2 July 2019

New Moon 10 Cancer 37  Total Solar Eclipse

3:16 pm EDT

The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 19 was quite glorious, and it gave us the opportunity to celebrate where we are. Along with the flowering of all we have put into action, the Full Moon also lit up new things for us to work with during the two week passage to this New Moon. The Sagittarian quality of our Consciousness gives us the courage to address the old and tackle the new. As a wisdom sign (formerly mutable) Sagittarius facilitates change by making physical movement possible, and making it a bit of an adventure.
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FULL MOON over ocean

2019 Sagittarius Full Moon

Monday July 19, 2019

4:31 am EDT, 1:31am PDT,  9:31am GT

25 Sagittarius 53

The journey from the last New Moon on June 3rd to the Sagittarius Full Moon takes us from Gemini—where we practice loving with our minds, to Sagittarius, where we resolve habits that keep us from evolving. While these are both wisdom (formerly mutable) signs, they represent change in different ways. Gemini, by showing us the us what happens when we really “walk our talk” and Sagittarius, by demonstrating what happens we seek to find out what Truth really is. Traveling along the polarity between these two signs takes us from the continuous and rapid insights generated through our Gemini consciousness to the point where these are distilled and taking form with Sagittarius. The Gemini New Moon challenged us to hold a center point, while new information was received and processed through our mind/heart connection. This center point provides a platform for discernment, to separate out what we think we believe from what does not resonate. Within our Gemini consciousness is the ability to connect with ideas and social circumstances, as they come to us. Because we are in a wormhole, the information came fast and from unexpected sources. There may have been times when we felt like we were in a multidimensional hall of mirrors.
Photo by Manfred Werner - Tsui, 2014, used by courtesy under the Creative Commons license;!_And_Dance_Premierenfeier_Wien_01_Disko-Kugeln.jpg
The Sagittarius Full Moon brings an entirely different experience. Things are now manifesting, and we are seeing if they feel real or not. As socially connected as our Gemini Selves can be, feeling lost within a crowd is a common Sagittarius experience. This is where we realize that we may not really believe what we think we see. This is a good thing. As long and hard we may have worked to form a belief, it is through Sagittarius that we can challenge our beliefs, and change them if we want to. There is no habit or addiction that cannot be dropped or vanquished. To do so, we need to use all the transmutation tools that we have access to at the time. The courage to leave the past or a behavior behind takes all the courage we can muster, and it is through the Sagittarian part of ourselves that we find the inspiration to do this. The symbol for Sagittarius is the bonfire, and there is nothing like a bonfire to bring about a sense of individual and collective purification and relief.
Photo by Aaron Logan,; used by courtesy under the Creative Commons license;
Our beliefs stem from assumptions we make about our experiences, and these assumptions can all of a sudden get revealed through Sagittarius, whether we want them to or not. Maybe we are not aware of the assumptions we hold, because they are subconscious. We listen to another’s experience of an event, and are often surprised to realize that we may have gotten the situation “all wrong.” This is the point where we make the choice to either ignore another perspective and stick to our beliefs, or bring them up for re-examination to see if something has changed. Time then becomes mutable, because what we believe we remember now may have changed from what we thought we remembered 10 years ago. We have a memory of something. As soon as it is formed all the circumstances around that memory become an efficient, self-organizing entity, complete with everything needed to be perpetually sustained, like the geometric shape of a torus. The memory feeds itself, developing new detail and characteristics over time. These experience-based memories have been essential for us to live as entities on Earth right now. We collectively believe these are needed to maintain our individuality and of course, they feed and shape our egos. All this is in the process of change. As we progress through the Aquarian Age, it stands to reason that the same spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical processes we believe we know so well will not function in the same way.
Image an Ouroboros Torus, by RokerHRO, used courtesy of and the Creative Commons license;
Our Sagittarian consciousness contains the continuous drive for truth, because at the core we collectively believe the truth will set us free. Our challenge is to ever expand our awareness, so that we are ultimately making use of our superconscious Mind through our physical human experience. This actually is always happening, but we are not usually aware of it. It is the truth seeker in all of us that has the urge to “stop the clock” and ask why something seems to be so.
“We have to remember that what we observe is not nature in herself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” Werner Karl Heisenberg. Physics and philosophy: the revolution in modern science (1958)
The Full Moon is conjunct the Galactic Center (a black hole) at 27 Sagittarius, so we can expect our urge to get at core truths will be stronger than usual. This push for an understanding of what is really going on is completely tied into Ixion at 28 Sagittarius, where we discover our soul’s true purpose. The Moon is disposed by Jupiter (where we expand) currently transiting at 18 Sagittarius, and the information about our purpose is right in front of us, both on an individual and wider social basis. The truth we seek may feel different for everyone, but since this is a collective experience, the outcome will be the same. An intolerance toward what does not feel true at the moment is sure to arise. What is important is to check the assumptions about everything, including that sense of intolerance, as it is likely to play out globally. One of the oldest known parables shared by many cultures is that of the blind men and the elephant. Each is convinced that they understand what they are touching based on their individual experiences, and ignore what everyone else has to say about the same elephant. Instead of focusing on limitations, we could choose the widest, largest perspective possible. This is a good practice for the Full Moon event, because it is part of a major wormhole that will take our individual and collective energy to new places.
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The Moon is in intimacy (semi-sextile) with Quaoar (where we change our ways of thinking) at 28 Capricorn, so the opportunity to globally use a new paradigm is definitely present. It all starts with the way we feel. The Moon is in resource (sextile) with Haumea (where we birth Unity consciousness) at 25 Libra, conjunct Arcturus (scientific breakthroughs) at 24 Libra. These archetypes are supporting a real change in our thinking and collective understanding. Manifesting (trining) the Moon is Eris (our inner disrupter) at 24 Aries, taking us back to that urge for substantive Truth, along with the willingness to keep asking for it. The Moon is in a stepping stone (square) with Neptune (where we enlighten ourselves) at 18 Pisces. There may be moments where there is more confusion than clarity, but it can dissipate quickly as soon as we check our assumptions.
The bridge between the Moon and Sun takes us back to the Sagittarius/Gemini spectrum.  Mercury disposes the Sun, and Mercury is at 20 Cancer, which is disposes by the Moon.  Mercury is fortified through a conjunction with Mars (how we move) at 21 Cancer. We will have to feel our way through this Moon/Jupiter, Sun/Mercury loop, because everything may appear bigger than it really is.
The Moon is in a great eliminator (inconjunct) relationship to Sedna (our collective memory of the Divine Feminine) at 27 Taurus, where the challenge is to react the same way as before, or to choose a new response. This is where we start to move from the righteous anger toward patriarchal oppression over the ages toward a transformed perspective. We do not know what this looks or feels like, and the wormhole is in the process of taking us to new ground, while the eclipses will transport us to new vistas. The Moon is our most personal connection to the Divine Feminine and she is being infused with the wisdom of Sedna during the Full Moon event.
Photo used courtesy of halfrain,; through the the Creative Commons license;
The Grand Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) continues to provide a dynamic background for the Full Moon event. The Soul Star (North Node, where we tap into our destiny) at 18 Cancer, is conjunct Mercury and Mars and the Fixed Star Sirius, and is linked to the Full Moon through Mercury and the Cancer disposition. The connecting bridge to the Earth Star (where we access our karma) at 18 Capricorn is conjunct Saturn (where we access our inner authority) at 19 Capricorn and Pluto (where we transform ourselves) at 22 Capricorn. The cross is formed by Eris bridging with Haumea conjunct Arcturus. This Cross provides the energy to fuel the Sagittarian seeking for Truth. Using our Sagittarius consciousness, we can triumph over the self-created induced obstacles, if we do so by nurturing those aspects of ourselves that we have refused to acknowledge as of yet. Existing right now within each of us is the seed of liberation, which is nurtured and tutored through our emotional responses and our willingness to transform how we work with authority.  

