7 December 2018

15 Sagittarius 7

02:20 am EST, 11:20pm (12/6) PST, 7:20pm GT

The Gemini Full Moon on 23 November reminded us of all the paths and ideas available to us at all times. Some we may like and some we may not, but they are all there, regardless. The Gemini quality of consciousness is like the diamond, reflecting whatever light that is present from different angles, while remaining still and solid. We all have the Gemini capacity to refine and capture a new perspective using the information that we are continuously taking in. Like a windsock, the Gemini part of us is attuned to the direction of movement. Gemini is our internal information collector, and the more we open our spirits, minds, and hearts, our ability to see quality in the data flow increases. This is what is meant by Satsang -being able to discern the quality. The Gemini – Sagittarius polarity takes us from the wide data flow to where we start to focus on individual pieces of information. These pieces become what we chose to focus on and as such they form our sticking points.

These “sticking points”-things we pay attention to- help define our individual journey. We set the general sticking points before we are born and we encounter these as our lives unfold. The story line we have each created is comprised of these sticking points (or karma), and they become evident when as we latch onto specific information generated through our Gemini consciousness. It is within the Sagittarius part of ourSelves that we find the courage and fortitude to work with and free up these sticking points.
Consider the sacred geometry of the fire triangle comprised of oxygen (air), heat (spirit), and fuel (matter). All are needed to create fire. There is no light or life without fire, and the Sagittarius quality of consciousness provides us with the most individualistic form of fire that we can muster. A symbol for Sagittarius is the bonfire, and bonfires were used as the earliest beacons used to communicate with others over water or land. A beacon is a signal, indicating safe passage or conveys a message such as: all is well; or pay attention, something is coming. We could just call this the choice between love and fear that we are continuously making. The Sagittarian part of us serves as a beacon, sending focused messages targeting our sticking points, which, whether we realize it or not, are also shared with others as they are projected outwards.
Hook Lighthouse, Churchtown, Hook Head, Co. Wexford, Ireland
The good news is that Sagittarius is set up for victory. No matter what the message is, we are always set up for success when we recognize that our karma is something for us to work with instead of resisting.
A New Moon occurs when there is a conjunction with the Moon (how we feel) and the Sun (our core identity). The New Moon is at 15 Sagittarius, and is conjunct Jupiter 6 Sagittarius. Jupiter (where we access our social consciousness) is the depositor for Sagittarius. To have Jupiter involved creates the most expansive and benevolent New Moon experience that we can imagine. There can be a sense of releasing pent up emotion, as with a floodtide.
Mercury is stationing at 27 Scorpio and is conjunct Jupiter, adding extra depth to how we communicate and think about what presents as a new beginning during the New Moon. The New Moon is also conjunct the Great Attractor at 15 Sagittarius, which is extremely magnetic. This means that if there is something that we have been avoiding, because it may not have been clear or the topic was uncomfortable, it will be easier to address now, and the outcome will benefit all. There is an element of lightheartedness that is available as well. This New Moon is a moment to remember; as it is a turning point.

The New Moon is in a stepping stone (formerly a square) with Mars (how we are motivated to action) and Neptune (where we find self-realization) at 14 Pisces. The Mars/Neptune conjunction provides the energy and scope to inspire us to reconsider the way we feel about ourselves, and what potential options we may have been missing. This sets up the opportunity to explore new frontiers.

As well, the Moon is in a stepping stone with Orcus (where we access our sense of immortality) at 11 Virgo, providing a way to examine our beliefs about how we view wholeness. While we may say we believe in a unified self, are we really aware that our four components of consciousness: spirit, mind, emotional, and physical are always working in concert? It is easy to forget this while in a body and dealing with daily stuff such as those sticking points. If we tune in for a moment, we can remind ourselves of our inherent and eternal wholeness, and draw some inspiration.
These two stepping stones form an intersection (formerly a T-square) to the Light Bridge between Mars/Neptune and Orcus. Given the Great Attractor’s involvement with the Moon, it may be that we can gain new insight into some of our deepest myths, such as the story of Prometheus. Was fire (spirit) really stolen from the gods, and as such requires suffering to pay for the gift of warmth and light on Earth? Are we continually missing the point? Fire was not given to humans, it is part of the co-creation that all of us are authoring each moment. We have a choice on whether we see things just handed down to us by the unknown or seeing ourselves as a responsible co-creator. This is tough thing to comprehend, and it is easy to quickly step away from it. Pluto (where we transform ourSelves) at 17 Capricorn is in intimacy with the New Moon, signaling that if we want to change the story line of our lives, we can.


