Total Solar Eclipse within a Worm Hole (Image by Lauren Fox)

2017 Leo New Moon

Monday, August 21, 2017

2:31pm EDT, 11:31am PDT, 7:31pm GT

28 Leo 53

Please welcome Jeannine Kim to The Cosmic Path. She is one of my brilliant students and a wondrous healer in her on right. Your comments are welcome.. 

The Birth of One-ness

“Totality. Wholeness. The physical Unity of the Cosmos, showing itself spectacularly back to us.  Reflecting us to us. It is time to take this in - to KNOW THIS - to see that Cosmic Vision of alignment as our own. It is time to see it very specifically as THE clarion call which births our ONE-ness…The soul has never been more ripe, more ready to experience with open-heart, the Awakened One that you already are.  The momentum of your soul aligns with the transmuted nature of your physicality.  The choice for ONE-ness that you are consciously making now, together, with every step you have ever taken in the name of Higher Love, has led you to this very moment. Those who do not Know this will, by default, be invited to this Liberation of Self by virtue of our Universal Oneness. Faith moves us forward into realization and expansion.  Committing to this Unification thoroughly, without an inkling of indifference or judgement requires Faith. And it is the very Faith that has delivered us here.”
~ Channel from The Beloved.


Today’s powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 12:29pm MDT/2:29pm EDT at 28 Leo 52.  A New Moon Solar Eclipse is a reboot of consciousness, one that follows a previous lunar eclipse, which produced an emptying of emotion.  A new Moon always represents a planting of seeds, a blank canvas offering its creative potential.  The New Moon Eclipse forms a Grand Fire Manifestation with Uranus, The Great Awakener and Quaoar, our newly upgraded capacity to perceive new thought.  All of this happening within a worm hole, delivering us swiftly to a previously inaccessible expanded version of Self.  Simply put, our old mental and emotional operating systems have been recalibrated to align with the High Heart of Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Oneness and is now being fully reflected in our whole being.

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Monday, August  7, 2017

2:11pm ET, 11:11am PT, 7:11pm GT

 15 Aquarius 25

Uranus, in retrograde mode, is presiding over this purging of the heart today, awakening and evolving us to the deeper Truth of our Self as the embodiment of Source’s Love that we are.  Occurring within the wormhole, it is is taking our consciousness (Sun) to a place not previously known; to a world not previously known on Earth at this level of awareness. Our hearts are being purged of misperceptions of feelings based on lower-frequency thought-forms that no longer inform our reality.  We are waking up to the shift that we have already made within.  It has lain in the fertile field within the Heart of our higher Self, waiting for higher-frequency waves from the Cosmos to work their resonant magic on our vehicles.  Uranus provided the gentle shake awake at first that has become more insistent and glaring as the moment to Awaken has drawn near.  This Wormhole is The Moment.  It will not come from without.  It will come from within as we lay down the weapons and mental manipulations we have used to keep our Self at bay, and allow the Heart to radiate forth as the Son (Child)/Sun of God that She is. It is She who holds the frequency that gives birth to the thought-forms that inform our perspective and perceptions of reality.  It is She that we have been waiting for to show up in our lives and radiate forth in her full glory; to shine her Light on All, without exception (separation).

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 July 23, 2017

5:46am ET, 2:46am PT, 10:46am GT

0 Leo 44

The Leo New Moon today serves as the entrance to an extraordinary, life-changing wormhole.  No one will be the same when we exit at the time of the Virgo New Moon on September 19th.  Contained within this unprecedented wormhole are two Leo New Moons in a row separated by an Aquarius Full Moon, the yearly Lion's Gate passage at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon, Mercury's retrograde cycle, and two eclipse cycles with a rare Full Solar Eclipse passing directly over the United States of America.  Today's Leo New Moon is activating this wormhole at the first degree of Leo.  On August 21st, we will experience the second Leo New Moon at 29 Leo, the Master degree of the Heart.  With the Full Solar Eclipse occurring on this rare, second Leo New Moon, we are being imbued with the Heart of the Cosmos.  We stand at the precipice to the Universe within us with a newly burgeoning co-creative perspective that will emerge out of this wormhole to help us see more clearly that the Cosmos is contained within us and to know that we are It's representatives here on Earth.

This Leo New Moon and wormhole is a passageway deep into the Heart of ourSelf.  The Great Lights and rulers of our spiritual experience of our Self during embodiment (the Sun and Moon) are joined in conjunction at 0 Leo 44/45 (1 Leo). Our full consciousness is anchored in the purity of the Heart today.  The conjoined Sun and Moon are in a very tight seeding with Varuna, the Cosmic Perspective.  Varuna is residing next to the Sun on the Master degree of Cancer consciousness.  She is empowering our consciousness with the ability to access the Heart's full Power as we learn to be at peace with our emotions, seeing and honoring them as the Divine guides that they are in our Earthly journey toward the embodiment of Love.  Bracketing the Sun and Moon next to the Moon is Mars, just 1 degree away at 2 Leo.  Mars represents all things physical and the actions that we take to make them possible.

