Today's Numbers: 8:8:12 8:8:3 8:11 7:3
Overall Number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 10/1
This is a big day and we can surely sense/feel it. It's our last 8:8 Stargate of the month. This is an integration completion of the 8:8 of the Lion's Gate - which was the most energized, with Unity Light codes, of any Lion's Gate so far.
There may be a hush that passes over the Earth today, in which people and planet pause, with extended exhale, and start a new cycle of breath… breathing new codes of our now complete Galactic Earth Harmonic, that started in 2012.
The Sun is radiating Soular codes of this Harmonic, codes that reverse the unnatural reversals that humans have "adapted" to for so long.
Our personal matrix architecture revises with these New Soular codes, at the earliest right time, as a merged Soular/Galactic template. The overhaul for our bodies and energy fields cannot be overstated.
All things Cosmic and Earth are now organized, activated for a Harmonic of Elemental restoration, and Human bio-matrix restoration. I will usually mention these together because, obvious are not, our bodies Ascend in Sync with the Earth body, more than before. The Inbodyment of LIght for us and Earth Herself, are step. by. step. one in the same.
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Today's Numbers: 8:7:12 8:7:3 6:3 8:1
Overall number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 9
We are now doing something that we've not fully done before, bringing our Higher reaching Cosmic light, down, where it alchemizes the lower levels of our being, changing HOW we inhabit our bodies and Earth life.
There is slow down, heaviness at times, as we open dense root places that were covered. It may have been necessary to keep them covered, to keep going, or we didn't realize these depth places were there.
This Light in-depth opens stores from childhood and beyond, the patterns that we came in with, and replayed in our childhood, in order to access them now. We're finding the places where personal story intersects with our Divine purpose. This is the sweet spot for current progress. When THIS happens, there is an Inbody (not out of body) experience of HighLight in-depth. This is almost woozy, like an altered state facilitated of coming home to self (not trying to leave).
The places where 'the world as it's been' doesn't' work for us, which we're seeing clearly, these are transforming from wound/survival areas of HeartStrong purpose. The current alchemy of self is so deep, despite all efforts, it can't be rushed. But when it's done, WE will have exceeded our expectations for Being Human.
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Today's numbers: 8:6:12 8:6:3 8:9 5:3
Number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 8
Having '8' as the overall number of the day in an '8' month is a subtle 8:8 Stargate. It may be wild to reflect on the last few weeks. We may feel like it's been a year since THE 8:8.
We're about to enter a series of next phase initiations into Divine/Human. This will vary in level and degree in the perfect way for each. The important part is to embrace the fullest potential where. we're. at. To trust that the bridge from old limits io new freedom is here. When we're willing, we're ready. When we trust, we are able.
We're going to get good at not being thrown by surprises in our power that defy time and gravity. We don't need to rid ourselves of regular human life, but let our mundane meld with our miraculous. Part of what it means to be whole.
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Today's numbers: 8:5:12 8:5:3 8:8 4:3
Number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 7
What a welcome 8:8 Stargate, bringing an integration marker for the 8:8 Stargate of the Lion's Gate. And we will feel it. We may have a window today to step out of the fullness and high/low tumult for a view of what we've accomplished since 8:8. Prepare to be taken aback, to sit for a while and absorb the view.
Not to be missed also is the 11/7 combo of the overall numbers of the month (+ year) and the day, in total. What Heaven on Earth means to us personally, in our Heart and physical senses, is changing… coming alive. As part of our building collaboration with Crystalline Earth.
These are some big numbers today, and with that comes the message that we are doing bigger things with more ease and balance. This is a welcome sight as we move through 2019 approaching a planetary culmination of Galactic change.
If there's any area of life (inner or outer) that doesn't seem to be working the way we want, this is likely a sign post pointing us towards a more inclusive view. Towards choices beyond the need to force/struggle. If we read these signs from the Heart, the direction they point us in will be clear.
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