1 October 2020

Aries Full Moon

7 Aries 08

05:05 pm EDT, 2:05pm PDT, 10:05pm GT

Please welcome our new Full Moon writer, Bernice Kadatz, one of my most promising students...Enjoy!

The Virgo New Moon cycle has set the stage for the Aries Full Moon cycle we are entering. The full moon reflects light from the Sun as well as the qualities of the sign the Sun is in, which is Libra. The Libra quality of our consciousness is where we physically experience duality through the different relationships we experience in our lives—whether with people, things, or places. Libra helps us realize the truth of these relationships, which is that each is a reflection of our own consciousness. The Aries quality of consciousness is where we bring the higher self into our human experience by choosing our thoughts and words. When we choose loving and kind thoughts the mind heart begins to balance and the world we live in is created. Now more than ever, discipline is required to stay in the higher love vibration.
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My Candy My World

2020 Virgo New Moon

Sept 17, 2020

7:00am EDT, 4:00am PDT, 12 noon GT

25 Virgo 01

(Please welcome our newest Cosmic Path Writer, Beth Nolte. She will be writing this new Moon report from here on in.. Feel free to let her know how you like her brilliant work... I know I do..)
It’s another beginning. When the Sun and Moon come together in Virgo, its another wave of realizing our own wholing. This is Divine Mother energy. Virgo is discerning. Here we align and integrate, transcending our frustrations and anxieties. This is another chance to love the whole package, every cell, the spaces between and shadows between the spaces.
This Sun Moon new cycle is disposed by Chiron, currently retrograde in Aries. There is fire – the creative spark is present. It is an energy moving towards source. We can use this to get to the bottom of our triggers, our scars, wounds and woes. The stuff that winds us up can be released or repurposed as fuel. Chiron, the master healer teacher shows us that we are whole. We are divine. Get curious about those wounds; they are the portals leading us to the real truth... 
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2 September 2020

Full Moon Pisces

01:22 am EDT

The passage from the Leo New Moon period of Self-reflection took us to the realm of unlimited possibilities. During this time we stretched our imaginations to something bigger, nobler, and more generous than the individual ego, and gained awareness of the Self and its connection to the Universal SOURCE. The Leo quality of our consciousness contains nobility and courage as well as the wonder and innocence of a child.
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18 August 2020

New Moon 26 Leo 35

10:42 pm EDT

The Aquarian Full Moon reminded us that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Humanity means something. When we consider humanity as an all-encompassing entity, we are appealing to our better angels. We see beyond me and you. When we elevate our thoughts about others to this higher level, we tap into our Super Consciousness and can see the larger pattern of Oneness. This is when we can receive the “wake up zaps” that inspire us to test uncharted waters. In polarity to the Aquarian quality of our consciousness is Leo, which takes us back into our perceived individuality. Leo reminds us that our individual consciousness is actually a blazing light and we each represent an internal Sun/Son. Those who have experienced Super Consciousness report that they do not see a person per se – they see the Light body and then need to refocus if they want to see the separate attributes of body, gender, age, etc. This is the age-old human dilemma – if we focus on the individual only, we neglect the reality of the commons. It may not always seem so, but what we do individually affects Everyone.
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