End of the Worm Hole

Saturday, March 17, 2018

9:11am EDT, 6:11am PDT, 1:11 pm GT

 26 Pisces 53'

Welcome to the end of the wormhole! What an experience this has been. Since March 14 (Thursday) we have all begun to feel the wormhole dissipating, and it feels a lot like when the Sun burns off a thick fog. We have seen firsthand how wormholes take us out of the 3D space-time continuum, and allow us to move in ways we normally would not choose. This Pisces New Moon is our opportunity to take the widest view possible of the wormhole journey we have been on since January 16.

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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Virgo Full Moon

Thursday, March 1, 2018

7:52pm ET, 4:52pm PT, 12:52am (3/2) GT

11 Virgo 23

We have reached the final Full Moon of this wormhole, which began on January 16.  We have had three Full Moons in this wormhole, which is a lot of manifestation.  Remember that each Full Moon brings forth the fruition of the seed actions we started with the New Moon. The last New Moon was an eclipse that took us on another sideways elevator ride, and this Virgo Full Moon promises to reveal a bit of what that ride was all about. More of the purpose of what we find now will become clearer once we are out of the wormhole, on March 17. There is so much more to come.

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Aquarius New Moon/ Solar Eclipse

Thursday February 15, 2018

4:06pm ET, 1:06pm PT, 6:06pm GT

 27 Aquarius 08

That Leo Super Blue Moon and solar eclipse on January 31 really gave us a blast of Light energy, softening some of the edginess of being in a wormhole. I am not using the words “travelling through a wormhole” , but instead saying: “being in” a wormhole. This is because when all moorings are cut loose, there is no sense of direction, space, or time. The wormhole began with the Capricorn New Moon on January 16th and will end on March 17 with a Pisces New Moon. We need to keep remembering that a wormhole is a natural, normal process, astonishing as that may seem at first. A wormhole is the experience that encompasses a full eclipse cycle, which starts on a new moon and ends on a new moon. Stephanie Azaria describes each eclipse as a “sideways elevator,” which is a vehicle that moves us in an unexpected direction, so that instead of the anticipated up and down, we could easily find our Selves moving sideways, diagonally, spiral, flying randomly around, or just staying still, or…

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2018 LEO Super, Blue, Full Moon


Wednesday Januray 31, 2018

8:27am EST, 5:27am PST, 1:27pm GT

 11 Leo 37

The Capricorn New Moon on January 16th activated the wormhole we are traveling through, turning our attention to the source of our inner authority. Capricorn asks us to recognize the truth: that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our inner sense of authority determines how we respond to what happens in our world at the personal level. Being aware of ourselves is a powerful tool for navigating a wormhole, which is a chapter of our lives that includes two eclipses. The wormhole began on January 16th and ends on March 17th.  As Stephanie Azaria described on January 27 during her talk on Navigating the Wormhole, ‘a wormhole takes us to parts of ourselves that we have not yet accessed.’  The key is to use the observer’s perch as a tool to watch what is occurring at a moment. If we experience judgement or fear, simply recognizing it diffuses the energy and allows for clarity again. In a wormhole anything can happen.  That’s an exciting prospect, and as Stephanie said, we are often as fearful of happiness, success, peace, and awareness as we are of failure and missing the boat. It’s important to stay with the energies that are downloading now, because this wormhole serves as the birthing of the Divine Feminine in each of us.

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