FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Aries Full Moon

Sunday, October 16, 2016

12:23am EDT, 9:23pm (10/15)PDT, 5:23am GT

23 Aries 14

This Full Moon event has been gifted to us as the end and the beginning, the Omega/Alpha moment of transformation from one way of being to another.  This is where the old skin of lower self identity is shed and drops away so that we can be receptive to the new world of our higher Self identity with its heightened senses and awareness.  The end is being reflected to us through the Moon and her carefully selected friends (Uranus, Eris, Ceres, and Acamar).  The new is found by crossing over to the opposite shore with Awakened consciousness in order to receive the gifts that the Sun promises with his carefully selected friends (Haumea, Spica, and Arcturus).  It starts with the conscious intention to step forward in this moment and embrace an unfamiliar or unremembered journey with the courage of the Heart that knows only Love and a Mind that trusts in that Love whole-heartedly to lead it to its true Home where it can create a new world to experience based in new beliefs.
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Black Moon /End of Worm Hole

Friday September 30, 2016

8:13pm EDT, 5:13pm PDT, 1:13am (10/1) GT

8 Libra 15


The Libra New Moon event today occurs on the last day of the "9" month of completion in a "9" year of completion.  In some parts of the world, this is also a very rare Black Moon, which occurs when there are two New Moons in the same month.  By report, a Black Moon is powerful and aligned with the divine feminine, providing a time of great awakening and clarity.  It is also a turning point in a cycle.

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Total Lunar Eclipse


Friday, September 16, 2016

3:06pm EDT, 12:06pm PDT, 8:06pm GT

24 Pisces 20


Today's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse event occurs at 24 Pisces 19 (25 Pisces).  It is the last eclipse of 2016.  It is also at mid-point in the current Virgo Wormhole that we are navigating our way through, and within which we are birthing our Selves into physical manifestation and experience.  This current Virgo wormhole is a journey through the VIRGO (New Moon Solar Eclipse - September 1st) - PISCES (Full Moon Lunar Eclispe -September 16th) - LIBRA (New Moon - September 30th) fields of energy.

I don't know about any one else, but this has not been the blissful, rapturous experience that I have long-held in my now-realized cache of misguided, misunderstood beliefs and perceptions.  I have been privileged to bear witness to the births of both of my children, two of my three grandchildren, and a few other children.  I am here to attest to the fact that birth, of any kind, is not without the pain that comes from resistance to the needs or truth of the experience.  Existing tissues have to relax, stretch, and become more flexible as the mother and what is being born learn to work together consciously and effortlessly in tandem as a coordinated unit.  There is a lot of internal pushing, and sometimes some pretty powerful external pulling that takes place to provide the successful outcome intended by All.  The contractions (waves, triggers) have to be learned to be utilized for the forward, evolutionary movement that they provide.  This enables that which is being birthed to emerge into physical expression.

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Total Solar Eclipse

2016 Virgo New Moon


Thursday September 1, 2016

5:03am EDT, 2:03am PDT, 10:03am GT

9 Virgo 21

Thursday's New Moon Soular Eclipse takes place at 9 degrees Virgo 21 minutes (10 Virgo).  Virgo is where we get in touch with our Progenitor energy, becoming the Source of our Self and the caretaker of the world of our creation.  To do that, we must ride the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zoom-in/zoom-out lens, letting go of all that is not a true reflection of our Self......of our deepest Truth. This is so that we can be the visible reflection of the pure Light of Self that we hold within.  The Self that is unified and wholed, and that rests in this balanced state of knowing and being without distortion or compromise on any level.   No fear, no doubt; just purity of Self made Self-evident for All to see.  Then the Heart of Source, the Love that Source IS, can be made known through the Truth of thy Self.

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