Friday February 4, 2019

4:04pm ET, 1:04pm PT, 9:04pmGT

15 Aquarius 45

Welcome to the end of the wormhole!  We pop out of the wormhole with the perfect timing of the New Moon—a chance to take the untethered experiences and insights we have gained since 5 December and ground them into a new circumstance. Leaving the wormhole may feel like jumping from a moving vehicle, because there are so few planets that are retrograde at this time. We need to remember that the sense of movement is our own projection, because we are fully empowered to choose the manner of our exit out of the wormhole.

Photo by Mark Sebastian [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons;
The Leo Full Moon/lunar eclipse on 2O January delivered us to the last leg of the wormhole passage. We experienced a complete re-boot of our emotional body during the lunar eclipse. While that was a supremely personal moment, it reverberated throughout the collective human experience. Truth found the courage to speak to power and prevailed. Look back at the period between 20 January and now, and take a moment to appreciate all the small and large ways we stood up for our Selves, and by doing so, for other as well. Each time we did this, we recharged our energy with the abundance that only the Sun (disposes Leo) can bring. We are now at the polarity of the Leo Full Moon, with an Aquarian New Moon.
This polarity represents the journey between loving ourselves unconditionally, and by doing so, drop the barriers of separation we may feel when we experience  others (Aquarius). Traveling along the polarity takes us to the Leo quality of our Consciousness, where, by acknowledging our greater Self we find true abundance and fulfillment in service to something greater than our ego-identity. This polarity is pivotal to the advancement of human growth and our collective evolution.  It is where we see people transcend any limitations-self-imposed or circumstantial - and bring ideas forth that serve all humanity. It is glorious and astonishing journey to watch when someone else achieves it. And is arduous to experience individually because it requires the leap from a limited personal perspective of separation to unity consciousness. This process can feel like the impossible, much like capturing lightning in a bottle.

Lightning in A Bottle Trilogy (3/52) by Simon & His Camera (2013) / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0/
The New Moon is at 15 Aquarius 45, which in Cosmic Consciousness is a world access point. It represents the mid-point between two seasons (a solstice and an equinox), and is experienced by everyone on the planet. Because we are exiting the wormhole, the New Moon is acting much like a singularity. Within the center of every black hole is a gravitational singularity, or a one-dimensional point which has unmeasurable mass compacted into the tiniest single point imaginable.  None of the natural laws of physics operate normally at this point.
This gravitational point is also within our Consciousness, as the eternal I AM, and we can get a momentary glimpse of it as we leave the wormhole. The planetary archetype Uranus disposes Aquarius, and it is through Uranus that the Truth is revealed to us, like lightening hitting the water and lighting up the sky. We need this during the New Moon, as the Moon is not reflecting the Sun’s light.
The New Moon/Sun are conjunct Mercury (how we communicate) at 20 Aquarius is conjunct the Black Moon Lilith (how we activate the Divine feminine) at 20 Aquarius. This tight stellium (grouping) adds to the compactness of the New Moon singularity. Mercury is also the archetype of the Divine Masculine. The combination of the Black Moon—who loves to shine light in dark corners- and Mercury points to our individual and collective need to forgive the masculine archetype. The Divine Masculine cannot stand with the Divine Feminine in our collective Consciousness until we acknowledge that it to runs the entire spectrum of what we conceive of as male energy, plus and minus. Look for some important communications, internally and externally about the expression of masculinity.
Uranus (where we awaken ourselves) at 29 Aries further influences the New Moon through its ongoing bridge (formerly opposition) with Haumea (where we create unity consciousness) at 27 Libra. Mars (how we move) and Eris (where we disrupt ourselves) are conjunct at 23 Aries, providing a disordering power to the Uranus Haumea bride. Furthermore, the fixed star Arcturus at 25 Libra and Pallas Athena at 29 Libra are conjunct Haumea, pointing to a breakthrough on how we reclaim a unified sense of humanity with all on the planet.  It may just be for a moment, but our experience on Earth may feel just a little less disconnected during the New Moon if we use this bridge as an observational vantage point.

