Total Lunar Eclipse

2015 Libra Full Moon/ LUNAR ECLIPSE

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

8:01am EDT, 5:01am PDT, 1:01pm GT

3 Libra 17

The Libra full Moon features a lunar eclipse and a realignment of relationships; the one you have with yourself, with other people, and with the divine. With Venus in Pisces, you can find yourself floating in the sea of unconditional Love. Have your favorite book of poetry, or musical instrument, close by.


Astrology gifts us with a clear view of the cycles within cycles that unfold throughout life. This eclipse is a sendoff into 6 months of development. There will be another set of eclipses in August and September 2016. To help you catch up with where you are now, think back to what was taking place during the last set of eclipses in September 2015. Notice if themes are resurfacing. What have you been apprenticing yourself to over the last 6 months? How have your desires been unfolding?


With the north node in Libra through most of 2014 and 2015 there was an intensive focus on relationships. They continue to unfold and some may shift form completely. This eclipse supports taking a realistic look at what you need, what you have to give, and the expectations you place on others. Your perspective is always expanding. What is it like to see everyone from a place of love? This is a good time to set the intention to see everything as clearly as possible, beginning with yourself. You are empowered in relationships and meeting others as a true equal. You're able to find a better balance in life, having learned the importance of tending to your own wellbeing.


In the northern hemisphere, the eclipse takes place just days after the spring equinox. Energy is stirring, rising, and ready to push up through thawed earth. The vital force is rising within and heightening your senses. Open with courage to each new experience.


Mercury and the Sun form a superior conjunction in Aries the day after the eclipse. Thoughts quickly transform into actions and into physical creations. You may not realize what you are thinking until you hear yourself say it. Embrace the manifestations that come, they're here to facilitate your evolution.


Do you have faith that all is coming? That the universe meets your needs? If you don't, see it as an invitation to explore this further. Practice trusting in divine timing. Listening to a recording the other morning I heard the astute comment that when we exhale we don't worry about where the next breath is coming from. A few hours later, I heard my yoga teacher reinforce the point saying, the inhale is given, don't force it. And it is - you don't have to force, you don't have to worry. Yet you do have to make space. If you didn't exhale you couldn't take in a fresh breath. It becomes much more difficult to grow when you resist a natural flow.


Change is a given in this world and nothing is meant to be grasped. That doesn't mean nothing stays, plenty does, but with a continually renewing contract, that has freedom built into it. Open the windows and let fresh air into any situation in your life that feels stagnant. What's meant to stay, will stay, and what's meant to be transformed will shift into a new way of being.


Mars in Sagittarius in aspect to the eclipse, helps you burst into fuller self-expression. If there was no fear, what would you do with your life and why? Is there a risk you are ready to take that would support a part of you wanting to break above ground? Mars is on a mission to take something further; to exceed your expectations. When you are living in alignment with your nature and the natural forces around you, growth becomes much easier.


This eclipse emphasizes the north node of the Moon in Virgo, the symbol of your destiny. The last eclipse on March 8th fell on the south node side of this axis. In Pisces, that eclipse focused on surrendering to the powerful oceanic currents of the soul, on facing what wanted to rise to the surface to be released, and on seeing what is ready to be manifested. The north node in Virgo speaks to the path forward emerging when you put one foot in front of the other. You're walking out of the ocean onto the shore. It will feel good to take these Virgo steps towards your goals, towards greater health and towards fulfillment and spiritual connection through service. Every step forward from here on out is taken with devotion, following your inner guidance. Jupiter continues to reside on the north node, helping to remove blocks on the path. It can be as easy as exhaling and opening to the next breath.


Libra is the sign of balance and the lunar eclipse brings you in touch with an inner balance that is independent of ever-changing outer conditions. This inner relationship to the ultimate other, to all others, is a point of equilibrium we all contain. It becomes easier to stretch outside of a comfort zone when you realize you can never truly lose your center.


The Aries Sun and Libra Moon speak to connecting the head and the heart. A busy mind can't hear the messages of the soul. Not listening can cause situations to escalate, or symptoms to increase, in order to get our attention. Find a way to quiet the mind and listen intently. Deep wisdom speaks through you.