The Grand Power Crossroad (formerly a cardinal grand cross) that formed during the Gemini Full Moon is still operative during this New Moon. It is formed by the Light Bridge between the Soul Star (formerly North Node and our life purpose) at 27 Cancer and the Earth Star (formerly the South Node and our life legacy) at 27 Capricorn. This bridge brings up our self-nurturing practices and our response to authority. The Grand Crossroad is formed with the Light Bridge between Uranus (where we access revelation) 29 Aries with Haumea 26 Libra (where we create unity consciousness). Coloring the environment are Eris (our inner disrupter) at 23 Aries sitting close to Uranus and Arcturus (where we access divine justice) 26 Libra sitting near Haumea. During the New Moon this Grand Crossroad points to the need to move from self-care patterns that do not serve an empowering  constructive perspective. Any path can be taken—or all at once to do this.
There is also a Grand Water Manifestation (formerly a Grand Trine), which facilitates the free flow of emotional energy. This manifestation is between the Soul Star at 27 Cancer with Chiron (where we whole ourSelves) at 28 Pisces and the stationing Mercury at 27 Scorpio. This manifestation supports all positive regard for the Self as it serves our life direction. The Mercury Station makes the use of this energy more purposeful as it helps with setting up new thought patterns.
Sagittarius is a wisdom sign (formerly mutable) as such supports change. The New Moon provides the energies we need to kindle new fires. Because of the influence of Jupiter and the Great Attractor, the outcome will be fine and it will be in our best interest.

English: Shiva dreaming. Digital art. Created for the NASA remix Challenge #12. The Heart Of Space; Heart of Orion by Nasa.

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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Gemini Full Moon

Friday, November 23, 2018

12:32am EST, 9:32pm (11/22)PST, 5:32am GT

0 Gemini 52

The Scorpio New Moon on November 7th offered an unusual opportunity to start anew from a sense of depth and even profundity. The “unusual” part is we usually do not think of new beginnings as deep. The transformative energy of the Scorpio quality of consciousness did its work, whether we were fully aware of it or not. We brought the New Moon energies into everything we thought, felt, or did. Scorpio is disposed by Pluto, which serves as doorkeeper to our consciousness, and provides the impetus for resurrection.  This is important, especially if we feel something seemed to have died or fallen away.
It is as if something deep within ourselves was lifted up and out in the Light so we could really see it. Something shifted or was reborn in our lives between the New Moon and this Full Moon at 1 Gemini, and it is time now to bring it forward. The Gemini Full Moon provides the gathering energy required to make sense of this buried treasure that we brought upward. The Gemini part of us is always collecting data, making connections, and bringing back the information we need to expand our consciousness. Our consciousness is always in a state of expansion, even though we are not aware of this, because as the universe is continuously expanding outward. The Gemini consciousness is very active all the time, all while holding a still center, serving the purpose of steadiness while always moving. This is the part of us where the integration of heart and mind is in action.

Gemini shows us how easy it is to change without losing ourselves in the process. This Full Moon at 1 Gemini speaks to this in volumes, as it forms a very clear Light Bridge (formerly opposition) with Jupiter. The Moon is conjunct Sedna (where we access our collective memory of the Divine Feminine) at 27 Taurus and Juno (where we find unity consciousness) at 24 Taurus. The Sedna/Juno conjunction in Taurus reminds us that above all we are all part of one human family, living on earth, spinning around the Sun.

Big Blue Marble; Image Credit: NASA
The Full Moon, of course, forms a bridge with the Sun at 1 Sagittarius.  The Sun is conjunct Jupiter (where we access our expanding consciousness) at 3 Sagittarius and Mercury (how we think) at 10 Sagittarius, retrograde. This combination gives us awareness, if just for a moment, of how a sense of shared awareness has changed the world and the way we feel about sharing so much about ourselves. This was not so physically tangible before modern media and the Internet. The Full Moon Light Bridge provides the observers perch to experience the state of our global connections and how these affect us individually.  It’s a huge moment, and the rest of the Full Moon passage to the next New Moon is all about this experience. Do we long for the memory of separation, or are we willing to fully invest in connection and treat each other as we long to be treated ourselves?
Amplifying the Full Moon is a manifestation (formerly trine) with MakeMake (where we access our sense of Divine Law) at 5 Libra conjunct Pallas Athena (where we access our sense of wisdom) at 8 Libra. This free flow of energy heightens our sense of “what is right” and it is important to be aware that there is always another side to the story. The Sun (bridging the Moon) is in a Grand Manifestation (formerly Grand Trine) with Salacia (where we comprehend both light and shadow) at 1 Aries conjunct Chiron (where we whole our Selves) at 28 Pisces, and Varuna (where we find the highest vision) at 3 Leo. This set of manifestations involving the Sun and Moon (which form our core identity), points to the need to be vigilant about casting aspersion on anyone. Seek higher ground when tempted to blame someone or something for the condition we are in.  It’s all our stuff, and we all contribute to the state we are in, individually and collectively through how we feel and think.

