FULL MOON over ocean


2017 Virgo Full Moon

Sunday, March 12, 2017

10:54am EDT, 7:24am PDT, 2:54pmGT

22 Virgo 13

Today’s Virgo Full Moon is ripe with the potential to master Christed consciousness within our emotional and mental depths so that it’s glorious spiritual wisdom can be reflected  through our conscious experience of Self.  Our consciousness is accessing, gaining, coalescing, and reflecting spiritual wisdom as we heal and whole our fear-based thoughts into our highest frequency of Love-based options for forming the beliefs that inform and create our Self’s physical experience.  Our emotions, which are the promptings from our subconscious, are in a moment of potential mastery that will allow Christ consciousness frequencies to be the power streamed from the Heart imbuing all of Spirit's creations that we experience as Self.

Chiron is disposing today’s healing and wholing event.  The Master Healer/Teacher has walked the wounded journey before us, and has come to show us the way Home to our Self.  He is perfectly placed to aid our wound-weary consciousness, weaving his wholing magic while nurturing us in our cave of isolation with Piscean fear-conquering consciousness to help us transform our ego and its distortions of our Light.  Though today’s Moon event marks the end of the recent epic eclipse wormhole passage,  it is part of the wormhole’s sustained influence in our lives that will continue until the next eclipse cycle in August of this year. We are being mandated to step up to the 5D belief system of unity consciousness that is our collective soul purpose as wise caretakers of spiritual wisdom on Earth.  Spiritual wisdom is reflected in the physical experience when we re-cognize and upgrade our perspective (Mercury) to the level of the Mind of God (Galactic Center) by examining and upgrading our beliefs (Saturn) into resonance with Love.
To be able to do this, we need a Mind and Heart that are pure and capable of intelligently operating within these high frequencies of unity consciousness.  We immersed ourSelves in earnest into this process during the last 9-year cycle that just ended.  Now we are beginning our blossoming phase.  The bud of Self is beginning to open and reveal itSelf during this next 9-year cycle that we have just begun.  The Spring Equinox that occurs within the 2-week influence of this Full Moon is seeding us with this blossoming of Self from deep within.   Today’s Virgo Full Moon heralds that blossoming with a final call to polish up any remaining rough, dark edges within the Heart and Mind that distort the full radiance of our Essence as Love.  We are being asked to eliminate all that does not reflect the Truth of the Jupiter/Haumea unity consciousness Light Bridge within us so that we can experience our Christed wholeness once again.
The Moon is at 22 Virgo 12 bridging the Sun at 22 Pisces 12 for this Virgo Full Moon event.  The Moon at 23 Virgo is speaking of the deep inner knowing in the Heart of what is real, what matters, and what is the Truth. The Heart is the record-keeper of all that is Love-based.  She is the one who is the keeper of the Spirit and its wholing Love frequency on Earth.  She is the holder of all in integrity and as One within her womb.  The Heart holds all with fierce gentleness; a Lioness protecting her cubs so that they can grow and evolve within the field of her higher frequencies.  The Sun at 23 Pisces speaks of our experience of consciousness here on Earth as being one where we are currently caught in the shadows imposed by past misperceptions while simultaneously yearning to be free from them.  At the same time knowing, on some level, that this is not the way that we were meant to live.

