Today's numbers:   5:3:12 5:3:3 8:12 8:3
Distilled number of the day:   11
We have an '11' today that echoes an '11' from yesterday, with a 3:3 stargate full of gifts, including a sum '6' that smooths our transition to June.  
One of the themes we're circling as we finish the month, is how our essence, Soul truth, unique voice is seen/heard.  We have entered a phase of purifying and opening our expression in prep for the years to come. Today's stargate shows us how our expression echoes through our world.  Where have we been quiet and are ready to speak up, where have we spoken half truths and now can make them full.
A feature of being Light leaders is that we do not wait for others to understand or agree.  There are many things that we do "first" before it's accepted or verified. We've BEEN doing this for a long time, but it feels different at each new level that we graduate to.
Before entering June, today gives us a window to embrace ourSelves fully, to trust our Soul truth and express it as our Hearts call it through.  No other permission required.
Moving into expanded new requires courage.  It helps to remember that we do it for ourSelves first, but never for Self alone.  The world awaits the truth of who we are, what we came here to do, and the beauty of us remembering Light.  
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Today's numbers:  5:11:12 5:11:3 7:12 7:3
Distilled number of the day:  10 or 1
In this phase of transition from the Piscean to Aquarian age, we are getting what the old story was really about; that our body and soul had to deny Source/Love/Light in order to survive here.  This goes against our inherent nature and all laws of the Universe, and we know it… we've always known it. We feel it inherently, reminders are everywhere. And there was human authority, fear, pain, that enforced that old story to the point that we became hypnotized by it.  Even while we know it isn't "real", interface with the fear based story pulled us in. And now we are climbing out… out of that story and it's hypnotic effects, and the "outfit" we wore to survive it.
We're stepping out of every part of it… but the challenge/gift is that we cannot leave ANY part of ourSelves behind.  Not for a minute. This is the final rigor of May. We are held, reminded, shaken open in whatever way is needed to see and include any part of us that became so stuck that we might want to abandon it and bolt…. cut our losses to find more freedom.  But we know too well that we would miss the whole point. The parts of us that became the most stuck have the most powerful resurrection codes: to use past suffering to anchor Light, and as fuel for Love.
Today we enter the completion point of the month.  I cannot say the shape of coming change, but it is happening, it is Love driven… and our Light will show us the way.  
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Some of the numbers:   5:10:12 5:1:3 6:12 6:3
Distilled number of the day: 9
Now we move into more substantial '6' energies, steady bridging from our '5' Soul work towards the '6' Light of Unity on Earth.  
Even for the seasoned and wise, Ascension takes us further into places that no one can foresee.   Our Human so want's to "know" sometimes: that things are in their right place, that there's proof that all the mess will be made use of…  but we often go without that now. Then something else happens. We gradually stop reaching for what isn't there. More of us resigns to the present moment, beyond preference.  Peace moves in and shows us that we don't actually need things to be different.
In the midst of so much seeming every which way but right, we are aspiring to something else; to. Be. OurSelves.  To stay in ourSelves and refuse to leave, no matter how anything looks. This is Spiritual maturity finding its way into our Human everyday... the result of what we've worked for through May.   
Not too far down the road, we will be dancing with glee for having done this  work now. The end of May is showing us the essence of our strength, and building skills we will use for years to come.  
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Today's numbers:   5:9:12 5:9:3 5:12 5:3
Distilled number of the day: 8
May completion energies are in the air.  And we have never been so ground level ready to work with the '6', Christic energies of June.  Today we move into the center of the ramp between the two months, getting an infusion of '6' Light to rejuvenate us in the last lap of May.  
We're extending so far towards new horizons, working so deep for resolution, that we can find ourselves in dimensional clash.  Low on patience for no (apparent) reason, then emboldened to new strength alternating with vulnerable, cut to Spiritual equanimity, then to human needs like our favorite food.  It's wild to hold stable in 3d while, flying, digging, swimming through "other" experience of every type. We could spend all day journaling and not record all we do now… whether we're sitting still, traveling, or working in groups.  
The message from the numbers is to allow the ebb and flow.  To trust the graduation to higher order while inBody. To allow our desires, expression, to flex, explore… to even enjoy the peculiarities.  Through the remaining days of May, the debri moves through and there is more of US here; still, shining, Gold.
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