Today's numbers: 6:10:12 6:1:3 7:12 7:3
Number of the Month:  9 Overall number of the day: 10/1
We may be feeling the growing bridge towards July (and beyond) as we enter the energies of the Solstice.  Here we have more access to see how Light aligned our various aspects are. How fully do we include our shadow, to let. it. be,  a property of being here... as an anchor to physicalize Light.
Some are noticing changes in inner/Higher guidance.  There are fewer light bulbs of "what" to do, or nudges towards the "right" way.  This is important. Spiritual Mastery in the Earth realm (our 12/3 year) currently means new horizons opening.  
We're learning how to choose beyond shoulds and judgments, from options that weren't there before.   When we don't use process of elimination to rule out what we don't like, can't do - when we tune straight into our desires and find paths newly open, are we bold enough to live them?   The horizon question is: how much Faith will we invest in our Heart's desires, in our emerging visions of Luminous New.
In the remainder of June, expanding inner landscapes bring down outer world  walls.  In July we will  travel the horizons we're discovering now.  We'll continue to advance with that ironic combo of being advanced in some ways and naive newbies in others.  Such is the path of Ascending Earth Mastery.
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Today's numbers: 6:9:12 6:9:3 6:12 6:3
Overall number of the day:  9 Number of the month:  9
In the mix is a soft, triple '9' Stargate.  Showing us the edge where we can not move another inch in old roles, and just beyond that stop gap, the new is wide open... but now we must choose to walk it.   
June resolutions don't just bring transition from one thing to the next, they signal the end of this phase of our current incarnation.  Next month will be a '1' (7 + 3 = 10/1), as well as the first month in the second half of the year. [None of the patterns are accidental.]  
This month we complete what we initiated in the first half of the year, which is also completion of much of what we've been doing, here, up to this point.  Not that everything will change all at once, but at the very least, the feel, patterning in what we've been doing will revise for energetic makeover. How we experience ourSelves within our Earth life moves to become New.  Our vantage point for life itself shifts from the local, "i", to the "I" at the center of all as One.
Our awareness has further reach, the ripple effects of what we choose are  becoming more apparent. As limiting structures time out, we expand our view in daily life.  Any/everything that blocks us from expanded self, moves to resolve this June.
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Today's numbers: 6:8:12 6:8:3 5:12 5:3
Month: 9 Overall sum number of the day: 8
The gears of both inner and outer, of being and circumstance, all organize now towards 2020...and what THAT will open into.  For the remaining months of 2019 we can envision channels in our lives, some going different directions, some flowing the same way, now being magnetized towards the same portal of change….  compelled to harmonize in the momentum of present/future.
Approaching next year, the Cosmos syncs up for new breath and passage into something never known.  June synchronicities refine our rhythm for new choreography of change. Soul groups join in time and each group syncs with the next..  Our dance is more direct, more primal, more Light filled and alive.
Our ability to move  with new is in proportion to our balance;  the balance of our inner trinity in this '3' year.   How fully do we include:  inner feminine, inner masculine, inner child.  Do they remain connected to each other as we move through our day.  Preparing for the second half of 2019, we zoom towards next level realization of;
how balanced  inner Trinity IS the way that Human channels Divine.
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Some of the day's numbers: 6:6:12 6:6:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day:  6
Today we have powerful portals all around.  Multiple stargates. The main ones: 3:3, 6:6, 12:12, and a soft 6:6:6.  This is a day to settle in to your rocket ship and get comfy.
One of the progress markers from May is that we strengthened the Unity Light grid, the network that joins our efforts is now stronger.  This allows us to be more diverse in personal Ascension without losing group cohesion.  And there will be a big range of personal Ascension experience today.
Some are working in more external/expressive ways while others are more internal, opening inner connections for embodiment.  Today this means some will be dancing with the fairies while others have to lie down to let these Stargates work through them.  
Some will get transmission to translate, be inspired to Create and share new work.  Others will want to go silent and be alone so that their life force can stabilize more starlight within.  I encourage all reading to let this day be ful-ly what you need it to be. Resting all day if needed IS productive.  Tuning into new creative channels without "making" anything is progress. And if this is a day to step into more LovePower and take action, the Cosmic red carpet is there.
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