Today's numbers: 8:9:12 8:9:3 8:3 8:3
Distilled number of the day: 11 Number of the Month: 11
Since looking at numbers is something I do often, I love it when like today, I am truly surprised. The repeat 8:3 that you see above, comes from the two different ways of distilling: 8:9:3.
If you swing the '9' in the middle to the left and add it to the '8', you get '17', which is '8', next to the '3' of the year, 8:3. If you swing the '9' in the middle to the right and add it to the '3' of the year, you get 12, which turns back into '3', with the '8' of the month to the left, that's 8:3. Again. Then we have the 2 '11's, the sum of month + year, and the sum of all the numbers in today's date. These are some Cosmically organized numbers. Testament to the emerging Divine order in the midst of chaos.
Some of you may have been noticing lately, that when you try to make things in your day, tasks, go according to plans that used to work, there's disruption, things flip, you adjust, then they change again. These lower order disruptions quicken us to surrender to our Higher Selves, and having adapted to 3d, this can be a leap of Faith. Even when we know that what we are surrendering to our Higher Selves isn't make or break, to relinquish the human controls that we needed, that worked, is unnerving. It sends the old mind reeling.
It's a time to be gentle with ourSelves at the Human level, while we practice authority in aligning with Higher Self, again and again. Faith is the fuel and liberation the result.
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Today's numbers: 8:8:12 8:8:3 8:11 7:3
Distilled number of the day: 10/1 Number of the month: 11
The place to start today is our 8:8 Stargate, though this one is strikingly different than the others of August, including the big one. That Lion's Gate was rigorous for many. It took us to the edge, or to several of them. We were able to keep pace because (for the most part) it was clear how supported we were through that big push, and that the polarity confrontations were so direct because they demanded that we break free.
This Stargate, days beyond the close of the Lion's Gate, brings an alchemizing effect, with one goal: transcendence. Many reading may be clear about this and/or living, standing in transcendence already. For those that aren't, trust that whatever this day brings is your fast track train ride beyond old limits, and by opening our Hearts to our inner experience, then to the outer event, we find the needed release
The grandeur of what stretches before us on near horizons is too pure, too big for words. Fortunately, we get grounded progression into our new world. And as we live it with our senses, words will surely come. I'll close today with a deep bow to everyone who has come here now, chosen Love over fear, over and over again, as part of our Unified movement into Light.
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Today's numbers: 8:7:12 8:7:3 8:1 6:3
Distilled number of the day: 9 Number of the month: 11/2
There's something entirely new coming through as of today and I've yet to clarify what it is. The numbers are communicating in a different way. For the nuts and bolts, we move now into the second half of the month, steady working with codes for 2020. It may not be that noticeable that we are working with what we will do next year, because we are quickly learning to use our multi-D skills and it may already feel normal to be working with 2020 Creation timelines!? Here we can remember that most of our true Creator skills have been dormant. When they are reactivating we may be dazzled, and once we've gone around the block with them they feel normal ...it's just who we are.
Moving into the second half of the month we can tune into the '2' of the month, sum of the '11'. The '2' hasn't come forward until now, but it will help us find our stronger than ever m/f balance as we stretch into our potential towards next year.
Today's '9' folds in to give us easy prep for September (9) as we enter the second half of August. I use the word "easy" for a reason. For all of the dedication it has taken to get HERE, we now have access to Unity Creation timelines, which in daily life brings the experience of what we need just being there. With things small, big, or both. Life details that we use to have to "work" to track, organize, are falling into place, according to designs that are: natural… (not survival 3d patterns).
The standout theme of the day maybe just this: to notice where what we need, desire, have envisioned, is already there, just as we need/wish. or better. Any place where we can notice and move with the physical experience of these Higher realities frees us from old constraints.
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Today's numbers: 8:6:12 8:6:3 8:9 5:3
Distilled number of the day: 8 Number of the month: 11
Now we are in an arrival space. Today is an especially good day to walk/run or drive a new route to a usual place. To let hair, clothes, persona be different, more relaxed than usual or more expressive if it's fun. This is also a star day to make a notation of some type; a drawing, poem, journal entry. If we had the space and leisure of noting days to remember, this might be one of them.
The distilled '8' of the day in combo with the '8' of August gives us more integration, clarity of what opened on 8/8. For many, 8/8 brought self-revelation with long history and future purpose. Today gives us space to integrate the crossover of 8/8. With this, we may find balanced ground under our feet, giving us feeling feedback of new wholeness within ...which is what we go forward with. This steady wholeness is what we use to Create the world we know we're meant to live in.
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