Some of the numbers: 7:6:12 7:6:3 4:12 4:3
Distilled number of the day:   7 Number of the month:    10/1
Crossing into mid-month, the fullness of what we're moving towards increases and we can surely all feel it.   There's a real sense that we're working with 2020 timelines already, that part of us has made contact on next year's shore - it's that important... and messages are relayed from 2020 to present, so we can sync up,  root down and use our Cosmic smarts; to live in present moment Love as the law of Human life. 
Those that have been "waiting", now realize that choice is waiting for them, to choose what they've always wanted and now have the strength to see through.  Those that pushed ahead in the ego lane, circle back around to merge with their authentic nature, and cross the bridge with others, into the Light.  
The number combo I didn't list above is the month followed by day plus year, 7:9.  Dissolution, digestion, composting of old happens in tandem with birthing the New.   What used to weigh us down gives us strength as flexible roots. What used to discourage, is now the call to Soul power.  And what used to block us, reveals our 5d ability to walk through walls. Separation is not our reality when we are whole within.  There is no enemy when all our parts are known as Love. The new frontier emerges and it IS Love and It is us.  
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Some of the numbers: 7:5:12 7:5:3 12:12 3:3
Another 3:3 stargate already.  This one's subtle, but it will do.  These 3:3 portals, also being 12:12's, open a place where Spiritual authority supports and protects our need to Create/Play.   No longer one or the other; authority or play - which was part of old world dynamics:    the one that had to 'keep things going', take care of business, did not indulge in play either because it put order and well being at risk, or it compromised persona, wasn't dignified, clever, or composed.  The one that played could be doted on, enjoyed for their naivety, but the one who played was not trusted with authority - the very fact that they still retained the capacity for (pure) play deemed them incapable of having authority.  
Although the stargate is subtle, the Trinity energy is strong today.  Now we are the loving, nurturing feminine bringing beauty and desire, we are the compassionate and strong masculine that knows when to protect, when to support, when to act, and  when to receive, AND we are the child that weaves new worlds through play.  
The most intelligent design comes through what is  naturally joyful.  
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Some of the numbers:    7:4:12   7:4:3 11:12 2:3
Distilled number of the day:   5 Number of the month: 10/1
We are doing paradigm shifting work this month, and not at the conceptual levels, but where spirit meets matter, where culminated Light potentials transform, form.  
Today's '4' gives us the structure for strength going forward.  The '4' is in balanced concert with a range of numbers. We have all the access we need to embrace any place we used to bypass;  to let the gravity of our Human experience intersect with the "lighter" potentials of our purpose 
- this grounds our Light into useable form and 
lightens stuck patterns to flow with purpose.   
There is so much substance to our life shifts that this month is looking like two in one.  As we reach the halfway mark of the month, we are preparing collectively to make full potential of the second half of our '7' month.  There is Spiritual confidence building for what we can accomplish in the rest of July, in this precipice of Earth change. The collective Higher agreement is to not slow down because of how much we've accomplished, but to make use of the wind in our sails, and in these next two weeks of '7' energy, really see what we can do 
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Some of the numbers:  7:12:12 7:3:3 10:12 1:3
Distilled number of the day:   4 Number of the month:  10/1
Nothing like a 3:3 stargate to bring some fresh breeze into Human life where it's  needed.  
While we focus on Higher potentials by choice, denied shadow demands to be acknowledged… essential for purifying past and coming into present moment balance.  . For every place that we have reached for Light and pushed away a shadow counterpart, those shadow aspects swell and push back to get our attention... and pressure builds until we yield to what is natural to include.  
As we walk into the second half of the year, we find a different relationship with shadow.   As one half of the dual realm experience, It just is. When we don't hide our fears in shadow, they don't jump out to scare us later.  
Our neutral experience of shadow going forward is an invaluable asset.  We need (pure) shadow to anchor and stabilize our Light.  We honor shadow so it can have it's yin role within. The restoration of feminine shadow gives us fortitude to stand in our Soular purpose.  
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