The Moon is the Light-keeper who is answering the call of her Spiritual Beloved, the Sun, from across the great divide.  She is beckoning the weary consciousness of the masses with her Heart full of Love and her arms wide open, ready to embrace all that is brought Home to her as prodigal suns/sons seeking what was once forgotten but now being remembered.  She is receiving help from the Fixed Star Denebola, with whom she is in a new seeding relationship today.  The seeding that she is receiving is in the form of higher resonance with what it means to be an evolved, 5D leader of a Self that is the whole of its parts.  Denebola speaks of  the ability to lead and give a unified voice for the many based in kindness, humility, mercy, and compassion that allows for balanced understanding of past experiences and wise use of one’s energy for creative endeavors.  Denebola is said to have a relationship with silica, such as the silica in the pineal gland that gets activated by star Light.  Silica is the place where Light that comes from the stars gets translated and transformed into our physical body.  This is where we have direct access and experience of Christ consciousness star Light within us.  Light and Love are words for the information imparted by the stars.  We keep this information in the silica.  It is first experienced within the pineal gland, but then transferred throughout our entire being via the transformation of our cells from carbon-based to silica-based.  This happens in the endocrine, lymph, and nervous systems to provide our body with nutrition from the Light.  This is how we create the environment within that bestows us with the Trust needed to allow Divine Will to be manifested through us.  As the days get longer and we have more access to the Light, we are hastening our own blossoming.  This chart shows that the Universe is doing everything that it can to hold the space for this Trust to blossom within us.
Today’s chart is dominated by a huge Pisces stellium containing the Sun, Mercury, Chiron, and Pallas, and energetically linked with Neptune and the Earth Star Chakra (South Node).  The stellium of Mercury, Chiron, Pallas, and the Sun is linked by a bridge to the Virgo Moon.  This bridge is then linked by a crossing over with the historic and evolutionary Light Bridge between Jupiter/Haumea and Uranus/Eris.  These two crossing bridges are forming a low, wide “x” that becomes like a rectangle pattern due to Great Eliminators bordering it along the wide top and bottom of the “x”.  The Moon is in a Great Eliminator with Uranus and Eris on the bottom, while the Sun is in a Great Eliminator with Jupiter and Haumea on the top.  This Virgo New Moon event is not separate from the Light Bridge that is opening within us.  It is helping to facilitate it.
If one steps back even further to look at the chart, a giant energetic stellium becomes evident that contains Pisces, Aries, and Taurus consciousness within the physical quadrant.  It would seem that the Divine Masculine’s spiritual and mental bodies are attempting to reveal themselves in the physical as a reflection of the mastered and balanced Divine Feminine Heart.  Our connection to Source is seeking manifestation through our new Love-based perspective that is currently upgrading both our conscious and subconscious experiences of Self so that they can be clear, wholed, integrated reflections of Self.
To support this, the re-membered Divine Feminine (Sedna) is emerging and rising for grounding into the world of physical experience today.  The Divine Feminine Heart's Beloved, the higher Mind, is simultaneously approaching its mastery in clearly reflecting the limitless possibilities for manifestation of Spirit.  Concurrently, our emotional body (Venus), that is home within us to the Heart's spiritual essence, is reflecting her potential for full Self-awareness and Self-realization as she draws us inward, calling us to connect our hearts with our Source, our very Life-stream that lives within us as Love.
Today, the true Divine Feminine (Black Moon Lilith), who makes no compromises or apologies for the expression of her Whole Self,  is descending into the higher Mind.  She is energetically carrying with her as part of the full expression of her Self the newly upgraded 5D unity consciousness belief system where fears can no longer find a field within which to root.  She is working today by placement in an affinity relationship with Sedna, who is rising on the ascendant here in the eastern US seeking re-membrance of her Self in the physical world.  Sedna carries all of our multidimensional wisdom regrading Love.  Black Moon Lilith and Sedna will switch places during the Aries New Moon event on 3/27/17 when Sedna will descend into the higher Mind and Black Moon Lilith with ascend into physical expression in order to experience the truth of her Self.  These two events surrounding the Spring Equinox on 3/21/17 occur during Venus' (the Heart's) concurrent retrograde journey over the Spring Equinox's Portal of Truth on the world axis where the Divine Masculine Mind becomes aware of itSelf as a reflection and reflector of Spirit.  The Heart is engaging with the Mind where the Mind is in perfect balance with Spirit, each contained within the other.  This is  heralding the Divine Feminine Heart's imminent unveiling when she first connects with Chiron on April 15th as she turns direct, and then with the Great Awakeners, awakening to her individual and collective experience of Self in the physical realm in a form that will be fully Self-evident for all to see and know with every fiber of their Being.