Full Heart, Full Moon Blessings


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Total Solar Eclipse


2016 Virgo New Moon


Monday, March 8, 2016

8:55pm EST, 5:55pm PST, 1:55am (March 9) GT

18 Pisces 56


Eclipse season is upon us. We enter through the gate of the Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces. This new Moon eclipse comes with a lot of energy in mutable signs. As the seasons officially shift later this month, we too are being propelled forward by the winds of change. A new Moon always signifies both endings and beginnings. The eclipse in Pisces amps up the theme of closure, which gives way to new horizons. What threshold are you crossing?


The time around eclipses, and especially in between them, is incredibly potent. The eclipses set the stage for the next 6 months, when the next eclipse season comes around. The strength of the eclipses is conditioned by their proximity to planets or angles in our chart. You will likely feel this one most strongly if it makes contact with a planet, or forms a tight aspect with one, in your chart. Eclipses bring accelerated evolution. As the eclipses always occur in close proximity to the karmic nodal axis of the Moon, there can be a strong focus on something from the past coming up for healing/release and an equally strong focus on evolving into a new state of being.


To make the most of the wild card energy of the solar eclipse, stay focused on the highest and best outcome for all. Desire and attention lead to manifestation, so focus on what you wish to create, knowing that whatever transpires from what you seed now, is the perfect expression of what you are ready to bring to flower and fruit.


The eclipse in Pisces isn't alone. It's flanked by Neptune, Ceres, Chiron and the South Node of the Moon. This eclipse brings up specific themes from the past that are wanting to be relived and reworked, on a personal level and on the world stage. Gifts from the past are also ready to be brought forth. Awareness and compassion can be brought to core wounds, including experiences of deception, loss, confusion, hopelessness, overwhelm, escapism and addiction. When we are willing to acknowledge difficult experiences and look for the root cause, we are well on the way to healing.


Asteroid goddess Psyche, is on the north node of Uranus in Gemini, squaring the Pisces eclipse, and speaking in no uncertain terms about the necessity of listening to the wisdom of the Soul, and communicating from that place. The truth is within and readily accessible when we listen. Though we can choose to listen to the truth or not; to act on it or not, it is thankfully not going anywhere. Truth is independent of our opinion of it.


Soul doesn't necessarily speak in a language we are familiar with. It's messages may confuse the linear mind. However the answers to our questions are available when we quiet the mind and are open to receiving wisdom. With Uranian energy in play, we can expect the unexpected and perhaps experience lightening flashes of insight hinting at our destiny and helping us navigate some current challenge.


In the myth, at the outset of each of the difficult tasks given to Psyche, she feels overwhelmed, powerless and wants to end her life. Instead of doing that though, she sits still - a core lesson we learn from her through Robert A. Johnson's interpretation in his beautiful book, She. In times of overwhelm (which can be familiar territory for Pisces) Psyche teaches us that stillness is the ground from which direction and help arises. Being still may be one of the most difficult things to do in our society with it's many distractions. When we are flexibly, gently still and receptive, we enter to a space where energy is free to move. Psyche shows us that help always comes; an insight arises at some point. Jupiter on the north node of the Moon reminds us that we all have a way forward. What steps are you being guided to take? What obstacles are on the path? Or are perhaps being miraculously removed?


The eclipse in aspect to Psyche and Saturn shows us the importance of both focusing and thinking outside the box; of creating effective, energy-conserving strategies for achieving our goals. Maybe we are trying to use too much force. Maybe we can surrender our fears and have faith that all is coming. By working intelligently and working together, we accomplish more than we can on our own. Energy is lost through worry, fear, negativity, and repression of our individuality. We consolidate energy through faith, positivity, and focus on the task at hand.


The new Moon is in harmonious aspect to the north node's of Saturn and Pluto in Cancer. We are tuned into our collective destiny; tuned into the desire for societies built on values of safety, health, nourishment and opportunity for all. This is the destination we are working towards, shaky as our progress may sometimes feel.


The eclipse in Pisces encourages us to contemplate where we find meaning. We are invited to humbly connect with the sacred in seemingly mundane moments, and to make sure that every step we take is in service of a worthy vision for the future.


The mutable signs as a whole ask us to be open to change. This is a powerful time to shift some long-held, deep rooted patterns, both personally and collectively. I think we can all feel the potency of this time - a turning point as we transition into the age of Aquarius. The unresolved past rears it's head, as it must, though how it plays out into the future is up to us, based on our capacity to make new choices and to respond versus react.


