Today's numbers: 6:6:12 6:6:3 12:12 3:3
Distilled number of the day:  6
This is one of those shooting star days where long awaited access presents.   We have a 6:6, a 12:12, and a 3:3 Stargate.  With the distilled number of the day we have a subtle triple '6' Stargate.  
Some of what we did in May, was go through change that part of us never wants to go through, or that we would fight if we knew completely what was happening - hence, deep change.  The type that puts long of progress  in motion. Powerful trajectories of New that will not be undone.  This means that we are now working with newly revised designs. . Ones that we have not had time to get a feel for.  
We may spend most of this month: 1)  Lighting up with the energy that we freed up in May and 2) orienting to different/new.  As the change we insighted in May begins to show up in our lives, nothing will be left untouched; everything from our physical presence to how we hear Guidance will have changed.  
So much of the "hard work" is unblocking the Light.  It will take a bit to orient to what we do when there's less hard work waiting and more Light is here, there, everywhere. Get ready for awe inspiring  reveals of what we've accomplished.
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Some of the numbers: 6:5:12 6:5:3 11:12 11:3
Distilled Number of the day:  5
There's a few fun ways to work these numbers.  The overall number for the day is the same as the day's single number, a very background 5:5 Stargate, but it's there.  It's an entry point to finish any May '5' business we're not complete with, or to integrate the decades worth of work we did in May.  
We don't all work at the same pace, in the same way.  Our near time personal goals are different but our big destination is the same.  Whether or not we're aware of the profundity of May change, if our Hearts know that we're not here to stay asleep, loop around the wheel the same way, then we were doing big things last month.  Much of it is not visible on the surface… until it is.
Where yesterday we structured with '4' what we energized on the 3rd, today takes us the next step.  With today's '5' we infuse that survival meets purpose structure from yesterday with some Fem/Earth Soul -  while also integrating May (multi-track work).  
And there's the not to be missed 11:12.  These numbers have been coming forward all year and show no sign of receding.  Which speaks again to the more advanced ways that we work as we move through the years, months, days.  The call to the max quotient of Mastery (11) is there, wherever we're at. If we're new to Ascension/consciousness, have been in it for decades, or something in between, the Cosmic Earth call is to find our fullest quotient of Mastery in every change phase.  
Our Hearts feel this call more often.  In moments we may just find ourselves stepping quicker, Higher, than before, without deliberation or resistance.  Maybe because we can, because we know we're ready…. but more because we want it.
The benefits of May progress begin to unfold today, our job is to let them reveal.
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Some of the numbers: 6:4:12 6:4:3 7:12 7:3
Distilled number for the day:  10 or 1
With effortless segway from yesterday, (and more organically than before) we continue with what we energized yesterday.  To experience it with the substance and structure of today's '4'. After the work we did this past April, '4' energies are more approachable than they've been.  Today we can ask ourSelves how we can live what we energized yesterday. as fully as possible. right now. And where do we assume that we "can't" and it's not really true.  
One of the standing features this month is that there is new access that we are not used to and it shows up when we do.  With Love, we can see what remaining reasons we have for not living at the brightest edge of present New. And we can test our Faith muscles to try something that wasn't available in the past, but that our Hearts know is coming through.   
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Some of the numbers: 6:3:12 6:3:3 9:12 9:3
It's hard to not Love a 3:3 Stargate.  It brings the promise of some basic magic, a window to Love and renewal.   These are some fluid energies today. If you haven't already, this is a good day to attune to desires for the month.  There is open access to see, imagine further into new life designs.   New innovations, creations, ways of living that are more liberated and alive.  Whatever that means, personally, for your group/s or the planet, this is a powerful day to open the gates of imagining and  welcome that into physical wherever it can come through.  
Today we can energize higher potentials that we work with through the month.  The kind that give us access to an amazing new option that was always there.  I also suggest recording your visions/desires/imaginings in any way that's pleasurable.  Not to lock in the form, but to stretch the channels through which unprecedented potential is brought through.  After all, we are the ones doing this. Our "impossible" dreams, far reaching desires, even flight of fancy, is set to take form as the foundation of New.  
We don't need to wait for better things that someone else comes up with, we can see, feel, magnetize and act on the potentials that are Love infused, and true.  
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