Some of the numbers: 7:7:12 7:7:3 7:1
Distilled number of the day:    8 Overall number of the month: 10/1
This is an important 7:7 Stargate, pronounced in it's energy as it opens the final week of July, the 7th month.  A 7:7 Stargate initiating the last 7 days of the '7' month. This energy is so forward, center, that we may want to also tune into the overall '8' of the day, which helps bridge us into the energy of August.  And as we enter this final week, it helps to stay connected to the general '1' frequency of the month (A seed of Pure potential). 
 There's a stark call through these number portals, asking:
What do you want:  to access, expand into, bring to life, Create
What do you desire, most, for yourSelf, without compromise. Right now.  
If we take a moment and a breath to let the Heart answer, something may come that surprises even the most awake among us,  because this is the day for it. And one of the most awe inspiring experiences as a Cosmic being in Human form, is when something new emerges from the pure truth of why we're here.  When something central rises that sheds new light on our existence… and elevates our view of what we can do.  
If you don't have an arising of vision/desire today, you can trust that your purpose dreams ARE being energized through this Stargate.  That it's working with, through and for you, and the realization will find you at the right time.  
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Some of the numbers: 7:6:12 4:12 4:3 7:9
Distilled Number of the day:   7 Number of the month:   10/1
These numbers are like Cosmic Clock work.  No matter how familiar I feel with how they work, they dazzle and surprise me again.  Following yesterday's Soul stillpoint Stargate, these numbers are about progress… and offer us a couple of options: 1) we can see how much we have ACTUALLY done, personal change work that we can't measure or may not be seeing the results of in outer life (yet), but today can give us a solid inner sense of the substance of what we have achieved, and how we can build on it, and option 2) we get to see an important area of needed progress that wasn't obvious before, where we can choose, engage, and succeed at in area of life that has gone astray, and that we can now make our own.  
These numbers may bring us into immersive change before we've oriented to the day.  To the extent we are willing, a lot can be done today. The energy is so strong, that we will want to notice if we are holding our breath, holding our energy, forcing anything that could be allowed to flow.  As we graduate to Higher dimensional living in a physical world, it's imperative that we learn our way of navigating a bigger range of options in daily life, to notice how our moment to moment use of life force, focus, emotional energy, determines our access and experience.
Today may we may need personal time out's to allow our bodies to calibrate to Higher order.  And having done our best, trust. that. it's enough ... that our Higher will is steering the ship.  While our ground level work is saying ok and embracing it. 
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Some of the numbers: 7:5:12 7:5:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day: 6 Number of the month: 10/1
There's almost nothing left that is 'ordinary' about how we are moving through time and cycles of change.  This first month of the second half of our '3' year, being a '1' also, feels like the start of a second year.  
The amazing Cosmic thing about numbers, is that the same numbers don't always work in the same way.  Even though in this context, we're not looking at the numbers right alongside personal and collective astrology, and other big/relevant effects like Soular flares/storms, it is ALL working together, all the time.  We look at the info in categories to help our wee brains stretch towards all things interconnected. I mention this because the 3:3 Stargate today is showing up so differently than the last one we had just days ago.  
The numbers today bring a simple message of: Soul completion, the type where ongoing cycles complete and converge into a single point.  
That completion point of this Soul cycle
will expand as the seed of new, 
in our "second year" in 2019.  
We don't have to look to the past to see how we can improve the present or Create the future.  The present future doesn't come from our past, but from the past completion point which is the inception of New. Now we bridge to the future from completion of past, not continuation of it.
This is a Stargate for being in a stillpoint with Self… so the New can be born through you. 
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Some of the numbers: 7:4:12 7:4:3 11:12 7:7
Distilled number of the day;  5 Number of the month: 10/1
Hopefully you had a breather yesterday, at least a gentle moment of "space in between", because these are some powerful numbers today, in which we come more fully online to LIVE our Spiritual authority in our Human lives...  or be shown where we can.  
The '4' intersection of the day will be felt as well.  The '4's lately are undeniable, and doing their job even in singles or subtle form, not just stargates.  For this '4' we're shown where it seems we can't bring our Highest fullest expression of Self into physical life….where our physical experience distracts us from  what our Hearts know is possible.   
What we're shown today is:  where we can access Spirit powered life that shows up when we do.  If there's a place we could act, and haven't, today may be the day.  If there's room for more Trust in the power of our Presence, today we can dial it up.  
Some will start the day aware of their  inner superhero, or be faced with challenge that seems too big straight away… but the type of challenge we face today will bring forth our latent powers, quickly.  As long as we respond to what the day brings as opportunity to: realize more of our Divine power in form… in body, in life, and in Creating the New world.  
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