We are part of the same root system. Let's feed these roots and follow them deep down within to be nourished by the source that sustains us all. Pisces is the sign of ultimate potential and oneness. Our little human forms are one way of containing and expressing the vastness of consciousness. What a thrill and a gift to have this human experience.

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201 Virgo Full Moon

Monday, February 22, 2016

1:20pm EST, 10:20am PST, 6:20pm GT

3 Virgo 34


The full Moon is in Virgo, sign of fullness unto oneself. Self-development reaches a peak so that we bring our best to close relationships and the world at large. The full Moon asks us to see ourselves as clearly as possible, to address what's been avoided, and to deepen our apprenticeship to unconditional love and compassion.


In the process of eliminating false perceptions, our egos can swing in large arcs, over long periods of time, from self-aggrandizement to self-effacement. Both can be seen as expressions of the small self. The full Moon holds the promise of self-honesty and personal growth, balanced with compassion and freedom from excessive, non-constructive criticism.


Personal growth is fostered by relationships, which often ask us to look more deeply at ourselves. The full Moon can bring insights through reflection, as well as the gift of discernment about what is ours and what belongs to another. With Mercury ruling the full Moon from Aquarius, we can step back and see patterns that keep showing up in our lives - the common denominator in various relationships and other circumstances.


When we're wanting to liberate from an old pattern, it's important to remember just that - we're wanting to shift the pattern from it's root; from the inside out. We don't want to leave a relationship, a job, or a town, and think that we've left the pattern behind. We will recreate the same patterns in new relationships, new jobs, etc. We need to go deeper to transform from within. That in itself will result in outward shifts.


The full Moon is pregnant with potential. In opposition to Neptune and Ceres in Pisces, we're nurturing a dream into earthly form. We are earthy vessels; of spirit, for spirit. Our unique bodies are the perfect vessels for each of us at this time. The full Moon reminds us that everything is sacred, even what seems insignificant or imperfect.


There is much tenderness with this full Moon. Are you attending to your needs with compassion? Does your daily routine nourish and revitalize? What are you feeding your body, mind, and spirit? Choose your physical, mental, and spiritual food wisely. Be selective. You are worth it.


The full Moon in aspect to Ceres draws attention to attachments and nourishment. Are the bonds we've formed nurturing the wellbeing of all involved? In Pisces, Ceres embodies the universal mother; loving and caring for all. Even in the absence of our beloved, our mother, our child, the Goddess is present within and around us. Ceres can speak to separations and grief, or to recovering what has been lost. Often through loss we come to deeper knowing of the nourishment that is always flowing to us from source. The love of the goddess shines down with the full Moon; the silvery light is a balm for the heart.


In opposition to Neptune, the full Moon presents the opportunity to see through illusions and expand our vision of reality to embrace a larger truth. Seeing through the illusion of separateness may be the ultimate gift. The full Moon in Virgo with so much energy in Pisces also speaks to healing, powerful dreams and finding our way into the flow.


Though our potential may be unlimited, we only have so much time in this life. The full Moon in Virgo helps us discern which desires to pursue now. Mars, planet of desire, is in Scorpio forming very supportive aspects to the karmic nodal axis, currently in Virgo/Pisces. This is a time to get very clear about what we actually desire to manifest. It's a time to eliminate the struggle between ego and higher will; to align our will with the will of the heart, becoming stronger and softer in the process. It feels good when we go with our own flow. What does the path of least resistance look like for you? Aligning ourselves now is a great way to prepare for the energy surge coming with the eclipses, just ahead on March 8th and March 23rd.


It takes energy and focus to make positive change. A healthy lifestyle and clean living/working space supports our efforts. Energy is dissipated through fear, avoidance and resistance. We may put our lives on hold out of fear. The longer we avoid facing a fear, often the more power we give it. To reclaim lost energy, turn around and face what scares you. Sometimes it completely disappears just by acknowledging it. It takes courage to face what we would rather not see. A strong will is very helpful here when used constructively. When we are strong enough to stand in the truth we are in a position to move forward with authenticity. Why not choose love? It's already chosen you.


"Blessed we are to dance on this ground

With the rhythm of saints to carry the sound

We hold a prayer for the Earth

For the ones yet to come

May you walk in beauty and remember your song

Remember why you came here

Remember your life is sacred."