Venus (the Heart/Emotional body) is traveling back to Source (Spirit) within the consciousness contained within the Divine Masculine's higher Mind, crossing over the Divine masculine's point of perfect balance between Mind end Spirit before reaching her destined rendezvous with Spirit in the Limitless Field that contains all of Spirit's wisdom.  There, she will gather all that wisdom and bring it back to impregnate our consciousness with the possibilities that find resonance with the Heart's desired intent in the moment.  The Heart will travel over this Divine Masculine point of balance on both legs of her journey in order to chart a familiar pathway within the Mind for her creations of Spirit.  Through the collective experience of relationship on Earth, these creations of Spirit birthed within the Heart find simultaneous physical expression as they descend into the Mind - like a key unlocking and opening a door into conscious experience with one simultaneous clockwise motion.
It is no mistake that Venus is currently traveling retrograde from Aries back into Pisces at this time, on a journey that will lead us from self-centric exclusivity, absorption, and vanity back into the inclusivity and engaging interchange in relationship with all aspects of Self that are encountered in the world of experience.  Her wisdom is being upgraded and coming directly from Spirit’s wisdom during her upgrade, the same place from which the Mind is sourced with its spark to realize itself as Love.  She is ugrading with more Love-based options and solutions for the Mind to access to power itself with Love as it heals itself from the last remnants of misperceptions that have held Love in bondage within, unable to fully express her wisdom.  It is Divine Perfection that The Heart is presently expanding herself from within the Mind at its place of perfect balance with Spirit so that the Mind can heal from within in order to fully know its reflection once again.  Love is going Home to Source in order to BE HerSelf, to remember and KNOW HerSelf more fully within a Mind that is being unshackled and enLightened to be able to be able to receive clearer, purer, higher frequency Love-resonating encodements from Source with an ability to recognize and decode them into a clearer, purer reflection manifested in the world.   The Truth is that the Heart KNOWS who she IS when she is not busy catering to the demands of a distorted mind who has forgotten itSelf.
Spiritual Wisdom is Self as Love in action, in limitless ways or potentials for expression and experience.  There are as many ways as your Mind is capable of re-cognizing from the Light encodements that it receives.  The closer to its original blueprint that the Mind functions, the bigger the frequency range it is capable of accurately decoding and re-presenting in physical form.  The Mind is being purified of distortions so that its lens can receive and reflect with the diamond brilliance that will uncover the Love that has been hiding within in various disguises, allowing for the wholing of all its misperceived "parts" to come into alignment as One.  The frequency that allows this alignment is at the 5D Christed Consciousness level, which emerges from within when we are fearless enough to release our Selves from the prism of a distorted mind in bondage to lower frequency experiences encased as the gift that keeps on giving.  It is no mistake that Pallas is aligned with this Full Moon event, nor that Saturn is directly aligned with the Galactic Center (Source),  Ixion, and Quaoar, and is now reflecting the pure Mind of Source so that it becomes the direct definer and in-former of our physical experience.
We are in a “Moment” to coalesce the mastering of consciousness of all parts of our Self, high to low into One integral unit.  Everything is pointing us towards the collective experience of Self.  This is what is being reflected to us through Chiron conjunct Mercury, Pallas Athena, and the Sun all square to Saturn.  That relationship is seeking to upgrade us to be ready for the great Awakening that will be occurring March 16thwhen the Great Awakeners come together for the 3rd time in order to produce a new cycle.  They will be imbuing each of us with the potential for mastery of Self-awareness and Self-realization as One unified into the Wholeness of Love when they came together at 22 Aries 53.  Each one of us will have this capability seeded within in 4 short days.  The door to Self is swinging open revealing more of the Truth of Self as Love with every chaotic disruption to our previously habituated world.  Our time for sleeping is over.  Our transformation into Wholeness requires the activations provided by this Full Moon event as a necessary developmental step in our evolution towards bowing in reverence to the Creator within.
Everything is stretching to embrace a new frequency range, expanding so that the Heart can open fully within bodies that can accommodate her full range of possibilities.  Everything is conspiring and working to awaken as One, blossoming to reveal the Heart within in full splendor.  Make no mistake, She will be revealed, for She is Source within each and every one of us, ever ready to live fully Self-evident through each of us by choice.  The Cosmic Egg is cracking open to reveal our galactic heritage; Beings sourced and seeded into manifestation by cosmic dust, and then activated and animated by frequency resonance with this same particulate matter as it dances in the Heavens above us.  It is the Cosmic Dance that animates us to live the story of the stars implanted within as parts of Self.
With Love for All……….

