Some of the numbers: 6:10/1:12 6:1:3 7:12 7:3
Distilled number of the day:  10/1
Today we get the potentials from what we completed yesterday.  And the new is looking for places to grow or sprouting already;  there is physical momentum for emerging new.  
Whatever we desire, connect with now, is powered by Cosmic organic forces.  Once our desires/visions move to 5/6d Unity, they jump in line for us to ground and LIVE them.  And post May, our grounding is more light filled than before. The denser places that (can) anchor what we build, are not unconscious/dark anymore.  
The emerging new is coming alive in our roots, our cells, the water... it wants to animate where things were dormant, until even the depths are so vital and pure, that they can become Heaven on Earth.  
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Numbers for the day: 6:9:12 6:9:3 6:12 6:3
Distilled number of day: 9
Today we have soft 6:6 and 9:9 stargates.  The bright LIght of June waits on no one… and it will not let us wait to be/do what we came here for.  The diamond light that we have been working with from Sun and Cosmos, is newly activated from the Earth now as well.  The diamond beds in Earth are calling, radiating, connecting with us for bright purification and consciousness elevation.  
'6' is Christ Consciousness, Unified consciousness/mind,
and today brings direct Light for all parts of perception/mind
that forgot Oneness.  
Wherever we are in opposition to circumstance, or our own thoughts/feelings, those places are jolted with light so bright and fast, that before we can explain or complain, the opposition is dissolved, It's done.  
The process of opposing thoughts, feelings zeroing out to balance, continues  through the month. Everything we've been doing and will do is reset in this brilliant light.  We are time hopping through completions, onto Higher new, faster than we knew we could.
Many of us have not had a chance to form insulation/cushion around our new inner circuitry.   At times our Human will not want to lose the "order" of old or be changed this fast. And when we come back to Heart, we remember there's no "time" to waste looking back.
We've talked for a while about the New being here already as it anchors energetically, at higher realities, and moves to manifest through denser layers.  But in the fullest front line sense, we walk into the new order now. This is it.
As our consciousness changes, re-balancing towards Unity, the Heart leads the way.
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A few of the number strings: 6:8:12 6:8:3 5:12 5:3
Distilled number of the day: 8
Again we have a background swinging Stargate, this one with the '8's, giving us access to the Infinite as needed.  Looking at the '5', we take another step integrating May.
We will notice we feel more at ease in our bodies, that there's more Grace in how we navigate our environment.  And this is a day to connect more deeply with Crystalline Earth. One of the many things we accomplished in May was solidifying our depth connection with Earth.  We collectively restored an essential connection with Earth that was severed long ago... because we knew we could not move forward without a pure connection to primal Earth.   
We DID successfully restore our depth connection with primal Earth, the place where Earth Love plays through shadow and Light,  in balance. Where the extremes of life/death are embraced as a circle playing through form and no separation ensues. We reestablished our connection where Earth Soul expresses directly into form, rich and potent…. through jungles, deep oceans, and more.  
Being lost from this Earth connect, we were inherently confused about the play between shadow and light…. we lived with an unanswered call in our cells to find our Earth mother again.  Part of our Souls were restless in physicality, not plugged in to the basic Love rhythm, the pure physical order. And now, this is changing.
Today is one of many days to come in which we remember more of our connection to primal Earth.  It can be more challenging to do this from suburbs or cities, but it definitely can be done. It is more available than ever, because the base connection is restored, it is up to us to activate it in our bodies and lives.   
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Some of the numbers:   6:7:12 6:7:3 4:12 4:3
Distilled number of the day:  7
We're having a string of days in which the distilled number (sum of the entire date) is the same as the day's date.  This is like a distance swinging door stargate. Doing it's subtle work, more obvious if we engage it.
What comes through today is that the full scope of what we're doing, what we've already done, can seem too big for our Human body/mind to process.   There is more stretching this month… and not for what we're working towards so much.  This stretching is for our minds, Hearts, and bodies to become open/fluid enough for what we've already put in motion.  
June will be starkly different than May for many.  In May we were trying to keep stride with the momentum.  Now we can relax from the rigors of May, let the Light that we brought through show us new ways in our everyday.   So. Much. has been unblocked. We will be adjusting to new freedom gradually, otherwise it would overwhelm the senses.  
In this first part of June, simply showing up each day, open without preconceptions, leads us to whatever we need to do.  
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