Today's numbers: 6:5:12 6:5:3 11:12 11:3
Distilled number of the day:  5
Almost at the midpoint of the month, we have 5's to further integrate the mountain moving work of May.  This can also be a day to balance some of the intensity with Space and flow.  For me this is usually extra time in nature, with the elements...  seeing the sacred geometry in every tree, flower. Noticing how the elements work together so, naturally.   
There's a german painter that I studied for a bit, Hundertwasser.  He was an art teacher for a time and this is how he "taught"; he brought small trees into the classroom.  Each student's seat/work space was next to a tree. He never showed up to the class. The tree was the art teacher.  This is so brilliant I could go on for days, but what I'll put forth here, is that the Earth is talking to us in real time.  She is speaking to us individually and directly with intelligence, Love codes for New Earth. We don't have to be in a special place for this.  Simply enjoying the elementals activates purpose codes in our DNA. Many of your reading know this, but I emphasize it now and again because the scope of what happens in our connection with nature increases all the time.  The next time we show up, more new is there. I can not think of a more blissful way to progress, than being in sensory conversation with Crystalline Earth.  
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Today's numbers: 6:4:12 6:4:3 10:12 1:3
Distilled number of the day:  4
Writing this, scanning what we've done this month and what we'll do through June, it's so much that I'm wondering how we're not already in August.  Whatever time used to mean has changed again. The multi dimensional lives we're living are so full and rich, time can no longer contain us. We have moved far enough into the Aquarian/New Earth energies, that the life of future is pulsing through present as fully as we can allow it.
As we open our mental, emotional, physical pathways more, the New order swells to birth through us.  To be in a human body and birth the new Earth is. a. stretch, literally. With today's 4's, we may bump into edges where things feel like too much, where something has to give, or be omitted.  
One of the things that became "normal" in 3d life is believing that we are much smaller than we are.  Today we may not solve things in old ways, but we can stand in the center, and expand to contain the whole.  We can BE the whole that allows the parts to find balance and cohesion.  Without strain, from center, we can be as vast as needed.
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Numbers for the day: 6:12:12 6:3:3 9:12 9:3
Distilled number:  12
This day is as full circle as a single day can be; Cosmic, Human, completion, creation.  This singe day is likely to feel like three before the sun is down.
The message from the numbers is to practice flowing through every experience, Heart open through all, identifying with none.  Today we can see how much progress we've made with this. We're applying yesterday's mastery practice without a pause. These day's we access/practice something new, then move straight to applying it in our lives.  We don't linger in the drawing room to make sure we've got it right.
Not having time to review/reflect/refine before we apply new skills can feel shaky.  How DO we know that we're getting it right when we're off road, mapping as we go, being called to mastery in the midst of uncertainty.  Taking from a recent group I was in, we often don't know now, if we're getting it "right". We're called to stand in/for ourSelves, and step with Spiritual authority when our human may have no. idea. what we're doing.  
This is where mind defers to Heart and we let go.  Because the Heart knows the direction we're moving in, and can hold us steady.  
Our Hearts are bridging our new pure connection to primal Earth with our expanding Cosmic consciousness,
and applying the synthesis at the Human level.  
It's time to trust our Heart's %100 and find Joy as we pioneer.
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Some of the day's numbers:   6:11:12 6:2:3 8:12 8:3
Distilled number of the day: 11
We continue to have soft stargates from the day's date being the same as the distilled number of the day, and this one, 11:11.  Many of you likely know the book and/or TV show, the Handmaid's Tale. I recently glanced at a review on the new season of the show, which said that 'the show is asking the audience to have compassion for the perpetrators, and that we cannot do'.  I mention this here because it's an important theme that we will be working in months to come.
We all know that change happens/starts within.  With a soft mastery stargate in this month of Christ consciousness, what comes forward are the final parts waiting for our compassion, within.  Not a new idea, but it changes as we open up more self, which we do quickly now.  
We're uncovering old beliefs, seeing our roles in new light.  Every part of us is in the room with every other part now, including parts we didn't even remember existed/were there.  My analogy for this is the awkward dinner party, and the guest of honor is the part of us that has been in the most remote place of shadow, which means the most alone.  
I won't go into how our inner aspects that have been in separation are projected onto others/world, that gets too long.  But getting in touch with our most separate inner parts, the ones hardest to reach, and bringing them back to Love, turns the key that frees the world.   
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