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9:58am ET, 6:58am PT, 2:58pm GT

8 Pisces 12

Today’s Pisces New Moon Soular Eclipse is taking place at 9 Pisces, where we awaken in the dark to all of the sacredness found within the depths of Self that are intwined within our deepest, long-held fears.  It is a reset of our consciousness so that we may embrace the Light of Self in a new way from an upgraded perspective.  Pisces consciousness contains the spiritual wisdom gained from overcoming our fears with Love.  With this Soular Eclipse event intricately involved through aspect with the Pisces/Virgo polarity axis of consciousness, we are defragging and wholing our Selves into the 5D Christed perspective where fear cannot reside and from where we live and manifest our highest consciousness reflecting ideals and personal vision.  A Pisces Earth Star Chakra aligned with this Soular Eclipse is opposite a Virgo Soul Star Chakra.  A bridge is being created between them that asks us to experience the integrated wholing of spiritual with physical reality.  It is all about making the invisible realm visible so that it can be directly experienced in our day-to-day life.  It is an understanding of the wisdom and sense of Oneness that lies within each of us waiting to be brought to Light in our consciousness so that we can experience it directly.  Its that sense of “knowing” our long-held Christed consciousness within that seeks expression in our lives.  Not some foreign concept, but our deepest truth if we dare to become conscious of it by choice.  It is the magic that we know in our Heart as Love that we then offer to others in a form that is of practical service in everyday life.  It is Love-in-action that is useful, applicable, and enriching in our experience and relationship with life as it manifests before us.  It is the dream of Self coming to life in useful, practical ways that serve All.
Neptune, who is in a new seeding of consciousness with the Sun and Moon today, is the dispositor of this Pisces New Moon Soular Eclipse.  He is at home in the Piscean ocean of consciousness over which he presides with dignity and ease of Self expression.  Therefore, enlightenment is the key word for today’s chart .  It is a defibrillating moment for our consciousness in order to jumpstart an enlightening upgrade with the power to awaken us into conscious awareness of the invisible 5D world within which our Self resides in greater wholeness and integrity.  Spirit is knocking on our door for conscious entrance into our Heart, Mind, and multidimensional physical worlds.  It is asking us to create and experience what we envision through the creative imaginings of our Essence (Sun conjunct Moon).  “Integrity" is becoming our new foundational mantra, as this is the state of being whole and undivided; at one with all that is honest, moral, ethical, virtuous, decent, fair, sincere, truthful, and trustworthy.  As One with All that resides in the natural and cosmic Law of Love.
We are just ending an intense Uranian disposed eclipse season of awakening to the truth of our “reality”.  “Reality” is the projected reflection of our Self that brings the unseen within us individually and/or collectively to Light.  The intensity of this eclipse cycle has been for the higher purpose of presenting us with moments of conscious choice so that we can create our Selves anew based on what resonates with our Self truth “NOW, in each moment as a choice presents itSelf for consideration and response.The intense frequencies have been helping us to release all that was not in alignment and resonance with our unique perception and expression of Self.  With each clear, conscious choice, our DNA has been reconfigured to maintain frequency resonance and structural integrity with that choice.  The more Loving the choice, the higher the frequency, the clearer the signal, and the more crystalline in nature, making the newly activated DNA sacred geometrical encodements bioavailable once again.  These higher frequency DNA encodements have been waiting patiently in readiness in an etheric blueprint storehouse long subjugated in bondage to our habitual, 3D fear-based choices.  The Pisces South Node’s placement in today’s chart is trying to bring to our conscious awareness our deepest fears, so that more enlightened choices can be made by our newly upgraded mental body.  Mercury conjunct the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) today is seeding us with an upgraded perspective of these fear-based, karmic choices that can now be wholed and healed through the Christed lens of Love.  Our upgraded mental body wants to be free of the old fears that have enslaved our minds for so long, and that created the Old Guard’s dominance and control patterns.  The Heart is where we find our higher consciousness roots and directions that are then reflected to the upgraded higher Mind so that it can decode the high frequency solar and cosmic information. The Cosmos has been revealing itsSelf lately as if to confirm our newly reactivated consciousness decoding capabilities.  Higher frequency resonant potentials reveal themselves for conscious experiential opportunities simultaneously with resonance capability.  In this way, the Path opens before you as your are ready for it and make the choices to follow.  Like the Master who appears when you are ready, this Master is a portion of our higher Self that is found within our consciousness awaiting to be activated by choice.  As consciousness is unlimited, it is each of our choice as to how and what we will experience, and at what level of frequency resonance with attendant perspective and experiential options.  The higher the frequency chosen, the clearer the perspective and the purer the Love experience of consciousness.
