Today's numbers:  7:5:12 7:5:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day: 6 Number of the month: 10/1
Three days past our Epic Eclipse we are Graced with 12:12 and 3:3 Stargates.  There is no denying that at some levels of reality polarity will continue for a while.  As chaos, agendas of conflict escalate, they also lose their grip as "the" reality.  
At the same time that conflict patterns grow thin, a new force emerges.  The Love power that has been working in the background is moving forward.
  A force of Unitive Love, sends Aquarian calls to all Souls.  While some may be struggling with density, the new order that's taken hold gains ground -   Earth substance. We all know that in the midst of something "horrible", when Love shines through, it all shifts.  What was unbearable becomes do-able, then becomes an opportunity.  
As the realty scales tip we will see old scenarios of fear morph in real time, give way to Love, and add to the momentum.   And while at one level we participate, we also Light the way.  The presence of our Light means everything.
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Today's numbers: 7:4:12 7:4:3 11:12 2:3
Distilled number of the day:    5 Number of the month:10/1
This is quite an array of numbers.   Prepare for a Cosmic Human stretch. We can say our farewells to the expectation of getting familiar with a space before we shift again.  We're moving too fast. Whatever was normal, usually happens, may be less so by the day. What IS becoming more reliable, more knowable, is the collaboration between our Higher and Human parts - hooray!  
Cosmic Human interface (by degree, depending on our phase of Ascension) is not new.  What's new is the how and how much we bring. it. into physical… into the areas of physical life where Human Divine merger was most missing.  Where separation was the rule and dust and cobwebs accumulated so long we wondered - when will this part of become new.  
I encourage everyone to roll their dice into the 11:12 today.  I cannot get enough of this number sequence this year. It brings stabilized expansion that will not quit.  Also not to be missed, the singular '4' for the day = Sacred Light structures commence.  
Where some/many have been creating with Light designs, the difference now is how they anchor into deep Earth, connect further through the Unified Light grid and extend through crystalline networks.   If we are continuing with LIght work we were doing, it may have further reach, be ready for a new incarnation, or get a big infusion of power.  
If we've had Light Creation potentials waiting  in the wings, this is the time to open our Hearts and welcome their emergence. 
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Today's numbers: 7:3:12 7:3:3 10:12 1:3
Distilled number of the day: 4 Number of the month: 10/1
As we expand we can be brought in touch with places that were neglected, empty, Soul parts that went missing.  It feels retrogressive to discover these things AS we find new ground. It works this way because we simply didn't have the range before.  As we become bigger, our reach extends into all that we're connected to.  
Today invites us to connect with Soul aspects that have waited to Create. truly. fully.  Or Soul parts that have tried and failed.  Maybe our vision was too big and bright, or we didn't effectively negotiate our Creations with the demands of the world, or it was forbidden outright.  We have lived legacies of this. While so much has been seen, composted, understood, there may still be reconciliation around having waite for sustainable opportunities for Light expansion on Earth…. Light expansion that takes form, becomes a system, collaborates with other systems.  And at no place is there compromise or negation of pure life. Some of us have waited thousands of years for the window of opportunity that we have opened now.   Making use of new openings stretches them further... there is no reason to hold ourselves back. Imbalance is quickly corrected now and Love. lights. the way.  
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Today's numbers: 7:2:12 7:2:3 9:12 9:3
Distilled number of the day:    12 Number of the month: 8
If we embrace today's  '2' today we may be surprised by what we can do.  All new experience of duality is on tap and waiting;  for us to explore, engage, expand into.  
When something's realllly new, we're not always sure how balanced, on mark we are when we act.  That's ok too - much more ok than (it seemed to be) before.  Mistakes aren't what they used to be. And how fun to watch this be proven.  
Now mistakes don't press the edges of fear, guilt etc. (not like before)… because we have dissolved the control structures that kept that system in place.  If we still have remnants of old barriers within, breath into an open Heart will fast initiate the liberation we need.  And a spoon full of Self Love may flush the rest through.  
In this landscape we're orienting to, we might see what's no longer there, simply because we're so used to it being there.   Play, exploration, and the boldest self Love reveals spacious Joy in place of old limits. 
The checks and balances on what we deserve, are, can do, are falling like autumn leaves.  We can let ourselves be free.  
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