Powerful New Moon in the sign of Aquarius on 2/8/16 at 6:40am PST/ 9:40am EST. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is where we love ourselves unconditionally and take down our walls so that we can be the Awakeners that this world is in such dire need of at this time.

We are entering the New Age of Aquarius which is presided over by Uranus, the Great Awakener. Uranus is the bolt of lightening in the darkeness that brings illumination to the Truth.

It's not only about opening up to the Love that we are but it is also about taking the action that our Higher Self is calling us towards. For without appropriate action our dreams will not manifest. We are being called to expand into the wisdom of who we are once and for all- this is a process of recognizing all of our fragments as parts of the Wholeness that we are, all that we see  in the world is us, the good and the “bad”- as we can lift off the tags, we are much more able to integrate them and remember that we are Limitess Beings of Light and Love, we are all One and separation is the Illusion.




full moon tonight








New Moon today 1/9/16 at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST in the sign of Capricorn. It's conjunct Pluto, the archetype known as the god of the underworld, but now being revealed as the Gatekeeper to the Higher Realms. We are being asked to connect to our Higher Self through the energies of Capricorn and from there we are able to enter the expansive realms of our consciousness that are not visible with lower perspective.


This calls for surrender and letting go - chances are that there have been challenging and difficult circumstances in our lives that have been bringing us to that point. It can be extremely intense, but there is a gift in it all. These situations bring us a choice really- to hold on, struggle and continue to suffer, or let go, surrender and allow. As we are able to do so, whole new vistas become available. The Universe is one of Love and Abundance, if we can let go and allow it to it to deliver; for that is who we are, Divine Beings of Love and Abundance.


It really is a matter of transcending the dramas and the stories to connect with a Higher Truth. We are more powerful than we think we are- we are it- we are the Creators of it of all. As we are able to overcome apparent conflict and strife, we truly have an opportunity to awaken to our higher capacities and limitlessness. This is the Awakening to our True Self.


We are in the midst of an profound evolutionary process - a soul retrieval, a gathering of all our pieces that we thought were separate and integrating them back into our Being. These may not always be what we want to see, but if we can integrate with love and acceptance, we are able to expand our consciousness more fully into the wisdom of who we are. We are everything- the "good" and the "bad". As we lift off the tags and accept with love and attention, it all just is. This is the healing or "wholing", coming to wholenss. In times such as this, Self Love is the absolute key, nurturing and honoring the Self as we would a child. For we are worthy of Love, whatever shows up; we are not perfect nor are we meant to be.


So plant your seeds to surrender your will to the Divine Will and all will be delivered. It really is all possible.


Full Moon in Cancer reflecting Sun in Capricorn on Christmas Day at 3:10am PST/ 6:10am EST. An auspicious time indeed, where we have just passed through the portal of the Winter Solstice, the rebirth and resurrection of the Light, the start of a new cycle on the Cosmic Clock. It's in the darkness that we find the Light that we are.


Allow yourself to receive the present. That's where the gift lies. The gift of presence - the blessing of the moment. We have to be open to receiving in order to be able to have something to give. Allow your Self to receive the Love, nourishment and security of the Cancer energies- turn yourself over to Source, your own Divine nature and the support of this abundant universe. Lack is an illusion, a limited program of our society and our upbringing. Self love, self care and nourishment allow us to be replenished.
Receiving is not about grabbing or getting but simply allowing the universe to deliver to us the abundance that is our birthright. Giving and receiving are but two sides of the same coin.
Every moment is new, and with Uranus stationing direct on this Full Moon, be open to the unexpected, the magic is always in allowing and not resisting. It is all divine orchestration to awaken us to the truth of who we are, Divine Beings of Light and Love. It all starts with Self love or self care, first and foremost.
How do you receive? It's as simple as breathing. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to fully receive the replenishment of your in-breath.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is where we allow our emotions to flow uninhibited without judgment, as they are simply energy in motion that will bring us back to the Heart like the rivers to the Ocean. From this space we will have access to the Unveiling of our Souls purpose, the Abundance of our Being; the veils are lifting. What is your gift to the world?



full moon tonight








The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 2:29am PST on Dec 11th. We are seeding our intention to clear the karmic debris that has kept us mired in the density of this 3D existence, once and for all. It is time to face the devil and finish the game- the devil being our fear based energies and the game being the game of Separation.


As we clear, we have the opportunity to  awaken to our Divine potential and and to realize the truth of the illusion of separation. All is wholeness and Oness, so allow your lost fragments to be reclaimed, nothing is separate. What we see in the outside world in the mirror of others can only be us, so reclaim and integrate it all, even, and most especially if it is challenging. All is divine and perfect, it is our judgements that gives it the tag of "good" or "bad".


We are in the midst of a momentous awakening process for humanity and with this New Moon, we are able to connect to it easily. Our Heart center serves as the compass in times such as these, so allow yourself to connect to it and you will have the opportunity to see through the fog of illusion to the truth of who you are:  Limitless, without bounds or restrictions. Plant your seeds with deep intention - and together we can create the world of our dreams.

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