Today's Numbers: 9:7:12 9:7:3 9:10 7:12
Distilled Number of the day: 10/1 Number of the month: 12/3
This looks like the first day this month where we begin to have contact with the steady power of our emerging Mastery. The result of utilizing what we did last month, for spectrum change this month. Note: last month's overall number was '11' (mastery). We needed every single day of all we did last month to be ready for what we entered into this month. The entrance to this month wasn't a lull to review, celebrate August mastery. We used the benefits of what we did in August to go straight into what looks like: a profound return to our True Nature. We do not know what arrival is like for any of this now, not until the exact moment that we are there.
And whatever we do with these number portals today, they bring early sense experience of how we will apply our emerging Mastery. Which will include doing things far beyond the norm. Today is a day to notice the energy in our bodies, our hands, notice the Creative quality of our thoughts and what aspects of our environment are pleasurable in an alive way.
The light may look different, we may notice subtle changes in our sight or hearing. Our personal Matrix is further able to sync with New Earth. The Soular Light codes we use for New Creation are stabilizing in our bodies and fields and we will feel the difference. The most important thing is to trust and enjoy what's emerging.
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Today's Numbers: 9:6:12 9:6:3 9:9 6:3
Distilled number of the day: 9 Number of the month: 12/3
It's a '6' day with a 9:9 Stargate. A mini section of a sacred passage. This may be a day to connect with Sacred roots, lineages, ancient archives of something sacred that we are part of.
It's also an idyllic day for stillness, serenity, the kind that expands seamlessly. One of the features of our fuller Earth connection, deeper Human roots, is that we can relax into our field of Divinity without losing any personal boundaries, without losing our anchor or compass. We can merge with the field of Divine consciousness, energizing our direct connection to Source, and come back to our Human life, without a hitch.
It's more available now to be Spiritual without being spacey, to be grounded without being linear, to be completely centered in our Higher Selves, while being in the world. This is some type of coming home.
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Today's Numbers: 9:5:12 9:5:3 9:8 5:3
Distilled number of the day: 8 Number of the month: 12/3
This is a nice spectrum of numbers today. The '5' comes in like Soul balm, syncing us with the Earth Feminine elements/energies that we need. Today may be a good day to self-nurture with the elements. New connections are activating today between Crystalline Earth, DNA, and our revising Soular Matrix. I get that it's gentle more than a blast. An infusion of softer energies and activations that don't prompt any resistance. Time in water, with trees, walking where there's natural beauty, should be plenty for us to sync with what's here today.
As for the Earth in general, the heat is rising on the planet. Things are burning longer, hotter, more fiercely. As if fire itself as has become its own character for this time of Earth change. While we will be healing our relationship with Earth in years to come, Earth's fire isn't vengeful, it's purging, attention-getting, a natural expression of the inflammation from the injury she's endured. And she has also held denied feelings for the Human collective.
Now it's a new era. Earth will release what was held, Hers, ours. Awakening our water consciousness is becoming more important for us and Earth. Appreciating, feeling, Loving water in all forms, energizes its power to soothe, cool, balance. Water will also help us flow from stuck places of past into future/present.
There's plenty to do over the coming years, planet-wide, and it is driven by Love. From the Higher view, we wouldn't want to miss any of these phases of change. They are each, precious.
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Today's Numbers: 9:4:12 9:4:3 9:7 4:3
Distilled number of the day: 7 Number of the month: 12/3
This '4' of the day brings a few things, including an infusion of zeal for 2020 potentials; that we work with here and now. This is the gorgeous thing about time softening, timelines merging, time becoming almost non-existent at higher frequency levels; the foundations of New Earth that we work with in 2020, are also here with us, in our fields, our consciousness, in our cells, showing up in subtle or obvious ways in our lives. here and now.
The '7's in the mix help us see/feel how these '4's, with foundation 2020 codes, are part of Heaven on Earth. Engaging these timelines with Divine Creation trajectories, that continue further and further without distortion, means that to work at the beginning of that timeline is to experience its completion. Because it is uninterrupted by separation. It comes from purity, vision and true Creation wants to continue on an infinite continuum, even while the form may shift. We are beginning to work with this time Creation dynamic more directly now. 101 on being Divine Creators in form.
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