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Monday June 3,2019

6:03am EDT; 3:03am PDT:  11:03am GST

12 Gemini 34 

We have arrived at the Gemini New Moon, after a deep dive into our Scorpio quality of consciousness, through the last Full Moon, which allowed access to our deepest beliefs. We may have been surprised or reassured as these beliefs emerged during the Full Moon passage. Our Scorpio consciousness was able to use whatever information came up to transform anything we have not been comfortable with, or which needed to be changed. The transformation process started as soon as we recognized our discomfort.
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FULL MOON over ocean
2019 Scorpio Full Moon
Thursday, May 18, 2019
5:12pm EDT, 2:12pm PDT
Since the New Moon on 5 May, we have travelled along the bridge that exists between the Taurus and Scorpio qualities of consciousness. We can pick any spot on this bridge to view the landscape around us. The Taurean New Moon showed us where fruitful new beginnings could be found, and also where we are perhaps less than fluid and flexible than we would like to be. We have had the opportunity to take a new listen to the inner voice within and gain more respect for our own inner guidance system. If at any point we heard this voice as self-critical or demeaning, rest assured that we were hearing the voice of the ego. Ego takes many guises, including a voice that can be full of praise and sweet words as much as it can be a critic or bully. Our Taurean experience grounded this voice, one way or the other, setting us up for the deep dive into the Scorpio Full Moon. 
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