Today's numbers: 8:4:12 8:4:3 12:12 3:3
Number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 6
These are some kaleidoscope numbers. A strong 3:3 stargate, '6' for the number of the day; movement, activation, expansion into using our Christ/Sophia Light for personal Creation, with the double'2's yielding a '4', for optimal balance and structure.
This is a wide open day for imagining towards or acting to bring our Light into the basics of our world - in the most pleasurable ways possible. There is no Higher order for realizing Heaven on Earth. With the current light quotient that we're living in, any place where our desires/pleasure may be out of alignment with our higher potentials will be shown to us swiftly and clearly. And easy or not, this is a gift.
The most dignified cause we can stand for now is; our true expression and desires, for what we want in our lives, AND in the world… which are become one in the same.
However much we allow ourSelves to Play to Create, for purpose - today is a day to dial it up.
And if we hit a wall, reach a fear limit, that's the place to apply Self Love until it dissolves, clears and we're granted passage through.

Our foremost barrier now is any remaining fear of our power, of what we can actually do when we don't hold back. We are entering a new currency exchange of our Love action investment bringing increased returns. The stocks and shares to invest in are our dreams and Creative gifts. And the global market for this is stable and growing.

We don't need to look outside for the 'reality' of New Earth. We're here to be/embody it and this extends to Creatorship.
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Today's numbers: 8:3:12 8:3:3 8:6 11:12
Number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 5
Is it possible to NOT be glad to see a 3:3 Stargate. I admit that 3:3 Stargates often take me through the rigors of the next step towards completing my inner trinity. But when I see them from a distance, and the overall gift, goal, result of what they bring, there is always a feeling of both elation and coming home.
This 3:3 Stargate comes with an 11:12, so there's some strength building here. Our outer world, life, relationships, may reflect to us where we are not in one aspect of our trinity… leaning into one at the expense of another.
When we find the center balance point between male/female, we can honor our inner child as is, and the Divine child emerges. Whatever degree of challenge we may encounter today, it is one of THE greatest fulfillments, to have all of our essential parts included. To have Love energy running through the parts of our inner Trinity; all included, honored, connected.
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Today's numbers: 8:2:12 8:2:3 1:3 8:5
Number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 4
The forward number here is the distilled '4'. We are opening all new terrain for '4' as we approach 2020. You may notice shifts in your energy field, torus globe, how you balance into the Earth. Some will be having an axis Light up in their field, that completes on the outside to form a square, as we become literal foundations for New Earth.
The energy field axis maybe front to back and left to right or diagonal at times. The energies might flower and circle towards stabilizing as a foundation square that connects into the Crystalline Earth grid. As individual bases for New Earth, we sync up, through the Crystalline Earth grid, whether we know it or not. Our self contained 5d foundations infuse the Earth with codes for New foundations to materialize in Earth systems and structures.
We understand it as we engage it in our fields, for ourselves. We see it as it builds in the Crystalline LIght networks. And by the time these foundations are fully materialized, we've been living them for a while. It's all about being our true Selves.
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Today's numbers: 8:10:12 8:1:3 8:4 9:3
Number of the month: 11 Distilled number of the day: 12/3
The first message for the day shows release of old, a relaxing of the tension that comes from bright Source Light on old fear that was so strong the Lion's Gate. We move by degree into a calmer phase of calibration, assimilation, which goes for about three weeks. Not all can be expected to be smooth, and by no means predictable (in old ways).
A tipping point quotient of our survival self has said "ok" to the influx of Source LIght from the Lion's Gate. This brings a melding, alchemy for parts of us that have been used to separation. This is looking smoother, more welcome than it would have been just months ago... because we are so much more conscious now, we have cleared so much fear. Less of us is identified with ego that doesn't relate to Source.
All of the above opens our access to Grace. Our job is to let it flow in and through our changing bodies and lives. Wherever we can. For all the stretching and intensity we've been through recently, this is a day to notice how we've expanded, and to acknowledge the power of our personal progress for the collective… to let our Hearts be full and glad for what we've done. This is just the beginning.
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