`Some of the numbers:  6:9:12 6:9:3 6:12 6:3
Distilled number of the day:  9 Number of the month:  9
Lots of '9's today,  and I wrote about the '9' energies yesterday.  Yesterday and today work together, so glancing back at the 6-26 post may be fitting.   What comes forward today is finishing up this phase of progress with our inner trinity;  so we can apply it to our lives/Creations in the months to come.
As the overall project here (Earth) is bringing Spiritual back into physical, restoring our inner trinity can still sound conceptual, like something relegated to Spiritual/Light work.  But we access it directly. in our. bodies. Generally speaking, feminine is housed in the left body, masculine in the right, inner child in the core/belly. The visceral/emotional messages coming from these areas of the body tell us exactly what is going on with our three inner aspects.   
We may have found oursevles bouncing around in June, between feminine, masculine, and child.  The feminine is going through so much reclamation from old roles, emerging in her fuller self.  Masculine is opening up places that were closed, unblocking and remember his nature. And the child aspect demands to be included as a pure being of Source essence, inherently innocent and worthy of the Love/protection available  when m/f are balanced.
The trinity triangulation happens in the body and we can feel physically/emotionally, the quotient of connection, flow and balance  between the three parts.
We will be in the '3' trinity energy for the remainder of the year, but this '6' month is Christ LIght, the result of a functioning inner trinity.  And the '9' energy of our '6' month with the '3' year shows us what needs release/completion so that our inner trinity is pure and free; to run Christ Light in form.  
When we are free/clear to run Christ LIght in form, we can apply to what we make/choose/do… for the rest of the year.  
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Some of the numbers:  6:8:12 6:8:3 5:12 5:3
Distilled number of the day:   8 Number of the month: 9
In this final week of the month we are working the '9' completion energies from every angle.  Our consciousness expands by the day and the range of insights increases.
Not only is there more info available, the way we use and share it is changing, expanding  beyond 3d channels. While our subtle senses are reactivating, we are also learning how to communicate/collaborate through the Light grids and Crystalline networks.    Staying clear and honest with ourselves and aligning mind with Heart lets us trust the new ways we are connecting and communicating.  
So much is coming available to take us into multi-dimensional living in Human form  This is breaking down the barriers of life as it was. We are using the remainder of this month to say our goodbyes to the landscape of separative life… to dissolve final fears of the open field we're moving into.
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Some of the numbers:  6:7:12 6:7:3 4:12 4:3
Distilled number of the day:  7 Number of the month: 9
There was a starkness to the June Solstice passage, shadow and Light bouncing off each other, determined to find new balance.  The boundaries of old are dissolving (almost) faster than a human can keep up with. The rebalance through the Solstice changes how we orient to being human, being here, and navigating the dualistic world.   
The Cosmic codes pouring in are determined to liberate us from narrow confines of 3d.  There is not a fixed view of things as the "order" of Earth life changes. If we try to lock in on "the way" that we are, that we do things, that the world is,  then we work against the flow of change.
This solstice was a new scale of shift.  A grand shift initiating us into a series of grand shifts that we will go through in coming years.  And the only way to go through them is to be unencumbered. To take only ourselves with Hearts open, solid in Love, and free.  
While the steep shifts we're initiating into take us far beyond  comfort zones, they are showing us that: 1) we can't proceed and hold onto past, and 2)  we don't need all the things we used to need, not in the same form, and 3) when we let go we are not bereft now, we are not lost…. we have room to expand and explore the land of the free.
The liberation side of these grand shifts, is that when we let go, bigger and more than before, WE expand to fill the space…. and not more ego, but our Soul/Source essence.    We're learning as we go, what we can do when we move with bold, open Love.
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Some of the numbers: 6:6:12 6:6:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day:  6
This is one of those days with Stagates all around; 6:6, a soft 6:6:6, 12:12, and 3:3.   The first thing that comes through here, is that we have definitely anchored into a new place (post Solstice). These Stargates may not have the intensity that we're used to. In fact, today brings an atmosphere of peace.
The parts are finding their places.  We're finding the Divine synthesis that results when the separate parts are brought conscious, purified, and balanced…. and  a tipping point is reached where parts connect in a Divine configuration that brings them transcendent. They become more than what they were, in Union, and enter a higher frequency space, running different Light codes of Creative power.  
Some will now be arriving at a completion point with their inner trinity, allowing for entirely new frequencies to run inbody, bringing restoration, balance, and power to the embodiment of SoulSource.  This may result in a completely new reality for certain groups. Others will now enter an accelerated phase of conscious Ascension, noticing the Divine design in their path, and ushering them into empowered engagement.   
What LIghts up most today, is the amplified Christ Heart.  Our collective frequency shift means that when we tune into Heart, we can dial into the now fuller  bandwidth of Unified LIght on Earth. Meaning all Souls, ALL groups that are willing, can open their Hearts to the Unified Light channel that is live now, all the time.  A question for the second half of the year will be: "how much Love will we allow". And the answer will be different than before.
We have collectively dissolved some major separation barriers.  The shadow wobble that was common after Light immersions isn't the same.  We can stay in the Unified Heart field, aligned with that Love frequency…. when we choose. All the time.
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