Today's numbers: 8:3:12 8:3:3 8:6 11:12
Overall number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 5
Today brings a 3:3 Stargate with an 11:12. I love these days. They send a direct infusion of Light into our overall mission for the year, with a combo of; challenge as needed with clarity of purpose, nurturing, and orientation to Creative desires, with some Joy in just Being. All prime features of the Trinity.
There's soft repeat '11's today as well. The energies of new will be undeniable. We may know what we want to do with what's emerging, or we may not. Either way, we can trust that there's more, much more that will reveal. At the end of next month, we may marvel at what we didn't know now, and appreciate how well we did with what we DID know. This also speaks to the rate at which our Human Consciousness is catching up to Cosmic scale awareness. It's not that's it's fast, but more time hopping; our emerging ability to see near and far, uncover what was concealed, find what we need in the archives or consult with our future Selves.
I 'm finding I have a slow brewing zeal for what's to come. Unlike "excitements" of before, this optimism has more Spiritual neutrality and New Earth sustainability.
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Today's Numbers; 8:11:12 8:2:3 8:5 1:3
Overall number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 4
I don't know when there's been so much collective awareness of the close of a month. It's in the air. Three days now for finishing August, and this one an '11'. The distilled '4' is important as well. We are getting savvy with '4' 's as next year approaches. Structures, foundations, even the tough places that are an impasse (until they're not) are becoming a fun type of "roll up your sleeves" Spiritual work. What IS more fun than putting long cultivated skills to tangible use. Which is what we're prepping to do.
It may be a boon to tune into the '11', mastery of balance in the dual realm. We'll be working with this more closely in the next couple of days.
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Today's Numbers: 8:10:12 8:1:3 9:3 8:4
Overall number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 12/3
In the 'final four' days of our '8' month, we have a '9' bridging us into September - though now time is so fluid and these bridges so built in, we just take them without focusing on them. And there is a September theme here, which is that through the download of Galactic Earth Harmonics, and bringing Light into our depths, we have made strides in restoring our inner Trinity. While our attention has been pulled here and there, while recent change was immersive, in September we begin to consciously work with the '9' completions of inner Trinity.
The Divine Feminine demands that the Divine Masculine remember himself, reconnect for restoration. And the "one or the other" m/f dynamics are primed to end. Why, when there's been so much bruising and betrayal between m/v, would they both relinquish separation to re-unite? There's one very good reason; their beloved Divine child. This story is as old as time and goes as far into the future as we need. The feminine and masculine will find a way out of their respective wounds, because that child is worth it, because the Heart cannot turn away from an immaculate, innocent child. Our child within deserves to be restored to their true Divine nature, always Loved/ Loveable, safe enough to be free for Ceative play. It takes both Divine parents to do this. We deserve it. The Earth needs it. The Love that fuels it is there.
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Today's Numbers: 8:9:12 8:9:3 8:12 8:3
Overall number of the month: 11 Distilled Number of the day: 11
Following yesterday's final 8:8 Stargate, there's a sweeping presence of '8's throughout the numbers, with the double '11''s in the sum month and day. And with a forward '9' of the day. The upfront theme: fully completing our recalibration, our grounded alchemy of Self - SO grounded that we can rise, with roots, as foundations of new.
There's a wild phenomenon, in which we are more intimate with our personal human and history, while we regain our Galactic Earth memory…which is becoming fuller, more normal by the minute. What were our experiences in the events that led to present, in other places/lives. Which ones matter here and now. What wants to come conscious in our Galactic Earth history that will make sense of who we are, how we relate to the world, patterns we've always sensed but not understood. The answers are there…waiting. They are so available in fact, that we may want to pace ourSelves in what we ask/look for. The Q and A process that we're used to with Cosmic Guidance has been upgraded. We have more access.
And not all 'knowledge is power'. As we well know, there are levels to truth. but when the cause of an entrapment pattern is revealed, when what set a distorted trajectory in motion becomes known, the wheels of liberation turn...and we've opened that place for our Divine will to set the record straight.
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