The Full Moon is in an intersection with the bridge between Mars (how we move) at 4 Pisces conjunct Neptune (how we access self-enlightenment) at 14 Pisces and Regulus 0 Virgo (where we access true courage) and Orcus (how we access our sense of immortality) at 11 Virgo. We can use the Full Moon’s energies to tap into how we feel about our current empowerment and what we can do to expand it.
There is also a major power Grand Crossroad (formerly a cardinal grand cross) active during the Full Moon. This is formed by Uranus (where we access revelation) at 29 Aries and Eris (our inner disrupter) at 23 Aries Light Bridging the fixed star Arcturus (where we access divine justice) at 24 Libra, Haumea (where we create unity consciousness) at 26 Libra, Venus (how we love) at 26 Libra. This Light Bridge challenges us to keep recognize that our continual judgments of people and events comes from our knee jerk response of “that is not me,” and recognize that if it is in our awareness, then it is part of us.
The Grand Crossroad is formed with the Light Bridge between the Soul Star (our life purpose) at 28 Cancer with the Earth Star (our life legacy) at 28 Capricorn and Vesta (how we access devotion) at 26 Capricorn. Amplifying the Earth Star/Vesta conjunction are the Black Moon Lilith (where we access our shadows) at 21 Capricorn and Pluto (how we transform) at 19 Capricorn.

This Light Bridge asks us to take a look at what we believe the purpose our life is, and if we believe we even have access to this information. This Grand Crossroad provides access to each challenge inherent with each Light Bridge, and also the ideal observers perch –the center of the Crossroads. As Stephanie Azaria reminds us, with a crossroads we can travel down each direction at the same time, which transforms the challenge into an opportunity for positive action.  It can look overwhelming at times, but this is just how it feels during a specific moment. Check in again at in another minute and see if anything has changed. And then do it again.
Our task is to use our skills with discernment by tapping into the Gemini quality of consciousness to observe how we feel as we travel the options revealed to us through the events that occur during the Full Moon, and during the passage to the next New Moon.  Look at the information you are gathering from several different options before taking a decision. It is worth the effort.

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and weekly write-up and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to:








2018 Scorpio New Moon

Wednesday November 7, 2018

11:02am EST, 8:02am PST, 4:02pm GT

15 Scorpio 11


The Full Moon in Taurus on 24 October brought forward the opportunity to listen to our own inner voice. Sometimes it was easy to listen, and sometimes not. The passage between the Full Moon and this New Moon gave us ample time to experience what it means to pay attention to the information generated by that inner voice. No matter what goes on in our outer world, the inner voice remains constant and True. If we believe that we cannot hear this voice, or even find it, this is a sign that we must take a few moments to be still. The inner voice is basic standard equipment that every person is born with. How we listen and learn to trust that voice throughout our lives is the journey of faith.
Again and yet again
I drop into clear,
Deep pools of self
To lay relaxed at last in eternal stillness
Intimate, familiar, home.
From Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Judith Whitman Small, Ashland Hills Press 2012.

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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Taurus Full Moon

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

12:45pm EDT, 9:45am PDT, 5:45pm GT

1 Taurus 13

The New Moon on 8 October at 15 Libra gave us an unforgettable view into how we project our unconscious feelings onto people in our lives—the ones we interact with on an individual basis, and those that are part of our communities and governments. It was an astonishing perspective that only the Libra quality of consciousness can provide, that of the neutral observer. This passage was so helpful in helping us understand the lay of the land that we are moving through. From the observer’s perch we saw that we could float on the river of emotion instead of being engulfed by our feelings.  We did this just by using the observer’s perch. We have now traversed to more solid, tangible ground, to the Taurus Full Moon. This is where we have the opportunity to touch base with our inner voice and see the connection between motivation, feeling, and emotion. Powerful stuff, as it is a chance to release some old feeling patterns that may have had us feeling stuck for quick some time now.

Redwoods Mountain Redwood Trees Waterfall Sequoia

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