Some of the numbers: 6:6:12 6:6:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day:  6
This is one of those days with Stagates all around; 6:6, a soft 6:6:6, 12:12, and 3:3.   The first thing that comes through here, is that we have definitely anchored into a new place (post Solstice). These Stargates may not have the intensity that we're used to. In fact, today brings an atmosphere of peace.
The parts are finding their places.  We're finding the Divine synthesis that results when the separate parts are brought conscious, purified, and balanced…. and  a tipping point is reached where parts connect in a Divine configuration that brings them transcendent. They become more than what they were, in Union, and enter a higher frequency space, running different Light codes of Creative power.  
Some will now be arriving at a completion point with their inner trinity, allowing for entirely new frequencies to run inbody, bringing restoration, balance, and power to the embodiment of SoulSource.  This may result in a completely new reality for certain groups. Others will now enter an accelerated phase of conscious Ascension, noticing the Divine design in their path, and ushering them into empowered engagement.   
What LIghts up most today, is the amplified Christ Heart.  Our collective frequency shift means that when we tune into Heart, we can dial into the now fuller  bandwidth of Unified LIght on Earth. Meaning all Souls, ALL groups that are willing, can open their Hearts to the Unified Light channel that is live now, all the time.  A question for the second half of the year will be: "how much Love will we allow". And the answer will be different than before.
We have collectively dissolved some major separation barriers.  The shadow wobble that was common after Light immersions isn't the same.  We can stay in the Unified Heart field, aligned with that Love frequency…. when we choose. All the time.
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Some of the Numbers: 6:5:12 6:5:3 11:12 2:3
Distilled number of the day: 5
As we exit the Solstice we move straight into Mastering where we find ourSelves now.  It's becoming crystal clear this year, progress will not wait - it is here and Now. Today's '5' comprised of a '2' and '3', ask how much of our Soul and Humanity will be included in our new space -  post Solstice. Will we heed the call to open parts of Heart and Soul that were closed in surviving 3d density. Will we make use of the new m/f balance to include sacred child aspects within that were guarded for safety, for decades.  
There is invitation today to open to all that spans before us now, to let ourSevles be anchored and elevated in this new space… to relax reaching and seaking, for a day.  Here we can catch up to where we are and register what we did in the first half of the year.   
The golden horizons we gazed at in approach, are the ground we stand on now.  We have planted our flag in New Earth. What is asked of us is to not turn our backs on any part of self that may not yet trust or understand where we're at, to allow them to catch up and be included in the New potentials of Love.  
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Today's Numbers:  6:4:12 6:4:3 10:12 1:3
Number of the Month (month and year): 9 Overall number of the day:   4
We're about ready for some '4's, there haven't been many lately (in the date numbers).  Nine days before the end of our '9' month. we have repeat '2's yielding the '4' of today's date, and a soft 4:4 Stargate from the days' date with the sum of all the numbers.  
Although these '4's work in the field of other numbers, we will be aware of their foundation sway.  With this,
we alchemize the remnants of  
who we had to be to survive, with
what we are here to become.
Any place where we may have delayed this, knocks again today.  With our subtle senses we get the scale of what we're doing now.;  reaching further back and further ahead, becoming more powerful in the present.
The completions now have a real feeling of finality.  Ego isn't fond of this, because it threatens loss. Today we can hold the center where Human/Earth Heart intersects with Divine purpose…. and let ourselves be stretched.  
Whatever shape our new personal roles take, they'll have  a shared feature; they won't be small. Nothing smaller than our honest Divine nature will do.  When we let that come through in all we do, we are home again.  
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Today's  numbers: 6:3:12 6:3:3 9:12 9:3
Number of the month: 9 Overall number of the day:  12/3
And back to Stargates for the Solstice.  Today: an overt 3:3 stargate, soft 9:9 and triple '3' stargates.  And in the remaining third of the month we work with the '3' energies more fully.  
Today is a lot about the bright Light of a push through a portal.  Full, exuberant, electric (somewhat different in the southern hemisphere, but with the same strength).  A Divine pivot towards change that moves with Earth's seasons. When we tune into this Solstice, time may stand still.  The message from the numbers is for each to heed the call of our Highest path. If we're squarely on it and we've been there, or if we're waking up to it now, the road just got bigger, more connected, and brighter.   Our Love influence on the planet is given a boost today, becoming stronger and going directly where it's needed.
This is an important day to remember how much we radiate when we enjoy ouSelves, when we are simply BEing ourselves and enjoying that, we illuminate the Earth plane.   
We can not measure the reach of our Light, nor can it be contained.    We are Lighting up here like never before, in unique and Unified ways.   The LIght is reaching a planetary crescendo and we can move through the Solstice in full faith; that what we are here to do is complete, is happening, and will be done.
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