Though its effects will last for the next 6 months until the eclipse cycle in August, this Uranian wormhole (eclipse cycle) that we are exiting today has been inviting us to be who we truly are.  It has been escorting us to today's Neptunian disposed event where we are being filled with a yearning to merge consciously with the Divine within each of us individually and collectively.   This deep yearning is a by-product of knowing more fully who we truly are from the awakening that has occurred within this extraordinary eclipse cycle.  So much has been revealed in the last 3 weeks to show us the truth of our Self and the long-experienced disconnect from that truth due to habitual fear-based choices when creating our “reality”.  The biggest truth exposed by recent events is that “reality” is totally choice-driven.  Once choices become consciously made, “reality” becomes malleable before our very eyes; a mystical experience that arises out of the Heart’s creative womb.  When we yearn to merge with the Divine as our Self expression, we then open our Selves up to the transformative Plutonian frequencies that escort us to this “known”  Divine realm deep within.  Mars is helping us today to make this a reality.  It is being seeded with the consciousness-raising energy of the Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris) in order to upgrade and transform its expression of Self into the new cycle of consciousness being implanted within each of us today in which the Heart enacted in physical experience is the mandate for expression and service to All
  At the recent Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we were given the sacred geometrical visual of our evolutionary path - Spirit manifesting out of the mystical Divine Feminine Womb within each of our hearts.  It was pointing the way to Saturn, as if to say, “Manifest ME, Spirit arising from your Heart in thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions, as these form the world that you experience.”  This IS the Christed Path.  This IS Christ consciousness made manifest into the living Sun/Son of God-Source.  This is how each of us radiates our Self-Source as Love outward; by exemplifying and living our highest consciousness in each moment of any of our incarnations, wherever we may be aware of our Self in any of our many “realities”.  The abundance of Pisces energies today offer us this mystical experience.
Ascension is all about consciousness; how we work with it, interact/respond with it, and  express and experience it.  The art of Self-mastery is the wise and masterful use of your energy field to source all of your experiences.  It is the Christed level of consciousness in action and expression where you step up to become the sustained frequency of Love.  This is the vibrational frequency and energy signature of Source, the Originator of All who works through the Heart and Mind to manifest Spirit into Matter as conscious, physical expression.  Everything is based on choice, an intricate dance of perspectives directed and choreographed by Self on all levels of the hierarchical experience of its Self, designed to look at Love and feel its depth, breadth, richness, and color in both its presence and absence.  When the Heart and Mind work as One effortlessly, being and doing simultaneously in one flawlessly orchestrated act of creation. each creation then becomes a Love/Light pulsation emitted from Self like a solar flare in order to evolve the experience of Self as Love.  When we ARE Love, we are in a state of Being.  The state of “Being” is just resting as the feeling of a frequency that is sustained effortlessly in coherence without a flicker or dip.  “Being” is riding the frequency feeling inside that is consistent with the feeling of Love while the world shapes itself around and before you to step into and experience.
Today, we have stelliums of focused Pisces, Aries, and Taurus energies that are seeking physical expression.  As we know, Pisces and Aries energies connect the spiritual and mental bodies at the balance point of the Divine Masculine where Spirit becomes aware of itSelf through the Christed higher Mind’s mental focus on only Love.  It is this focus that manifests the Divine in our physical world.  The Sun in Pisces conjunct the Moon in Pisces today are the linchpin that connect the Sun and Moon to Neptune in Pisces on one side and the Sun and Moon to the Earth Star Chakra in Pisces conjunct Mercury in Pisces on the other side.  The Earth Star Chakra is also in a tight Great Eliminator aspect with MakeMake in Libra.  All the old karmic debris that does not resonate with and reflect cosmic level natural Law based in Love is being seeded for elimination from our consciousness.  Chiron and Pallas are adding their Piscean reflecting influences from a short distance away.  Chiron is leading the Pisces stellium of archetypes (Pallas, Neptune, Sun, Moon, Earth Star Chakra, and Mercury) into an etheric connection with the Aries stellium.  Chiron is in a Great eliminator with Jupiter retrograde conjunct Haumea retrograde in Libra, ensuring that today’s rebooting of consciousness is aligned with the purity and wholeness of Haumea’s 5D perspective of consciousness.
