Today's Numbers: 9:3:12 9:3:3 9:6 3:3
Distilled Number of the day: 6 Number of the Month: 12/3
As I described in the monthly writing for September, there's background 3:3 Stargates every day this month, in our '9' month of completion. And in 3 months we enter December in which every day is an upfront 3:3 Stargate. The Cosmic design is undeniable.
Today there's two different types of 3:3 Stargates, in addition to the daily background 3:3. That's 3, 3:3 Stargates today, of various form. Here, whatever we need for next step progress with our Inner Trinity, is there... all around in sacred geometric portals. And 3 days into September, we start to get a sense of the month, at least the first phase of this 9/12 month.
The paradox of Spiritual teachings is becoming what we live. As we go deeper and become more intimate with personal and collective history/timelines, we extend the other way on the axis, more depth means more height. At the higher end, Divine neutrality, Universal Love is more available as we reconfigure our depths. This detached higher Love isn't impersonal, it's not cold. It includes the personal so completely that with nothing left out, with no fragmentation, there is no separation. Everything personal is brought into all-encompassing Higher Love.
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Today's Numbers: 9:2:12 9:2:3 9:5 11:12
Distilled Number of the Day: 5 Number of the Month: 12/3
These numbers for the first days of September express how highly personalized everyone's change is right now. Which is perfect. Wholeness does imply; no part of us left out. The beauty here is that as personal (and collective personal) depth places that have been in deep storage re-open, just past initial dread, we see these old stores change in the current light. And what we packed away, perhaps because we weren't ready/able to change it, is changing of its own volition when infused with this immaculate Light. Everything can be forgiven because we realize that it's our release it brings. And forgiveness won't bring more of what we don't want, it will end our karmic obligation to it.
Shadows come and go looking darker, as we walk into brighter light. The brighter light helps us sort through the shadow, what is actually us, what's confusion or mirage ready for release. This sorting is also auto-powered by our Light. As long as we stay with Self Love and say ok.
It's no secret that the world has (typically) encouraged the covering, denial, distortion of our inner Light. This is the passage where that is undone. A premise of the fear built world is that it's based in reversals of Divine Truth. One of those reversals is the message that our most beautiful attributes are the ones that have no place in the world. This reversal is being resolutely released, so that the truth of what we are can emerge in the world, adding to the Light.
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Today's Numbers: 9:1:12 9:1:3 10:3 9:4
Distilled number of the day: 4 Number of the month: 12/3
I wrote the monthly post for September before doing any September daily post (it doesn't work this way every month). In writing the monthly I tuned into the overall energetic of September, which was surprisingly cohesive. And that overall September view is different than what shows up in these early days of September. Which makes sense. The unprecedented wholeness for September as a 'whole', starts with some fragmentation. If we've been around the block a few times, we know that's the order of things. A dissolution of inner barriers, making fragmentation more obvious, en route to more integration. And yet, this process in September IS unprecedented. Not only does the scale of what we're doing surpass prior (similar) cycles, but this increased wholeness brings a result that may be unrecognizable at first, in that we have no prior reference for the outcome of what we're doing now. One thing is certain, the 'lower' human aspects will not only be integrating with each other, but merging with our Divine Light. What an amazing culmination that we have definitely earned.
An important feature for early September is how the old mind is quickly losing real estate, which can cause some wobble within and without. I recommend making use of our fuller, deeper connection with awakening Crystalline Earth. Connecting to the Crystalline vortex in Minas Gerais, Brazil gives us an anchor point for balancing shadow and Light. It's one of the powers of this vortex. And overall, the Earth is more capable now of running pure Divine Love, many forms, through her channels and us, all the time… when we receive it.
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Today's numbers: 8:4:12 8:4:3 12:12 3:3
Overall number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 6
There's an undeniable sense of finality today. Not foreboding or celebratory outright. Just "done". Helpful to remember today, especially, that this entire month was an '11'. With the unprecedented Lion's Gate and Cosmic Earth threshold that followed, we were also in a month of mastery, through every step. Dual realm mastery, since '11' is also '2', and in our '12/3' year, reads; mastering dual realm for Spiritual completions, to be true Creators in the physical realm. If you don't feel complete with this, on the last day of the month, don't worry, time bends for Ascension and Love goals…that's what "time" is actually for. Today can be extended or compressed as needed, tailored to your goals for empowered Love.
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