This tight, multi-dimensional Leo New Moon stellium of the Heart's Power (Cancer) and Love (Leo), is disposed by the Sun, who represents our consciousness.  We are being asked today to begin to embody our spiritual consciousness of Love by consciously manifesting its higher, cosmic perspective as the world we experience.

It is all about actualizing Spirit in the physical world from the heart.  That requires waking up to the truth that each of us, by Divine intent and decree, is Spirit experiencing our life through a body that allows us to physically know the world of our choosing and making as we take action.  This isn't rocket science even though it can feel like it currently if the Heart is compromised by the lower mind's separating perspective. This is a change in consciousness that allows the Heart to lead instead of the head/mind.  Feelings tell each of us what we really want to experience.  Easy or difficult, we have chosen each and every experience we have for the gift of learning about who we are in relationship to Love.  There is no outside yardstick for what Love is for each of us.  The plumb-line is inside.  If you are at conflict in any way, not resting in a state of being at pure peace with your energy and in full command of it, then your aren't aligned with your deepest knowledge about Love, the fabric of all Life itself and every physical experience therein.

We are each becoming aware of this highest truth in our thoughts now courtesy of the Quaoar/Saturn/Ixion alignment with the Galactic Center, our Source who reflects its Source, who reflects its Source into infinity.  Our deepest urgings now are to BE LOVE consciously by choice and action.  That is why there is so much conflict currently reflected everywhere we look in our daily lives.  The conflict is to show us what we have been creating in our more unconscious state of existence these last few aeons on Earth.  The conflict is a gift to show us what is not working; what needs a more loving perspective and choice of action.  One that is more inclusive, accepting, allowing, supportive, nurturing, and sustaining for all.

We can rail against this and avoid all we want.  We are given free choice to turn a blind eye.  However, the stakes are getting higher and the consequences more uncomfortable and untenable due to the higher-frequency energies that we are being bombarded with from the Cosmos. They are lighting us up from the inside via our inner alignments with these higher (5D+) energies.  They reside in our consciousness throughout our energetic and physical vehicle as planetary influences. When information in the form of Light is sent from Source that resonates with and activates these planetary influences, they activate the same aspects of consciousness within us. These higher energies are more closely aligned with a purer source of Love.  What is not Love cannot be sustained in the intensity of higher-frequency Light.

So, what are the big aspects that are being lit up within us today as the seed information for our journey through the as yet unknown Love wormhole that our consciousness is entering?  What does Source want us to remember, embody, and use consciously as we walk into a new world of Love's expression?

With the Sun and Moon integrated today in an intense seeding from Varuna and Mars, we are being seeded with the awareness that our consciousness IS Source's/Cosmic consciousness that we manifest as our physical world.  Uranus is in a stepping stone (square) relationship with the Sun and Moon, helping to awaken us to this new revelation so that we can embody what we are now aware of through choice.  Pallas Athena is also in a stepping stone relationship with the Sun and Moon today informing us that by choice we can also step into the wisdom of the Divine Feminine's Heart.  The Sun and Moon are in a Great Eliminating relationship with Quaoar and Black Moon Lilith helping to remove from our awareness all thoughts that are not aligned and resonating with the true Divine Feminine's Heart knowledge.  Meanwhile, MakeMake is resourcing (sextile) this New Moon event by infusing our consciousness with the Cosmic and Natural Law of Love as the guiding principle for our unifying experience of consciousness here on Earth.  The Sun and Moon are also manifesting (trining) Chiron's influence today.  The healing of our fears created by separation from our higher Self and the subsequent wholing into Love that results when we align with Self is being made evident in our world for those with Cosmic Eyes to see.

A Leo Moon seeks to know her Self in the Heart.  She seeks to be the full expression of the Christed Self, the higher Self who only knows itSelf as Love.  The Leo Sun seeks to reign and command from the inner world of feeling in order to honor the Christed Self as it is made manifest from the Heart.  From the position of 1 Leo, our consciousness is being asked to find the place within that doesn't rail against the challenges found on Earth.  We are being asked to focus our consciousness, instead, on on our passion for soul growth, seeing all challenges as opportunities to become more aware of Love's Truth, each of our own unique way.

As we step into the Great Unknown of this wormhole today, our Prime Directive is to BE the LOVE that we are.  We are entering deeply into the sacred chamber of the Heart in order to finally meet our Self.  It is a wondrous moment, indeed........

With Love for All.......

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FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Capricorn Full Moon

Sunday, July 9, 2017

12:07am EDT, 9:07pm (7/8)PDT, 5:07am GT

17 Capricorn 09

There are many layers to today's Capricorn Full Moon event that is occurring under the continuing energetic umbrella of a sacred geometrical Star of David.  This geometrical aspect-pattern of inter-relating cosmic planetary frequencies is currently gracing our lives as a gift from Source that will last until the end of July.  Each layer in today's event has its own influencing and contributing pattern in our current Wholing experience that is leading us towards a particle convergence in August during the upcoming eclipse cycle.  This particle convergence is like a "Big Bang" wholing event to jump-start us anew into closer alignment with our Source, the highest and most loving part of ourSelf's consciousness.  This  is our gift back to Source as we consciously and fully engage in the Self/Source sustaining cycle of giving and receiving.
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