jupiter, and Jupiter forms a manifestation with Eris.  Another day of expansion by stretching through the old limitations, shedding the old skin of our previous default settings, and revealing the newness that already exists below the surface.  Our new skin is already illuminated with the new sacred geometry, the new molecular structure of unconditional Love.  As we shed the old debris, the density and heaviness of our old skin, we reveal the newness of our awakened consciousness, already grounded into our cells.  New ground arises from the inside out, and requires an exfoliation of the old in order to realize the new.


On Saturday 3/16, the Black Moon rx is resourceful with Saturn, Mercury rx is resourceful with Pluto.  This new skin from yesterday reveals the new identity, structure, and integrity, emerging from our transformational journey and path of evolution.  We’ve all been through so much, and our physical structures are truly beginning to reveal the newness, the reflection of our higher consciousness integrating in physical form in a tangible, visceral structure.


And Sunday 3/17 is a Sun Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon rx conjunction with Neptune, Sun Sedna resource, Sun Pallas great eliminator, Mercury rx Vesta conjunction, Pallas Sedna great eliminator, Sun stepping stone with the Galactic Center, Juno bridge with the Great Attractor, and Mercury rx Mars resource.  Our wholeness is coming to Light, in crystalline clarity, revealing wisdom from every stage of this metamorphosis.  Like a puzzle coming together, every piece and every part, connecting the dots and illuminating, within and without.  Every moment of awakening reveals higher wisdom through compassion and understanding.


The practice this week is to observe the physical sensations within your own body to sense feedback messages of surrender or resistance.  No matter what’s occurring, practice surrendering to the experience and maintaining equanimity with compassion, grace, and ease, allowing emotions to rise and fall like waves, as you remain centered, clear, and neutral, as Love.  Practice riding the waves, letting go with each rise and fall, feeling your way through the movement of the current, while awakening the crystalline structure of your water molecules.  When you surf the waves as the response of Love, the collective water calibrates to reveal sacred geometry of Love, and that very structure becomes the new ground below your feet.  Remember, we’re awakening higher consciousness and grounding it into our cells and the Earth, through the vast ocean of water that makes up 70-80% of everything physical, including our cells and the earth.  How well we ride the waves determines the conscious creation of crystalline structures within the same collective water that’s producing the waves…eventually the waves flatten and what remains is crystalline consciousness, the new structure of creation.


“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” 
― Masaru Emoto, Secret Life of Water


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