Today's numbers: 8:5:12 8:5:3 8:8 4:3
Distilled number of the day: 7 Number of the month: 11
The 8:8 Stargate today lends continuity from THE 8/8 crossing into the Lion's Gate portal. And continuity is a welcome asset now. This is not continuity of form, but of energy. In case we weren't keenly aware, the physical forms of life are in flux.
This energetic continuity helps us see, feel, "get" that we move with the Higher order that brings change. When we see the intelligent design in the 'chaos', we can embrace it, to find that we are part of the Divine force driving the change. This puts us in the eye of the storm when resolving density, or above the storm for New Creation… for most, it's some of both.
Though the Lion's Gate closed on the 12th, today reads as a marker in its own right. We are not going to have a set rhythm for progress right now. This month is like a dance class where it's slow music one minute, fast the next. As long as we are feeling the rhythm, hearing the melody, we can move with it, and quick change is ok. There's exhilaration in seeing how skilled we've become this year.
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Today's numbers: 8:4:12 8:4:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day: 6 Number of the month: 11
And yet another 3:3 Stargate to ramp off the Lion's Gate into the landscape where we gather ourselves, orient, and learn what we can do now. The '4' of the day is noticeable in a new way. As we sync with 2020 Creation timelines, prepare to see '2's, '4's, synchronistically. Our DNA are calibrating to bring our body matrix current with the Higher Creation timelines for next year and beyond. We are working directly with 2020 codes now. I have been noticing in the last couple of weeks, new Light coming with '4's… they are bringing new messages and becoming almost? fun.
Moving quickly now, (if "quickly" is a way to say beyond time), we can already use this '4' to structure what came online through the Lion's Gate. It sounds too soon/fast as I write it, but if we're not bound to time, then why wait. And many of us have "waited" for lifetimes.
We will need pause gaps for our bodies to catch up. Alternating with building inner and outer structures with what is newly available.
This 3:3 Stargate today has a stunning gift, showing us how to build foundations with the New LIght, according to true Self…. all foundational work for new comes from our essence, Light, emerging Soul power.
We have finished programming our minds, bodies lives according to "something else". Those days are. done. and the more we remember that, the sooner we live it. We are now the architects, construction leads, programmers, designers, and decorators of our "worlds"... within and without.
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Today's numbers: 8:12:12 8:3:3 8:6 11:12
Distilled number of the day: 5 Number of the month: 11
These are some bright stargazing numbers for the last day of the Lion's Gate. Of course, what we're experiencing in the Lion's Gate isn't finished today. We're just beginning to use these downloads and activations that we go forward with for the year, and in this case, these Lion's Gate infusions bring codes for the rest of our incarnation.
Today we have 12:12 and 3:3 Stargates, fueled by the 11:12, on the last day of this portal. These very cosmic numbers are balanced by the distilled number of the day, '5', which helps us include Soul, deep feminine, grounded Earth, as we access Higher potentials all. day.
This 3:3 Stargate, with the other numbers, ensures that we have access to what we need personally, to progress whole as Divine Human Creators. Any parts left out, misunderstood, not valued as they could be (within) are revealed quickly in this Light. The starkness of reveals is followed by revelations and Love that answers the call of what was separate. We've known that it's not natural for any part of us to be trapped in a state less than Love. But that conceptual awareness is so different than finally getting those trapped/separate parts plugged back into the flow of Love. This work sounds basic because it is. And it is requisite for being grounded channels of Light. We go forward whole in a world of fragmentation, and others begin to "see" what was missing, what is possible, by returning to Love within.
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Today's Numbers: 8:11:12 8:2:3 8:5 1:3
Distilled Number of the day:  4 Number of the month:  11
I am finding this to be the most powerful Lion's Gate in a while, actually the most powerful of my lifetime, and I know the same is true for many.  This one is amplified in strength and scope, beyond past years. We are undeniably moving through this Lion's Gate in a more collective way.  And that is amplifying our personal experience of the portal  in whichever ways we need most.  
This passage is a live pulsing movement through multidimensional change that is MCed by the Sirians in league with our Higher Souls and other Galactic allies.  This is a full team heave-ho to get all. of. ourSelves and as much of the collective as possible across the threshold into Higher timelines.  
The '11' of the month echos the direct number of the day.  Without needing to "try" in the old sense, we will use these '11's from many angles.  Nothing is being left out, which at times makes it impossible to know for sure which direction things are moving, while we are also stabilizing more of ourselves into Divine order.  
The fabric of old reality is being stretched at the seams to unravel  Things recently "solid" now disappear, reappear, or are more like a mirage.  But the substance of our essence is more "here", online, present... and that changes everything.  It is best now to trust that what we need to see will find us and demand to be noticed, that the steps we need to take are magnetizing our feet as our Crystalline Earth connection changes,  While the structures of old self/reality dissolve, our true Divine strength emerges.
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