Some of the numbers: 7:4:12 7:4:3 7:7 11:12
Distilled Number of the day:  5 Number of the month:  10/1
These numbers are so forward strong I'm not sure I even need to write about them.  A soft 7:7 Stargate, and an 11:12. I've been talking about 11:12 quite a bit this year.  This 11:12  energizes the 7:7 Stargate,  and on the last day of our '7'  month, which is also the last day of the wormhole.  Be prepared to adjust your calendars, stay hydrated, and have some time with nature.  Today is a big one.  
One of the most important things we can do today is hold space for what we want when we do not entertain outside "shoulds"   This theme has come through several days in recent weeks - but we experience it differently as we progress through phases of change.  When we have dissolved more old/false self and are more our new/true self, the practice of attuning to our desires, in the present, takes on NEW life. 
This is a strong stargate for realizing the future physical result of what we most want to do in this life - which may or may not relate to temporal desires.  This is not about proving ourselves, or disproving judgment of the past. We don't need to "make" something happen (though in this high voltage light it may feel like it).   We move through this portal by agreeing to let the grandeur of our full power emerge.  Without imposing the smaller past OR compromising for old world rules that we know have timed out… 
There's increasing Light power flowing through our bodies, Crystalline Earth, and the Light Grid around the Earth.  And while this is pure power, in order to stabilize in it, to we will want to ALREADY be in the habit of honoring true self - so that our true visions, desires, creativity is what's energized by the power surge.  This is a responsibility we have to ourselves, the self that has had to wait to come to full potential, and to the collective, that waits for the gifts we bare when we do not hold back or pretend.   The coming scale of power is something we would have backed off from previously, for fear of misuse. We can trust that this power is. LOVE. 
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Some of the numbers: 7:3:12 7:3:3 7:6 1:3
Distilled Number of the day  4 Number of the month:  10/1
Again we have a 3:3 Stargate, with not to miss '4' as sum of all the numbers.  It's a day to get down to the business of our inner trinity in everyday life. Noting where we opt out of one part of our triad…. ignore our inner child, lean heavy into masculine or retreat far into fem, or let inner child run wild without the protection of Divine parents. 
  All of the numbers today gather in steady support, to show us what we can learn, to help us FEEL the difference between being more in one aspect than the rest, and actually including, BEing all 3, simultaneously.  
This is a day to embrace the full blown experience of our inner trinity - as close as we are ready for (we must allow for phases of embodiment, upgrades of circuitry).  The offering from today's numbers is that: the stabilized triangulation within will be the new normal. We will embody our Inner Trinity while we pick out new sunglasses, play soccer, eat carrots.  
 The Cosmic message from the numbers is to:  believe in a fully operational Inner Trinity as your natural state of being.  No longer something allusive that you might or might not achieve, but the natural benchmark of the true Divine being that you are.  Some of the assumed delays are not needed and progress is accelerated in claiming your full blown right to live as Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, in perfect Union, giving rise to the Immaculate Christ child, as you live and breathe in the now.  Nothing about the achievement of this need exclude your enjoyment of human life. On the contrary, it affords you a purified experience of human life, in which you can fully enjoy physicality, while you are free to BE.  
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Some of the numbers: 7:10:12 7:1:3 7:4 8:3
Distilled number of the day:  11 Number of the month: 10/1
These final days of the month, of the wormhole, entering the Lion's Gate, are stretching our sense of what change means.  Strong among those Ascending and present if subtle among groups in 3d, is an undeniable sense that we have entered a phase of change that we've not seen the likes of before.  There's an un-nameable knowing that we've been preparing for this, and now that it's here, it's so very present, that it. just is.  
Each in our place, pace, way, we move Unified through these days, letting ourSelves be brought into an expanded version of Self that we LIve out loud in 2020… and will be growing towards quickly in between.  
The front line energies from today's numbers are quiet.  Giving space to all of the essentials that run deep through history and future, parts of our purpose that now shift and move.  Today has inception point energies with the '1' of the day in combo with overall '1' of the month. We may notice the background '4' for and distilled '11' calling us to include essential aspects of self, easy or not.  
The message for the day:  everything we move through here is sacred.  What's timing out and emerging anew is so simultaneous, things blur and loose definition as they move forward, back, and parallel in time.  
THIS is the time to trust, far and wide, how our Higher Selves and Hearts carry us through a portal we prepared for long ago.  
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Some of the numbers: 7:11:12 7:2:3 9:12 9:3
Distilled number of the day:  12/3 Number of the month: 10/1
These following 3 days are the time to realize, release, reclaim what we need to in the '7' energy of this month. 
 In these final July days we can take stock of how we relate to our physical environment, our bodies, the fact that we. are. here and it cannot be by accident…. and  how we relate to our extended lives, and the world at large.  
Noticing:  Does our Earth life mirror what we know we are/can do.  Is it steeped in past burdens, bright with potential, a combo of both - and where do we stand in that.  Where do we place ourselves in the reflections of our physical life. Is it still something that is happening TO us, or will we embrace the reflections for how they wake us up, fuel our purpose, and bring us back to Love.  
Not to be missed today, is the chance for next level mastery of inner balance.  The dynamic between our two primary halves, between our m/f,  largely determines the dynamic between inner and outer. If we don't like what's happening between us and the mirror of outer life, that is a gift as well, pointing us toward what awaits within, to be seen and understood -  to find balance; the balance between the part in need/dissatisfied, and the part hostile or withholding.  When the unrest of inner polarity is seen for what it is, Love flows everywhere… nothing is excluded.  And weary parts of us are renewed, hopeful, happy to have a place.  
Our relationship to self within IS the design that we extend to the outer world.  As it returns to its natural state, a world of Love rises again. The manifest results are close, and it is time. 
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