Some of the numbers: 7:10:12 7:1:3 7:4 8:3
Distilled number of the day:  11 Number of the month: 10/1
These final days of the month, of the wormhole, entering the Lion's Gate, are stretching our sense of what change means.  Strong among those Ascending and present if subtle among groups in 3d, is an undeniable sense that we have entered a phase of change that we've not seen the likes of before.  There's an un-nameable knowing that we've been preparing for this, and now that it's here, it's so very present, that it. just is.  
Each in our place, pace, way, we move Unified through these days, letting ourSelves be brought into an expanded version of Self that we LIve out loud in 2020… and will be growing towards quickly in between.  
The front line energies from today's numbers are quiet.  Giving space to all of the essentials that run deep through history and future, parts of our purpose that now shift and move.  Today has inception point energies with the '1' of the day in combo with overall '1' of the month. We may notice the background '4' for and distilled '11' calling us to include essential aspects of self, easy or not.  
The message for the day:  everything we move through here is sacred.  What's timing out and emerging anew is so simultaneous, things blur and loose definition as they move forward, back, and parallel in time.  
THIS is the time to trust, far and wide, how our Higher Selves and Hearts carry us through a portal we prepared for long ago.  
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Some of the numbers: 7:11:12 7:2:3 9:12 9:3
Distilled number of the day:  12/3 Number of the month: 10/1
These following 3 days are the time to realize, release, reclaim what we need to in the '7' energy of this month. 
 In these final July days we can take stock of how we relate to our physical environment, our bodies, the fact that we. are. here and it cannot be by accident…. and  how we relate to our extended lives, and the world at large.  
Noticing:  Does our Earth life mirror what we know we are/can do.  Is it steeped in past burdens, bright with potential, a combo of both - and where do we stand in that.  Where do we place ourselves in the reflections of our physical life. Is it still something that is happening TO us, or will we embrace the reflections for how they wake us up, fuel our purpose, and bring us back to Love.  
Not to be missed today, is the chance for next level mastery of inner balance.  The dynamic between our two primary halves, between our m/f,  largely determines the dynamic between inner and outer. If we don't like what's happening between us and the mirror of outer life, that is a gift as well, pointing us toward what awaits within, to be seen and understood -  to find balance; the balance between the part in need/dissatisfied, and the part hostile or withholding.  When the unrest of inner polarity is seen for what it is, Love flows everywhere… nothing is excluded.  And weary parts of us are renewed, hopeful, happy to have a place.  
Our relationship to self within IS the design that we extend to the outer world.  As it returns to its natural state, a world of Love rises again. The manifest results are close, and it is time. 
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Some of the numbers: 7:9:12 7:9:3 7:3 7:3
Distilled Number of the day: 10/1 number of the month: 10/1
Wow these are wild numbers.  The repeat above is not a typo.  It's the result of the same number sums when adding the numbers the different ways [day+month, next to the year = 7:3, and month next to the day+year = 7:3].  
This is an unusual, swinging, soft Stargate.  WITH the repeat '1's from the number of the day overall (all the numbers) and the month overall (month+year).  I hope that doesn't' get confusing. It's such an unusual day that it's worth explaining. And if it does get confusing, please don't waste a moment on brain strain.  Looking at the numbers listed at the top and noticing, feeling what you do - or don't, is plenty... or let your Heart tell you. Even though we're looking into number portals, there's not much 'heady' about it. 
Here we are:  the entrance to physical life in the MultiVerse.   This is a good day to consider letting yourself free write, draw, or whatever recorded creative work you like, where there's some visual record of what came through.  Because there is communication through what remains of the veils today, more than what's usually available. Making it a good day to practice how we use our expanding skill set.  Some wobble is a given. What's important is to keep stepping into our expanding range of multi-D skills... while being Crystal clear about how we want to use new skills given the trajectories we came from and where we want to go.  
Lot's to do learning the Light ropes of Higher living… but it's not busy, pressured, or fraught with shoulds of the past.  This is the realm of High Light we knew we were headed to.  How we translate our new access into Earth life is for us to explore and delight in as we learn. 
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Some of the numbers: 7:8:12 7:8:3 6:12 6:3
Distilled number of the day: 9 Number of the month:  10/1
Ready for more number magic? here it is:  Today's direct '8' keys what we're completing in July directly into what we want for August.  The distilled '9' of the day supports full circle completion of what we've been  doing that spans MUCH longer than a month, to free us up for the fullest possible emergence in August.  The background '6' smooths our July integrations of June energies. We're working with time in multiple directions here, for the most Grace-filled transition into our powerful next new. 
Also the Lion's Gate activation energies show up with substance today, already.  Meaning we are working with what we'll do in the Lions Gate, not conceptually, but directly. now. 
The construct of our purpose desire being fulfilled on some distant horizon, has expired.  That's not how we "work" anymore. And while our brains, beliefs, direction of our energy will need "time" to catch up with: how unbound by time we are, we can open the view of how new our landscape is.  For all the waiting we've done (in a sense), for personal progress, world change, the now anchored reality is that we aren't waiting for anything.  We may wait out of perceptual habit. But post Solstice the New is here; waiting for us.  The question now is, how long do we wait when we don't need to… do we like? stalling still... and really, what for.  
The trick is that we can revisit old realities as many times as we like - pop in to see what might still be there.  We may need to do this some to experience, undeniably, that while old realities look on the surface like they are still the same place, we will be alien to them when we try to live there now.  
We didn't do all of this work to stay in 3d.. we didn't' actually KNOW what the transition would be like, but here it is.  In fact, when we knock on the door of old worlds, we may find dust and cobwebs, like a ghost town in the old west that surely was real, but there's no "current" life there.  
 What a wild fun task to catch up to the liberated results of what we've done. 
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