Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1:31am EDT, 10:31pm PDT (9/19), 6:31am GT

27 Virgo 27

Feminine Presence.
Who is the Moon?  She is the Feminine Presence of Self.  She does not actively give off rays, only quiet, reflective wisdom.  Within her still core, her steady, reliable presence invites us to her, to bask in her environment and it dark or light, full or empty.   Always calling, always waiting.  Ever creating with Light Consciousness, in a connection which allows the deepest parts of our emotional Selves to come alive and be seen through her grace.

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FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Pisces Full Moon

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

3:03 am EDT, 12:03am PDT, 8:23 am GT

13 Pisces 53


Integration of Totality

Life is an exercise in becoming.  Moving from one thought, belief, feeling, connection, form, into another.  Becoming can seem relentless in its never-ending nature.  Once we land, catch our breath and we go again.  Yet this is the very rhythm of the Universe.  It is limitless in its own expansion, its own, by virtue of Oneness, limitless are we.

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Total Solar Eclipse within a Worm Hole (Image by Lauren Fox)

2017 Leo New Moon

Monday, August 21, 2017

2:31pm EDT, 11:31am PDT, 7:31pm GT

28 Leo 53

Please welcome Jeannine Kim to The Cosmic Path. She is one of my brilliant students and a wondrous healer in her on right. Your comments are welcome.. 

The Birth of One-ness

“Totality. Wholeness. The physical Unity of the Cosmos, showing itself spectacularly back to us.  Reflecting us to us. It is time to take this in - to KNOW THIS - to see that Cosmic Vision of alignment as our own. It is time to see it very specifically as THE clarion call which births our ONE-ness…The soul has never been more ripe, more ready to experience with open-heart, the Awakened One that you already are.  The momentum of your soul aligns with the transmuted nature of your physicality.  The choice for ONE-ness that you are consciously making now, together, with every step you have ever taken in the name of Higher Love, has led you to this very moment. Those who do not Know this will, by default, be invited to this Liberation of Self by virtue of our Universal Oneness. Faith moves us forward into realization and expansion.  Committing to this Unification thoroughly, without an inkling of indifference or judgement requires Faith. And it is the very Faith that has delivered us here.”
~ Channel from The Beloved.


Today’s powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 12:29pm MDT/2:29pm EDT at 28 Leo 52.  A New Moon Solar Eclipse is a reboot of consciousness, one that follows a previous lunar eclipse, which produced an emptying of emotion.  A new Moon always represents a planting of seeds, a blank canvas offering its creative potential.  The New Moon Eclipse forms a Grand Fire Manifestation with Uranus, The Great Awakener and Quaoar, our newly upgraded capacity to perceive new thought.  All of this happening within a worm hole, delivering us swiftly to a previously inaccessible expanded version of Self.  Simply put, our old mental and emotional operating systems have been recalibrated to align with the High Heart of Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Oneness and is now being fully reflected in our whole being.

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Monday, August  7, 2017

2:11pm ET, 11:11am PT, 7:11pm GT

 15 Aquarius 25

Uranus, in retrograde mode, is presiding over this purging of the heart today, awakening and evolving us to the deeper Truth of our Self as the embodiment of Source’s Love that we are.  Occurring within the wormhole, it is is taking our consciousness (Sun) to a place not previously known; to a world not previously known on Earth at this level of awareness. Our hearts are being purged of misperceptions of feelings based on lower-frequency thought-forms that no longer inform our reality.  We are waking up to the shift that we have already made within.  It has lain in the fertile field within the Heart of our higher Self, waiting for higher-frequency waves from the Cosmos to work their resonant magic on our vehicles.  Uranus provided the gentle shake awake at first that has become more insistent and glaring as the moment to Awaken has drawn near.  This Wormhole is The Moment.  It will not come from without.  It will come from within as we lay down the weapons and mental manipulations we have used to keep our Self at bay, and allow the Heart to radiate forth as the Son (Child)/Sun of God that She is. It is She who holds the frequency that gives birth to the thought-forms that inform our perspective and perceptions of reality.  It is She that we have been waiting for to show up in our lives and radiate forth in her full glory; to shine her Light on All, without exception (separation).

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