Within the nearby Aries stellium that is being led by Eris, we find Mars conjunct the Great Awakeners, with Venus approaching this awakening of the fully realized Divine Feminine into physical expression.  Venus has been in preparation for this great awakening that will occur in “right time”. In the meantime, her Divine Feminine counterpart, Mars, is bridging, integrating and expanding into Haumea’s higher consciousness perspective of the Self’s parts wholed into one expression of Love.  Mercury in Aquarius is resourcing Mars from the higher Mind perception of our “further” or higher Self’s perspective of Love.  With Ceres, Sedna, and the Part of Fortune reflecting their energies through a Taurus lens in what looks like one giant stellium of Pisces, Aries, and Taurus energies coming into physical expression, the great rising of the Divine Feminine into full awareness of Self is being birthed into being by a Mind rooted in and focused only on the Love that resides in the Heart of the Divine Feminine.  It rising into physical expression as the gift from Source long-held in our cosmic history for remembrance at this time.  Juno and Ceres are resourcing this Soular Eclipse event to help birth the physical experience of 5D  unity consciousness as an internal part of our new beginning.  Haumea is resourcing Saturn conjunct Ixion to ensure that this higher consciousness belief system becomes our foundation for the creation of our new 5D experience of reality here on Earth.
There is lots of action occurring within the the Divine Feminine today in order to balance, upgrade, and empower her physical expression as the Goddess of Love who has always known her Self in the Spiritual realm.  This is what is in the process of coming into physical manifestation.  Mars, the Divine Feminine “right action” of Love in action, is stepping up to the transformational energies and integrating this new expansion of consciousness and wisdom that will allow the physical expression of Love in action.
Our Cosmos has opened itSelf to our conscious awareness within this eclipse cycle.  At the beginning, we were gifted with the awareness of Arawn, the Bringer of the Light.  Then we were gifted with the awareness that we are engulfed and embraced like a nesting doll within a previously invisible galaxy…….that we are part of a larger Whole.  And on Wednesday, we were treated with the awareness of 7 Earth-sized planets that are orbiting a nearby Star.  Universes and realms are opening before our very eyes as our consciousness is being uplifted by the current influx of Cosmic frequencies that encode our capability to perceive this higher frequency-resonating information.  We are being given visible proof of our physical human ascension as the keys to the kingdom of consciousness are opening the previously secret doorways within each of us.  These doorways to higher consciousness were carefully  guarded in encodings within our DNA for unveiling in “right time”.  That “right time” is NOW.  This Soular Eclipse is opening the doorway of our Heart that will lead us to our rebirth on the March Equinox (3/20/17).  Therefore, it is vital that each of us align our feelings with those of the highest frequency of consciousness available to us in each moment.   Those frequencies that stir your Heart, as this is what you will source your world from in this new world and new beginning that is opening before us.
We are reaching a point of cohesion where fragmented parts will seem as if to “snap” back into an integrated whole for greater integrity of Self.  The escalating forces of tension that all are experiencing in their lives currently are increasing tensile strength to the needed and necessary point of cohesion.  This is the final wind-up to to the appropriate propulsion point that will release, recalibrate, and reintegrate in one  simultaneous BIG BANG moment that may not be quite as dramatic or evident as anticipated.  For subtle magnitudes of epic proportions are often reached within the seemingly simplest moment, events, or choices.  Whole worlds are born out of the simple act of loving.
It is important that you mindfully and skillfully quiet your spirit, mind, heart, and body to a state of maximum receptivity and allowance.  No resistance can be allowed to distort the Pure Love moment that awaits.  This Cosmic Kiss is the Seal of God given to imbue Divine Sovereignty and Self-Creative lineage to all who are receptive.  There is nothing to do, nothing to seek, nothing to work on or towards.  There is only resting in Love and letting that pour outward as Self-expression in service to All.  Just keep letting go and surrendering to Love in every moment, with every breath of Life that you inhale and exhale, radiating it forth as your expression of Self.
 With Love for All…...

