FULL MOON over ocean


2016 Sagittarius Full Moon

Saturday May 21, 2016

4:15pm EDT, 1:15pm PDT, 9:15pm BST

1 Sagittarius14


There's so much expansion taking place, we get 2 full Moons in Sagittarius this year! These bookend full Moons have a lot to teach. Get ready for some awakening inner and outer travels. This first full Moon in Sagittarius steps up the invitation to live your truth, in the most mundane aspects of your life and the most public. What sacred message wants to come through you? What vision are you committed to living into being?

The fire of this full Moon purifies thoughts and directs actions towards your highest good. With a strong mutable element present, change is a given. What adventure are you feeling into? What expansion is making itself visible?

A free flow of energy within, leads to a free flow without. The Full Moon shines a light on any stuck energy within the body and mind. You can cure restlessness and impatience with the outer world by tending to the energy flow within. Really practically, Sagittarius can be associated with excess so it may be time to clean up the diet and be good to your liver. Physical activity helps move energy and ground you in your body.

A sense of restlessness may be inviting you to shift a belief that isn't in alignment with your highest truth. What are your beliefs about a current situation you wish to change? Do you believe it can change for the better? Inner awareness expands so you can clearly see emotional reactions coming, especially up around a situation you've experienced before. You have the opportunity to pause and consider how you want to engage with it. The option to act from a place of love and courage is there for you.

Full Moons mark a key turning point in the lunar cycle where a flowering takes place; of awareness, emotions, events, etc. Mars retrograde and the Sun form their own full phase aspect as they oppose one another on the 22nd. This is a key turning point in the Mars retrograde cycle, when a soul desire that was perhaps frustrated in the past comes back into the light. Growth often comes by taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. The step back is meant to help you integrate the change that is taking place, even if it doesn't seem that way. What steps can you take now, drawing on the wisdom gained from experience?

Mars backtracks into Scorpio in a few days. The full Moon is lighting a torch of higher perspective that you get to take with you into the depths. Each time you take a trip to the underworld you have the opportunity to see it in a positive light, knowing that you will re-emerge in a new form with new capacities.

The vital, purposeful Sun is aligned with the sacred fire of Vesta in Gemini. They help you stay focused on your purpose, knowing, as it's said, that where you direct your attention, your vital force flows. Mars retrograde participating in the full Moon, makes it easy to re-align your actions with your vision and purpose. The full Moon asks you to assimilate and integrate what you've learned; to make it personal and to use your knowledge in service to the sacred message you are here to share. Keep it real and keep it close to the heart.

Many blessings on this Full Moon!

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Thursday May 6, 2016

3:29pm EDT, 12:29pmPDT, 8:29pmBST

16 Taurus 41


The Moon is new a day after the Sun crosses the powerful degree of 15 Taurus. It's time to take what you've recently discovered about yourself and draw that energy within, to fully embody the changes taking place. The New Moon is stabilizing, helping to counteract any overwhelm. Organization occurs as your many responsibilities align in a lovely flow, and you let go of the ones that no longer serve.

The New Moon is very close to Mercury retrograde and making stellar aspects to Jupiter and Pluto, both retrograde as well. These connections help weed out fear based beliefs from the root, so you can thrive is this life; here and now. These aspects allow for huge leaps forward in manifesting a life of peace on earth, starting with peace within yourself.

Awareness has expanded to encompass your entire journey, from the past, to the present, to the future you wish to create. When fear, anxiety or a limiting belief arises, remember that this is but one part of the vastness of what is. Can you see each limitation as an opportunity to expand your consciousness and hold conflict in love and light?

Since the last New Moon an old wound may have opened, bringing what was unresolved up for healing and release. Loosening and unravelling this stuck energy, you feel it, move it, and heal those wounds. This frees you up for authentic, empowered, and grounded self-expression. The healing may very well come through self-expression. Be open to expressing yourself in new ways. Let yourself play and have fun.

After all the intensity, the Taurus Moon brings new life to your inner being. You may feel drawn to retreat for a bit, but not for long, as growth continues to unfold and relationships facilitate this process. Though the New Moon reminds you how awesomely capable and strong you are on your own, you can't do everything alone and help abounds; in both seen and unseen forms. I'm often amazed at how the exact support I'm looking for shows up, right on time, not sooner than I know I need it, and not too late. What opportunities do you have to reach out for the support you need? Be receptive and awake and the right help will come. Your intuition and your guides are always right there with you.

