Thursday July 12, 2018

10:48pm ET, 7:48pm PT, 3:48am (7/13) GT

20 Cancer 41


The Full Moon at 8 Capricorn last June 28th provided us with the vista we needed to observe our movement through the wormhole. With this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse at 21 Cancer we have the opportunity to reboot our consciousness through our emotional body, and a chance at a sideways elevator experience, however that may manifest. The Moon is dignified in Cancer—this is where all the Cancerian attributes of nurturing and being comfortable with ourselves are experienced in their purest and most tangible form. The Cancer quality of consciousness is where we allow our Selves to experience our feelings as energy in-motion. This is a real gift, as it is easy to judge feelings as they arise through self-censorship. The Capricorn Full Moon showed us where we put strictures on our Selves, and how we confuse these strictures with structure that only appears unmovable.
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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Capricorn Full Moon

Thursday, June 28, 2018

12:53am EDT, 9:23pm (6/27)PDT, 5:53am GT

6 Capricorn 28 (Inside an active worm hole)

The New Moon at 23 Gemini on June 13 opened the wormhole, and since then, we have been moving in various new directions that cannot really be comprehended at this time. We are perceiving our responses to events in the now, processing this information, and often attempting to label the experience as “something.” As we learned from the wormhole earlier this year, we will likely find that whatever label we use for these experiences will need a revisit once the wormhole is complete in mid-October. Of course, it is such an ancient habit to go through a day labeling and cataloging experiences! We do this reflexively, as sentient beings in human bodies. The point is that there is no telling how our experiences will look on the other side of the wormhole or how we will feel about them. We actually have no idea. The Gemini New Moon opened the door for recognizing that events can be responded to with multiple perspectives, while holding constant a still point, like a diamond reflecting colored light while remaining perfectly clear. The Gemini quality of consciousness is always in motion. Today's Full Moon at 8 Capricorn 28 provides yet another vista to use during the wormhole passage; one which appears to be as solid as the Earth herself.

Full Moon over Mount Everest

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Wednesday June 13, 2018

3:44pm ET, 12:44pm PT, 8:44pm GT

22 Gemini 45

Welcome to the Summer of 2018 worm hole! The Sagittarius Full Moon two weeks ago provided a space where we could confront things that we felt were blocking us. Some of these we could recognize easily at the time, and some have come forth during the passage between the Full Moon and now. The Sagittarius quality of consciousness activated a  wellspring of courage to help us face what needed to be faced and celebrate the act of having done so. The Full Moon illuminated the karmic circumstances we felt we could triumph over and clear the decks, so to speak. We are in a perfect position to enter the worm hole, where we do not know how or where we will travel, or what we will discover along the way. The New Moon at 22 Gemini 44 serves as that quick pause as the wormhole is initiated.
Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Sagittarius Full Moon

Tuesday May 29, 2018

10:20am EDT, 7:20am PDT, 3:20pm GT

8 Sagittarius 10
The Taurus New Moon took us to our inner guidance system and provided us the opportunity to try out new controls, maneuvers, and programs that we may not have tried or knew existed.  It may have felt like riding a new bike, or driving a new car, all with an upgrade for better performance. There is nothing like a step into the unknown learn that you can handle the situation far better than you may have believed, and that mastery was on hand. The New Moon took us through this uncharted inner territory in our own private landscape. The Moon is our most visual, reliable source for tracking the development of our own consciousness. It is worth remembering that our consciousness is continually expanding, second by second, just through breathing, and can be tracked, just like a tree growing year after year.

“Woodhall” painting by Ronda Wiebe
Similarly, we do not stand still. We are not always aware of the change and expansion that is constantly takin place within us, and this is by design. We see where we have gone and what we have become, always when the time is precisely right. The designer and commander of that timing is Ourselves, our Super Consciousness, co-creating with Source. The Taurus New Moon provided the means for refreshing our awareness of this process and included a number of planets at 8 degrees (Saturn, Juno, and Orcus) in relationships with each other and with the Soul Star (Moon North Node) and Earth Star (Moon South Node).  The number 8 signifies power and balance in sacred geometry, and this Full Moon at 8 Sagittarius 10 is the flowering of what we gained by exploring our inner guidance system.