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2017 Leo Full Moon /Lunar Elipse!

Friday, February 10, 2017

7:33pm EDT, 4:33pm PDT, 112:33am (2/11) GT

22 Leo 28

Today, we are being presented with the opportunity to consciously embrace the Christed-level skill of manifesting the Spirit/higher Self out of the mystical field of Love being offered by this Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse event.  What is being presented for consideration and reflection upon within our Hearts and Minds is a Grand Fire Manifestation emerging out of a Mystical Rectangle.   A rare event who’s sacred geometrical pattern points to Saturn conjunct Ixion, Quasar, and Juno on the Galactic Center (our Source) as our avenue for experiencing its fruits.  How perfect since Saturn defines and forms our world of experience and social consciousness in order to awaken the Inner Guru within that leads us to Self Mastery.  The fact that this is a penumbral lunar eclipse that casts a shadow across the moon creating a “snow moon" and not a total eclipse makes sense in view of the quality of consciousness being revealed.  It also makes sense because Jupiter, who expands our consciousness, has just refrained from a new cycle of experience from a 5D perspective of unity and wholeness (Haumea).
The Uranian disposed wormhole passage, including today’s event,  that was initiated at the Aquarius New Moon seeding two weeks ago will spend until the next eclipse wormhole in August of this year awakening us to our Christed heritage as spiritual manifesters of the Heart (Love) that we are working towards and that will be fully revealed in “right time”.  This Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a kiss from our Divine Father and Mother as if to say, “Do not fret.  All is well and will occur in cosmic ‘right time’, despite 3D appearances to the contrary.”  It is a message of higher Truth, of cosmic perspective on this moment that we are currently experiencing on Earth.  To underscore this “cosmic kiss”, the New Year comet (Comet 45P) that seeded our consciousness with cosmic information on the first day of this new 9-year cycle that we have just entered will make its closest approach to Earth a few hours after today’s lunar event.
There is no denying the Heavenly support that we are being given.  It is as if we are resting safe in our Mother’s Womb while the “world” makes itself ready for the arrival of our manifested Christed Self by wiping clean the canvass from which to create a new world in It’s own Image.  Everything in our “world” is readying itself for the coming of the Christed Self within each of us.  It is Divinely decreed by Source through the pentagram formation created by a Grand Fire Manifestation inside and emerging from a Mystical Rectangle.
The pentagram represents 5, a prime number who’s any attempt at division only reveals the truth of its simple, yet complete Self.  Pentagrams are the symbols for the simplest star formation, and linked closely to human formation (i.e. 5 fingers on each hand), revealing our star heritage.  We are being re-awakened to our Star status, to our Cosmic status; a living, physical example of “As Above, So Below”.   Mars, the final dispositor of the loop of dispositors in today’s chart, is associated with the pentagram.  Its intricate link with the Mystic Rectangle and Grand Fire Manifestation creating today's sacred geometrical pentagram suggests to me that harmony and balance will be gained through the physical experience of wounding and conflict, as this will yield emotional and spiritual wisdom that will root the Divine Feminine in the Heart of her Self.  With the single point of the pentagram pointing downwards in the eastern United States where I live, the emphasis of the pentagram is on not letting one's lower nature rule  through its will.  We are being asked to turn the rule of our nature over to higher Will, to our higher nature, to Divine Will.  The pentagram is the symbol of Christed consciousness, the consciousness that will save and transmute our lower nature and consciousness into our higher nature and consciousness so that we become a clear reflection of the Divine blueprint from which we were created.
Old timelines/holograms of experience are breaking apart from the 3D matrix in order to reconfigure into a 5D timeline/hologram that will support continued evolution in the 5D realm.  5D is the realm of the heart/Love; the unified Heart/Love that feels, knows, and directs evolution in the 5D and higher realms according to cosmic laws. No lower belief system (building block) that separates and excludes is compatible nor resonant with the 5D realm.  Thus, the lower realities are dissolving (disassembling, de-manifesting) in a timeline of events that is compatible with and which honors the individual and collective ability to maintain a consistent 5D focus.. It does so in order to allow “reality” to shape itself (unfold) gracefully and concurrently out of the enfolded higher consciousness reflecting matrix that is available for recognition, focus, and manifestation on the higher vibratory level. This higher, 5D reality is now unfolding with every pulsation of Love from our Sun and the cosmos.
What we need to learn in order to step into our mastery as 5D co-creators is the art of being truly aware of our feelings in every moment, impeccable with our every thought that arises from those feelings, and equally impeccable with our choice of response.  This is what managing one’s energy looks and feels like.  And let’s face it, as we step up into 5th dimensional co-creatorship, we become the Chairman our our own “Life” Board.  We certainly have lots of reflection available to us currently as to what mis-management at the top, where the buck stops, looks like.  Co-creatorship requires careful, mindful presence and attention with informed awareness, to the best of our current level of knowledge (consciousness), of all the factors influencing whatever is presenting itself for consideration.
This is the “highest and greatest good of all” part of the Love-based, “right action” equation in a balanced, unified Heart and Mind.  It is both challenging and exhilarating to be the ultimate manager of one’s own energy field, and definitely not for the faint of heart!  If you are “faint of heart", your Heart is not fully engaged and unshackled from fears and misperceptions.  Love marches in undaunted where “others” fear to tread, infusing, embracing, and resting in the peace and joy of her Self expression.  For She is the field that we manage as co-creators.  She is mystical and undefinable.  The only way that we can know her and experience her is to manifest her out of her mystical field of potential into our life experiences in whatever form we choose..