-Peia 'Blessed We Are'


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2016 Aquarius New Moon

Monday, February 8,  2016

9:40am EST, 6:40am PST, 2:40pm GT

19 Aquarius 16

The new Moon takes place in liberating Aquarius. We've just come through the full Moon in Leo, the peak of self-development and self-expression. The new Moon in opposing sign, Aquarius, opens the door to the world beyond and to greater consciousness of the multi-dimensional nature of the self.

In the stillness between the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, the new Moon in Aquarius draws our attention to the quality of spaciousness. Aquarius grants us objectivity and helps us take others, our past, and even ourselves a lot less personally. Viewing the past objectively, we loosen attachment to old stories that otherwise would continue to color the present moment. Uranus, ruling the new Moon, continues to travel through Aries, waking us up to our true essence and helping us garner the courage to meet each moment as truly unknown. The new Moon fuels the process of engaging with limitations in order to grow beyond them.

Vast spaciousness exists around whatever limitation we are currently experiencing. The new Moon in Aquarius helps us out of a holding pattern and can present key insights pertaining to the past and the future. Think back to a time when you felt incredibly challenged and yet somehow made it through. There is life on the other side of a fear or disappointment - often much more freedom, strength and wisdom.

In order to move forward, sometimes it is necessary to go back. The new Moon in Aquarius presents an exciting vision of the future and yet there may be a gap between where we are and where we wish to be. The invitation is to be right where we are, while holding space for transformation, which is always taking place. Even when it appears we are moving backward, encountering an old pattern, we are always working with it from a slightly different angle, as a different person, and spiraling higher in our evolution.

Aquarius speaks to the higher mind and very long-term memory. These usually unconscious memories and deeply entrenched thought patterns influence our experience of reality. Consciousness precedes form. We create from both conscious and unconscious thoughts and expectations. The key to liberation from past conditioning lies in this archetype through the unravelling of deep patterns and habits as they surface in consciousness. If we dig down to the roots of limitations and feel what wants to be felt rather than repressing our experience we can begin to act more autonomously, spontaneously, and authentically. We can open to greater possibility.

The growth that comes through Aquarius can take place in unexpected ways. A new cycle in Aquarius can propel us forward more quickly than expected. The intent is positive and yet it can be unsettling. It helps to prepare ourselves to receive the high vibrations of this archetype. Aquarius connects with electricity and the nervous system. In order to receive benefit from the insights being downloaded at this time, we are wise to ground the body and mind, so that we can integrate what's coming through.

The new Moon in Aquarius supports the recognition that there are aspects of our being that operate more impersonally than our oh-so-intimate physical, emotional and mental bodies. This recognition helps us see how not in control we are, and empowers us to choose to let ourselves be led and healed by these deeper/higher/larger forces.

Through objectivity, we realize nothing that happens to us is per se personal, it's actually perfect - a perfect outcome based on past events, psychological dynamics, etc. What if we save the energy we use to blame, shame, regret or to feel guilty and instead get in touch with these old patterns? What would it look like to form a relationship with limitations, fears and hurt - to hold space for them - and not be controlled by them? We can make choices from a place of power rather than victimization. As we work on this, and are aware that we're still making choices based on old patterns, fears, and traumas, it is very helpful to have allies. We can take refuge with friends, community, healers, plant spirits, etc. who we trust to help us regain trust in ourselves.

Aquarius is the sign of friends and community. Through the principle of like attracting like, we attract those who resonate with our inner world; both the parts of ourselves we are conscious of and the parts that remain unconscious. We can learn much about ourselves through the people we attract. This may be a time when we attract others who symbolize some future aspect of our becoming. With Pluto and Venus beginning a new cycle together, it may be a time of transforming existing relationships.

Fully embracing the liberation from conditioning that Aquarius offers means that sometimes we are asked to stand as a group of one in order to remain true to ourselves. Even when we feel isolated or alone, we are never separate from Source and our vibration continues to contribute to the collective. This is a great time to tune into how we are contributing to the whole through our inner and outer lives.

Mercury and Jupiter, ruling the north and south nodes of Uranus are working in harmony, helping us to assimilate the insights we receive and put them to good use. Together they are focused on supporting healing, learning, teaching, organizing, apprenticeship, mastery of technique, and articulation of a vision. Mind, heart and soul are aligned. What a blessing to be alive.

Namaste & Blessed New Moon

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