Some of the numbers: 6:3:12 6:3:3 9:12 9:3
It's hard to not Love a 3:3 Stargate.  It brings the promise of some basic magic, a window to Love and renewal.   These are some fluid energies today. If you haven't already, this is a good day to attune to desires for the month.  There is open access to see, imagine further into new life designs.   New innovations, creations, ways of living that are more liberated and alive.  Whatever that means, personally, for your group/s or the planet, this is a powerful day to open the gates of imagining and  welcome that into physical wherever it can come through.  
Today we can energize higher potentials that we work with through the month.  The kind that give us access to an amazing new option that was always there.  I also suggest recording your visions/desires/imaginings in any way that's pleasurable.  Not to lock in the form, but to stretch the channels through which unprecedented potential is brought through.  After all, we are the ones doing this. Our "impossible" dreams, far reaching desires, even flight of fancy, is set to take form as the foundation of New.  
We don't need to wait for better things that someone else comes up with, we can see, feel, magnetize and act on the potentials that are Love infused, and true.  
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Some Numbers for the day:   6:2:12 6:2:3 8:12 8:3
Distilled Number for the day:  11
As we walk into the energies of the month, we get some both sides balance with today's '2'.  The word offered through the numbers today is: forgiveness.  This is a word that I use selectively as it's loaded with mis-meaning.  
The number portals today offer levels of forgiveness not available before, and/or show us a meaning that is new.  It is fitting now, because the shift in collective use of this word is part of our shift of the ages (Piscean to Aquarian).  And the mis-use of the word has delayed the true use. The old association with "forgiveness" is that we are either giving it or in need of it., and the receiver of it is guilty/bad.  At best forgiveness is earned despite the failure or guilt, or is being given with extreme generosity, when it hasn't been "earned". At some point in our lives, unless we are under 20, we have likely been exposed to/learned this.  It's not about knowing that this meaning isn't legit. It's about resolving all that old programming for good.
One of the ways that we can do this is to open our Hearts to what forgiveness must mean in a Universe based in Love.  I offer that it's the acknowledgement that we/they were never "bad" to begin with. What we are forgiving, is the forgetting that Love is all there is.  There is no burden of guilt to bear, because it was actually never there.
What we are forgiving, is our collective investment in fear that wasn't real.  Forgiveness is a stepping stone to the illusion dissolving… it means we are closer, almost there.  
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The numbers for the day:  6:1:12 6:1:3 7:12 7:3
Distilled number for the day:  10 or 1
Where to begin in this first day of June.  We have never seen anything like this before... and we've always been here.  Today we can roll up our sleeves and explore this incredible landscape that offers bold ventures of Cosmic New.  
There are fresh winds blowing today.  We may feel early confirmation of all we did in May.  We may find inspiration to renew things that in May that were left to wait.  
The message from the numbers is to bask in the new/renewed space today.  And while we might enjoy being productive, we don't have to decide how things should be.  We can let our Light magnetize the perfect entree into next new.
Today embodied resurrection completes its next phase.  When we are moving as, breathing as Divine Love, we don't need anything… we don't need to add or get rid of anything, at all.  In this first day of June, we can align with our fullest resurrection potential to date… and continue with it all through the month.  
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Today's numbers: 5:4:12 5:4:3 9:12 9:3
Distilled number of the day:  12/3 (soft 3:3 stargate)
The subtle 3:3 stargate helps us do the rounds for some satisfying completion of what we did yesterday.  The '9' and '12' give us a chance to find our Spiritual High point with what we did this month.
As we reclaimed more feminine essence this month, remembered Soul depths, it may have seemed more was happening "to" us.  While change was undeniable we may have wondered who was in the driver's seat and if they were using the right map.
If we allow ourselves a quiet space today, with judgment/expectation aside we can consolidate all we've done this month.  The strange paths we've traveled can be seen in wisdom Light.
In moments we can worry that we're behind the change curve, other moments, sure we're keeping stride or pulling ahead.  It doesn't matter that much, how well we think we're doing. The strength that we will be using more and more in coming months, extends from the Light within.  It just is. How we share it is changing, but in the midst of change it's still not about getting it "right". We are here now, finding how to best BE our Light.  Because we know Love is the truth, we find continual strength, and we dare to care.
In June we will enjoy how unencumbered our Light is.
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