Today's numbers: 8:7:12 8:7:3 8:1 6:3
Distilled number of the day: 9 Number of the month: 11/2
There's something entirely new coming through as of today and I've yet to clarify what it is. The numbers are communicating in a different way. For the nuts and bolts, we move now into the second half of the month, steady working with codes for 2020. It may not be that noticeable that we are working with what we will do next year, because we are quickly learning to use our multi-D skills and it may already feel normal to be working with 2020 Creation timelines!? Here we can remember that most of our true Creator skills have been dormant. When they are reactivating we may be dazzled, and once we've gone around the block with them they feel normal ...it's just who we are.
Moving into the second half of the month we can tune into the '2' of the month, sum of the '11'. The '2' hasn't come forward until now, but it will help us find our stronger than ever m/f balance as we stretch into our potential towards next year.
Today's '9' folds in to give us easy prep for September (9) as we enter the second half of August. I use the word "easy" for a reason. For all of the dedication it has taken to get HERE, we now have access to Unity Creation timelines, which in daily life brings the experience of what we need just being there. With things small, big, or both. Life details that we use to have to "work" to track, organize, are falling into place, according to designs that are: natural… (not survival 3d patterns).
The standout theme of the day maybe just this: to notice where what we need, desire, have envisioned, is already there, just as we need/wish. or better. Any place where we can notice and move with the physical experience of these Higher realities frees us from old constraints.
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Today's numbers: 8:6:12 8:6:3 8:9 5:3
Distilled number of the day: 8 Number of the month: 11
Now we are in an arrival space. Today is an especially good day to walk/run or drive a new route to a usual place. To let hair, clothes, persona be different, more relaxed than usual or more expressive if it's fun. This is also a star day to make a notation of some type; a drawing, poem, journal entry. If we had the space and leisure of noting days to remember, this might be one of them.
The distilled '8' of the day in combo with the '8' of August gives us more integration, clarity of what opened on 8/8. For many, 8/8 brought self-revelation with long history and future purpose. Today gives us space to integrate the crossover of 8/8. With this, we may find balanced ground under our feet, giving us feeling feedback of new wholeness within ...which is what we go forward with. This steady wholeness is what we use to Create the world we know we're meant to live in.
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Today's numbers: 8:5:12 8:5:3 8:8 4:3
Distilled number of the day: 7 Number of the month: 11
The 8:8 Stargate today lends continuity from THE 8/8 crossing into the Lion's Gate portal. And continuity is a welcome asset now. This is not continuity of form, but of energy. In case we weren't keenly aware, the physical forms of life are in flux.
This energetic continuity helps us see, feel, "get" that we move with the Higher order that brings change. When we see the intelligent design in the 'chaos', we can embrace it, to find that we are part of the Divine force driving the change. This puts us in the eye of the storm when resolving density, or above the storm for New Creation… for most, it's some of both.
Though the Lion's Gate closed on the 12th, today reads as a marker in its own right. We are not going to have a set rhythm for progress right now. This month is like a dance class where it's slow music one minute, fast the next. As long as we are feeling the rhythm, hearing the melody, we can move with it, and quick change is ok. There's exhilaration in seeing how skilled we've become this year.
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Today's numbers: 8:4:12 8:4:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day: 6 Number of the month: 11
And yet another 3:3 Stargate to ramp off the Lion's Gate into the landscape where we gather ourselves, orient, and learn what we can do now. The '4' of the day is noticeable in a new way. As we sync with 2020 Creation timelines, prepare to see '2's, '4's, synchronistically. Our DNA are calibrating to bring our body matrix current with the Higher Creation timelines for next year and beyond. We are working directly with 2020 codes now. I have been noticing in the last couple of weeks, new Light coming with '4's… they are bringing new messages and becoming almost? fun.
Moving quickly now, (if "quickly" is a way to say beyond time), we can already use this '4' to structure what came online through the Lion's Gate. It sounds too soon/fast as I write it, but if we're not bound to time, then why wait. And many of us have "waited" for lifetimes.
We will need pause gaps for our bodies to catch up. Alternating with building inner and outer structures with what is newly available.
This 3:3 Stargate today has a stunning gift, showing us how to build foundations with the New LIght, according to true Self…. all foundational work for new comes from our essence, Light, emerging Soul power.
We have finished programming our minds, bodies lives according to "something else". Those days are. done. and the more we remember that, the sooner we live it. We are now the architects, construction leads, programmers, designers, and decorators of our "worlds"... within and without.
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