The Sagittarian quality of consciousness is exuberant in its desire to share wisdom gained through the journey of life. Sagittarius is that part of our consciousness that yearns for and is driven to search for Truth. Specifically, this relates to how our personal life experience connects to Source and what it all means.  Sagittarius is where we are willing to explore and discover the Truth, even if it means venturing into uncharted and uncomfortable territory. The wisdom gained from the search is that which feels like it should be shared with others, and right now. This is one reason why the Cosmic Consciousness symbol for the fire of Sagittarius is the bonfire.  A bonfire is more than a simple fire to warm and provide light to one or two people. It is a jubilant celebration, drawing in others to take part, and creating a contrast with the surrounding darkness. It sends a message. On the exterior level, this could mean sharing with others in new ways.  Internally, it is the opportunity to connect different parts of ourselves together in ways that may have previously eluded us. This Full Moon provides more than enough energy to transcend any reluctance for doing so.
The Sagittarius Full Moon is disposed by Jupiter, and Jupiter is at 15 Scorpio 51, a world axis point.  World axis points are where we tap into our collective consciousness. Feel certain that any wisdom shared will go as wide and deep as we can imagine at that moment. Our imperative is to be sensitive to how we share our wisdom, whatever it may be. The words we speak may be lofty or mundane, this aspect of our words does not matter so much. What does matter, and quite significantly, is the energy we bring as we speak our words.  Mercury at 29 Taurus 10 is still coming out of a new cycle with Sedna at 26 Taurus 40, indicating that how we communicate at this time contributes directly to the rememberment process of the Divine Feminine. Blind sacrifice of the Feminine to the Masculine is still being played out and needs to be recognized for what it is. The needs of the many are not satisfied over the long-term through martyrdom, and this blinds us to discovering solutions that bring everyone along--male and female, in their own way--together.
There have been 12 men who walked on the Moon during the Apollo Missions from July 1969-December 1972, and as of last week, only 4 are still alive.  Alan Bean, who tagged himself as “first artist on another world,” transitioned on 26 May. Art transports us to the point where we feel free to imagine something that we would not have seen or felt before. Alan Bean used Apollo Mission photographs to create paintings that show us how it felt to be on the Moon, our collective vision of the feminine.

“Hello Universe” by Alan Bean 2002,
Orcus, our connection to our immortal Selves, is at 8 Virgo 7 in a perfect light intersection (formerly a T-square) with the Sun (our conscious Self identity) at 8 Gemini 10 and the Moon (our intuitive emotional nature). This provides us with the opportunity, at the moment of the Full Moon, to experience our connection to the universal truths that we hold dearest. On an individual level, this is a time to allow ourselves to recognize that the moment that separated us from oneness with the Mother is also the one that began our physical individual lives. Allowing ourselves the experience of separation and the vital reality of being alive simultaneously is possible by using this light intersection to feel everything that comes up. Our immortal selves do not change wither we feel separate or one.
Venus (what and how we love) at 11 Cancer 58 is coming into a new cycle with the fixed star Sirius (where we access universal insight) at 14 Cancer 19, and both are joining in a watery grand manifestation (formerly trine) with Jupiter (our social consciousness) at 15 Scorpio 51 and Neptune (our capacity for clear vision and enlightenment) at 16 Pisces 22. A manifestation is a free flow of energies that becomes something tangible. With the heart leading the way, it is possible for us to explore our deepest wisdom (Jupiter) with clarity (Neptune), calming any tendency we may have to bully ourselves, and project this outward. Sirius is in a new cycle with the Sun in the natal chart (Sibley) of the United States. Given the global influence of the United States at this time, this manifestation provides the energy to start imagining a new collective vision for this role.
Mars (how we are physically motivated) at 4 Aquarius 39 is in its retrograde shadow and moving into the first of three conjunctions with the Earth Star (where we experience and revisit the old familiar cycles) at 7 Aquarius 33). The first of these three conjunctions is beginning to gain strength during the Full Moon, and it can be used productively to liberate ourselves from patterns that feel repetitive and seem to be blocking our expression of Love to ourselves and others.
Sagittarius embodies the journey of the spirit triumphing over all that keeps us from realizing the Truth of who we are--Source. Our ego is but one tool we can use to help us realize that our original sense of woundedness (emergence from the birth canal) is but one sensation of life on earth and does not need to drive everything we do. Coming from Source itself, we actually are beacons of Love. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a moment where we can experience both our quest for Truth and see what we can leave behind as we make discoveries about our own consciousness and how we connect to others.  It is a time to aim high for ourselves and for each other.


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