Some of the numbers:  7:9:12 7:9:3 7:12 7:3
Distilled Number of the day: 10/1 Number of the month: 10/1
There's a funny effect with the numbers today.  Not quite Stargates, but repeats worth noting.  First, the distilled number of the day,  (sum of the entire date), is the same as the overall number of the month ( month + year);. 10/1 
The other repeat comes from adding the day and month (7 + 9  = 16/7). This with the year is 7:3. The day plus year, (9 + 3 = 3), next to the month is also 7:3.   Typing it out makes it seem MUCH more cumbersome than it is when I run through the numbers. I invite everyone to toss out the idea that there's anything tedious here.  Numbers are fluid and they move and join to expand and contract the designs they create together.  
I walk through the above in part so that those interested can see some of the ways to work with numbers.  
And all of what I just described comes to:  7:3  7:3     & 10/1 10/1
Which then become FOUR 10/1's;   a type of 1:1:1:1 Stargate. [For me this is about as fun as numbers get.]  
This '1' repetition will be felt, though it's not apparent at a glance and not as direct as an overt Stargate.  But this day has substantial '1' energy working in the background.  
This is the type of '1' effect that we will not see manifest right away.  This is germination happening in unseen ways - necessarily.  Nature is a brilliant teacher and provides an analogy for nearly everything.  
We can shows up today to all of the productive and powerful work that happens beneath the surface of the soil, when there is moisture, warmth, nutrients, and things are aerated but undisturbed, and dark.  
Where seeds can extend roots, explore underground potentials to establish an optimal foundation - which is what we are doing now...  Soul aspects finding the best way to root our Divine purpose for next level Creation. 
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Some of the numbers: 7:8:12 7:8:3 6:12 6:3
Distilled Number of the Day:  9 Number of the month:  10/1
We are acclimating to the '7' energy of July  and to the '1' of the month as well. This July really does have a feel of '1' (in the bigger context of a 12/3 year).  This month's '1' seeds of New have a wild flower variety to them. 
We  have pollinated multiple future timelines with a range of flora and fauna.  The variety works to: 1) keep us from assuming and repeating past by rote, and 2)  to ensure that we have several Higher potentials being supported and fertilized simultaneously.  Our future selves will not leave anything to chance.  The strongest potentials for how we sprout the future in our present will make it through.  
The overall '9' of the day works in line with the '7', '8', and 10/1.  The not to miss gift is that in the fullness (challenge) of change, we can shift from one life view to the next with fluidity.  This month especially, short term immersions will be par, and rather then get stuck, we can come back to Heart where the parts connect, and know/feel that the place that we are in is not the only place…. and cycle from one vantage point to the next with (relative) ease.  
What we find as we move through these immersions, is budding multi-dimensionality in our most Human experience, and more Human substance in our High vibe Cosmic work.  
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Some of the numbers:   7:7:12 7:7:3 5:12 5:3
Distilled number of the day:  8 Number of the month: 10/1
We are finding what it means for our (most) Human experience to be part of Heaven on Earth.  Post the Eclipse we fully arrived at the next phase in which personal experience synthesizes with Higher purpose.  I saw us walking into this a few weeks back and the Eclipse made it official.  
Here we can only go forward to the extent that we include parts of Heart and Soul they may have been playing part time, on the bench, or completely off team.  In fact, parts of central Human self that we may be just coming fully in touch with, are central to forward purpose.  
Today's 7:7 Stargate brings a tour of what we're moving into...  and with the '3' of the year, the stargate shines light on what we couldn't see before.  This Light reveals the rich angles of how accrued Soul experience is part of forward purpose.  This may have more reach than we thought/knew  
Soul experience spanning decades, lifetimes, era's, Soul parts  with their triumphs and woes,, beckon us to see their treasures. 
When we respect every Soul experience for what it is, Divinity can work through the imperfection of our Humanity.  Judgment dissolves and we see how Heaven on Earth is born through us…. not when we're perfect, but when we're willing.  
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7- 6-2019

Today's numbers:   7:6:12 7:6:3 4:12 4:3
Distilled number of the day: 7 Number of the month 10/1
In the first half of the year we did marathon work to dissolve polarity patterns, beliefs, memories that could hold (inner) m/f at odds, separate.  In June/6, we focused on what was most needed to complete the first half of the year's theme of inner trinity.  
Now in July, with m/f MUCH closer to balance/ harmony, the latter half of the year reveals how the m/f Union gives rise to the 3rd, the immaculate child within.  
In this 7/1 month, we explore how we live and Create from our inner trinity.  It's from the designs, codes of the inner trinity, that we materialize Heaven on Earth = '7' 
  Today's '6' is a culmination marker of what we completed in June.  Today we can see/feel with more clarity than before, how our m/f/child within are functioning; welcoming the balance of desire/nurturing (F), power/protection (M), innocence/play (C)…  purified and Love aligned together.  
Wherever we are at with the restoration of our trinity, we are all closer now.  A restored inner trinity means the ability to physicalize the Love we have studied, practiced, aspired to.  
We did a lot of Soul reclamation  these past months, making us more whole for a functioning inner trinity, and fueling our Spiritual desires in the Human world.  We walk the world in a new way now….exploring doors just opened, seeing what we want going forward, and learning to wield reclaimed power so we can do it. 
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