Photo by Ben Robinson,
The Uranus/Haumea bridge is in a power Crossroad (formerly cardinal cross) with the Soul Star (North Node) at 27 Cancer with the Earth Star (South Node) at 27 Capricorn. The Cancer quality of our consciousness is associated with the Divine Mother, just as Capricorn is with the Divine Father. The nodal bridge spans the spectrum of how we nurture and teach ourselves. We can explore all parts of this power Crossroad during the passage to the next Full Moon, to remind ourselves that we each contain the Divine Feminine and Masculine in equal parts, no matter how we identify on the gender spectrum. This is wholly because we are all spiritual beings having the physical experience of duality.
The New Moon is in an intimacy relationship (formerly semi-sextile) with Saturn (where we find our authority) at 15 Capricorn and Neptune (where we enlighten ourselves) at 15 Pisces. This provides a sure-footedness to anything we start with the New Moon, whether it be something physical or a set of new intentions.  Pluto at 21 Capricorn is conjunct Saturn and the Earth Star, adding the element of transformation to anything we apply our conscious effort to. With none of the inner part of our known solar system in retrograde motion, events and experiences things will move swiftly along and we may feel like there is no time to process our emotions. It’s okay, there is always time for that when we use the observer’s perch to see where we are.
Here is a beautiful reminder of how Source (or ourSelf) accompanies us on the journey.

Alexa Szlávics [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (]

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to:


2019 Leo Full Moon

Monday, January 21, 2019

12:16am EST, 9:16pm (1/20)PST, 5:16am GT

0 Leo 51

What a wormhole journey without many places to get our bearings! Cosmic Consciousness starts with the premise that all planetary archetypes and qualities of consciousness (signs) are projections of ourselves. Collectively, we created these to help us expand our awareness, transcend duality, and realize our purpose as spiritual beings having a physical experience here on Earth. What should be clear is that we can travel at any time to any portion of our 12-part consciousness. The New/Full Moon phase is useful because it provides specific access that makes it easier to access these parts of ourselves.

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8:29PM EST, 5:29PM PST, 1:29AM (1/6) GT


The Cancer Full Moon on 22 December provided the energy to explore emotional responses that previously may have been uncharted, and perhaps even unrecognizable. The ongoing wormhole, which opened on 7 December 2018 has opened and closed many doors, and made new ones appear that we had not seen before. Regardless, they were all ours to experience and acknowledge. Given the dignity of that Full Moon (Cancer disposes the Moon), all our responses served us, even if we cannot see how yet. The Cancer part of our consciousness affirmed the importance of processing our emotions as they arise. How this processing takes place differs for each of us, however, it all starts with the recognition of a feeling, and then allowing for our inherent emotional wisdom to kick in.

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2018 Cancer Full Moon

Saturday, December 22, 2016

12:48pm EST, 9:48am PST, 5:48pm GT

0 Cancer 49

That was quite a Sagittarian New Moon a couple of weeks ago-the journey brought forth many revealing moments within us and in our external world. Some of these revelations may have felt a bit startling. The key is that the Sagittarian quality of consciousness never presents anything more than what we can successfully handle, no matter how challenging it might seem at the time. If the passage between the New Moon and the Full Moon has felt disjointed, it is also due to a worm hole opening. A worm hole is set by two New Moons which bracket a set of eclipses. The  current wormhole started on December 7 and will end on February 4. A wormhole provides an opportunity to move into territory  that otherwise may not have been possible, or even comprehensible. Within a wormhole, we can transcend feelings or patterns of behavior that did not seem changeable before.
The thing about wormholes is that we cannot plan ahead our responses to whatever might emerge. As Stephanie Azaria describes, the best way to travel in a worm hole is as if we are on an adventure ride and have our hands in the air. Because the wormhole opened with Sagittarian New Moon conjunct the Great Attractor Black Hole (14 Sagittarius), we can count on there being an element of adventure, some unexpected clearing, and the fortitude needed to address any situation effectively.