Today’s Mystic Rectangle portion of the pentagram is being created by the Sun at 22 Aquarius bridging (opposing) the Moon at 22 Leo, and Uranus conjunct Eris at 21-22 Aries bridging Jupiter retrograde refraining from its complete conjunction with Haumea retrograde (until September).  Jupiter and Haumea are at 23-24 Libra respectively.  The Aquarius Sun is being resourced (sextile) by the Uranus/Eris Aries awakening energies while simultaneously in a manifesting relationship with the Jupiter/Haumea Libra energies.  The Moon, on the other hand, is being resourced by the Jupiter/Haumea energies while in a manifesting relationship with the Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris). The relationships between these 4 sets of archetypes and the interplay of the Leo/Aquarius Aries/Libra energies that they are experiencing through is creating 4 of the 5 points on the pentagram”s star figure.  The 5th point is being created by the Grand Fire Manifestation of Spirit that is pointing directly at Saturn in an almost exact conjunction with Ixion on the Galactic Center while simultaneously continuing to be seeded by Quasar and Juno.  Saturn and Ixion are residing at 25-26 Sagittarius.
We are asked to make the conscious choice between fear or Love, the lower self or the higher Self, lower will or Divine Will so that we can step into a new cycle of the experience of Self with the empowerment of real-ized Self As Love.  Quasar and Juno are nearby, seeding Saturn and Ixion from within the Spiritual Portal of Truth on the generic Midheaven.  The new belief system that we are being seeded with is coming directly from the Heavens.   To have this pentagram pointing towards Saturn/Ixion on the Galactic Center, the Source of our Milky Way galaxy, speaks volumes.  Our collective purpose is the alignment of the individual and collective beliefs that create our experience of Self on Earth with the Cosmic Mind and Will of Source.  This allows for the expression of Divine Mind through us and we become the living embodiment of Christed consciousness.  As this pentagram energy is being seeded during a Uranian disposed eclipse cycle AND a Uranian disposed Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, our consciousness is definitely going to be awakened, upgraded, and expanded over this next six month period until the next eclipse wormhole so that it can be ready to fully meet, resonate with, and reflect Haumea’s Christed perspective in our lives when Jupiter and Haumea finally meet to create a new cycle of relationship in September.  Until that time, Uranus will be awakening our Mind while his consort, Eris, is awakening us from deep within our Hearts, manifesting their mystical relationship in our lives for our evolution and enlightenment into Wholeness.
As if this sacred geometrical awakening of our Star status encoding is not enough, we also have Mars, the final dispositor of today’s event in a game changing (sesquisquare) relationship with both the Moon and Sedna, and in a subtle adjustment (semisquare) relationship with the Sun.  Through subtle adjustments today in the physical experience of our consciousness, the Divine Feminine is at a turning point in her understanding of the new behaviors, skills, and talents that will support the fuller-membrance of her Self.  With Sedna bridging the Moon and stepping up to the Sun, we are standing at an intersection that is providing us with the opportunity to make a choice to always choose from the Heart.  Mars is conjoined in Aries to Venus, who at 5-6 Aries is in a bridge with MakeMake (at 3-4 Libra).
The unified Divine Feminine is bridging and integrating today with MakeMake’s 5D cosmic and natural laws and order founded souly in Love along the generic horizontal axis of social consciousness.  We all know that what we believe and focus on is what we create to experience socially through all our relationships.  Venus is in a resourceful relationship with Mercury today, allowing the emotional body and mental body, the Heart and Mind, to work creatively together in informing our collective experience of Self.  Venus is also stepping up to Juno’s higher relationship consciousness founded in unity and Love.
In addition, Vesta, at 22 Cancer is in a Great Eliminating relationship with the Sun at 22 Aquarius, while Chiron at 22 Pisces is in a Great Eliminating relationship with the Moon at 22 Leo.  We are in the process of eliminating all that distracts us from our devotion to our process of Self realization, while concurrently healing and wholing all fears from deep within our sub-conscious that prevent us from reigning triumphant from the Heart’s perspective of Self.
When something mystical occurs such as today’s Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse event, there is an aura of “other worldliness” about it. Both subtle and profound, the full ramifications defy complete understanding by the logical mind.  We enter into mystical experiences through the gateway of the Heart.  Go there today.  Rest there today in peace.  Visualize yourself as the Star that you are in the process of re-membering, awakening to, and consciously embracing.  Your only task is to feel with your Heart, see only Love, and radiate that Love with every choice that you make.  Then all will fall into intended place in Divine “right time.”  So Be It.
With Love for All…….

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Friday January 27, 2017

8 Aquarius 15

7:07pm ET, 4:06pm PT,  12:07am (1/28) GT

 Today we arrive at the next signpost on our evolutionary journey towards Self-"real-ization".  This signpost is at 8 Aquarius 15, where the Sun and Moon both meet to join forces in a new seeding of consciousness.  "8" is the number for infinity and abundance, which speaks to all that we have available to us for our evolutionary growth, despite appearances from our 3D world. It is also the card of Balance in the Voyager tarot deck. 15 speaks to the balance found when we rest in that knowing.

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