This is a very earthy New Moon. What does it feel like to connect with the earth element within? There is no wrong answer here. During a guided meditation recently, sitting outside barefoot, when invited to feel my body filling with light, instead I felt my body filling with rich, dark soil. It felt incredibly grounding. Rooting comes before rising. I was being filled with soil and new roots were growing down, the roots of fresh, new life to come. It's spring within as well as without.

It's an especially potent Moon for sound healing, toning, singing and drinking in the silence that follows. It's also a wonderful time to form relationships with the plant world - through mindful food preparation and eating, through herbal preparations, or by being out in nature. Contact with soil is connected with an improvement in mood and stronger immunity. Evolutionarily speaking, plants are much older than humans. They likely know a lot that we do not and are wonderful allies and guides to reach out to.

Evolution appears to be more of a stripping away of conditioning and adaptations, to uncover and remember who we really are, than a needing to add anything to our already complete wholeness. The New Moon reminds you that every moment is an opportunity to wake up to more of who you really are. Luckily you can't escape your true nature, no matter how much forgetting has taken place. You are valuable beyond measure, based on who you are, not what you do or what you produce.

The coming together of the Sun and Moon, with Mercury retrograde, supports remembering; remembering your worth and remembering what you already know. Like bubbles that rise to the surface of simmering water, what's most important will become abundantly clear. If you seek out new information, let it be highly valuable and pertinent to your purpose. In an overly intellectualized world, other ways of knowing have been devalued or forgotten altogether. We are here to reclaim what's been lost. Awaken all of your senses and enjoy what is present.

~ Blessed New Moon ~

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FULL MOON over ocean

2016 Scorpio Full Moon

Friday 4/22/16

1:23am EDT, 10:23pm (4/21/16) PDT, 6:23am BST

2 Scorpio 30

 I passed a neighbor on a walk yesterday. She was outside weaving a large rectangular basket. It was beautiful. "For a person", she said. It turns out it was a casket, not yet claimed. The Full Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus. Life and death are cyclic and interconnected. On a beautiful spring day, with new life growing all around, my neighbor was creating a vessel for the dead. You are shedding and growing new skin all the time. The Full Moon is a vessel for releasing layers that are ready to be sloughed off, so new growth can emerge.

The deep Self rises to the surface with this Moon - the part of your being that is beyond identification with this one life. The wellspring of life and the destroyer of it, are one and the same. It can be scary to welcome and yet difficult to ignore.

Scorpio asks that you go deep. That you differentiate between desires that bring you closer to source and those that bring your farther away. As everything is inherently perfect, there is no judgement here. Running after illusions brings disillusionment, yes, but is just as much a path to the truth as going straight for it.

Juno is conjunct the Full Moon and soul-level contracts are up for healing, release or a deepening of commitment. She asks you to commit to yourself first and foremost; to trust in your higher self; to marry your self to your Self.

Emotional integration serves the evolution/expansion of consciousness and this is so much a part of this Moon. Dams that have interrupted the flow of Love within are breaking apart. Coagulations of intense attachments, fears, and emotional memories, dense enough to stop forward movement are being loosened. If resistance has been intense, the dam might break all at once, but by consistently removing a stick here and a stick there, you can calmly liberate the vital force that's been suppressed along with emotions. When you open to your depths, the flow washes you clean, bringing a renewal of spirit. Unconditional love is there through it all.

Expansion can be overwhelming, which is why grounding and creating a foundation of self-care is so important. The physical container can only handle so much, so strengthening your own system is essential for expansion without burning out.

Discernment is key because resistance isn't something to ignore. Is it truly the time and place to go deeper, to see what's on the other side of a fear of vulnerability? Or not? You are so wise in this regard and it's up to you to be completely honest with yourself. Don't be careless, but do find a way to challenge yourself to grow beyond a current limitation.

An opportunity to grow likely won't be hard to find. There is a jolt from Uranus and Venus connecting in Aries that travels easily through the water of the Full Moon. You are waking up to your full potential; to unconditioned self-expression. So often this can feel alien, when it's awakened but not emotionally integrated and grounded in the physical. Not so this time. Set the intention to be fully present on all levels of being, and have the courage to take an empowered step forward into your new self - which may actually be more like revealing who you already are.

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Thursday April 7, 2016

7:23am EDT, 4:23am PDT, 12:23pm GT

18 Aries 04

The New Moon in Aries is the first new Moon of spring and intentions set now have added power. The new Moon supports solidifying and re-affirming intentions you have been working with for some time. What you've been dreaming into being since the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere), may have recently broken above ground and is ready to shoot up another foot.