Cancer disposes the Moon, and this part of our consciousness is in its glory when there is a Full Moon. The Full Moon enters 0 Cancer just a few hours after the solstice, which is something that everyone experiences on the planet, where ever you may be located. Our 

emotional cores are fully accessible and any emotions we may feel are appropriate and necessary. The symbol for the Cancer part of our consciousness is the river, and as such provides the mechanism and means for processing our feelings. If our feelings start flowing in abundance, this quality of our Selves is best experienced by taking at least three deep breaths, so we can have the core Cancer experience of just “being” for a moment or two.
The Full Moon is in a bridge with the Sun at 0 Capricorn, in a remarkable stellium (grouping) comprised of Quaoar (where we access new ways of thinking) also at 0 Capricorn, Ixion (where we call in our soul’s purpose) at 27 Sagittarius, and Saturn at 10 Capricorn (where we create definition and authority). This stellium touches how we identify our Selves (the Sun) with how we feel about Source, God, or any form of inspiration that takes us to Unity Consciousness. Cancer is where we access our core feelings and process these as emotional energy. This bridge creates the opportunity to explore how much we trust and place confidence in our deepest feelings about faith, the direction of our lives, and our evolution as spiritual beings having a physical experience.  It is a remarkable moment because the bridge can be accessed so easily to get to the observer’s perch. If anything feels constrictive, restrictive, or even improbable, please look again. The presence of Quaoar and Ixion creates an environment for an entirely different experience, where we may feel a renewal of faith, self-confidence, and purpose.
For the third time in a row (the past Sagittarius New Full and the Gemini Full Moon), we have a Power Grand Crossroad (formerly a cardinal Grand Cross). This one is comprised of the Moon/Sun bridge intersecting with the Light bridge between two 5D planets: MakeMake (where we access divine law) at 6 Libra and Salacia (where we access our ability to discern light and shadow) at 1 Aries. We are able to see-- within ourSelves first—more nuances and complexity and the recognition that there is a universal urge for Truth shared by all humans. We may feel ourselves newly drawn to the five human values of truth, right conduct, peace, love, and non-violence, which taken together comprise a full vision of human potential. We may feel the urge to put these into action within our internal and external environments. At the same time we can extend some forgiveness to others as we recognize that no light exists without shadow, and we co-create these. This is a real opportunity to step out of the current narrative about motivations of others that we may be telling ourselves. Let’s give each other a break for a moment.
Pooh Sticks Bridge, Ashdown Forest cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Marathon -
The Sun is part of a Finger of God formed by the resource (formerly sextile) between Sedna (where we access our Diving feminine heritage) at 26 Taurus and Varuna (where we find the highest vision we can hold) at 2 Leo, both in an inconjunct with the Sun at 0 Capricorn. This Finger of God presents a choice –to restructure our personal identity and relationship with authority (Sun in Capricorn) with a vision that holds the Divine Feminine as equal authority as our reverence for the Divine Masculine within ourselves and within the social structures we live in.  Either arm (the inconjunct) forming the Finger of God will take us to the same place, as the resource between Sedna and Varuna is supportive. These new planetary archetypes are as much part of our consciousness as the Sun is, and this is a good opportunity to exercise them.
Punctuating the Full Moon is the other ongoing Power Crossroad. This is comprised of the Soul Star at 27 Capricorn conjunct the Black Moon Lilith (where we express our Divine Feminine Selves) at 28 Capricorn, the bridging the Earth Star at 28 Cancer (North and South Nodes of the Moon). This ongoing bridge is activating all our core issues about how we feel about governing ourselves with whatever structure of authority we relate to. The Crossroad is formed with the bridge between Uranus (where we wake up) at 29 Aries and Haumea (how we create unity consciousness) at 26 Libra.

The Cancer Full Moon takes us to the core of who we are.  Our Cancer consciousness is the wellspring from which we experience the world.  Our sense are nothing without the feelings they stimulate. Or perhaps it is our feelings that stimulate our senses. It is important to recognize that this is a point of self-mastery, where we understand the difference between the two and that they are intrinsically separate and also intertwined.
A specific feeling can make one feel isolated or further define our individuality. If this feeling becomes overwhelming it is good to think on something the wise teacher Derek O’Neill once said: “How do you save a drop of water? Return it to the ocean.”  We can use this Full Moon to let the feelings we may have been struggling with release into our own rivers of e-motion, and we will feel greater energy and the renewal we may have been longing for.


Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and weekly write-up and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon. If you have any comments, you can send an email to: