The numbers:  7:1:12 7:1:3 8:12 8:3
Distilled number of the day: 11 Number of the month: 10/1
Where to begin for July…. I suppose right here, at the beginning.   We have a month now to be in the 7/10 or 7/1 energies. You can read the July writing for more on the month overall.  
It's a celestial kind of day where we make acquaintance with the expanded Self we're moving into.  It's no secret that we've dialed down, discounted, forgotten our true power as part of being on 3d Earth.  The wild discoveries come as we walk back into living the power that returns to us now.  
Not only can we not do this all at once (our Human needs "time), but there is so much we will not want to miss in each reveal, progression step.  This return of power is the result of what we believed in before we could see it. What we stood behind before we could (fully) live it. We are returning to it now, uncovering it within, resurrecting it into physical, and extending it through our Cosmic Earth world.  
ONE of the emerging skills is that we can walk through shadow without forgetting Light  - more consistently. We can go through dissolutions of old self without losing touch with the birth on the other side.  We are more connected to both sides of our dual reality, as we traverse and Light weave.  
Another must mention is the overall return. to. Self, to being Self-deferential.  The 'one or the other' 'me or them' realities have dissolved to the point that we can be the (Source) center of our experience, without excluding the rest.   There is more, much more….. we are just warming up  
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Some of the numbers: 6:3:12 6:3:3 9:12 9:3
Distilled number of the day:    12/3 Number of the month:  9
It's a 3:3 Stargate, with a soft 3:3:3 and 9:9.   These last days are opening (by force or Grace) the closed covered places that could hold us back from new freedom  [available post Solstice].  
Programs of self negation, organic reversal, are dismantling in the Light.  Things simply will not continue the way they were, and this sweeping shift is leveraging the most stuck places of limitation; in personal identity and our relationship to the world.  
Things that looked one way but are actually another, reveal up one then another ...in a steady que towards Light.  The precious purity of inner child, the sacred essence of Divine Feminine, and the LovePower of Divine masculine, work together to release what blocks their trinity.  
What we can not anticipate about how things will change,, helps us let go of and open to the present.  The more each of us is present in Self Love, the more we are Unified as a bridge to the future. While a full scale dismantling of old has begun, it's essential to remember that we ARE in this together, and there is so. much. strength in that knowing.  We can move fluid into this next crossing, grounded in Love, elevated in Light, Unified in purpose.
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Some of the numbers:  6:11:12 6:11:3 8:12 8:3
Distilled number of the day:  11 Number of the month; 9
We're in the final three days of our 6/9 month, with a soft 11:11 Stargate.   Our crossover into the second half of 2019 is so profound that it is akin to a whole new year.  And we've done at least a year's worth of growth/change in these months already.
Today's numbers stretch our capacity for being Human and Divine simultaneously.  Many days now are like a multi-verse carnival, as we take flash tours of density history, now unveiled, then access more/new Light.  By afternoon we come back to rest on a park bench, have a snack, and watch it all as a spectator.
A direct message through the numbers:  this is the time to humble yourselves, to let it be ok that you're all in it together, the human predicament, and to open to the fullness of your Earth role.  Humility will allow you to rise into expanding potentials without self imposed limitations. Whatever value you place on your Love gifts, double it, then multiply by 3..  Allow the collaborative call of Cosmic LIght and Crystalline Earth to dance you into a joyful role. The stakes are not what they used to be. Let Earth support you while Cosmos extends the Light of your work.  Work and play co-mingle and everyone further joins to find their way.
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Some of the numbers:   6:10:12 6:1:3 7:12 7:3
Distilled number of the day: 10/1 Number of the month: 9
Here we have a '7 bringing us into the next month.  July is in the air. After all the wobble through Solstice, we begin to find our legs in new terrain.
Today is a good day to tune into our desires, rather, the trajectory of our bright, emergent desires.  We've done lots of seeding this year, through things we've worked for outright and things that pass through our imagination, only partly defined but calling us with future magnetics.   The seeds we've planted this year will begin showing solid shape soon enough.
It's wild navigating "life" when some of the most powerful things we work with aren't fully formed.  Within the multi-dimensional skill set we're learning, one of THE primo skills is: how to stabilize in physical, while old dissolves as we're still living it and new hasn't fully formed.  
We are bridging from old to new timelines so quickly now, what is relevant real one hour can be totally different the next.  The irony is that we must relax/release our attachment to form, in order to be here fully, IN form. To be LIght in a body, we're required to release established ideas of what it means to be in physical, so that we can anchor our Cosmic selves in Earth and occupy our bodies in all. new. ways.  
The results will surprise us, with reflections of what we always knew was true.
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