Nature is waking up from her winter slumber. If a year were a day, we're somewhere around 6:30 am. It's time to wake up, which is exactly what the new Moon close to Uranus, wants you to do. Practically speaking, does your morning routine need an overhaul? Don't wait too long to get out of bed, or too long to act, when you feel a clear impulse.


The Aries new Moon is driven by the fire of desire. Well considered desires linked with focused action fuels evolution. It's possible to get stuck focusing on the object of desire as the be all end all. Even if you find yourself caught in that, know that fully living out what is present for you in the moment will draw you closer to exhausting that habit. Desiring that which is not ultimately fulfilling eventually leads to the desire for that which is. It's a beautiful thing to have a desire to pursue. Can you find gratitude for the quality of desire, regardless of whether you receive what you want or not? What desires are being born out of the wholeness of who you are rather than from a place of lack? If there was less attachment to outcomes, where would you place your energy?


Can you see the beauty in not getting what you want? Whether not getting what you want brings regret or relief teaches so much about your true needs. It's in the surrender to the ever unfolding nature of life that your freedom lies. If you do get what you want, or if you don't, that moment has passed. If you don't get what you want, keep looking forward not back. What you want is likely coming in a different form at another time.


The new Moon brings the opportunity to step back and observe the current edge you are poised upon. It's said that we breakdown to breakthrough. If breakdown is present, perhaps you can welcome it as an opportunity for re-alignment and re-empowerment. It can take stepping back and observing a situation from a distance to see the next step. You have the benefit of having an emotional body as a guide. What does it feel like when you have a strong desire? Where in your body do you notice this? The goal now is to be able to do both; connect with your desires very consciously, and also be able to discern which actions will serve your own and other's growth and which will not. It's time to make new choices, that are perhaps difficult, but are ultimately strengthening.


You are living part of a long-term evolutionary journey. It can be easier to forego immediate gratification, or a distraction, for the choice that is a bit scary but holds greater growth potential, when you know that the choices you make now will impact your evolution long-term. The steps you take on a personal level also have an important impact on the collective. Examine a quick fix option to see if there isn't a more long-term track you wold prefer to take, that would ultimately be more empowering. It can feel incredibly good to consciously engage with a core challenge.


The new Moon, linking up harmoniously with Saturn, is an exceptional transit for taking action on a long-range goal. Saturn is not allowing false steps to be taken; he is holding you to your truth. There is the strong desire to step bravely forward, while at the same there may be hesitation. There is value in thinking before speaking and in taking the desired outcome in a situation into consideration before jumping into action. However it's also possible that the hesitation is due to fear of living your truth. Repressed desires and truths that are rising into awareness are best acknowledged head on, in order to avoid more stress.


No matter how challenging, you will keep being drawn to your next evolutionary step. You will continue being drawn towards the full expression of your unique purpose. That is where the greatest potential lies. The stars at the new Moon bring mastery to working with fear.  Consciousness is being re-structured so that the desire for truth and authenticity carries more weight than the fear of the unknown.


The raw power of your desire is channeled into what holds the most meaning for you. Distractions abound, but you have an bow and arrow in your possession to help direct your energy as you choose. What's your target? What do you need to cut through to get to the truth? What do you need to do for yourself? In a battle of wills or a stalemate situation, somethings got to give, and movement is definitely supported with this Moon. What can you advocate for, rather than against - for yourself, for a relationship, and for your community?


Mars is preparing for a retrograde cycle that begins on April 17th. Intentions set now will be carried deep and far. The retrograde cycle will either help you step back and focus if you've gotten ahead of yourself, or help you take a courageous step if you need a boost.


You likely have a clear vision of at least part of what the future holds. You don't have to close the entire gap between here and there right now. But you can orient yourself in the direction of your desired future and take one powerful step.


Saying yes to certain desires, you are by default saying no to other potentials - at least at this time. It can be scary to commit. Making choices narrows down the focus so that you can work with what's in front of you. Can you surrender fully to the stream you choose (or that chooses you)? What you let go of can be picked up by someone else - is likely someone else's to have, hold and mold.


In appreciating each other and encouraging one another to follow our streams of desire we all are fulfilled. You can't do everything and be everything in this human form, in one life. What you can do, is live bravely at the edge of your unfolding. You can make the commitment to making choices that resonate with your soul. You can walk your path and know that it is valuable. You can say yes, and you can say no.


"Do not seek after what you yearn for; seek the source of the yearning itself" ~ Adyashanti


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